Under The Nile Green Bean Toy

Under The Nile Green Bean Toy

Under the Nile famous fruits and veggies toys are destined to be babies favorite. Encouraging children to develop a positive attitude towards vegetables.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Organic cotton
  • Fair-trade
  • Machine wash only, tumble dry until toy is completely dry
  • Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry
  • Certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard

Verified reviews


baby is not interested

This is a perfectly fine product, good materials and construction, and I think it’s cute. But since my baby doesn’t ever look at it or reach for it, I can’t recommend it.

Belinda Burnham, ME

very good chew toy, but takes a long time to dry

this carrot gets lumpy after a while, but my baby really likes to chew on it. it takes a long time to dry – at least 2 cycles in the dryer.

Mildred Greenville, SC

a Pain to dry…….

This seems like such a great toy…… until you try to wash and dry it. Washing not so bad but its really hard to get it completely dry, a moldy toy mama does not like

Alison West Point, AR

Very cute little toys!

My daughter originally got the banana as a gift. At first I laughed and wondered what the heck a baby would want to play with a toy Vegetable for?! However, she actually enjoys it! I bought the carrot for a friend for her baby shower and she loved it. Go ahead, buy some of these cute little veggies!

Estela Mount Vernon, IN

Why don’t you like this, baby!?

I thought my baby girl would think this toy is cool – with all the grapes to touch and feel. But nope. Nada. Nothing. She doesn’t even give it a second of her time. It’s still cute though!

Kay Milnesville, PA

Very Cute & Great Value

I have bought 3 of these toys (Broccoli, Corn & Carrot) seam was messed up on Carrot Top. I e-mailed the Under the Nile. They immediately e-mailed me a return label & sent me out a replacement, i.e. excellent customer service. The replacement was perfect. Did not fade in the wash (on Delicate cycle, laid out to dry).

Odessa Council Grove, KS

Not her favorite but it is soft.

I thought this was adorable and then decided to buy it to go with her monkey costume. It is very soft and easy for my 6 month old to handle. She is not very interested in it however. It would be better if it had a rattle in it.

Cathryn Butler, WI

Love that it is Organic

Although this toy is still a little bit too big for my 4 month old to grab, it’s nicely made and quite larger than I expected. I like the fact that it is organic, so I don’t worry as much when I catch my little one munching away at it. It would be fun if it could rattle, but overall, I believe it is worth the money. Cute!

Krystal Fort Hill, PA

One of my babe’s favorite toys

We have several of the fruit and veggies- I love that they are organic- I’m a bit obsessed with that sort of thing. I love how cute they are…and I love that my son loves them. This pea is his favorite- I think because he can hold on to a pea leg with each of his hands and chomp away. Definitely a winner- this is a toy I will get for preggo friends for sure.

Lupe Brevard, NC

great quality

We’re really happy with the quality of this soft teether. Our baby loves it and seems to help with her teething discomfort.

Beverley Ellsworth, MN

Under the nile Carrot.

This is a very cute and soft chew toy for babies. My son loves it, I love the fact that it is not plastic! It also makes for some cute photo ops!

Janna Fairbury, NE

cute but too big for 5-month old

I really love that these product are made out of organic cotton. I was looking for some soft toys for my daughter to chew on and based on reviews I chose the green bean. It’s really cute but much bigger and thicker than I had expected. It’s hard for my 5-month old to get a good grasp…maybe in a couple of months it will be easier for her.

Brandy Emory, VA

Good Shape For Chewing – Green Bean

Love under the nile products for being fair trade and always using organic cotton. This is a great toy for a teething baby. My daughter loves chewing on the ends of the green bean. I think it is very comforting to her. This kind of toy is a much better shape then some of the other under the nile toys because my daughter can chew and hold it easily. We also have the strawberry, broccoli and tomato and this is her favorite one to chew on out of the bunch.

Laverne Compton, IL

So cute but not so entertaining

My daughter is just starting to teeth at 9 months and we’ve had this since she was 4 months- it’s boring…nothing about it makes her want to go near it lol. If it had a rattle she might be sold. I thought it was really cute I bought a bunch of them only to find out she could care less. She likes the Sophie the Giraffe- that’s the best.

Christina Shobonier, IL

cute for easter

this was a great addition for our 3 month old baby’s easter basket. A very cute teether toy for baby.

Jolene Stronghurst, IL

Mom love, Dad not so much…

I bought this with the intention of my baby loving vegetables and because it was organic, etc etc. My husband thought it looked like a penis and wanted me to return it. Everyone else who sees it also agrees with Dad… but baby likes it fine and chews on it. And he loves (real) broccoli!

Patti Malone, TX

Great idea!

