UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller, Denny

UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller, Denny

The ideal combination of function and style, the Cruz delivers a compact stroller solution without comprising on the features of a full size stroller. Grows with your child from birth through toddler years with the use of the infant snug seat accessory.

Main features

  • Full size reversible, 180 degree position recline
  • Easy one step fold with or without the seat attached
  • Two canopy positions to accommodate taller children
  • Infant car seat adaptable
  • Large canopy with extended SPF 50 sunshade

Verified reviews


Comparison with Peg Perego Book Plus

I looked high and low online for reviews about the Peg Perego Book Plus, which were scant to begin with, and I had wanted to compare it to the Uppababy Cruz, and there were absolutely no reviews to that effect. I finally decided to go to Buy Buy Baby armed with a tape measure and figure things out myself. For the purposes of brevity I have just listed the strollers as “Cruz” and “Book” (even though I am reviewing the Book Plus).What I wanted:- A full-size stroller with a comfortable seat that had a one-handed lever recline including a flat position- Adjustable footrest- Reversible seat- Large storage basket- Five point adjustable harness- Large canopy- Relatively lightweight, stands when foldedWhat I found:Reversible:- Cruz yes, easily; however does not fold when seat is parent-facing- Book, yes, a little more tricky to find connecting parts but seat will fold whether facing parent or outwardSeat height from ground:- Cruz 22 inches- Book 22 inchesSeat Width- Cruz 12.5 inches- Book 14 inchesSeat Depth- Cruz 10 inches- Book 9 inchesSeat back- Cruz 20 inches- Book 19 inchesSeat to canopy- Cruz 22.5 inches, extends to 24 inches- Book 22.5 inchesCrotch Strap- Cruz 7 inches- Book 7.5 inchesCrotch Strap to seat back- Cruz 5 inches- Book 5.5 inchesFootrest- Cruz – two position adjustable- Book – multi-position adjustableCanopy- Cruz Large, with pop-out visor and mesh peekaboo window/magnetic closure- Book Extra large (comes down to bumper bar when seat is upright), peekaboo window (clear plastic)/Velcro closureRecline- Cruz multiple recline positions, including 180 degrees and very upright; one-handed lever recline smoother operation than Book- Book multiple positions including flat; not as upright as Cruz; one-handed lever reclineStorage- Cruz Very large storage basket fits large, fits full diaper bag with room left over; easy access even with seat in full recline; no parent tray, cupholder or zippered compartment- Book Large storage basket, fits full diaper bag with some room left over, access a little difficult with seat in full recline and storage basket drags on ground when full; zippered compartment on canopy, cupholderHarness- Cruz padded, adjustable; buckle is a push-button, pop-open mechanism; a little too easy to undo- Book adjustable; buckle is a bilateral side-squeeze mechanismHandlebar- Cruz telescoping adjustable- Book pivoting adjustableBrakes- Cruz linked brakes- Book linked brakesCarrying handle once folded- Cruz no- Book yesAccessories- Cruz Rain shield, bug guard- Book Foot muff, rain shield, bumper bar; there are two hooks on the handlebar that can be used to hang thingsFold- Cruz Two-handed, one-step fold; goes into a standing fold IF handlebar is fully extended and brake is engaged; taller when folded than the Book- Book One-handed, one-step fold; stands when folded; mechanism is a little ricketySteering- Cruz Good – all wheel suspension- Book – Better – Ball bearingsWeightApprox 22 pounds eachColorsBoth have multiple colors available; fabric on the Cruz is higher quality but two types of fabric available on the Book; a woven tone one tone type and a neoprene typeBoth strollers have swiveling wheels with the ability to lock straight to go over rougher terrain. Both strollers can fit into the trunk of a Honda Civic, but with not much room left over.I hope this comparison helped someone else who may have had the same questions I did. So what did I end up choosing?Neither of these. I saw the Uppababy Vista and it easily outshone both of these strollers. I’ll be reviewing it soon!

Danielle Vassar, KS

Super easy to assemble, have yet to use

It may be premature to say as the baby hasn’t arrived but the assembly of this stroller is a piece of cake!

Augusta Bloomingdale, IN

Great Luxury Stroller!

