UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller, Denny/Red

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller, Denny/Red

The eye catching UPPAbaby G LiTE stroller offers the strongest set of features of any product in the super lightweight umbrella category At only lbs it s one of the lightest full size umbrella stroller you can buy Bring it on the plane with you Slide it right into your trunk Its sleek easy to carry style makes it perfect for on the go performance oriented parents

Main features

  • Extended SPF 50 pop-out canopy for extra protection against UV rays
  • Hand-level folding triggers – no foot action required
  • High performance, extra-wide wheels and tires with locking front wheels for added stability
  • Removable, washable seat pad with staindefend: water repellant, stain resistant fabrics
  • Stands when folded

Verified reviews


Smooth Stroller

We have been using those $20 umbrella stroller for my 15 months old for 5 months now. Since my son has outgown the umbrella sitting space, and the wheels are fallng apart, we have to upgrade to a bigger stroller. At first, I was very hesitated to switch to a bigger one since I love how lightweight an umbrella stroller is. I can carry my son in one hand and have my umbrella stroller in another. After some research, I found that this might fit my needs. Here are some pros and cons:Pro:- Very lightweight ~ 8.8lb, about the same as my old umbrella stroller.- Smooth wheels with good suspension, very easy to push aroud. It was tougher to push around the umbrella stroller.- Bigger seat space, I noticed that my son can sit higher up with this stroler.- Under basket, most cheap umbrella stroller didn’t have this.- Easy open and close, I can open and close with one hand while holding my son in the other arm.- Shoulder Strap, easy to carry around.- Large Canopy with sun shade, which those cheap umbrella stroller doesn’t have. It comes very handy especially during the summer days.- Removable seat pads – very comfortable and easy for cleaning.- Good height- Self-standing- Attractive colorCon:- Takes up a little more trunk space than the umbrella stroller- Price- Not a lot of color choices- Having a cloth snack tray would be nice- It’s tough to unbuckle, hope an improvement could be done to the buckles in the next model.

Neva Bethpage, NY

Great Stroller

Stroller is sturdy, comfortable and rides well over smooth or rough sidewalks.I got this for 50 bucks when it was on sale and for that it is a steal, for full price you will get a good feather light reliable strollerWe loved the uv/sun shade under the canopy lets the baby sleep protected when at shore or in park, comes down enough to protect everything but legsthis was our first uppababy product

Carmen Bighill, KY

Lightweight bliss

I have used this everyday for a few months now and it is perfect for what I need. It is a great city stroller for running errands, getting in and out of shops and seeing the sights. So happy I purchased.Not have any issues and loving how easy this makes getting out of the apartment. Looking forward to seeing how it holds up over a cold winter.

Tori Opal, WY


Perfect umbrella stroller. I love the shoulder strap and under carriage storage. This is the lightest umbrella stroller on the market. The canopy does an excellent job shielding the sun and very easy to maneuver. Must have if you are looking for a lightweight stroller without losing the functionality of a full-size stroller.

Michael Carter, MT

Great Buy!

Love this stroller. It is easy to open and also fold away. It has a great canopy and is also very stylish.

Andrea Chisago City, MN

Great stroller!

We purchased this stroller a few months ago and overall we just love it. I wanted to purchase a quality umbrella stroller vs a cheap one so it would last years and through multiple children. Its lightweight and sturdy and a quality product. The stand and shoulder strap are very convenient and its very portable. I am very happy with my purchase and i’m hoping this stroller will last us years.

Louella Wakeman, OH

Super Lightweight and easy

We have the uppa vista for longer walks in city and to park, etc. I used the snap and go (which is awesome) when my daughter was younger but when she turned 1 I wanted something she could sit up in and look around. Uppa once again is great. This stroller is so easy to open and close- you can do it with one hand while carrying baby very easily. It has a nice strap on the back to grab and throw in the car. The shade is great for sun/wind protection. Unfortunately my husband threw the accessories that came with the stroller in the trash so I can’t speak to those 🙁 I have not had any problems with the brakes like some reviews mention- not sure how its even possible to step on these while walking… Also, it will not collapse if you make sure it is snapped all the way down. It is super easy to steer around and light weight enough to carry up/down stairs if need be. It is an umbrella stroller- I am still glad we have the vista because in the city (Chicago) this just wouldn’t work for everything- but as an umbrella stroller it functions great. If I could change anything it would be to make the basket bigger. The way it is positioned and its size makes it difficult to put much of anything in it. In contrast, the uppa vista has the most amazing, huge basket ever- love it. I am only 5 feet tall and the handles are positioned kind of high so that took some getting used to. At first I didn’t like how high it was at all but after using it a few times it doesn’t bother me at all. Highly recommend for what its intention is- a great, lightweight umbrella stroller.

Sheryl Christiansburg, VA

Adore this stroller

When my daughter saw this stroller, she begged to climb on in. She still loves it. This after refusing her big heavy stroller for months. I think she likes that she is more upright and can really engage. But she can still fall asleep in it. I find it a super smooth ride. We have no trouble climbing hills and I can swing it over my shoulder on stairs. My husband has a wider step and he sometimes steps on the break, but that has never happened to me. I am 5’9 and this is a perfect height for me. We brought this on a European trip this summer and it handled cobblestones fine and was easy to take on trains, bike trailers and other such adventures. It’s small fold up size also makes it easier to bring to restaurants, etc.

