UPPAbaby Cabana Infant Car Seat Shade, Red

UPPAbaby Cabana Infant Car Seat Shade, Red

Protect your little ones from all kinds of weather while on the go. The Cabana provides the ultimate in protection against sun, wind, rain and insects.

Main features

  • Ubuv SPF protection blocks 80% of the sun’s harmful rays
  • Fits over most infant car seats
  • Fold out wind/rain protection layer
  • Pop open action requires no assembly
  • Folds into its own convenient travel bag

Verified reviews


Not a huge fan

I bought this thinking I would use it a lot. I rarely used it and ended up selling it to someone else. It’s not easy to get folded back up, but if you practice it get’s easier. I do like the looks of it though.

Julianne Olney, MO

Not covered on the sides from sun but still the best thing on the market

I guess I was expecting something that looked a little different and was more substantial when this arrived based on the picture but it is okay. I like that it is a compact shade (see uploaded pic) that is the size of a frisbee and that the mesh is tighter than our mosquito net. While our mosquito net did a pretty good job when we used it, this appears that it will do much better. The sunshade part just pulls out of the red bag and snaps into place (see uploaded pic) while the stock photo makes it appear to be more permanent.One thing worth mentioning is that I find it just too much trouble for daily driving. I just toss a blanket over the carrier. I took him out to a Farmer’s Market (in Indiana) for less than an hour and his back was soaked. I don’t know if that is because of the carrier (have read similar complaints) or because this traps heat in. Our ideal uses for this are for when we will be outside with him for an extended period of time, going for a walk, or long car rides. We haven’t used it to keep hands off of the baby because we haven’t had the need to. We first took him to church at 3 weeks and we have had a lot of lookers but no one demanding to touch or that touches without asking. It would probably be good for that purpose for premies and babies born closer to winter, though.Very happy that it takes all of 5 second to pull out of the bag and form, about 10 more seconds to secure around the carrier, and about 5 more seconds to collapse and put back in the bag. Like other reviewers that I have seen, I will mention that on mine there is a small gap near the handle of the carrier where bugs could get in (because there is not a gap in the plastic between the handle and the carrier for the shade to slide into) but it is not a deal-breaker for me. Our carrier is a Chicco. Also, like others have said, I do not really like that the sides are completely unprotected from the sun. We travel directly west up to 10 hours (leaving in the morning) and back most of the times that we do travel. Therefore, we will have to use a towel or something to block the sun on the sides since the sun is on the driver’s side for the majority of the time during our trips.That said, I couldn’t find a back window shade with adequate reviews and am not a fan of the static cling side window shades in my car now that don’t stay affixed to the window and make me always have to look twice before changing lanes (in a very busy traffic area) since I am not sure if what I see in my peripheral vision and in back side window is a vehicle distorted by a sun shade or a dark sun shade. I can’t forsee this issue with my current shades being any better in the winter. Therefore, this was the perfect option for us so we can ditch the crappy static cling shades we have now. With a few small changes mentioned above, I think this could overtake the entire sunshade market. I am obviously not the only person who dislikes the current options of vehicle sunshade options.

Latonya Atwater, OH

Good car shade

Pros:Easy to installEasy to fold and put back in carry pouchAttractiveEasy to get to child with zippersGreat for bugsGreat to shield from sunAttached sun shield easy stores in attached front pocketCons:The silver sun/rain shade is very loose.Only 3 snaps to hold it down.Works okay for rain in a light rain, but, in a heavy downpour water will just run around the sides of the shade and drip down onto the baby.Now, since it installs over the canopy (under the handle) it is nice for extra protection for when you get stuck in an unexpected downpour.I would not recommend using it for a rain shield.I would buy another type of cover as a rain shield. But as a bug shield and sun proctector it’s perfect.I do however like this product. Maybe if the silver cover zipped on like a coat zips up you could still take the silver sun shield off and stowe it but it would work better for rain (hint, hint, manufacturer).

Bonnie New Braunfels, TX

Great product!

It was exactly as I expected. It fits my Chicco Keyfit perfectly. It shades my son and keeps the wind out. I also like it because my son is so little, I’m anxious about crowds or people breathing all over him while cooing. This shade keeps most strangers at bay! I have not used it with the stroller yet but I imagine it will be really helpful in the summer when there are bugs and things which could bite him.

Nadia Blossburg, PA

Best baby must have!

