UPPAbaby 2013 G-Luxe Stroller, Sebby Teal

UPPAbaby 2013 G-Luxe Stroller, Sebby Teal

Updated with a one-handed recline, the G-Luxe is one of the lightest reclining umbrella strollers on the market. The machine washable removable seat pad and Stain Defend fabrics make keeping up with toddler spills and stains a breeze.

Main features

  • polyester twill
  • Imported
  • One-handed, actuated recline plus adjustable footrest
  • Easy to fold and stands on its own
  • Stain and water-resistant fabric and removable seat pad
  • Convenient cup holder included
  • 4-wheel shock absorbing suspension

Verified reviews


Reeks of noxious fumes

I did a lot of research to find a stroller that wasn’t loaded with flame retardants and other toxins, and finally settled on this Uppababy. When it came though, it had a chemical smell that was so strong it stank up an entire room, even though it was still in the box. It was clearly not chemical free. I called the company to find out what they use in these strollers and they claimed that it must be defective, that it shouldn’t smell, and that they had never received any complaints about the G-series before. I know this isn’t true though, because I ended up having to call them twice and both times they insisted that no one else had complained – since I hadn’t given them any identifying information on either call, they couldn’t have known it was the same caller.On further inspection, I think it may be the packing materials that are primarily responsible for the awful toxic smell, but at any rate if you are interested in avoiding toxins I would cross this stroller off your list. It doesn’t belong anywhere near a baby. (I didn’t try the stroller out, but it didn’t look comfortable and it also didn’t seem all that well made. It was super light though and folded up small. If you buy from Healthcheck Systems, know that their return policy is bad, they have a big restocking fee and you have to pay a lot in postage to mail the large package back. )

Jeanine Waldo, WI

Great at first, but safety hazard pretty quickly

I had this stroller for a few months starting about when my child turned a year old. I loved it at first. It was nice and comfy for an umbrella stroller and didn’t take up a whole lot of space in my car or house. However, within a few months, it became a serious problem. Basically, my 1 year old child was able to dismantle the stroller while she was strapped into it within 10 seconds. She would pull the adjustable foot rest (which is right beside their knees) straight up so it’s perpendicular to their legs. Then she would pull off the fabric and expose two metal spikes sticking straight up on either side of the toddler’s legs. You may have surmised that my toddler is a bit of a handful, but she is not the only one with this problem. Look around and you will read about this issue elsewhere. See the most helpful negative review for the 2012 version. Also, we have several strollers, including a B-nimble, and I don’t have any issues with this same child dismantling any other stroller and/or exposing metal parts. Just this one stroller.I contacted Uppa Baby because I’ve had positive dealings with them in the past. I got a representative named Sam and she was horrible. From the beginning, she suggested that it was user error and I wasn’t strapping in my child correctly. I have 3 children and countless strollers. I strap them into car seats, strollers, and high chair daily. It is not user error or stupidity. She then I had me go through the trouble of sending the stroller to them for inspection even though I told her it was a design defect, not a defect in my particular stroller. I told her that there are negative reviews on here for the same issue and she still insisted on me sending it back. I did so. Of course, she concluded without knowing my child’s height or weight that the stroller was perfect and I just needed to strap her in better. She sent it back to me even though I told her I was in the hospital and I wanted to send her pictures of my child with the metal spikes sticking straight up. She assured me they would wait and, much to my surprise, I get back home 2 days later only to find the stroller in a damaged box sitting on my front porch.She actually said “the seat footrest for the g-Luxe metal posts under the padding are not sharp or dangerous to any child.” Really?!? Two metal stakes sticking straight up are not dangerous? I asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisor and was brushed off with the assurance that the supervisor reads every email. When I insisted to speak to the supervisor, the supervisor was conveniently on vacation and the acting supervisor was, you guessed it, Sam. In fact, I never heard from the supervisor until she sent me a unsolicited email telling me that she was sorry I didn’t like UppaBaby and there was nothing they could do for me. My stroller was still in warranty, but they just tightened the harness to the smallest setting and slapped new wheels on my stroller (even though I never complained about that) and hoped that would appease me. I buy a lot of baby gear and do lots of research before buying. I had previously read reviews about this problem but I didn’t understand what the reviewer was talking about with the adjustable footrest until I actually witnessed my child do the same thing. Listen to me now or regret it later. This stroller is a problem and the customer service is even worse. Save yourself the trouble and get the b-nimble (cheaper) or the McClaren.By the way, we ended up getting a B-Nimble because my youngest child uses a Chaperone and I really liked the snag-n-go option. My child who routinely dismantled the G-luxe also uses the B-Nimble quite a bit and she has never not once been able to take apart the B-nimble and/or expose any metal parts.