Many weeks of online research and in-person “test driving” went into my decision to buy an UPPAbaby Cruz. Like many first time parents, I originally purchased a travel system. After using the travel system stroller for 6 months, and realizing my son was uncomfortable and didn’t want to sit in it, I had a better idea of what features my family needed.My son needed: a very upright seat and an unobstructed view of the world, a reclining seat for napping, and plush fabric that didn’t make him overheat.I needed: something compact, easy to load and unload, relatively light, with tons of storage for my diaper bag and shopping bags. I also wanted something easy to clean.I primarily run errands with my stroller, or take walks around the neighborhood or paved walking park. A smooth ride was important, but I don’t jog or go off roading very often, so I didn’t want a stroller with big honkin’ wheels. Something stylish was a definite plus as well.Pros:-This is a quality made stroller. The fabric feels durable, it’s construction is solid. Other family members have had UPPAbaby strollers for years and highly recommended the brand to me.-A joy to push. I love that the handlebar is height adjustable, and has a more squared off shape. The steering is incredible, I can turn around easily in tiny elevators. It’s also only 22″ wide so fitting through crowded store aisles is a breeze. The ride is super smooth.-The fabric is very durable and cleans up easily. I love that you can pop the whole seat off and throw it in the wash if you want. When spot cleaning stains wipe right off, even on the harness straps. I also love that you have the option of adding the UPPAbaby Seat Liner (sold separately) for added comfort and stain protection.-The storage basket is massive.-Very stylish. I’ve gotten compliments, which is always a nice bonus.-My 6 month old son is very comfortable and stays in it for hours without protesting. I believe this is because of the plush fabrics, the wide open view and the upright seat.-It folds flatter than my travel system stroller, but takes up about the same space lengthwise.-The seat is reversible so baby can face you or the world.Cons:-No cup holder or parent console. I got the Britax Stroller Organizer to fix this and like it.Britax Stroller Organizer, Black-The seat does recline 180, but still bends at the knee, so it’s not a truly flat fold. My son hasn’t had any problems napping in it this way though.-The harness is a little weird. The side and crotch straps tighten great, but on the lowest shoulder position, and upper straps seem loose for smaller babies. Granted, this isn’t a car seat and my child is more than secure, but you may want to try it out in person and see if it meets your needs. They may have been designed to be intentionally loose so your child can reach forward. Plenty of room to grow into.-Belly Bar and Snack Tray sold separately.-Lowering the heights of the shoulder straps is difficult. You have to wedge the nylon straps through the gap of a metal ring and then reconnect it the same way on a loop at a new height. This isn’t a procedure you have to do very often, but for a stroller in this price range I wish is was designed a little better. You have to do a similar maneuver to get the seat off as well.-The seat must be in a forward facing position to fold.Information That I Wish I’d Known:-In many review videos I’d watched on the Cruz, the way the stroller folded was a bit misrepresented. There was criticism that you had to get down on the ground to fold the stroller, because it rolled forward and flat on the ground when being folded. The instruction manual suggests engaging the brake pedal prior to folding. This way, the stroller doesn’t roll forward and remains upright. If you extend the handle all the way it will also stand once folded.-When removing the stroller from my car, I unlatch the stroller lock first, then turn around to open it. I haven’t had get down to fold or unfold my Cruz like I’ve read in other reviews. I was concerned about the bright yellow fabric hitting dirty pavement, but it isn’t an issue.Overall I am very pleased with my purchase, and find myself walking more often with the baby because I enjoy using this stroller so much!EDIT: 6 months later and I still love this stroller, and am just as thrilled when I bought it. I added some non-skid padding used under area rugs to the Britax Stroller Organizer to keep it from sliding on the handles. I also added the UPPAbaby seat liner, which is super plush and catches a lot of stains. Is it weird to really love a stroller? Because I really love this thing!

Yvette Englewood, NJ

On the fence about this stroller

I bought this stroller because of reviews and design. I spent hours upon hours finding an infant stroller. My first baby stroller was simply the snap n go stroller which was easy to use and extremely lightweight.I purchased the UPPAbaby cruz stroller hoping it was easy to use and at the least medium weight. NOT!!! The telescoping handlebar was not friendly and must be in the lowest position to close. Also, this stroller is totally heavy. This stroller is way too complicated to take in and out of the trunk and open and close…not worth the work and aggravation.I finally went with the BabyJogger City Mini…much happier in terms of weight, easy to open and close, and does not take up much space in the trunk of my car.

