Under the Nile Organic Cotton Side Snap Baby Tee

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Side Snap Baby Tee

Long Sleeve. The side snap allows Moms to easily wrap their babies without pulling the shirt over their fragile heads. Soft, organic off white undyed cotton interlock knit. May be worn alone or as an undershirt. Cotton is one of the world’s most pesticide intensive crops and cotton farming takes a heavy toll on the environment. According to Simplelife, cotton is heavily sprayed 8-10 times a season in extreme cases with chemicals so toxic they gradually render fields barren. To create the finished goods, fabrics are often colored with toxic dyes and finished with formaldehyde. Is this really what you want to put against your baby’s delicate skin? Perfectly healthy for your child and our environment. Our cotton is organically cultivated, grown in Egypt, hand picked, produced in an environmentally friendly manner, dyed with natural, heavy metal free colors and fair traded for the benefit of all people producing our product.

Main features

  • organic cotton
  • Imported
  • organic cotton
  • fair traded
  • super soft and cozy
  • side snap allows easy on and off without pulling over baby’s head
  • all natural

Verified reviews


you only get one shirt!

seriously?? How much for one shirt??? I assumed it was a multi-pack, too. Silly me for not reading the other negative complaints.

Diann Woodford, WI

Dont even buy this

The picture is misleading. It will give you the impression that there were 5 pcs you are buying although you are just really buying one. The price itself is too expensive for a 1 piece garment. On top of that, returning it is so difficult because you cannot use online service to do it. You have to call customer service to actually do it because "it requires special handling". Don’t buy this.

Velma Lemoyne, PA

Soft tee

Very nice, soft but needs one more button & although i put it on, it still rides up– which I think will happen with any open tees for babies

Gayla Arthur, IL


cute and easy to put on! they are so comfy looking and my baby seems to enjoy them. I got several more, and they fit as advertised

Erin Bound Brook, NJ

i adore these.

love love love that they are organic cotton and not made in china. what i don’t love is the price, unfortunately. they’re expensive to begin with, and extra pricey here on amazon. i bought them anyway, tho! i love the colors as well. they’re just as pictured. some people complained in other reviews about the snaps. it’s true, i wish there were maybe one more snap, but you have to expect that a little t-shirt like this is going to ride up. i put it under her onesies in the winter and love that it has mitts even at the 6 month size, which is hard to find. keeps her warmer in our old, drafty house. i’d actually recommend buying the largest size…our hospital had 6m tees they were putting on the newborns, and it wasn’t really a problem. i wish i’d only ordered 6m, honestly.

Jenna Ingalls, KS

Great t-shirt, but my daughter outgrew it faster than the onesie.

I love Under the Nile products in general. This baby tee is probably my least favorite of their products, but it’s still pretty great. My daughter was a fairly big baby (8lbs, 3 ozs) and outgrew her NB clothing quickly. I found myself scrambling to find some clothing options with foldover cuffs for bedtime use. Let me explain: until she was about five months old, her little fingers would be FREEZING cold even if the rest of her was toasty warm. The foldover cuffs warmed up her fingers–at least until about four and a half months, when she just refused to obey the system any longer. (Luckily she fixed the cold finger situation on her own…).This tee reminds me of the ones the hospital provided when she was born, only on a larger scale. Sadly, my daughter is now six months old, and this tee no longer fits her. That is to be expected–babies grow, and this looks like a belly shirt on her now. She did get three good months of use out of it before it was retired. But she is still going strong in the UTN long sleeved onesie we also bought for her at the same time as we made this purchase. If you are looking for a nighttime option, I’d skip this tee and go with that onesie. If you really have your heart set on a tee, and if your little one has cold fingers, too, then you could do a lot worse than this one.

Teresa Eckerman, MI

Love this shirt for my newborn!

I’ve been looking for a shirt EXACTLY like this for months, while expecting my baby! Under the Nile is the only shirt I found!The benefits of this design (in addition to the organic cotton) are these: if you practice EC (elimination communication) with your baby, you need super easy and quick access to change their dipe or to quickly put a little potty under them, so they never develop a habit of soiling themselves comfortably. This shirt is GREAT for ECing your baby. Secondly, if you (like me) believe that your baby needs tummy time every day for improved lung function, improved strength and head control — then you also need a shirt without any buttons, seams or snaps on the baby’s belly. And lastly, I of course love the organic, embroidery-free shirt (who likes to have their tender skin scratched by some useless and rough embroidery and irritated by pesticides?). So, for my purposes (EC-ing a tiny newborn who either sleeps, nurses or poops) this shirt is perfect…. For a more active baby, perhaps a onesie would serve well (if the riding up of the shirt becomes a problem as they start getting more active)…But I do agree that the price of about $15/ shirt is ridiculously excessive.

Melanie Blair, WV

Needs more buttons

I bought a bunch of these but they creep up and the front fold is flying open all the time because there are no buttons going down- only one at the neckline. I love Under the Nile and these are soft and durable. We’ve started tucking the shirt into our baby’s pants (when he’s wearing pants) and pulling the pants way up to hold the shirt in place.

Carolyn Denison, IA