Brigitte Beaverton, AL

Fabulous Stroller but I had troubles with the wheels as well

I love love love this stroller but by about the second time I used it I noticed the wheels wobbling. I called UppaBaby and they were aware of the problem and sent me new wheels that day!I had a junky Chicco umbrella stroller and hated it because I kicked the wheels when I walked and the handles were really low. So I spent a lot of time looking for the right stroller and I am so glad I went with the UppaBaby. I am 5’9" and my DH is 6’3" and neither of us kick the wheels. The handles are at a great height as well. My DD kind of likes to play with the sun shade because it is shiny but it doesn’t bother my. I love how well it covers her. Its a great stroller and I already recommended 2 good friends to buy it as well!

Lydia Blessing, TX

LOVE this stroller as a supplement to my city mini

i live in brooklyn and don’t have a car. in the cooler months i like to wear my baby, but when summer hit i realized it was stroller season. i have the city mini (like most people in park slope) and it’s great, but when it’s just me out and about i can’t dream of taking it on the subway or on a bus– it’s just too heavy and bulky. i got the g-luxe so that we can have the option of cooling off on public transportation or somewhere else with a/c in the midst of a busy summer day and i can easily hold my baby while folding and unfolding the stroller, and carry it over my shoulder while holding him, too. of course it’s easiest to have another grownup to help, but it’s totally manageable for me. that’s the biggest reason i got this stroller, but i also love the under-seat basket, which is quite roomy for an umbrella stroller, and the recline of the seat is so easy (can’t do it with one hand on the city mini). i also like how open it is so that my baby can see what’s happening and get a nice breeze, when there is one. i still feel that i need another, more heavy duty, stroller for long days out and about, off-roading in the park, etc. but i am so happy that i got the g-luxe.

Tonia Glen Arbor, MI

Very lightweight and versatile, great for being out and about while still keeping baby comfy

We originally bough a Babyjogger City Versa. It’s a great stroller but heavy and big. By the time our precious little angel hit the 6 month mark, I was cursing each time I had to lug it somewhere. And I was getting dirty looks when I brought it on the Metro or into restaurants, so I figured it was time to lighten things up a bit. I knew I had hit that moment of being a seasoned parent when I decided to get an umbrella stroller.I looked at a lot of umbrella strollers. Maclaren, Uppababy, basically anything with a big freaking price tag. Money wasn’t really a huge concern; I just wanted something lightweight that was easy to get in and out of the car but was still comfortable enough to let my little girl take a long snooze.I really considered the new Babyjogger Vue, which is the ONLY umbrella stroller that is going to be rear facing. I like rear facing in certain environments. BUT, the weight was what nixed it. At almost 18 lbs, the Vue is considerably heavier than the G-Luxe. Because I will need to take this baby on public transit (and possibly fold it to get up Metro escalators and stairs), that extra weight nixed the Vue.The G-Luxe is light. It is 13 lbs. I am a very petite woman and can easily carry this thing folded along with my baby. It’s easy to get in and out of the and car and just about anywhere else.I love the stand-while-folded feature. It has this little plastic foot thing that allows the stroller to stand (while folded). Perfect for various urban environments like restaurants where you need to fold your stroller in a small area. Makes life so much easier.Baby seems super comfy. The seat reclines almost fully, and the seat itself is soft and fairly well padded. The leg rest extends out far enough and the seat is deep enough that my rather large 6-month old is very comfortable. It looks like it will remain comfortable for the foreseeable future.The hood is AWESOME. Compared to all the other strollers we checked out (including the Vue from what I can tell online), the G-Luxe has the largest canopy by far. And, because it comes in colors other than black, this will be perfect for the summer (the canopy is made of a nice reflective material).And despite being so light, this thing felt more sturdy than a lot of the other umbrella strollers we tried.So now for the cons:Folding requires two hands. It’s not hard, but not the one-handed fold many of the strollers come with now.Storage is minimal, but this is to be expected with any umbrella stroller (to deal with this, I use a backpack and also a net thing that attaches to the back of the stroller). That said, the G-luxe actually had the easiest to access storage of any umbrella stroller we tried.I wish the wheels were made of something more durable. All umbrella strollers have these plastic wheels that I feel will wear out really quickly. This would make a nice upgrade option.I really wish this had some sort of reversible option. There are just certain situations (crowded city environments) where I like to look at my baby.But all that said this really is the best umbrella stroller out there. Pricey, but totally worth the money.

Harriet Weaverville, CA

Great but dont know if it is worth the price.

