Unisex-Baby Infant Angels Classic Sunglasses

Unisex-Baby Infant Angels Classic Sunglasses


Main features

  • 100% rubber
  • Imported
  • Composite frame
  • mirrored lens
  • polarized
  • Lens width: 45 mm
  • Hand Wash
  • 1.75″ high
  • 1.25″ wide
  • Guaranteed against loss or breakage for 1 year
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Soft and flexible rubber frames
  • Impact and shatter resistant polycarbonate frames

Verified reviews


Already broke…

I know they’re free replacements – but thought they’d last more than one use. He doesn’t **always** like sunglasses on. Just enjoys looking like Dad than takes them off to put them back on. We were driving around with the windows down so put them on. 5min later they were off and in his hands. He broke the ear piece from the main frame (more stretched the rubber) but they don’t fold anymore.We knew he was going to hard on them, which is why we bought unbreakable sunglasses. He found away. Save your money if you have a kid thats not ready to keep them and respect them just a little bit.

Cathy Rogersville, TN

Cute and withstanding considerable toddler bombardment

Okay, we are converts! We bought baby’s first pair of sunglasses (not this brand!) with the velcro strap that goes around the head . It didn’t matter how tightly you put them on, she would either yank them off or they would slide down around her neck. Then she snapped them across the bridge like a jock snaps a pencil. Those inferior glasses were just too brittle to withstand toddler hostilities.The rubber these are made of is great. When she tries to put them on herself she sometimes ends up with the earpieces almost poking her in the eye, but the material is super flexible and relatively soft-no injuries. I’ve seen her do some incredibly brutal twisting and pulling and they just take the hits. These stay on surprisingly well now that she has figured out she looks awesome in them. She gets lots of positive attention from passerby on these glasses, they really are pretty cool. I think it is easier to teach you little one to leave them on if you yourself are a sunglasses wearer. Monkey see, monkey do.A few cons: She has kind of a narrow noggin, and these are slightly too wide for her face at 18 months, but I guess there is room to grow into them.I wish there were more color choices, orange, emerald green, maybe stars and stripes? Flames?

Corrine Morton, MN

LOVE ‘EM and Gurantee is for REAL!

These are great, lightweight and my 2+ year old loves them and looks cool in them. After owning them for just 3 months, we lost them at the beach. As promised, if you lose or break the sunglasses within the first year, they will replace them…AND THEY DID – no questions asked. All you have to do is pay for shipping (which for our location was $5.00). Totally worth it! Just remember to register them when you get them so you can take advantage of their guarantee!

Mari Green Bay, WI

Not just cute, but necessary

When I first saw these glasses I thought they were cute but did not get them due to their price. However, after going out on bright days with my son a couple of times and learning that these glasses offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays I immediately changed my mind and ordered them. Initially I though my son would only use them in the summer but that could not be farther from the truth since it’s bright out all year long. So I not only convinced myself that it was a great and necessary buy, but I also convinced my husband, who actually said he was really glad we got them since our baby no longer has to squint or shut his eyes when it’s too bright.They fit my 3 month old son perfectly (his head circumference is 42 cm) and the color (Angel Blue) is true to the picture.

Sydney Port Murray, NJ

Too Cute!

I bought these sunglasses for my 2 year old son and they are too cute! He has plenty of room to grow into them more as well.

Adrian Miles, IA

Baby tested!

They really are hard to break, no matter how much the little one bends, sits, stomps or twists them! The screws on the frame need to be tightened every now and then but the overall construction is really built to last! What’s more is that if they break or got lost, the manufacturer will replace them! Awesome!

Toni North Lawrence, NY


I purchased these for my 16 month grandson to help protect his eyesight early. I am so pleased with the quality that I’m going to purchase these glasses for my other 2 grandchildren

Allyson Lawton, ND

Love these!

They really are a one-size fits all 0-3 year old sunglasses. I can actually put them on myself and they don’t pinch or hurt since the material gently bends and conforms to different sizes (even though the earpieces are obviously way too short on me). On my 5 month old that I ordered them for they look perfect width-wise, though the ear pieces are a bit long so they tend to pop off his face if he lays his head back against the carseat or stroller, but they stay on great and don’t look huge if I carry him around or he is in the wrap. He doesn’t mind wearing them at all and always gets lots of compliments. I imagine they’ll only fit him better as he grows into them.