Ebony Beersheba Springs, TN

So far so good

We bought this stroller after selling our beloved BOB rev. on craigslist. We used the BOB for 9 months for my son, but it just wasnt practical (I dont jog/run, it didnt have a big basket, and was very bulky to take into stores quickly. However I did love how it unfolded easily, but it was heavy to fold up and lift into my small trunk myself. Overall I didnt realize what I’d need in a stroller until AFTER I had my son. Live & learn!) We did love how easily the BOB would go over pretty much anything. Nevertheless we sold it and after extensive research on strollers we decided it was between the uppababy brand because of the large baskets OR the city mini GT because of its easy fold up design. After looking over both strollers I decided on the uppababy cruz because of a few main factors. It SITS UP! I cant tell you how much my son hates being reclined when he is just riding in the stroller and not napping. The BOB and the City Mini had a slight recline and he always tried sitting more upright. The uppababy sits up like your sitting in a chair. He loves it! It also reclines nearly flat. The foot rest can be positioned upwards so that its as if he is sitting on the floor, because he is so upright and his feet are out in front of him. Also the LARGE basket was a HUGE plus! I cant tell you how great evvvvverything fits in there. Its perfect and soooo easily accessable. The city mini gt did NOT have a big enough basket for me, and there for was not the right choice for me despite the very easy fold up. The true test for us was this past weekend when we took it to Maine on a camping trip. YES it is no BOB! However I thought it was just fine over the rough bumps of a campground. Bumpy ride? Yes. But nothing my 10 month old couldnt handle, and honestly It wasnt that bad. We took it to old orchard beach and as I suspected, it didnt roll over the sand like my good old BOB did. But it rolls really nicely on pavement and I just carried my son over to the beach, and I figure he will be 1 soon enough and walking so I wont need the stroller on the beach anyways. I also love the reversable seat, that comes in handy because my son is going through some sort of attachment to mommy thing so he likes being able to face me from time to time. I also love that the Cruz is a less expencive option to the Vista. The vista is much much heavier and a little bigger. And since we didnt need the extras that the Vista comes with, this was the better option for us. Also: I called Uppababy and asked about a belly bar and toddler board for the cruz and they told me that BOTH would be available. The belly bar will be out this summer, and the board is “in producton”… huge plus! So for us this stroller was a hit, but as anything goes, you MUST research what YOU need in a stroller and figure out whats important to you. Some people dont care about a big basket and in that case id for sure go with the City mini gt.UPDATE::1/7/13We are in LOVE with this stroller still. It fits great in the trunk of my saturn ion, and how I fold it is, I take the seat off first (takes 1 second) and then fold the frame. I found it fits and folds better that way, plus some times my son likes to sit forward and sometimes backwards still so I just set up the frame and then throw the seat on top depending on which way i think he wants to sit. The basket is just my fave feature. I cant tell you how happy I have been with the uppababby! My son is 16 months old and loves sitting in his uppababy, well worth it still.

Janell Kirvin, TX

Do not like the quality (compared with the Vista)

I purchased this item believing it was just a smaller version of the Vista. This is NOT the case. While this stroller is nice, and is a bit smaller than the Vista, the quality is poor and I expected more from an Uppababy product. The seat material is much poorer quality and is the canvas-type material used in strollers half its price. In my opinion this is not worth the price tag and might as well shell out an extra 200 and get the better quality Vista, that includes a bassinet

Louise Quitman, MS

Happy that I chose this over the City Mini GT

I weighed all the pros and cons vs. the City MIni GT (CMGT). In the end it was more important to me to have a bigger basket (the CMGT barely fit a diaper bag), a stable frame, and beautiful design. The Cruz is a little more difficult to collapse but still pretty easy. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase. I’d encourage other buyers out there to do your research and test out any strollers you are considering. I did A LOT of research and testing out and am so happy with my purchase.