Pros:Ultra light- I checked in thru the security, boarded flight with a wiggly 8 month old this week- Effortlessly with this stroller, diaper bag and a backpack.The most reclined position is reclined enough. My daughter never sleep in a stroller or car seat but this recline was helpful because i could change her diaper in privacy with the canopy pulled all the wayStands on its own which is a huge deal if you are traveling by yourself or loading car with groceries with baby in one handThe harness straps are ultra easy to latch in and out.The covers are washable.the basket is medium sized.the shoulder strap is amazing.Cons:It still takes me a couple of attempts to fold this thing. I dont know if I am doing something wrong.My 8 month old seems to be very stiff while on this. she is a 25lb-er and the backrest does not give in to her back to create a nice curved feel.The most upright position aint upright enough.Too pricey. I dont know if any of the benefits above warranty the cost.

Jody Duncan, SC

Great Stroller

This is a great stroller. It reclines so that my son can rest comfortably and the canopy provides decent shade.

Annette Griggsville, IL

Posh Umbrella Stroller

Great features. Hard to find in teal but I did it!Love the hood, reclines easily, good basket.Great for the car.

Genevieve Lac Du Flambeau, WI

Best option for travel/short trips/narrow places!

The Uppababy G-Luxe is not my “regular” stroller for walks and shopping (I have the Britax B-ready), but it is perfect for all the other places that I need to go that don’t allow the space or don’t have elevators for a bigger bulkier stroller.I purchased the G-Luxe after realizing that it is really a pain to haul a large stroller around with me especially in restaurants or to the doctors office. Also, my older daughters private school has NO ELEVATOR and her class is on the third floor, so unless I feel like holding my 22lb squirmy son for the hour or more meetings they have, I now have a perfect option with the G-Luxe. I can carry the stroller over my shoulder while still holding my son in my arms by using the carry strap, and it is so lightweight (especially in comparison to my big boy!)The G-Luxe was extremely simple to put together out of the box, I received mine around September 20th, 2013 as it was part of a new batch from UppaBaby, and I believe that they had made some minor changes to address some apparent issues with the 2013 model. I waited approximately 1 month from my time of order (from Bambi Baby), which was a bit painful, but worth it to know I had the latest model.It is very easy to push and steer, and really is a well made product.Pros:1. Easy to fold/setup2. Very light3. Nice canopy!4. Easy to push/steer5. Stands up when folded! (great when taking LO out of the car)6. Carry Strap integrated7. Easy to clean, seat and pad fully removable (LO tested this out by vomiting all over it around 2 weeks after arrival, I could remove and sanitize everything, no smells after, thankfully)8. Great colors9. Adjustable footrest10. Perfect handle height/no kicking wheels or stroller when walking with long paces11. Shocks (have not tested extensively, but seem to do a good enough job over minor rough terrain like cobbles or brick paving)Cons:1. Canopy sometimes pops off while folding/unfolding (doesn’t seem to be a strong latch) not a huge issue but takes that extra minute to finagle2. Expensive, but really in the end was worth it. I compared to other higher end umbrellas and it really came out on top, but considering I paid $280 for my 2013 b-ready, and $210 for my g-luxe, I know it would otherwise be a hard sell for some. Only after staying away from my favorite restaurants/events due to large stroller issues, did I cave and pay the $3. Doesn’t fold as compact as I would think for a umbrella stroller. It takes up one whole backseat, or a good portion of my trunk which I was not prepared for. I think it is due to the canopy, and the angle it folds into.4. No peekaboo window. Its a shame, but I really would have liked one, even just a tiny little one…Overall, I have had no major issues regarding the stroller or manufacturing. I see a lot of low star reviews based on problems which Uppababy seems to have addressed. The stroller has done for my family what it needs to do, which is provide convenience without skimping on comfort.

Vera Wooster, AR


ehhh… not worth the price.Pros:good strong constructionvery light weightCarrying strap is great!consfolding is fussy and annoying.seating position doesnt go all the flat. or flat enough for the baby to be confortableno window to see the childthe basket underneath is impossible to access.

Rosalie Whitmore Lake, MI

great umbrella stroller

got this stroller as a backup. very easy to open and close. you do need two hands to close it but it hasn’t been a problem. only need one hand and foot to open it. the strap in the back is great for carrying it up and down the stairs. the basket is large and can fit a lot of stuff. only complaint is that it does not have a front bar so it is a bit weird since the baby just sits in it and i feel like there should be a barrier. but other than that i love this stroller. it is lightweight and my baby seems to like it. it also reclines

Patty Galveston, IN

Compact and nice for travel

Purchased this as a 2nd stroller for international travel. Love how it folds and opens very easy. The wheels could be improved to make for a less bumpy ride. I find the stroller very easy to tip over (with or without baby). A huge plus that made me choose this lightweight stroller over other brands/models is because the seat almost lays flat.Highly recommend for a travel stroller and not for every day use.