Michelle Cobb, WI

Out of the 5 strollers we own, it’s the only one we actually use!

I have bought just about every stroller there is on the market (they are collecting dust in the basement) and finally found the stroller that best fits our needs. This lightweight umbrella stroller is perfect for quick trips to the store or for longer day trips out. It folds easily, is comfortable, has a removable and washable seat, has a giant SPF extendable canopy and a cup holder for mom or dad. Best of all, it can stand on its own when folded—something a Maclaren can’t do. The stand alone feature is a life saver for me and I don’t have to set the stroller on the ground in wet weather as I try to fit it in the trunk. I bought the lite over the Uppa G Luxe because it is more of a bare bones version (not as bulky and I didn’t need it to recline) and weighs less yet it is still a comfortable ride. Also, if you are taller I have found that my feet don’t kick the back of wheels like they do on another stroller we own. I really can’t say enough good things about this stroller–buy it, you won’t be disappointed.*Update* Still loving this stroller–it worked great on snowy streets and gravel roads.

Mary Campbellton, TX

Love the stroller – it’s served us well for a year and still going. Chose this over G-Luxe – 2 lbs makes a difference!

I bought this stroller because I needed a lightweight stroller to run errands with. My priorities were lightweight, decent basket, good canopy, and good ride, and this fits the bill perfectly. Our “workhorse” stroller is a Bugaboo Bee which I love, but is heavier. We ended up using the G lite more than the Bugaboo, as it’s easier and quicker to use, and use the Bee when we have a longer day and need a reclining stroller. My son is 2.5 and 36″ and 30 pounds, and fits in this nicely with room to grow. I don’t have the fabric issue when closing the stroller that’s referred to by another reviewer – mine folds just fine and I don’t have to mess with much.Didn’t get the G-luxe because I wanted it more lightweight. Sure it’s only 2 pounds but at that point, I might as well use our Bugaboo. So choose 2 pounds lighter and it DOES make a difference and I’m happy I went that route.PROS
• Lightweight
• Easy to maneuver – in and around aisles, through doorways
• Good ride for my son – wheels have shocks which are a nice feature. Wheels are plastic but a good ride even over bumpy pavement.
• Enormous canopy – this thing is huge. It rains a lot in Seattle and when it does, I don’t need to use a rain cover, I just pull the canopy out. The red canopy extends out quite a bit, and there’s an additional silver extension that makes it even bigger.
• Big basket for an umbrella, I can fit my diaper bag and a bit more besides that
• Nice quality fabric – doesn’t stain easily and is similar to the kind of fabric that wicks away moisture
• Looks brand new after a year of pretty solid use. We’re using it for our second son now.CONS — just a few and not a big deal to me.
• Does tip over if my son gets out, and I have shopping bags hanging off the handles — but as expected since the stroller is so light.
• With the shoulder strap hooked on, it gets in the way of getting to the basket, but I just hook it back to the top of the stroller since I don’t use the strap anyway, and it’s there for later if I ever need it.
• When folding, once in a while I’ll have to manually push the locking clip closed to lock the stroller in folded position, but not a big deal. The fabric hasn’t gotten caught at all in the stroller folding parts.
• Difficult to place a child’s cupholder on this – I bought one and tried to clamp it to the stroller, but the stroller frame is pretty slick and it eventually spins out.

Luann Issaquah, WA

Good Stroller

This is the only light weight stroller I evaluated after recommendations from friends who had done a ton of research.What I like:- The biggest JOY – We can ride the subways again :)- its really light- Easy to fold and open- It stands when folded- The shoulder strap to carry it, when foldedWhat could have been better:- It doesnot fold if there is anything (sippy cup) in the basket- It doesnot recline. I should have done more research and bought that one, but well now we have this and my does sleep in this too, she just feels a bit uncomfortable :(Overall – Good buy!!

Lana Houlton, ME

Must Have Umbrella Stroller

We have been using this umbrella stroller for 9 months now. It is really great. We used a Graco snap n’ go type stroller frame and loved that until we couldn’t use it anymore. This is a great next step as it is light, fantastic for keeping in the trunk of your car for shopping trips, just like we used the stroller frame for. We also have flown a number of times already with our daughter and it has been great for wheeling through the airport as well as carrying when needed. Love that it stands on its own. It opens very easily and is almost a one handed close. I am 5’8" and my husband is 6’3" and the handle height and stride length are excellent for us, we don’t hunch over and we don’t kick the stroller when we walk even when we are hustling. Sure I would love the storage to be even larger underneath, but its an umbrella stroller, I’m not sure how they could make it any bigger. I find it even works for quick grocery shopping trips, I can get a gallon of milk, quart of yogurt, etc etc under there just fine. The shade on top is truly fantastic and the material the stroller seat is made of feels great.Something to note is that ours and our neighbors was a little stiff at first when opening. I had to really pull the handles apart and press down with my foot. That has gotten much better over time.

Elaine Alstead, NH

Awesome stroller! Was able to attach buggy board.

I always loved this stroller. I have had the Uppa Baby Vista for 4 years, and purchased the Piggyback after our 2nd child, but am ready to downsize. It’s super light, easy to load and unload in the back of my car, and very good quality, as I expceted with this brand. The chartreuse color is great in warm, sunny climates, stays very cool. Wish UPPA had a Piggyback for this stroller, but fyi, I am effectively using the Lascal MAXI Buggy Board, and it works.

Kaitlin Lake Creek, TX