When we had my first son, this wasn’t around yet — and I wish we did! This is an absolute MUST whether or not you live somewhere that has bugs to worry about. Why? Because it also protects your little one from random people trying to touch your baby. I can not tell you how many times people would come over and try to touch my son’s face or hands — in the supermarket, at the park, at the mall…. I guess we should be flatter that people thought he was cute, but how am I supposed to know that they didn’t sneeze into their hands and then touch him 5 minutes later? It created just enough space between my second baby and strangers. It’s great too for when the baby is sleeping — you can cover him up and still allow him to breathe and — you can still see the baby through the airy sides. We would put this shade on our Graco car seat UNDER the carrying handle bar so once it was on, we never had to take it off unless we were cleaning it. Once we were at the fair when my stroller was splattered on by a passing bird — and the shade protected my baby from bird poop. What a disaster if he was hit! For that moment alone, this was worth every penny. This is my favorite baby shower gift now. We got lots of compliments and questions too when we used it because everyone thought it was cool. This is a baby MUST!

Elnora Forreston, IL

Meets all our needs when we go out in the spring and the summer…it’s perfect.

Don’t hesitate to get this, it rocks. Stores easily, complete UV protection, weather protection, and bug protection. Fits our infant car seat perfectly. Unfortunately we have lost the cover that comes with it, but for the cost and how long we will use it given it really only fits the infant car seat not a stroller, not a huge heartbreak.

Robert Aylett, VA

Great product

This is hands down a great and easy to use product. We are having twins and this weekend, we opened the one we received to try it out. After unfolding it from its pouch, it slipped right over our car seat and that is it. Sits on the car seat nicely. the sun shade is a nice touch too. We are very happy with the product and just ordered the second one. Thanks!

Brianna Bayville, NY

This is so handy

At first I had a feeling that I would end up regretting this purchase and that I was going overboard as a first time mom purchasing things that I don’t need. However, the seat shade ended up being very useful. I love that it shades my son not only from the sun, but also insects. It was also a lifesaver the other day when it was pouring raining outside; not a drop of rain fell into his carrier thanks to this product.

Melody Pointe Aux Pins, MI

Best Baby Purchase

This is one of the best products I have purchased for my son. This keeps the sun, wind, and rain out of his face and protects him from the weather elements. He HATES when the sun gets in his eyes and this does a great job of keeping the sun away and a happy baby.

Tammie Hawley, PA

works for me

It fits Keyfit 30, with some effort. Baby is comfortable,shade provides both air and shade. Compact and light. Zippers work kind of funny, it should not be this way.

Yvette Boiling Springs, NC

Perfect solution for walks with my baby

I ordered this to use on walks with my baby to shield her from the sun. I have an Uppababy Mesa car seat and it works perfectly (although I see how it would work well with almost any infant car seat). It comes folded up in a zippered pouch/carrier. It pops open and fits over the top of the carrier. The top and sides are a breathable mesh that is perfect for blocking out bugs. The top portion also has a sunshade that is in a zippered pouch (connected to the seat shade) that can be pulled out and snapped down to the carrier to block the sun. This is perfect for blocking the sun, however there is no sun shield for the sides, so the sun still hits my daughter’s legs. I would give it five stars if it fully blocked the sun.

Mai Turner, ME

Daddy’s favorite gadget.

I (mommy) love it because it keeps my baby protected from wind, sun, and bugs!My husband loves it because it looks so cool, and futuristic -as he says-.We both agree that’s very easy to put on and off. It folds easily and flat.Finally a useful AND cool gadget.

Janie Olmsted, IL

A necessity for a summer baby

I had a july baby, and I walked a lot while on maternity leave, so I really wanted something to protect my newborn from all the UV rays while outside. This worked pretty well. The UV shield blocked the sun, and the mesh kept the breeze on him. I thought it worked wonderfully. It also kept strangers at a bit of a distance, which is probably even more useful for wintertime in cold/flu season. The shade was easy to pop on and off a car seat, and folded up easily to keep in the back seat of the car. You can also unzip it to easily take baby in and out, so no need to take the whole thing off just to pick up the baby.

Emilie Bluemont, VA

Perfect for the mosquito swarms of Alaska!

The joke is that Mosquitos in Alaska are so big, it’s the state bird 🙁 So when I say this shade kicks butt as a bug shield, I mean it! I have tried many different car seat screens for bug protection but this one really is a winner. I love that the shade is propped up and gives my baby room to kick and swing her arms. It’s super easy to put on and you can still use the car seat carry handle while it’s up. It fits my Britax b Safe perfectly. I am not sure why some previous posters have trouble putting the shade back in its case, there are picture directions printed right on it. Buy it! You will not regret it!

Dianne Aurelia, IA

good as a mosquito cover and “look, no touch” barrier to baby

This is no good as a rain cover and only offers sun protection at certain angles. You can still see the baby very well through it though, while wordlessly telling others not to touch or disturb her. Is it worth $25 though? Ehhh…

Roberta Grassy, MO