Michael Dickinson, TX

Disappointing start, but overall the best lightweight reclining umbrella stroller

I ordered this stroller through BBB and received it the other day. During assembly, I noticed that the harness strap holder behind the removable seat pad had not been sewn on completely-for one of the most expensive umbrella strollers out there, you would think that this type of manufacturing defect would not exist. Apparently you don’t always get what you pay for, and that’s why I would deduct one star from this rating.Overall, I love this stroller-it IS lightweight, especially compared to our other stroller which is a Bob Revolution SE. Here is what I love about this:-One handed recline-easily adjustable footrest-easy fold with safety mechanism built into the release-sturdy wheels, although I have yet to really test them out on non-smooth surfaces-large canopy, largest I’ve seen and by far the best I’ve seen on an umbrella stroller-CARRYING STRAP-I think this should be a standard on ALL umbrella strollers!-Comfy, padded seat that is stain resistant (great for parents like me with babies who spit up a lot!)-easy assembly-just pop the canopy, front wheels and cup holder and you’re good to go!Some reviewers have complained about how "cheap" the umbrella feels-this is probably because it is incredibly light for an umbrella stroller that reclines. If you want a sturdier feeling stroller, you probably don’t want to get any umbrella stroller whatsoever b/c they will ALL feel "cheap" to you. I chose this over many others I researched mostly because of the lightness of the stroller, weight capacity, large UV canopy, one handed almost flat recline, and carrying strap. I don’t think it feels cheap at all, especially compared to other umbrella strollers.On a different note, I got the Ani color-it is a much brighter orange in person than it is in the photos.

Carlene Swifton, AR

Great everyday stroller

Before buying this stroller, we had two for our toddler daughter: our BOB Revolution SE and a Jeep umbrella stroller. They are both great for their own purposes: running and traveling. To be honest, the Jeep stroller is also great as an everyday stroller as long as she’s not napping. Since we are often out and about a majority of our weekends, I wanted something that would be more comfortable for our daughter to nap in. So I decided to research a stroller for our everyday purposes.My requirements:1. Reclines for nap time.2. Has as big a canopy as possible since we live in the desert.3. A decent sized storage space.4. Lightweight because I’m weak, and folds fairly small so it would also fit in my coupe.I narrowed it down to this and the Bumbleride Flite. I kind of liked the look of the Flite better, but in the end, the G-Luxe won out because of the following:- The sunshade is bigger when the extra section is extended.- When folded, the G-Luxe can stand on its own without leaning on anything.- Lighter.- Removable and machine-washable padding.- Bigger storage section under the seat.- Cheaper (nice, though not totally important for us when it’s going to be used so much).We’re very happy with our purchase and use it on a regular basis. Our daughter often gets excited about the "blue stroller." The only reasons I took away one star (and really, I would take away only a half if I could) are because when you fold the stroller, it gets the sunshade dirty because the wheels come in contact with it, and I think it would be nice if there was some padding or something on the strap that goes between their legs. When she falls asleep while sitting up, she starts to slide/slouch a bit, and right now she’s in diapers so that helps, but I can’t imagine the possible wedgie in the future, haha. In all honesty, though, I can fix that just by adding some fabric to the strap. I just thought when spending this much money on a stroller, it would be nice to have some small niceties like a padded crotch strap. =) Just my two cents!Love the colors available, and it’s overall a fantastic stroller.

Charmaine Cameron, MT

Beautiful, But Bulky

This is a well designed, nice stroller. However, in my extensive and over analyzed search for an umbrella stroller to help me navigate NYC subways and long flights, I was disappointed in the G-Luxe. I find it hard to believe its classified as an umbrella. Standing by my Britax B-Agile, it was about the same size. When folded up it took up a little less room, however putting it over my shoulder was awkward and bulky feeling (mostly due to the big wheels). Also, you really do need two hands to close it and get it onto your shoulder. I just couldn’t see myself successfully carrying it down a flight a stairs with my wiggly 13 month old. Thus, this one went back.

Kim Polk, PA

Very Good, not perfect

We were looking for a lightweight stroller for our daughter because we travel a ton and our first stroller was way too heavy. Here’s what I like so far:Very light (compared to old stroller)Well built – I don’t get the feeling it will break or fall apartEasy to fold open and closedLooks goodWill be usable for a long timeI do have a few issues, though:Despite the low hanging sunshade, my daughter is still exposed a lot of the timeWheels make a lot of noiseMesh pouch underneath the seat is not easy to use – it is too small and does not hold a normal diaper bagIf you have a diaper bag hanging on the handles, watch out. When you take the child out, it is going to tip over instantlyCost seems a bit much for what we gotOverall, I am happy with the purchase, but I wonder if I would have been fine with a less expensive model, too.