Donna Spickard, MO

Love these, wish they had the hard case!

My son has a big head (95th percentile) and the small fit him fine, I was leery about that before I ordered. In my opinion, they will definitely fit any baby head, but just want others to know that they do have some give for the larger noggins. ha! We got them about a month and a half ago (4 months old) and he doesn’t mess with them, I honestly think he likes them, especially when we walk in the sun. I saw them at Nordstrom’s at first and for the same price, they come with a hard case, that’s the ONLY reason I gave them a 4/5 on here.

Lilia Beverly, OH


These are awesome. We bought them for my 11 month old and they are so cute. The only problem is that my son refuses to keep them on. I am hoping that he will come around and wear them. They are super flexible and feel very durable.

Morgan Richland, IA

Love these!!

Love babiators!!! Look so cute on my daughter and they are almost truly hard to ruin or break. My only suggestion is not to let your baby chew on them when they have just got their bottom teeth! I had to buy another pair because she scratched the lenses really bad one day when she took them off and was chewing on them before I noticed. Oops! Too cute and will continue to buy these as she gets older!

Kitty Lucas, IA


These sunglasses are lightweight sturdy functional and lots of fun. We live in Hawaii and keep the babiators on hand at all times.

Diana Portsmouth, RI

Great, and they have a great warranty.

These are great! My little one is four months and she wears them when we go to the beach or are in the sun for a long time. They are soft and pliable unlike the baby sunglasses at other big box stores. Another big plus? Register them on the babiators website and you have a one year warranty: they’ll replace them if damaged OR lost.

Beverley Mc Leod, MT

The only sunglasses to get for a toddler

Seriously, if your 1+ year old needs sunglasses, these are the ones to get for durability. My daughter loves hers since about her first birthday when she wanted to look like her daddy.Revisiting after 6+ months: The sunglasses are clearly showing signs of wear. At some point soon, we may have to request a warranty replacement, or worst case, a buy a new pair. That said, they still held up better than my sunglasses, and I don’t chew on mine, throw them, step on them, or rub them on hard objects. So, while not indestructible, I am still happy. I’ll update if we go through the warranty process.

Carla Correll, MN

Super cute sunglasses for baby!

These glasses are adorable, and our 6 month old daughter doesn’t seem to mind them on her face (so they must be comfortable!). We haven’t had them all that long, and they have yet to endure any real abuse, so only time will tell how they hold up. But so far, so good.A word about the warranty…upon reading the fine print, I saw that you must register your Babiators within 30 days to qualify for a replacement pair, and that if you do get a replacement pair, you still have to pay for shipping. Also, I think you can only get a replacement pair within the first year. Just so you know…

Rebecca Almo, KY

Truly indestructible

Babiators has a replacement guarantee if the sunglasses are ever broken. I can see why! My toddler has twisted them, pulled the earpieces sideways until they’re almost in line with the lenses, sat on them, stepped on them, flung them off… and yet they remain scratch-free and in mint condition. We now have one pair for each car, and will be seeing about bigger ones as soon as he outgrows these.

Gloria Coxs Mills, WV

Wonderful. I’ll never buy any brand but these!

Amazing glasses. My daughter has completely bent them numerous times, and they still haven’t cracked. Also, they must be comfortable because she actually asks to wear them, and she’s only two years old. I will buy these as gifts in the future and tell anyone who will listen how great they are.

Tami Pleasant Hill, LA

Love these glasses!!!

I ordered these glasses for my seven week old son and they are perfect! They arrived quickly, and came in this adorable box (which would be a great and funny gift item) and they were exactly as shown and described. They fit him well without being too tight or uncomfortable and he still has room to grow into them. I would highly recommend these adorable glasses.

Graciela Pierce, ID

Unless you are all about the brand – save your $

I gave these to my 2 year old for Easter, which was 2 weeks ago. They have already broken, as the screw fell out of one side. Plus, the "Babiators" logo on the sides is already coming off. (They will send you a new pair if you registered them and then you pay for the shipping.) I’m going to fix them myself with an eyeglass kit, as it will be cheaper than the shipping on a new pair. I won’t be buying these again, though. Carters sells similar glasses for just $5. My daughter got a pair of those in her Easter basket as well – and they are still in one piece. I’m going to stick with the cheaper brand. Bottom line: unless the brand name means something to you, buy something cheaper versus being disappointed, like I was, that I spent $20 on something that broke in 2 weeks.

