UPPAbaby Bubble Infant Car Seat Shade

UPPAbaby Bubble Infant Car Seat Shade

Fold out sun protection layer- SPF 50+ Fold out wind/rain protection layer Zip open insect protection layer Universal fit compatible with most infant car seats Pop-open action, no assembly required Lightweight and easy to fit, folds into handy travel bag

Main features

  • Fits easily over most infant car seats
  • Defend against sun, rain, wind and bugs
  • Features a fold out sun protection layer
  • Fold out wind and rain protection layer
  • Universally compatible

Verified reviews


Love it

This shade is awesome. Not only does it help keep the sun off but it keeps people form touching the baby as well. Which is awesome for a newborn because everyone wants to touch the new baby whether you know them or not. It is very easy to use, and looks good nt he car seat.

Luella Swanzey, NH

Great mesh shade, a little hard to access baby in car

I bought this product looking for something to protect my babies from 1)people trying to touch them (germs!), to 2) protect them from the sun, as well as 3) the rain. I used it with my Chicco KeyFit carseats, and it installed simply and easily. I could keep the bubble on while it was snapped into the base in the car, as well as when it was snapped into my Chicco Cortina Together stroller. As far as protecting baby from everyone and their grandma who wants to reach out and touch him/her it does great, as people can see the babies but not reach inside to touch them with their unsanitized hands. In regard to protecting baby from the sun, it performs adequately, as the mesh is darkly colored and provides some, but not alot, of sun protection. As far as the rain goes. it is better than nothing, but I wouldn’t say it provides really good rain protection. The small shade that folds out will protect baby from a few drops as you rush him to the car, but definately doesn’t substitute for a good shade on a stroller. Another bummer was the difficulty accessing baby while the carseat is snapped into its base in the car- you have to reach around the bubble and inside, which is difficult, and it also makes taking baby out of the carseat more work than when the shade isn’t on. On the plus side, it was easy to install, and seems better than the few other options out there. Overall, I gave it 4 stars, as its a good but imperfect solution.

Katrina Racine, MN

Everyone should have one!

We used this every day, for walks and for car rides. It fits perfectly over the Graco snugride 22. It’s a little awkward to get the baby out while in the snap n go without taking the whole shade off, but that wasn’t really a big deal. We had a lot of questions about it and lots of comments about what a good idea it was. For $20 it’s a very worthwhile investment. So nice not to have to stress about whether the sun is in the baby’s eyes. Even works as a lightweight rain cover in drizzle.

Greta Barrington, IL

its okay

so i bought this mainly for the “sun” protection. while i think it does okay, for the price its not worth it. also i thought it would be good to keep the bugs out, but on both the sides, where the carseat handles meet the seat there is a huge gap that bugs can go into, which worries me more than not having the bubble on because if they get in i wouldnt be able to see them ! personally just a regular stroller/carseat net n a long light swaddle blanket are what i use. the idea is good, but needs some improvements.

Aisha Westport, CT

Just what I needed!

I have been looking for a way to shield the sun from the rear window of my car for months now…I found a solution and this is it! Not only does it block the sun from the rear window for my little one in her car seat it also blocks it from the side as well. Since I live in Alaska it is so difficult to get any and all suction cups to stay on a window due to the cold. This shade is just the ticket! I love it and highly recommend it!

Elvira Lake Arthur, LA

Blocks well

This thing works well to block sun and rain. I have yet to use the bug net, but I’m sure it will work well. I got a Sunshine kids buggy fan to go in it so the baby doesn’t get too hot. It fits well on my Graco Snugride 32.

Velma Jackson Heights, NY

Cool Looking but not a rain cover

This is a pretty cool looking wind, sun, and bug screen. As other reviewers have mentioned, the side panels are mesh and there is no way to cover them with a more substantial material. The top mesh panel can be covered by a silver, spf 50, plastic layer that pulls out from a concealed pocket.I’m using this shade with a maxi cosi mico mounted on a baby jogger city elite. It went on without issue and gives my whole stroller setup a very sort of space age aerodynamic look. My wife and I agreed that this shade will be at its best at the beach or hanging out at the lake during the summer. It really isn’t a rain cover at all. Maybe it would work in a drizzle.It does come with a little sleeve and the whole thing packs down to a very compact package. This is one item that won’t take up a lot of extra space in your stroller.For the money, I’m happy with it, but don’t think you can use this as a rain cover.

Rosella Dyess, AR


We used this all the time when my son was first born people like to qawk at babies in strollers and this put a stop to that really quickly lol. Its not that great for windy days because the wind can still come from the sides it will only stop wind from head on. Its good to cover baby on sunny days and when its raining. My son didnt have a problem with this over him he is now 3.5 months and we still use it and will continue to until he grows out of his infant car seat. I bought 2 thinking that it may go bad from wear and tear but it still held strong so I guess our next babies will have an extra one, the only thing that can be confusing is folding it up but I think it must just be me because my husband doesnt seem to have a problem.

Queen Alum Bridge, WV