Under The Nile Organic Cotton Tote, Stuffed Multi Fruit

Under The Nile Organic Cotton Tote, Stuffed Multi Fruit

Includes: Banana,grape and watermelon. Made and stuffed with the finest 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Organic
  • Fair-trade company
  • Machine-washable

Verified reviews


Expensive – not worth it

My 6-month old son has absolutely no interest in these which makes me very sad because they were NOT CHEAP.

Ashlee Palermo, CA

These toys are too large for my son

My son is 4-months old (16 pounds) and these toys are too large for him to hold and too large for him to chew on.The banana is the smallest but its so thick that he can’t do much with it.We bought these because my son is teething and I wanted something organic.My son will probably be able to use these in a month or two so I’ll update my post then.

Lorraine Central, UT

Safe and Soft for Peace of Mind

~BACKGROUND~I purchased this but with an additional fruit (pear) for my 5 month old son who has really started teething.~PROS~- Organic cotton- Soft Egyptian cotton- Feels sturdy and well constructed- Bright colors- Different shapes and textures- Good sizes for infants to grab and hold- Fair Trade Product – socially and environmentally sustainable~CONS~- No so far!~TIPS~If you are going to purchase organic/natural products for your child, use non-toxic cleaning products to clean the toys such asCharlie’s Soap Laundry Powder, 2.64-PoundsorSeventh Generation Powder Laundry Concentrated, Free and Clear, 112-Ounce (Packaging May Vary).Washing instructions: Machine wash only. Tumble dry until toy is completely dry. Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry. *Tip: Place a bath towel in the dryer with the toy to dry faster.~CONCLUSION~With so many products on the market that have unknown dyes, BPA, toxins, etc. in them it is great to find products such as these that I know are safe for my infant.

Leeann Dry Fork, VA

Sweet, But Small

Very cute, and the organic cotton makes it safe for my child to chew on. It is much smaller than expected, however. Each fruit is only about 4 inches long (give or take).

Corina Laurie, MO

Great toy for teething babies

I was a little hesitant to purchase this since it’s a bit pricy BUT…I’m glad I did. My daughter absolutely loves these. Like others mentioned, the banana is the only one she can really fit in her mouth but she still loves playing and looking at the other fruit. I’m sure this is a toy we’ll keep for a long time!

Kimberly Arapaho, OK

Fantastic simple toy

A wonderfully simple basket of fruit perfect for little hands to grasp. My son pulled out all the fruit and put them right to his mouth. Of course, since the materials are organic, I wasn’t the least bit worried. The basket and fruit are made to last and are also great to start teaching names of fruit and colors. A cute toy to sit out in the nursery.

Luz Roland, AR

So Cute!

Cute, organic and safe! Great to bring along as a stroller toy, super teething toy! Takes forever to dry in the dryer!

Audra Eddyville, NE

Quality and Safe

We bought this toy for our 8 month old and really enjoy it. He seems to like the simple toys: wooden things, stacking cups, etc. The pieces are very nicely constructed and durable, the colors are vivid. The basket is stretchy and everything fits so I might be buying a few separate pieces! This is a wonderful companion toy withEarlyears Lil’ Shopper Play Set. I put both sets out for him so some make noises and some are brightly colored. He seems to enjoy both and we definitely play with these more than any plastic toy other people have purchased for us.

Nettie Tendoy, ID