Elba Fallsburg, NY

great umbrella stroller

This is an awesome stroller — lightweight, really easy to maneuver, sturdy enough for cobblestone streets and jagged sidewalks, and great comfort for the kiddo, in both the upright and reclined positions. It’s remarkably easy for one person to carry this up and down stairs, and I’m surprised that something so lightweight is also so sturdy. I wish the basket underneath stored a little bit more, but overall this is a terrific stroller. It’s basically replaced our UppaBaby VIsta as our everyday stroller.

Elvia Fannettsburg, PA

Perfect stroller for city families

I purchased this stroller when my husband and I moved to NYC with our 18-month-old son. We needed a stroller that was lightweight, sturdy, and could easily be used on the NYC Subway system. We live off of a subway stop that doesn’t have an elevator, so a very compact, portable stroller was a must. I absolutely love my UPPAbaby. It’s not flimsy like cheaper umbrella strollers tend to be. The wheels are surprisingly rugged and hold up well on the cobblestone streets of our neighborhood. I love that the this stroller also has a reclining feature (and that it’s a true recline). My toddler has fallen asleep in this stroller on multiple occasions, and it’s been so nice for him to be able to lay down and sleep. I was deciding between the UPPAbaby G-Lite and the G-Luxe, and the biggest difference I noticed was the reclining feature. It was definitely worth the extra few dollars and the added weight (which really wasn’t that much anyway). As far as the price is concerned, we use our stroller every day and it has essentially replaced our car, so I had no qualms about spending $200+ on a quality stroller. I would strongly recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a city stroller. I have a Phil & Teds that I love for pushing around the neighborhood or jogging, but when it comes to everyday traveling around town and riding the Subway, I always reach for my UPPAbaby. As an added note, we live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which is a super kid-friendly neighborhood, and UPPAbabys and Maclarens are pretty much the only strollers you’ll see around here!

Doretha Geraldine, MT

Life saver

My one year old loves this. He is a bit of a fussy boy in his vista. He loves to be out and walk. From day one… The g-luxe calms him and puts him to sleep. He is so happy in this stroller. Even if he is cranky getting in, as soon as we stroll he settles. Took it to Disney. Used a mommy hook and a buggy guard. Easy. Comfy. Great maneuverability. Got on and off of the trams without a prob.The recline feature is well worth the money ( over g-lite which my nephew uses).

Aisha Alvo, NE

Best Umbrella Stroller

This is such a great stroller. It’s super lightweight, I can carry it on the subway no problem. The fact that it has a shoulder strap and that it stands upright on its own is amazing. It’s comfortable for my baby, easy to get him in and out. The seat reclines so he can nap or take a bottle while we’re out. I don’t think that umbrella stroller are ever a super smooth ride but this one is about as smooth as it gets. Very easy to navigate, even one handed. I really don’t see any negatives to this stroller. Perhaps it’s a little pricey…

Reva Danville, WV

An umbrella stroller packed with features

My wife and I purchased our UPPAbaby G-Luxe for our son about two months ago. While it is a tad bulky and a little heavy for an umbrella stroller, it’s packed lot of nice-to-haves that make up for it:- The reclining seat means we can leave our baby asleep in the stroller longer, more comfortably.- The large, rubber padded brake pedals are easy to operate, giving your feet a wide, comfortable target to step on.- Foldup is a snap. There are two trigger pulls and a safety lock on the right side. Press the safety, pull the triggers, and fold forward.- A built-in stand keeps the stroller standing upright when folded up without standing up.- The storage basket underneath is spacious. It’s great for shopping or storing extra layers like blankets and jackets.- The sunshade is articulated at different points so you can control how much cover you give your little one.- There’s also a removable cup holder, perfect for drinks or a cell phone.The G-LUXE also comes with a removable seat pad. The website says this makes it easier for cleanup, but doesn’t really do much for us. The extra layer of nylon padding does little to add to the "luxe" feel. Thankfully, it’s also removable. And lastly, other reviews point out how their G-Luxes came with wobbly wheels. Thankfully, our wheels don’t wobble, and it could be something that UPPAbaby has addressed.Overall, we’re happy with our purchase. If you don’t mind a little extra bulk, its combination of folding ease, storage options, and nice-to-haves make this stroller a solid buy.

Kaye Ravenden Springs, AR