Unisex Baby Oh Soy Bundler

Unisex Baby Oh Soy Bundler


Main features

  • Organic Cotton
  • Eco friendly
  • soy and ORGANIC cotton
  • Pre-washed
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


material is not as claimed….

This sleep sack is very cute and soft, but it is TINY! The 3-6 month size is smaller than the 0-3 month size of other comparable sleep sacks. Follow other reviewers’ advice and order at least a size up.Also, something weird about this product–it says in the product description that it is made of organic cotton and soy. On the tag, it says 50% cotton and there is a sticker over the 50% soy, and it says “50% azlon.” Azlon is a synthetic textile fiber–and it’s pretty sketchy that they try to relabel the product (and are selling it as “organic” when clearly this isn’t true).

Monika Sedley, VA

Good quality, tight bottom

I received two of these as gifts for my newborn. The 0-3m was tight from the start- he sized out of it within 2-3 weeks (born 9lbs), but 3-6m is a good fit and will last longer. The quality is good, prints are funky, they are soft, I love the wide neck and the hand covers. My only complaint is that the elastic bottom is really tight, so when changing baby in/out it takes a little effort getting over the shoulders and whatnot, and during diaper changes when the bottom is pulled up around their belly it squeezes a bit more than I’d like. That last part could be a deal breaker if you have a chunkier baby.

Vicky Montebello, CA

Adorable but small

Thankfully, I did read the reviews before ordering and knew these ran small. I will add that they run REALLY small. I can already tell these will be used very briefly due to outgrowing them quickly, but this is my second child and I really got this (the 3-6 month size) for those first few weeks that I know there is no need for pants and to make diaper changes easier. I gave it 4 stars because their sizing should really be more accurate, but other than that, they are great. I bought 3!!!

Mayra Reedsport, OR

So Soft and Cute!

I bought this to bring home my baby from the hospital in the 0-3 month size. It was a bit big on her and she was a big baby (9.8lbs) but she has grown into it. She’s 8 weeks old now. It is SUPER soft, even after washing and it looks adorable. I bought the one with the tree and falling leaves. The only thing about gowns in general (not just this one) is that 1. the elastic is annoying to go over their heads since it is tight elastic to keep it from riding up once its on. You have to put it on their heads and stretch it tight to get their arms in, then pull it down the rest of the way. Since the elastic is so tight its a struggle with a wiggle worm baby. and 2. you have to pull up the gown in order to put the baby in a carseat or swing or anything else that has a harness-like safety belt. Then their legs are exposed and sometimes get cold and then there’s no point to the gown. I have started putting legwarmers on my baby when she wears a gown. 3. Gowns always ride up, no matter what. When I lay my baby down to sleep, I have to pull the material down away from her face and to cover up her legs, but she still moves in her sleep and the material rides up again. If I pull it down once she’s asleep it disturbs here and she wakes up sometimes. But since this is a problem with all gowns, not just this one, I only took one star. Its perfect in every other way. I should have just bought the romper that looks like this.

Miranda Caliente, CA

Must wash cold and I prefer snaps/zippers

Love that it’s organic, but when washed with another Baby Soy Bundler design in warm water the colors bled and now this cream bundler is light green. I have a baby boy so it’s okay, but I wish that I could wash it with other items. I don’t need to do a cold and warm wash for baby. Otherwise, the fabric and quality is good and baby loved the style BUT I would purchase bundlers with snaps/zippers. It’s just easier and I find myself using those items more than this.

Sondra Hellertown, PA

cute, but fit is weird

It’s nice and thick, but the length is way too short. By the time he fit the 3-6 month size (neck/arms) his feet were already sticking out the bottom- he’s not weirdly long either, pretty proportionate despite daddy’s genes of crazy height. I prefer the onesie with feet over this, since in that size (6-12 month) he’s getting to wear for quite some time (of course, that’s a 6 month age spread and the other is just 3 months, i know)- my point is, you’d think that a gown would fit for longer, but since the bottom elastic is on the tighter side and its weirdly short, it really never fits unless you’ve got a short squat baby. Which is cute, congratulations to you!

Ladonna Rowley, MA

These are amazing

If these were just a little cheaper, I’d buy everything they sell. The colors from this company are awesome in person and the idea of an elestic bottom sleeper is genius. Less clothing to remove for diaper changes, so I’m hoping baby will be able to stay asleep more easily, rather than be jostled around and startled by removing a whole zipper or side-tie onesie. GENIUS product but also it’s just so darn cute!

Tabitha Nunapitchuk, AK

Sad face

I wanted to love the Baby Soy gowns but they don’t fit well. My newborn is totally average sized. She was 7lbs 2oz at birth and 21". These gowns fit her for a week (she was 7lbs at her 5 day pediatrician visit). The gowns are very short and way too tight at the bottom. Also, the hand openings are tiny, which made getting baby into these a real pain. I was disappointed because the fabric is so soft and the designs are adorable.

Paige Grissom Arb, IN

Buy this, it’s a must have

Absolutely love this sleeper for my very large newborn: 9lbs 14 oz and 22.5 in long. He wears it for sleeping anytime it’s clean under his sleep sack and it’s the perfect combination for keeping him warm enough, letting his arms be free (he’s not such a fan of swaddling) and keeping his hands covered (they are always cold, and also the scratching issue). It’s also great for middle of the night changes. The material is soft and cozy, I wish I could justify buying a few more.

Ester Fairburn, SD

didn’t hold up

I liked this one, as it fit better than most the other gowns I got since baby was preemie. However, after one wash it molded and I couldn’t get the little black spots out so was afraid to use again on baby. 🙁

Arlene Ridge Spring, SC


I bought this for my sister who is doing koalas for her new son. It’s darling! It is somewhat big but I thinks that’s great for this kind of sleeper. Gives the baby plenty of leg room!

Christina Francisco, IN

Not stretchy enough for my taste… hard to dress infant in…

The item was cute, which is why I purchased it but I was sooo close to just returning it. I followed people’s reviews and went up a size (to the 3-6 months) even though I have a 2 month old. I’m glad I did, this DOES fit him, but the sleeves were super wide in comparison to the rest of the item and yet somehow it was difficult to put on my baby. Maybe I’m just used to Carters and other brands of baby clothes that seem to slip easily over baby’s head and allow easy insertion of arms etc… but this was a struggle. By the time I got it on my baby he was so fussy… and like I said, I wasn’t that thrilled with the fit, the arms are huge in comparison to the rest of the outfit. My boyfriend came out and saw him in it and asked why we had dressed our son like a “monk”…

Teresa Dewar, IA

Hard to get baby into it!

Love the material and cute design, but the elastic around the bottom is very tight and hard to get on over baby’s head / body. Bought the kimono style ones and like them much better.

Augusta Rockaway Park, NY

Softest gown

Organic Baby Soy Bundler Zebra (Orange)I splurged on this item after seeing it on a friend’s newborn. The gown is so soft with a nice thickness. My friend warned me that it did shrink a bit after the first wash, so if you plan to use for a newborn go for the next size up for greater ease putting on and taking off. (I purchased a 3-6 months for my newborn and it is now slightly bigger than the Carter’s brand 0-3 month gowns…but so much softer!). The 3-6 months also has the fold-over hand mitts to prevent them from scratching their tiny faces.

Jean Range, AL