Kerri Norfolk, CT

Great for a city family without a car

When I was pregnant, I was so overwhelmed by stroller options I decided to just put a Snap N Go on the registry and would figure out from there what I would want in a stroller. We live in an urban part of Seattle without a car (although we do use Zipcar on occasion) and I have to walk/use public transit everywhere. I have a home business in which I send packages – that requires daily walks to a post office that is 1 mile away and I am also in charge of running household errands such as grocery shopping et al. The Snap N Go, while compact and easy to use, was not good for these situations. It was very bumpy, had virtually no basket space (what little there was couldn’t be easily accessed with the carseat attached), and was really inconvenient on the bus because it would have to be taken apart and I’m not especially strong so carrying a carseat in one hand and a stroller in another wasn’t cutting it.Needless to say, I needed a stroller with ample basket space for my various errands, that was a smoother ride, and didn’t require a carseat for my 2 month old so that I could easily fold it on the bus. The Cruz has definitely met all of these needs – today I fit my diaper bag, sling, and groceries which included an 8 pound bag of cat litter and a baking pan…with extra room. While the stroller is still bumpy, it is drastically smoother than the Snap N Go – the terrain I usually encounter are sidewalks with tree roots causing them to rise, gravel in the park, and small pot holes in the streets on occasion. Given what I’m putting the stroller up against, I think it’s as smooth as a stroller can be. I like that it reclines to accommodate my newborn, however, there are two problems I’m finding with this stroller for a newborn. First off, the Snugseat insert (which I think is ridiculous that it has to be bought separate on a stroller advertised as newborn to toddler) is great and comfortable for the baby…but even with this insert it’s still slightly loose on her. She puts her hands through the loops constantly. Since she is reclined it’s not a deal breaker as its not like we’re going off-roading or anything but if other parents are more squeamish about that, its definitely something to note. Secondly in regards to newborn seating, because it has to be reclined the canopy does not cover her face after noon depending on what direction we’re walking. This has been most annoying to me as I could not figure out a way to get the cover to retract slightly to accommodate her. I’m not sure if I’m just doing it wrong or there is an attachment to buy but I have to put a blanket over her which I attach to the flap on the back of the canopy. I don’t like doing that as she enjoys looking around and I talk to her during our walks, so for now while it’s still sunny in Seattle, I’ve been using the carseat attachment (Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30 fits great) when I don’t have to ride the bus. When I do have to ride the bus I use the regular seat as I just put her in her sling and hold the stroller. One unexpected benefit of this stroller is the ability to adjust the handlebar. I’m tall and did not realize that some back pain I was experiencing was from being hunched over the Snap N Go I was pushing everyday. After two weeks of pushing this around on it’s highest setting, I feel so much better! I had no idea that was a thing but has improved my quality of life. The rain shield is also very well made and attaches to the stroller with velcro straps.The only other negative I see is the lack of cupholder. So so very annoying that it has to be bought separately. Because I read bad reviews about Uppa Baby’s line of cupholders I went with the Britax Stroller Organizer which I like because it has a magnetic pouch for my wallet, cell phone, keys etc. The cupholder on the Britax is very deep though so not god for coffee but good for large cups, thermos’, and water bottles.All in all, I think this stroller is fantastic for an urban dweller like me who does everything on foot. Because I tend to have so much to carry my sling/baby carrier isn’t ideal for running errands. I think this stroller will be even better once my child is able to sit upright. It’s very sturdy construction, well made, great color (mauve) and I can’t say enough good things about the basket. My child seems to be comfortable when she’s in it as well. Knowing what I do now, I would have bought this stroller from the get-go and just forgone the Snap N Go. For people who do not have the same consideration for the bus, you could forgo the snugseat insert and just use the carseat until the baby can sit upright.

Aida Elmore City, OK

So far so good!

Beautiful, light weight stroller that is front and fear facing. I spent days researching strollers for our first baby (more than I’ve ever spent on a car actually! So many options!) and the Cruz seemed to be the best choice for us. We live in NYC and space is limited. I wanted something as light weight as possible but with all the features. I originally was leaning towards the City Mini but couldn’t get past the fact that it is not rear facing. Our little o e is due in July and I want to be outside walking all the time…and see his little face! This was a non negotiable for me. Based on our research, it looked like the Bugaboo Bee was the only other option that combined the right mix of light weight and front and rear facing. We see the Bee all over the city so it must be great too, but for us it is too low and doesn’t see, protective enough on the sides for a small baby. The basket is also really small compared to the Cruz. I was hoping to find a stroller that does it all…to avoid having to buy an umbrella stroller and a full featured stroller but right now, there is nothing that really fits the bill. Either it is super light weight and does not reverse or you have to go with a hybrid like the Cruz or Bee that is slightly heavier and wider but significantly better in those areas than any other on the market. For us the Cruz was the right choice. Easy to fold down, easy to assemble, stylish and sleek. Can’t wait to use it!

