Under The Nile Under The NileBurp Cloths, White, 4-Count

Under The Nile Under The NileBurp Cloths, White, 4-Count

Super soft and absorbent, these knit burp cloths are a must have staple. Comes in count of 4. Made with the finest 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Organic
  • Fair-trade company
  • Machine-washable

Verified reviews


Fantastic burp cloths (if you get the right batch)

We purchased about 40 of these burp cloths and found that ones made in 2010 were really soft and perfect for spitups in terms of absorbency and size. Anything made in 2011 was really crappy cotton that was rough and scratchy. As long as you get the right batch, they are worth a five star rating. I think they are much better than the Aiden and Anais burp cloths. Aden & Anais Dribble Burpy Bib Princess Posie 2 Pack

Nikki Great River, NY

Very good burp clothes. The size is perfect and they are

really absorbant! They wash well. My favorite thing about them is that they are very soft. I’ve had them now for about 2 months and they are still in excellent condition and I have a major spitter upper!

Libby Colmar, PA

Weird Pillowcase Thing

When my Mom was visiting and helping with the baby, she asked me what the “weird pillowcase thing” was. And that really is kind of how to describe these. They’re two sheets of cotton stitched together around the edges. The cotton is like soft t-shirt material. It’s very soft. Unfortunately it’s not absorbent so they ended up not being that practical. I ended up being much happier with theGerber Brand 6 Pack Prefold Birdseye Organic Diaper, White

Helen Clubb, MO

Rough, Doesn’t Absorb, Bad Service

This Egyptian cotton feels somewhat rough and NOT soft and silky like pima cotton or silk. I buy pima cotton baby items, and Under the Nile burp cloths are much rougher. Also, the manufacturer doesn’t respond; but, when called, they seem confused about their cotton and their products; finally, customer service became rude. Two layers of what appears to be knitted interlock are sewn together like a pita. The fabric doesn’t absorb well as muslin or other knits. Water or saliva slides off, so you end up smearing saliva and spit up instead of absorbing it. If you have a large spit up, it takes a long time for the moisture to be absorbed; so you have to cup the cloth in your hand for some time to prevent the liquid from oozing down the slopes of the cloth. You’ll find yourself reaching for kleenex tissue in order to absorb the liquid on the burp cloth so that it doesn’t spill everywhere. I knew that I should have ordered the muslin burp cloths. Now I’m stuck with worthless cloths. NEVER AGAIN!

Adrian Milford, NJ

Could not live without these!

In my pursuit for organic/natural items in my son’s nursery, this brand has been at the top of my list. I LOVE these burp cloths and have used them everyday all day from the moment we brought him home from the hospital. They are thick, absorbent, very soft, a good size (easily cover the shoulder), durable and well made. I have washed and dried these several times per week over the past 6 months and they still feel fantastic – no pilling, no loose threads, no issues at all. I have been so happy with this brand (clothes, toys, etc.) and highly recommend them! It’s a relief to know that anything this close to my baby’s sensitive skin (and mouth!) won’t cause him any issues!

Abbie Covington, GA

Best burp cloths

While a lot of people will tell you can just use a kitchen towel, and they would be right, this is definitely better. The organic cotton is soft and durable. It has held up fabulously under repeated washings (had mine for 7 months now) and they appear to be somewhat stain resistant. They are long (like a dish towel) which is great when baby spits up over your shoulder, since it catches it for a distance. Also, they are 2-ply in their construction, which also helps in terms of not allowing the mess to soak through easily, which was a life-saver on many occasions. As a result, I would highly recommend these burp cloths. I absolutely love them!

Chrystal Palermo, ME

So soft!

I absolutely love these burp cloths. They are so soft!! My little one does NOT like her face wiped after a feeding and she does not mind when I use these. They are thicker too so the mess doesn’t seep through onto your baby as easily. I will definitely be ordering more!!

Elvira Hyndman, PA

Worth the money

I have bought several packs of these, and they are SO WORTH THE MONEY. They wash beautifully and double as mini-blankets when Baby is little.

Billie Tribes Hill, NY

Best burp cloths!!!

Love everything from this company that I have gotten. These burp cloths are soft organic cotton, durable and are very absorbent. I feel great using such a nice organic cloth for my son’s face so regularly. I highly recommend these cloths, in my opinion they are certainly the best ones out there….get the job done while staying soft for his face.

Elnora Diana, TX

Super soft burp cloths

I love these burp cloths most of any that we have. I have some cloth diapers that work fine but are not as soft as these so I prefer to use these to wipe baby’s face. They are also a good size. They do look a little unfinished around the edges but that’s not s problem. The fabric feels like a favorite t-shirt.

Antonia Dellslow, WV

Best Burp Cloths We’ve Tried

Both my husband and I love these burp cloths and prefer them to all others that we received as gifts.SoftThey are, by far, the softest cloths we own. Before we had our son, this wouldn’t have meant anything to us, but it certainly does now! Our son is an overachiever in the spit-up department, therefore we are wiping his face constantly. We have a ton of burp cloths, and I was shocked to discover that a lot of them are downright scratchy. I wouldn’t want to repeatedly rub MY face with those, yet alone his.LargeThey are also larger than your typical burp cloth, which means more surface area to soak up baby goo. This also means these last longer between washings (speaking of which, I found they wash really well).SimpleI hate the weird three-panel sizes and cutesy patches they sew onto patterned burp cloths. These are simple – a square beige cloth. There are no cute dinosaur/frog/duck patches to dodge scraping over his mouth and no stylish red and black lines that leave you wondering if you should wash with the lights or darks… Hopefully someone out there knows what I’m talking about here.These are pricier than other burp cloths, but IMO they are absolutely worth it. We have two sets of four, but I’m getting another. When I was pregnant, I kept reading over and OVER again how people recommended using cloth diapers for burp cloths, and I have to tell you, we hate those the most.If you are on the fence, get one set. I’m guessing you’ll either wash them like crazy or buy lots more.

Alicia Moriah, NY

Just OK

These are nice and organic burp clothes but they are too small to cover much and too thick to use under the chin. I’m sure some people like them but I ended up using the less expensive and larger size burp and diaper cloths.

Cathleen Wappapello, MO

Best burp cloths!

We first bought them with our son and then our daughter. They seem to be bigger now, but these are the best cloths as they are soft and durable. And they are able to wipe up and soak up the spit up rather than just smear things around.

Cathleen Saint Peter, IL