Peggy Carbon Cliff, IL

Great for baby

These sunglasses are great for my 4 month old and fit his face and ears really well. They’re also great if he decides to take them off and play and bend them, they haven’t broken yet. The best part is that babiators will replace them if they do break or get mislaid as part of their product guarantee.

Antonia Sammamish, WA

Worth the money spent

Cute glasses. Bought in black. Fit good, very flexible. My son tested them out. They are glasses & do scratch. My son loves them. Wears them daily.

Gertrude Itmann, WV

Great product

I love to see my daughter in these. When she wears them and posses the pictures look great. It’s fun to watch her wear them.

Martina Mentone, AL

Great glasses!

My little 5 month old loves these and they look great on him too! A little big, but he’ll grow into them.

Chelsea Powers Lake, ND

love these

Great sunglasses

Leticia Ringtown, PA

So cute

My 2 year old looks adorable in these sunglasses. I didn’t think that they would be truly indestructible, but they really are! He has bent and flexed them repeatedly, stepped on them, thrown them, and they’re still in one solid piece. I LOVE these sunglasses and they were definitely worth the extra price tag.

Daisy Potlatch, ID

Broke after 1 week…

We are on 2nd pair after my 2.5 year old popped and lost lens out in less than 1 week of light weight use. No idea how it happened but next thing I know he’s crying about his one eyed sun glasses. I got free replacement from company directly; however would expect better quality to begin with. He loves wearing them in car or on walks. We make sure he doesn’t have them if playing or running around. Don’t believe they’d replace another damaged pair.

Maria Waterloo, IA

Love love love

I have a 21 month old daughter who is not kind to sunglasses, but loves to play with them and even wear them on occasion. She loves these and thankfully, they are pretty much indestructible. They look adorable on and I love that the company replaces them if they get lost or broken. I plan to get a pair for my older kids (ages 6 1/2 and 5). Highly recommend!

Amelia Coffey, MO

A great find

I drive a T-Top Camaro and my wife has a large sunroof in her car. We also spend a lot of time in the cars wit the baby. We debated about those screens to hang on the window but that wouldn’t work in my Camaro. I’m glad we found these. It took a few days for our 3 month old daughter to get used to them but now she seems to like them.We get a lot of looks and compliments from people when we go into the store with her wearing her "shades". I’m more worried about the functionality but if it makes her stylish also I guess that’s nice.These are very sturdy and well worth the money.

Ester Fort Riley, KS

Coolest Baby on the Block

Dragon Baby has an average head (she measured at 50% head circumference at 6 months). These glasses are a little large; they extend past her head about a quarter of an inch on either side. They’re for ages 0-3 though, so I know she’ll grow into them. The first thing she did when we put them on was to take them off and put them in her mouth – so I’m glad they’re BPA free. She then decided to bang them against the couch, on the floor, into her stacking cups…and they didn’t break! Because they’re rubber frames (not plastic), they bent a little, but I easily bent them back. Also, on the inside of the frame, it says "I’m awesome" – which I think is pretty cute.She doesn’t like to keep them on her head, so I ended up buying Chums Kid’s Universal Fit Rope Eyewear Retainer so that I could strap them to her head. I didn’t like the sunglasses that had straps instead of ear pieces because in order to get the straps tight enough, the lens part was smushed into her eye. With the eyewear retainer, you get the best of both – the sun protection and the security.

Hallie Pine Apple, AL

I wish they came with a pair of sunglasses retainers to keep them on your infants head

I do love these glasses. My baby boy looks so cute in them. I bought them for him when he as 4 months old. He wore them without a problem at first. Now he is 6 months old and moving a lot more and putting everything in his mouth since he is teething. I haven’t been able to find a pair of baby sunglasses retainers to keep them on his head. To be honest, I haven’t looked that hard, but it would be nice if these $20 baby sunglasses came with an adjustable pair. Overall, I LOVE these glasses and know that he will get his use out of them living in Florida.

Becky Rock Island, WA