Claudette Simsboro, LA

Lots of plusses including baby loves it

Some our favorite elements:- large accessible basket great for groceries, picnics, and long days out and about- telescoping handle to make pushing the stroller comfortable for our short and tall heights- bright yellow color makes it easier to be seen when crossing urban neighborhood streets day and night- infant usable with the infant snug seat insert and rear facing option- simple straightforward design and look- sturdy wheels and handling- harness is super easy to attach (just fantastic – why can’t car seats be like this!)- pop-out sunshade and back air vent windowWe also appreciate the included bug and rain covers. We’ve already used the bug cover multiple times for forest walks.Our primary complaint is what we have to go through to collapse it, though it’s not the end of the world and once you are used to it takes only a few seconds. Right now since we have an infant we have to take the baby out and set him down somewhere(obviously), detach the seat and reattach it forward facing, raise the seat tilt from horizontal to fully upright, unlock the brake, raise the telescoping handle to top position, and then fold. There has to be a way to allow it to fold without all those steps. It will be much easier when the seat is forward facing all the time.We are willing to deal with that daily though since the baby just loves the ride and feel of the stroller so much. He naps easily in it, we can change his diaper in it if we need to, and go on very long walks over not always smooth city sidewalks.If I had a magic stroller wand there are a few more things I would do. I would add a feature to fold the handle down. When we are at restaurants for example that allow us to have the baby in the stroller at the table the stroller takes up an unnecessary amount of room and it is hard to reach the baby while sitting all because of the large handle. I would also make the stroller a couple pounds lighter.We looked at all of the mid range strollers on the market and this and the City Mini GT were by far the front runners. The City Mini wins in folding and weight and the Uppa wins in infant compatibility, basket size and accessibility, and look.

Natalia Bluemont, VA


Had this stroller for about 7mo now. Bought several other strollers before this one even though I new this was the one that I wanted; returned the gifted Graco, the B-Ready (HUGE) this is a happy medium. Not too big for in-an-out all day running errands and not so flimsy that it won;t hold up for baby #2. Completely dismantles at the drop of a hat, wheels and all, to make it fit even in the most packed vehicle. The catch is a little tricky at first but easy to master and you have to turn the seat forward facing to fold but its so easy (takes 10sec) it doesn’t matter. The vent with magnet closure and extended sunshade make excellent features for sun and naps! Added a Britax parent cady, think king hooks and a memory foam liner; my little guy (now 1yr) will sit in it for hours. I flip the foot rest up and put his toys and crackers, mostly he faces me since he is still little and likes to see Mommy. If you have the $$$ BUY BUY BUY!

Janet Wellington, MO

Very pleased so far

Great so far! I’ll update this review after another few weeks…but so far, I am happy with it for all the features that set it apart when I was comparing strollers…roomy basket, four seat angles, front/back facing seat, sleek/compact design that works well for a city lifestyle, good turning radius, attractive overall look.Minus 1 star because the straps are impossible to adjust…not just the tightness, but the height position…if someone else has done that, I’d love to know how…(I unhooked the strap off the metal ring; the problem is that there is no loop in which to then re-hook the strap at a different height).

Josephine Preston, OK

Perfect stroller for urban families.

This stroller is just amazing – it has all of my must-haves and the price tag stays below $500 which is fantastic. I love that it is suitable for both babies and toddlers. Love the reversible seat, the extendable canopy, the compact fold and, of course, the huge cargo basket. Check out my detailed review + pictures at […]- Category: Reviews.

