UPPAbaby Car Seat Adapter for Chicco

UPPAbaby Car Seat Adapter for Chicco

0055 Brand Compatibility: Chicco Features: -Car seat adapter.-Adapts Vista 2012-2014 stroller frame to carry your infant car seat.-For the Graco snugride and safeseat, the Peg Perego primo viaggio, or a Chicco car seat.

Main features

  • Installed in 30 seconds
  • Stroller folds along with the frame
  • Features easy snap in and snap out functionality
  • Red or green indicators
  • Ensures safety

Verified reviews


Essential add on for the UppaBaby Vista

We purchased this carseat adapter for our new Uppababy Vista stroller. It allows us to use our Chicco Keyfit 30 with the stroller for a secure snap-in fit. It is shockingly hard to find stroller frames that accomodate carseats that are not of the same brand, and when you do, some use flimsy straps and other things that I dont feel are secure at all. With this one you hear that “click”, knowing your baby is securely locked in. Grab the orange flap on the back of the carseat to release. Easy.To take off the adapter you simply press both buttons and it comes right off. It is lightweight and sturdy. The adapter appears to be white in the picture, but it is indeed matte black and matches perfectly with the Uppababy Stroller.

Laverne West Milton, PA

Works Awesome!!! and such an upgrade from the

We got this after we returned the carseat stroller thing from Chico, it works awesome. The car seat pops right in and is very secure. super easy to use!

Marilyn Liberty Hill, TX

Easy to use

This has been great to have! I love using the Uppa to get around and this makes it easy to just keep in the car and snap baby in when we are out. I wish that you could leave it on while folding up the stroller (every little task seems greater with a baby) but it’s pretty easy to snap in and out.

Elisha Tuscumbia, MO

Works perfect!

This adapter is SO easy to use with our UppaBaby Vista, and I love that I can fold my stroller base with this still attached. I would caution not to purchase an adaptrer, though, until you find out if your baby is happy in his/her carseat or would rather not be in it unless necessary. We found that our daughter would much rather be in the Uppa bassinet or toddler seat, even as an infant, when riding in the stroller, as opposed to being in the carseat. We used the Uppa infant insertUPPAbaby Cruz Infant Snugseat Insertwith the toddler seat and loved it.

Flossie Saint Georges, DE

Easy to install, easy to fold the stroller

Perfect for the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat, making the UPPAbaby Vista a travel system. Installs in seconds and doesn’t have to removed while folded. No complaints.

Celina Martinsdale, MT

Fits perfectly with Chicco Keyfit 30

This adapter fits perfectly with our Chicco Keyfit 30. All you do is put the car seat straight down on it and both sides should click. To remove the car seat, you use the lever on the back just as you would to remove it from the car seat base. Creates a solid, sturdy fit with my stroller, and there’s no need to remove it when folding up stroller.

Hope East Chatham, NY

Works great.

This adapter works great with our Chicco KeyFit 30 and Uppababy Vista. It’s really easy to put in and take out (you need to take it out if you want to use the bassinet that comes with the Vista.) It just clips right in. I’d say this is a must if you want to be able to stroll somewhere such as restaurant or a store where the bassinet would be too bulky to navigate around with.

Joanne Kamrar, IA

Super easy to click in and out – makes a snap and go unnecessary

We have the Vista and a Subaru Outback. This adapter snaps in and is easy to use with the stroller and car seat. This makes it easy to toss the stroller in the trunk and there really is no need for a snap and go (I know some folks who have the Vista and need to use the snap and go because they have a small trunk).

Dianne South Ryegate, VT

Love it and can’t be without it!

So glad we got this adapter for our UppaBaby stroller! It’s an absolute necessity and I couldn’t imagine not having it. It makes life so much easier being able to take the baby car seat out of the car and just click it on to the stroller. It makes everything so compact compared to the other travel systems out there i.e. Graco, etc.When the car seat adapter is connected, you will have plenty of room to get to the under carriage basket. The car seat is also at a great raised height so baby is nice and close to you. We are using the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat.Nice thing as well is that the stroller will fold with no problems while the adapter is attached. The adapter is easily attached and detached from the stroller for times when you want to put on the other Uppababy parts like the bassinet or seat.

Minnie Wallburg, NC

Must have!

I’m so happy that Uppa Baby make an adapter for the car seat b/c when my daughter was younger we will zip in and out of places and she would stay sleeping in her car seat from the the car to the store and back to the car. I love this!

Sharon Pittsburg, IL

Easy and secure

First, if you own a Chicco car seat, you probably love it, as I do, but hate that it is so incompatible with different stroller models. Thankfully, Uppa Baby made this adapter for Chico car seats.How it works:- The frame locks into the base (and unlocks) just as easily as the regular seat does (and much easier than the bassinet).- The car seat “falls” right into place just as it would into the car seat base, clicks audibly, and unlocks just as easily.Another plus: with the car seat on, the basket is very accessible–much more so than when you’re using the bassinet, for example.As the other reviewer mentioned, the frame must be removed to fold the stroller, but this just takes a moment. Unlike that reviewer, we had no quality issues, so I cannot comment how often that happens.Overall, I’m so thrilled with this adapter. I use it on my frame that I bought in Jan 2008, so it doesn’t need the new frame, and I greatly prefer this combination to using the Chicco Cortina stroller that I used with my son.dms

Monica Crooks, SD

Does what it should…

We got this for our Vista stroller when we decided on the chicco carseat. The adapter attaches to the stroller easily and the carseat locks in to the adapter as it should. We have been out with our newborn at least a few times now, and have liked the fact that we can transfer our baby to the stroller without having to disturb him and take him out of the carseat (especially for short outings). I do have some criticisms. We had to return the first one we received because it was warped and didn’t lock into our stroller right and it was then difficult to get the carseat to lock to it. The second one was much better (no problems, so far). The other thing is that the stroller frame wont collapse and lock (to put in trunk) with the adapter on it. This is a minor inconvenience we are willing to deal with to use this stroller.Pros:Allows us to use our Chicco carseat with Vista stroller.Pretty solid fit with stroller and carseat.Cons:Possible quality control issues with manufacture (make sure it fits securely and the carseat locks in it)Needs to be removed to fully close stroller frame for transport.

Christine Blooming Grove, TX

car seat adaptor

Adapter snaps nicely into the Vista without issues and holds the seat tight. No problems and would recommend to others.

Tammy Buffalo Gap, TX

Works great.

This works great. There are labels on the device telling you which way to face it.No problems and it works great with my chico keyfit 30.

Leanne Algoma, WI

Works great!

Super easy to use, and a must-have if you use an UppaBaby Vista stroller and the Chicco carseat. We love being able to snap the carseat in easily and go. You can still fold the stroller with this adapter frame attached, which makes it simple to get going quick!

Teresa Alva, FL

Works well for the Chicco Magic KeyFit30

I hate that after spending $800 on a Uppababy stroller, I needed to spend more money for a car seat adapter. That being said, it’s easy to click on and works perfect for the car seat. I love my stroller, so there was no other option for me.

Freda Arnett, WV

love this for the uppababy stroller

Purchased this to go with my Uppababy Vista and the Chicco Infant Keyfit 30. Super easy to install and get baby in and out.

Concepcion Hiawassee, GA

exactly what i needed

Much needed adapter for the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat on the Uppababy Vista stroller frame.Fast delivery.Video tutorial by OCTYKES.com is a very helpful guide to purchase different types of accessories for Uppababy Vista.

Staci Edgard, LA