Under The Nile Swaddle Blankets- Two Blanket Set- Blue and White.

Under The Nile Swaddle Blankets- Two Blanket Set- Blue and White.

Soft Organic Cotton, very soft Under the Nile Swaddle blanket set of 2

Main features

  • organic cotton
  • Perfect for swaddling, covering, and snuggling.
  • Ideal weight for all year round.
  • Soft flannel blankets sold in a set of two, each measuring 34″ x 34″.
  • Made in Egypt of GOTS certified 100% organic Egyptian cotton.
  • NO Azo colorants, BPA, flame retardants, formaldehyde, PVC or lead.

Verified reviews


Too small

These are good but too small to use for a long period of time. Also it’s very difficult to get stains out of them.

Justine Neshanic Station, NJ

Great value

At first I thought it was pricy…I was going to make my own by purchasing the same fabric, but after I’ve searched high and low for the same material at fabric stores, there was no material comes even close to what these blankets are made of.It is soft, slight stretchy, and the right size for a swaddle blanket! A great value for my babies.

Iris Coralville, IA

Too small to be of any use past the first month

I regret having bought a bunch of these. While the quality of the fabric is lovely, they are sooo small that my 8lbs baby can hardly be wrapped in them now! She is only one month old too! They worked great for only one month while she grew from 5 to 8 pounds. I would not recommend these at all.

Nikki Garibaldi, OR

Great if you use them as towels

These made awful swaddle blankets. They are too stretch and you just can’t pull them tight enough. However, they make the best drying towels. They are super soft and organic.

Tammie Snyder, OK

Worth the price!

These are kind of pricey, but man oh man are they soft. I know I would appreciate this if I were a baby! I feel really good swaddling my bundle of joy in these sweet blankies. 😉

Aurora Moyie Springs, ID


These were given to me for my baby shower, and after my son was born, I found myself searching in the clothing basket for them over the 20 other clean blankets that we had. I just love how soft they are. They hold up so well, he is seven months old and still only uses them as blankets. I ended up ordering 6 more. I wish they made them in big people sizes! Don’t hesitate. Its hands down my favorite baby product that we own.

Emilie La Marque, TX

super soft

we give these as gifts all the time. these are crazy soft to the point where i wish my bed was made out of these.

Isabelle Millen, GA

soft & stretchy

These are super soft and a little stretchy making them an excellent swaddling blanket. The colours are soft and don’t seem to run in the wash.They measure 34″ x 30″ after a few washes.

Rosalind Carrollton, VA

Stands the test of time (and countless washings)

I first purchased two of these blankets more than four years ago in prepation for the birth of our first child. The blankets were fantastic! Very soft, stretchy, comfy, and roomy. We are gearing up for the arrival of baby #2 shortly and I can report that even after more than 4 years, countless washings, and even abuse by a toddler, both blankets are still in excellent condition: no fraying, ripping, or other problems. Still, I jut bought another 2-pack from Amazon because I found them so incredibly useful the first time round. I am happy to report that the quality appears to be just as good now as they were when I first found these blankets more than 4 years ago; I am confident that the pair I just bought will also last for many years and hold up well to lots fo washings and abuse.

Lisa Crawley, WV

Very Soft!

Very soft and stretchy blankets – we ordered the blue set, and the colour is nice, not an obnoxious blue. They wash well, too.

Bette Clearville, PA