Faye Albion, WA

Not perfect, but there doesn’t seem to be anything better

I have the 2012 model, and have been using it for 8 months, mostly on weekends. Like many other reviewers out there, I did a ton of research beforehand and ended up putting this on my registry. The reasons I purchased this stroller over the competition are: the slightly smaller/ narrower size, huge basket, taller height for easy access to baby, huge canopy with sun visor extension, the smooth folding mechanism. After using this stroller for 8 months, these are some of the problems I encountered. I often need to go up and down stairs to get on the train, maneuver tight spaces and crowded streets, up and down bumpy uneven sidewalks and curbs, you name it. I like that the folding mechanism, even though it is two handed, is so easy and smooth. However, the easy part stops there, because while this stroller is advertised as one of the lightest full sized strollers, it still weighs a hefty 22 pounds without the baby, and is rather bulky. Also, the manual tells you where you are supposed to hold the stroller while its folded, but that spot is not convenient when putting it in the trunk of your car. I inevitably always end up grabbing the stroller somewhere else, and end up getting my fingers pinched. While they advertise that the suspension is great, I do not find that the ride is smooth on city streets. The front wheels often gets caught on uneven pavements, putting the whole stroller to a sudden stop. The wheels are not air filled, which prevents flats, but they make for a bumpier ride. Also, I find the whole stroller just kind of rattles and shakes on the sidewalk. Furthermore, you need to tilt the whole stroller to go up a curb, and the natural inclination is to place your foot on the bar on the back of the stroller to give you leverage, but you end up activating the brake instead, since the entire bar is the brake.The straps are way too long for an infant, as others have also commented on. They are still too loose for my 8 month old. However, I mostly use the stroller with the infant car seat (I have the Maxi Cosi in the light blue fabric, which kind of matches this light blue stroller), so it hasn’t been a huge issue for me. The brakes actually stopped working about a month of light usage, and I called customer service. They were extremely friendly, and replaced the base quickly. I also struggled with putting on the rain cover, especially when I was caught in the wind and rain, and had difficulty folding it back after use.I purchased the bumper bar and snack tray accessories, and they work fine, but my baby is still too small to use them. The bumper bar was too high for her, it was almost to the top other head when I first bought it. However, I think this is a minor issue since she is growing so fast, and her head is above the bar now. The fabric appears to be high quality, and cleanup is a breeze with a quick wipe. The large canopy is great, and the gigantic basket holds much more than a diaper bag. We have sometimes filled it with lots of groceries.All of the little minor issues adds up when you are struggling to get around with a baby, and with the high price of the stroller, there is some expectation that the designers would have worked out these types of kinks by now. I had considered the Vista but thought it was even bulkier/ heavier and would not be any easier to use. I had also considered the Bugaboo Bee, but that seemed too complicated, with too many moving parts to struggle with, and I had difficulty folding it when I tried it in the store. So considering all things, I’m not sure I would purchase the Cruz again, but there doesn’t seem to be any better options out there, so I hope that Uppababy might just improve on their designs a bit more.UPDATE May 2014: My baby is now 1 and 1/2 years old and we use the Cruz on a daily basis for strolls to the park, shopping, etc. Most of the issues I mentioned before still applies. As a mom and somewhat of a research fanatic, I am always searching for the best for my baby. When my baby was born, I used to see the Vista 9 out of 10 times among the Uppababy brand (obviously, I will see other brands of strollers, but I’m just going to discuss Uppababy here), probably because the Cruz was still relatively new. Now, there is more of a 50/50 split between the Vista and the Cruz, which tells me that new parents are choosing the Cruz. The problem with pinched fingers when folding the stroller is reduced over time as one gets accustomed to finding the spot to place your hands when grabbing the stroller. One other minor issue that I forgot to mention in my earlier review, is that the entire seat can be tilted backwards so the back of the seat is parallel to the ground, but the baby’s legs are up in the air. This is advertised as a full reclined position, but in reality, not so much. The baby is not actually sleeping flat on her back, and I almost never tilt the seat to the lowest position since I don’t want my baby’s legs up in the air. Uppababy did come out with a bassinet for the Cruz in early 2013, but it came too late for my daughter since she had already outgrown it by that time. As I mentioned before, I mostly used the car seat when the baby was an infant, so it wasn’t such a big issue before, but she has outgrown the car seat. It would be great if only the back of the seat is reclined, and not the entire seat, especially as my daughter gets older, and she often naps in the stroller. I also realized that the seat is what makes the stroller feel so bulky, because the seat remains in its stationary seated position when the stroller is folded.I mentioned in my earlier review that I had an issue with the brakes, and a replacement base was sent to me. Well, the replacement had another issue where the latch for the folded stroller wouldn’t latch properly, causing difficulty in getting the stroller in the car because the stroller would unfold. Customer service sent me another replacement, so I am increasing my rating from 3 stars to 4 stars since I don’t think any other company would do that. As for the bumper bar and snack tray accessories (purchased separately), I used the bumper bar until very recently, and I switched to using the snack tray now, since I like to bring some water and snacks and it works great. Of course, she is now tall enough so that the problem I mentioned earlier regarding the height of the bar is no longer an issue. I still love the huge canopy, the oversized basket, and the one-handed recline mechanism. Although not perfect, the Cruz is still the best available stroller so far for my current needs.

