Under the Sea Decorative Peel and Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals

Under the Sea Decorative Peel and Stick Wall Art Sticker Decals

Under the Sea stickers are full of life, with bright, tropical fish wall stickers and plenty of bubbles. Stick them to mirrors and vanities or cover your entire wall to create an underwater world. Then move and restick them whenever the tides change.

Main features

  • Pre-cut, Peel & Stick
  • Instantly brighten up any space
  • Remove in minutes without damaging your wall
  • Reusable; Repositionable
  • 4 sheets 10″ x 18″

Verified reviews


Tip For Dummies

Here’s a tip. Maybe you’re not a dummy like me, but in case you are …The decals come with random species of fish on each page. They aren’t grouped together like in the picture. So when I got these decals, I started placing them randomly on the tiled wall of my bathtub. I was so excited because there were SO MANY fish (4 pages … plenty to cover all around the tub wall) – and they are bright and cool.It was only after I placed them that I realized that they would look SO MUCH BETTER if I grouped the species together. In a fishtank the fish are all mixed, but these are ocean fish which swim in schools. So … with a bit of effort I peeled the fish off (they came off, but I was definitely bleeding under my fingernail from all the picking) … and I replaced them grouping like fish together, and it looks fantastic.If the decals actually came grouped together like the piciure suggests, this would have bene obvious, but if you pick up one sheet at a time, you mostly see 1 of each kind of fish per sheet.Anyway – I love these decals. 1 package is all you need for your bathroom. And maybe you would have the foresight that I didn’t have, you’re thinking I must be a decal dummy. But I’m sure there are other people who, like me, get the package and start applying them randomly over the wall ….Anyway, that’s my review/tip. Group the like fish together. It’s not obvious! And buy these decals without reservation – they’re great, and of course I can verify that they can be removed and reapplied.

Henrietta Curtice, OH

great fun!

My kid loves the stickers. They are big and very colorful. Many different types of fish heading different directions. Fun! The stickers are thick with good quality.

Jan Masury, OH

Best of three types of sea wall decals purchased

We had an “under the sea” birthday party for our one year old. We have a large house with little furniture so we transformed one room into an “ocean”. I purchased two sets of these decals along with a little mermaid set and another ocean set with dolphins. This set was by far the best. We created the “ocean” in a dark burgundy colored room (it was that or dark green). Here are the reasons why this set worked the best:1. Stickers peel off very easily.2. Bubbles , coral, and sea plants really add to the sea effect3. Fish are individually stamped so you can position allof them how you’d like4. (this one is key) the edge around each fish is thin so if you put it on a dark wall, you don’t see the “cloudy edge” of clear sticker.5. Sticky continues after numerous re positionings.6. Does not leave any marks on the wall.My baby loves to choose fish and bubbles to move around the house. I love that with the wall decals, the house can be her canvas and her imagination can really be stimulated. Five stars for these decals, love the variety and performance. They shipped amazon prime for us and with the resticky nature…well worth the price.

Corina Sanderson, FL

tons of fish

I bought these to decorate our guest bathroom, I wanted to make an aquatic scene covering the door to the water heater closet. I filled that door with 3×2 feet of fish and had so many left over I made a scene on the door to the restroom and put a few in the corner of the mirror as well. They are adorable and we got compliments from our party guests as well.

Eleanor Baxter, KY

Nice set

I used these with "RoomMates RMK1005SCS Under the Sea Peel and Stick Wall Decals" and they work really well together. I put them in my kids’ bathroom as they work for boys and girls. My 2yo especially loves pointing to the fish and trying to say coral when his bath is done and I’m trying to brush his teeth. I normally use RoomMates brand wall decals, but I’ve been very pleased with stick and move capabilities of these. Very nice quality.

Bonita Brockport, PA

stick good!

I’ve had these in the bathroom for about a year now, and they haven’t budged! my daughter loves them too. her bathroom is painted in blue, so it looks like the fish are swimming in the water on the walls…

Lenore Thorn Hill, TN

Wonderful product

The fish are very colorful and vibrant. I ended up putting them on my sons closet doors because they don’t stick to textured walls very well, but they look great and you get quite a bit of fish and bubbles for your money. I was very satisfied with this product and the most important thing was that my son loved them, and he did being a 20 month old fish lover and all. Thank you so much!!!

Adrian Colome, SD

Pretty but not very sticky….

I purchased these after buying another under-the-sea decal set by Roommates. I thought these would complement those nicely but unfortunately these do not stick very well. Several have already fallen off (all of the Roommates ones haven’t budged). I would not purchase this brand again.

Nikki Ruth, NV