UPPAbaby Easy Fit Car and SUV Shade

UPPAbaby Easy Fit Car and SUV Shade

SPF 5 protection- blocks 80% of sun’s harmful rays Stretch material allows flexible window coverage up to 17″ x 28″ Easy attach suction cups- no scissors, no “cut to fit”, no bubbles Patented, super-grip suction cups that won’t budge Stretch mesh offers perfect balance between shade and safety Black mesh complimentary with automotive appearance

Main features

  • Stretch mesh material
  • Offers perfect balance between shade and safety
  • Stretch material allows flexible window coverage up to 16 x 23″
  • Complimentary to the automotives appearance
  • Comes with twist suction

Verified reviews


Piece Of Junk – Suction Cups Do Not Work

My husband, father and I have all tried to get this thing to stick to my car windows and it just would not stay in place. We tried on days when there were different weather conditions and temperatures thinking that maybe it wasn’t sticking due to dry air or colder temperatures. Guess what, on warmer more humid days it also didn’t work! We tried using water, we tried spit and we tried sticking it on dry. Again, none of these attempts worked either. Only a few of the suction cups seemed to stick. The rest all ended up coming detached from the window and swinging around within minutes. It was very concerning to us from a safety perspective, so we finally just took it down and tossed it in the trash. We usually would donate items we don’t have a use for, however we had very real safety concerns about this item. It could so easily have just flown off the window and hit the baby if there was a crash or a sudden stop. We would not want someone else to buy this product and endanger their child – that’s also why I’m taking the time to write this review!

Edythe Cygnet, OH

Did not stay up the first two times; haven’t tried again

These things are hit-or-miss, and we missed with this one. I can’t say if it’s the particular model or what, but of the two times we tried, it didn’t stay on.

Sheena Etowah, TN

great concept AWFUL product

what a waste of money!! it comes off minutes after being put on. I think its a great concept just awful execution.

Josie Dafter, MI

Fits fairly well

These window shades are awesome and give great coverage. The only caveat I have is that you cannot choose where you want the suction cups to go and so if you have an odd shaped window (not a perfect rectangle) it will pucker in places. Additionally, if you have tinted windows the shade makes it somewhat difficult to see through.

Pamela Kinston, AL

Finally- a shade that fits!!

I have used a few different shades and none of them provided 100% protection. It always seemed that the sun could get through the corners. So I was a bit skeptical about getting another shade but decided to try it out. They stick on really well (sometimes you have to restick the corners but it’s not a big deal) and have 4 stickies that twist into place and then a few anchor suction cups. The shade fits the entire window in my SUV. It’s sheer enough that my daughter can still see what is going on outside but has UV protection from the sun. We are very happy with this product and I would definitely recommend it especially for cars with large windows.

Helena New Harbor, ME

OK shade

As many previous reviews I too have had a problem getting the suction cups to stay put but overall like this shade due to its larger size. It fits well in the back side window of my SUV and is still reasonably easy to see through. If you don’t mind re-attaching the cups once in a while it is a great shade.

Kristen Floweree, MT

Good product but wrong size for some cars

After trying several products, I purchased the UPPAbaby Easyfit Shade thinking this will be my last attempt. It’s a great product and the suctions work well, but the size is too big for my car (VW CC) – that’s why I’m giving 4 stars not 5. I wish they make different sizes for smaller windows. My car window is low and wide, so what ended up happening is the shade fabric folded and overlapped so my baby can’t see outside anymore. I think it will work great in my husband’s car, but we already got the UpShadeUpShade – Car or Truck Rear Side Window Shade – Small Rear Size – 1 Pairfor it and it looks great so we won’t switch (UpShade doesn’t work on VW CC either because there’s no window frame on top).

Katheryn Lidderdale, IA

Doesn’t always stay in place…

UPPAbaby Easy Fit Car and SUV Shade does It fits most SUVs, except that it doesn’t always stay in place. Every few days it detaches from the window by itself.

Sue Smiths Creek, MI

Finally, a shade that covers most of my windows!

I don’t know why other shade manufacturers haven’t caught on to this, but Uppa is the only shade I have found that even comes close to covering our windows. Thanks to the stretchy material, my daughter gets much better protection from the sun! The corner knobs and suction cups tend to come undone from time to time, but you have to make sure you’re attaching them just right. We bought 6 of these – 2 for my car, 2 for my husband’s, and 2 for my mom’s, and we all couldn’t be more pleased.

Kerry Rainbow Lake, NY

When it sticks, its awesome!

Bought this shade for my kids – tried this and several others. Like other reviewers, we did have periods of difficulty in getting the suction cups to stick. However, when it works, it provides amazing coverage for the window and will stay up for 3+ months! Some tips for getting it to stick – clean your window, preferably with a damp Norwex microfiber window cloth (yes I sell it, so obviously I’m biased, but it doesn’t leave streaks like normal window cleaners). I also breathe on the suction cup or wipe it with a damp cloth to clean and dampen slightly. That seems to help it stick! Good luck! I think its worth the effort – I’m buying another one for our other window!

Angeline Minden, IA

The only one that has worked

I was so tired of trying shade after shade after shade. I have a mini van and have never been able to find a shade that would stay in place, that the kids wouldn’t tear off, or that would simply have enough coverage for the big windows. As soon as i took this out of its packaging, i knew my search was over. They are perfect. I will get another two for the other car.

Johnnie Whipple, OH

Works great!

Boy am I glad I saw these in the store and bought them before I read all the negative reviews on Amazon. If I had seen all the bad reviews, I probably would not have purchased them. This shade works great. The larger suction cups on the corners twist, helping you to get a tighter fit. I own two of these shades and have not had any problems with any of the suction cups coming off – just be sure your window is clean before applying them, and moisten the suction cups with water before sticking them on.The only somewhat negative thing is even though the shades do a good job of blocking the sun from my daughter’s face, I wish the shades were a little bit darker. Although, I guess if they were dark enough to completely block the sun, it would be difficult to see out of them while driving and would be dangerous. My daughter is currently in a rearfacing carseat on the passenger side. I would imagine once we turn her car seat to face forward, she will not have too much issue with the sun directly in her face.I have also used the plastic cling shades – they work okay, but look kind of messy and don’t cover the whole window. I don’t like the shades on the roller that pull down because the suction cups were always coming off and I would imagine the shade would become a pretty dangerous projectile object in the event of an accident. Though I still haven’t found the perfect sun shade, this UPPAbaby one is the best I’ve tried so far.

Libby Bingen, WA