Mildred Idanha, OR

extremely happy

This is the second stroller my wife and I have for our infant. Initially, after a bunch of research we got aMountain Buggy Urban Jungle Stroller, Chili Dot. That’s a great stroller, but it’s relatively large when folded. I have a Prius and it barely fits in the trunk when folded. My wife has a compact car and the Mountain Buggy doesn’t fit. That led me to doing some more research and I ended up with the Cruz. I’m extremely happy with it. It’s sturdy enough (less sturdy than the Mountain Buggy, but much lighter), folds easier and is much more compact.I like both strollers, but I wish I’d bought this first.

Lauri Riddle, OR

Very happy with this stroller

I love this stroller. It is my third stroller (britax b-agile, bumbleride) and its a great combination of all the things I wanted. It is reversible so I can see baby, it is high up (so I can see baby), the wheels are big enough to bump down or up stairs (like the subway), it is light enough to carry on my own with baby in it if necessary, it has a great canopy with a UV silver extension that is perfect for naps. I’m very happy with it.

Edna Castle Creek, NY

Love this stroller!!!

I did tons of research on strollers in the past couple of weeks. My options were Bugaboo Bee, Mamas and Papas sola, JJ cole Broadway, Britax B ready and Uppababy Cruz.I ended up bought Bugaboo Bee since it’s stylish and light. But it turned out has the following downsides: not easy to take out the seat, small basket, seat too low. I’ve always wanted a stroller with a higher seat so I returned it.I was very into JJ cole because the design of spinning the handle to change from rear facing to forward facing is so cool. But the negative reviews of it’s poor quality and small seat area are really my concerns.I actually tried Mamas and Papa’s Sola at a Babies R us store. It meets almost all my requirements but it just couldn’t wow me.If I hadn’t seen Uppababy I may have chosen Britax B-ready. But then I found Uppababy Cruz. I watched some videos about the stroller and fell in love with it. And today it arrived. With a very user friendly instruction I assembled it alone in just 5 minutes. So here are the pros and cons of this stroller:Pros:Easy to fold and unfold,Easy to take out and reverse the seat,Seat is higher than most of the strollers out there,Basket is vey big and easy to accessCons:Seat needs to be forward-facing to fold (while m&p; sola doesn’t have to)Others: I hope the canopy is changeable like JJ Cole doesThere is no perfect stroller but I’m still satisfied with the purchase.

Lesa Magnolia, MN

Great City Stroller

I really love this stroller. We live in a big city. We walk almost everywhere we go, and our stroller gets a lot of use. After three months, there is very little wear and tear on the stroller. The frame and fabric are very high quality. The frame is very easy to collapse, although I occasionally get grease on my clothes when I collapse the frame.What I enjoy most about the stroller is how compact it is relative to other strollers. (Our prior stroller was a Bugaboo Frog.) The Cruz has a very tight turning radius, which makes it easy to get in and out of stores. And, its compact frame makes it easier to navigate crowded spaces or narrow store aisles. Despite being compact, it handles really well even on old cobblestone streets.

Carissa Edelstein, IL

Has all the qualities you need in a stroller…..

The process of stroller hunting can be quite frustrating. It’s almost like you have to compromise one quality that you like over another. So far with the Uppa baby Cruz, we hit the jackpot. We found everything we wanted in one stroller. We liked the reversible seat, the three recline positions, the way the stroller folded with one simple mechanism, the weight, and the option to add an extra seat or stand for when the family gets bigger. The stroller comes with other gadgets like weather protection covers to keep the baby shaded and protected. It’s compatible with the maxi cosi ap as well. This stroller is very parent and child friendly. We highly recommend the Uppa baby Cruz!

Georgia Graham, MO