This organic cotton stuffed carrot is a really cute toy for a baby. My son isn’t overly enthused about it, but makes a really neat set along with the other stuffed veggies by Under the Nile. The carrot in particular isn’t real soft, and the outer fabric is similar to t-shirt fabric, unlike the mushroom that is more soft and cushy with a terry-cloth outer fabric. So far I just purchased the mushroom and carrot, because I didn’t want to spend the money on the entire set with the wooden bin before knowing if my son would be interested in it. I’m not going to purchase the other veggies because he is 9 months old didn’t find these to be very entertaining. The Under the Nile organic veggies would make a great gift for a younger infant.

Hilary Novelty, OH

So simple but we LOVE it

We love our “geen bean”. Love that it’s a ‘green toy’. Makes me feel worlds better knowing my little one is chewing on something that’s not made with chemicals and dyes. Its been chewed on, loved on and pulled on and somehow still looks pretty good. Comes out of the wash looking close to new. Definitely a favorite.

Ines Bancroft, NE

Safe and Soft for Peace of Mind

~BACKGROUND~I purchased this as part of a set of 4 fruits for my 5 month old son who has really started teething.~PROS~- Organic cotton- Soft Egyptian cotton- Feels sturdy and well constructed- Bright color- Good size for infants to grab and hold- Fair Trade Product – socially and environmentally sustainable~CONS~- No so far!~TIPS~If you are going to purchase organic/natural products for your child, use non-toxic cleaning products to clean the toys such asCharlie’s Soap Laundry Powder, 2.64-PoundsorSeventh Generation Powder Laundry Concentrated, Free and Clear, 112-Ounce (Packaging May Vary).Washing instructions: Machine wash only. Tumble dry until toy is completely dry. Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry. *Tip: Place a bath towel in the dryer with the toy to dry faster.~CONCLUSION~With so many products on the market that have unknown dyes, BPA, toxins, etc. in them it is great to find products such as these that I know are safe for my infant.

Jewel Lost City, WV

Great teether

“Mr. Bean” is one of our daughter’s favorite teethers. She can easily manipulate it wherever she wants it in her mouth and it helps minimize the drool running out of her mouth. We’ve also found that it holds cold fairly well and can be chilled for a new sensation. Definitely worth getting if your baby enjoys gnawing on cloth for teething relief.

Deena Wilton, AL

Wonderful for small hands and teething

My 7 month old loves this thing and loves chewing on it. Also it washes really well in the washing machine. Not every baby loves every toy, but if you get it cheap enough it is nice to try. It is an eco friendly product that I do not have to worry about my son chewing on it. We have now moved on and have Mr Banana and Mr Carrot as well. He loves them all.

Katrina Montrose, CA

safe and fun! Baby loves these play fruits and veggies

Cute, soft, safe and fun! Baby loves these play fruits and veggies. Worth the money and they make great gifts. These last for more than one child.

Winifred Tupper Lake, NY

Best teether!

This little bean is made with teething babies in mind! My son brings this everywhere! The long parts are perfect size for holding and the “head” is perfect size for biting. I got compliments from everyone for this toy- they think its adorable and so do I. I love that it is also safe and not plastic. I will be buying more under the nile toys for sure! It is the best $6 I have spent!

Antonia White Mills, KY

A friend for your little banana

My little Anna Banana sleeps with this banana every night. It’s soft and durable, doesn’t mind if she chews on it, and has a sweet little face. It also washes well.

Marisol Belgrade Lakes, ME

I like it, baby doesn’t

This grape toy is so cute, and well-made. The only thing I have to complain about the way it’s made is that they sewed a leaf on the front under the face, and the leaves all around head tend to curl up…the leaf in front, curls up right over the face, blocking it. If they had spaced the leaves just a little bit to the left, it would have either a space or just a little leaf that wouldn’t cover the face should it curl up. Ah well, not a huge deal or anything.Unfortunately, as much I as I think it is awesome, baby has very rarely played with it and did not chew on it while teething (although I didn’t try the freezing thing I just now read from other review). Have had it for baby from 5 months to 1 year old…I suppose it will be useful as a pretend toy when baby is older. It’s a shame he has not enjoyed as the collection of fruits and veggies is adorable. I guess I’m glad I didn’t break down and buy the whole lot.

Wendy Mokelumne Hill, CA

My daughter loves this toy

Great for teething babies, my daughter loves it. The colors are great, and it washes very well. Also love that it’s made of organic cotton!

Lisa Sauk Rapids, MN

Small and Soft

This is a very nice stuffed bunch of grapes. It has a little baby head on top. It’s about four inches high, making it small enough to be put in a pocket.

Susan S Coffeyville, OK

love it!

I LOVE these Under the Nile fruits and veggies. They are so very adorable and soft. I love that they are made of organic cotton, so they are safe for my daughter to chew on. I can’t wait to purchase more for her & will be purchasing the entire fruit tote as a baby shower gift! We chose the banana because we thought it would be easiest for her to grasp at 5 months. The dog got some mud on it and so we just spot washed it and it came out looking just fine. I’m not sure if they can be thrown in the washer. We opted not to since we thought it would take forever for the inside to dry.

Patrice Saukville, WI