Under The Nile Monkey, Brown

Under The Nile Monkey, Brown

Under the Nile has been in business for 12 years now. The owner and founder of Under the Nile was motivated to design her own clothing line that was a healthy alternative to conventional clothing for her own children. All of the Under the Nile products are 100% Certified organic cotton. As an added bonus, the products are Egyptian cotton. The softest, most durable cotton in the world. Concern for the environment, humanity, and ethical business practices working harmoniously as one.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Organic cotton
  • Fair trade
  • Spot clean with mild detergent
  • Certified to the Global Organic Textile Standards

Verified reviews


Very cute

I wanted something organic so I could feel comfortable about my baby gnawing away at it. This monkey is super cute and fits the bill. It’s not my little ones favorite since it isn’t super plush, but I think he is liking it more and more as he gets older (7 months now). He likes to chew on the tail and hands. It’s also easy to just throw in the wash.

Corrine Bowdon, ND

For My First Nephew

I bought this for my very first nephew which we are expecting soon! I have a little girl of my own so I know what I am looking for when I buy baby gifts for others. The fabric on the toy was soft, but the body was firm. I think babies like a more firm stuffed animal at times, especially when teething. Some babies prefer to teeth softer things as opposed to hard, rubbery teethers. The construction looked sturdy enough to hold up for a long time, with repeated washings and so on. The arms and legs are skinny enough for a very young infant to grasp but the body is big enough to still be interesting to a toddler. My little girl who is almost 2 wanted it when she saw it by accident. I may have to buy another for her!

Francesca Salem, NH

Love This Monkey!!

Very well made! I have washed this twice (laid out to dry) & it has not faded or come apart in any way.

Leanna Munroe Falls, OH

great for petite babies

My daughter is small, and this toy fits her hands perfectly. She can grab his arms and legs, and he’s not to heavy to fling around. She loves him. She won’t play with a lot of her heavier dolls, and we’re glad to have been given this one!

Muriel Mattapoisett, MA

Not very well made

I looked far and wide to find an eco-friendly stuffed animal for my son. I was happy to find this little cute monkey. But, after only a few months, the threading that links the head to the neck is showing A LOT. Frankly, I don’t know how long it is going to stay connected. It wouldn’t be a big deal if this toy was played with a lot or my son had had it for a long time but that is not the case. It’s rather disappointing.

Rene Lynchburg, OH