UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, Black/Jake

UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, Black/Jake

0061-JKE Color: Jake Black Shown in Jake Black -The new 2010 reclining G-Luxe Stroller has the same lightweight, sleek features of the G-Lite while allowing your child to recline comfortably. -At 11 lbs, it’s the lightest full-size reclining umbrella stroller in the US. -Suitable from 3 months- 40 lbs. -Infinitely adjustable recline from upright to 120 degrees. -One-finger adjustable recline. -Stands when folded. -Hand-level folding triggers no foot action required. -Four-wheel, shock absorbing suspension. -High-performance, 5.5 diameter wheels. -Aluminum frame and easy-carry shoulder strap. -Rear frame is elevated to reduce toe-stubs. -Tall ergonomic handles for easier pushing. -Easy access storage basket. -Easy open, removable canopy. -Pop-out SPF 50 visor for extra protection against UV rays. -Removable cup-holder; can be positioned on right or left side.

Main features

  • Light weight aluminum frame, ergonomic tall handles, convenient carry strap
  • Shock absorbing front and rear suspension, larger wheels for a smoother ride
  • Canopy extension featuring SPF 50 sun protection
  • Convenient one hand recline; stroller stands when folded
  • Easy access basket, cup holder attachment

Verified reviews


BEST Stoller EVER!

Excellent Product! This is a fabulous stroller. It moves so easily, it is super quick to set up and take down. Best of all this is an AMERICAN company and A GREEN company. Would buy from them again!

Ashleigh Uniopolis, OH

Love it

Love this stroller. very light weight, easy to open and close. Love the extra shade – covers a lot of baby. easy to maneuver. for a small stroller the storage is pretty good.

Beverley Waterford, OH

Son likes to sit in it. What else do yo need?

Went on a trip to Korea and needed a small stroller. I did my research and was leaning toward Mia Moda Sportive since it was cheap but uppon my sister-in-law’s recommendation I purchased the UPPAbaby G-Luxe’s previoud model since it was almost $60 cheaper. Only difference I can tell from my G-Luxe and this model is that there’s a reclining leg piece which mine lacks.Pros: shade is versatile that it can come all the way down; reclines almost all the way down; cool lining; great cushion; very light (my wife didn’t think so until she picked up couple of crummy ones at local babies R Us then realized how heavy those flimsy umbrella strollers were)Cons: as many reviewers stated, if you hang anything on the handle this will fall backward w/o kid in the seat (one feature pro about Mia Moda); for me both folding and opening is easy but my wife has problem with opening it up (you have to step on it); when folded it’s not completely flat (wheel stick out more than other similar strollers); it sometimes stands on its own but most times not.Some flaws but most importantly it’s got a lot of cushion that my son loves sitting in the stroller and falls asleep very easily in it due to the cool lining on it.

Cheri Wellman, TX

Great Light Weight Stroller for Travel or Every Day

I just recently purchased the G-Luxe for a plane trip I was taking with my 10-month old son. We live in an urban area and have a big heavy Teutonia that I use for walks on the city sidewalks and off-roading but it’s just too big for travel and takes up the entire trunk of my Avalon.Overall I really like the G-luxe. I was torn between the G-Luxe, the always popular Maclarens, and the Baby Jogger City Mini. I eliminated the Maclarens because I just couldn’t get the release button to work on the harness. It was so difficult. Even the store representatives struggled with it. Also, they just felt flimsier t me. Maybe this is a result of the aluminum frame but I just didn’t see quality for the money. I came very close to purchasing the BJCM and probably would have if I didnt already have an all-purpose stroller. It was just too expensive and heavy to justify as my travel stroller. It’s also pretty wide with the 3-wheel system and weighs about 5 lbs more than the G-Luxe. The one-hand fold though is FANTASTIC. Uppababy is local for me (Massachusetts)and I try to support local businesses when I can.Things I love about the G-luxe:Light and easy to fold once you get the hang of it. You do need two hands but I’ve managed it several times while holding my baby.Easy-ish to open but the locking petal is a little stiff. My husband kept asking if he would break it by stepping too hard. Maybe this will get better with use.I love the 5-point harness and the release button is so much easier than the Maclarens.The sun canopy is fantastic. Easily the most coverage I’ve seen on any umbrella stroller.It has an adjustable recline which is also very rare on umbrellas. It’s a draw sting system so it’s very adjustable.There aren’t really any sides to it when in the full upright position which is great for my son to look around. Not great for napping but there’s a bit of a side wall when reclined.Soft, machine-washable seat pad.Comes with a cup holder. I thought this was silly at first but found I use it all the time and the others you have to buy them separately.Overall a smooth ride. Much better than I thought it would be after being used to my foam-tired Teutonia tank with suspension system.I did find I kicked the wheels a bit at first but the handles are longer than most I tried and I got used to the wheel placement fairly easily. I think I was used to the wide-set wheels on the Teutonia. From what I read it is a problem with almost all umbrella type strollers. I’m fairly tall at 5’8″ and this stroller is very comfortable to push. I’m not stooped over at all. My husband is 6’3″ and also says it’s comfortable to push. He has no problem kicking the wheels.Things that are a little annoying maybe to some but I deal with:White interior canopy. Really? Who thought this was a good idea?? It’s white on all the color models.No place to attach a snack cup.The footrest goes up every time you close the stroller so you have to adjust it every time you open it if you don’t want it up.It says it stands by itself, but most of the time I’ve tried this it topples over eventually from wind or whatever. So I try not to use it. Helpful if you need to set it down for a minute or if it’s in a closet or something but it isn’t very sturdy.I was afraid of buyer’s remorse since these things are so expensive but I have been very happy. I have received several compliments on the looks and handling and recommend it to friends.

Brandie Thrall, TX

comfortable for baby; a breeze to use for parents

After doing days and days of research on umbrella strollers, I ultimately decided to go with a lighter true umbrella style stroller vs. the “lightweight plus” umbrella strollers ranging in the 16+ pound range that usually have more bells and whistles than super lightweight strollers, such as larger baskets, better shade, etc. I am so pleased that I went this route because the lightweight of this 11 pound stroller is a super breeze to pop open, close shut, get in and out of the car, lug over my shoulder, all while holding my baby. The basket is actually quite roomy compared to other popular brands of strollers. I went to Whole Foods with her in this and was able to put my entire shopping list of items in it while I strolled her around…4 canned goods, box of pasta, several large peices of fruit, large loaf of bread, bag of seafood, truwhip, and olive oil. All of that fit nicely with room to spare. Plus, the canopy on this stroller is amazing! Not only does it come down far enough in its usual position, but you can rotate it around toward the front for even more coverage. MUCH better than any umbrella stroller I saw during my research! It rolls like a breeze through stores, cuts corners great, has nice tall handles for long strides and no kicking the wheels, my girl seems super comfortable in it because the seats are meshy and breathable – and we’re out in 96 degree Atlanta weather. Overall, we are very pleased with our decision in purchasing this stroller vs. Maclaren, Britax, Chicco, Zooper, Keekaroo, and Ingelsina brand umbrella strollers.

Nellie Hazlehurst, MS

Well-Made, Versatile Stroller

The Uppa Baby G-Luxe is a great, durable stroller. It is light weight and easy to collapse and expand. Our daughter is comfortable sitting in it, and it has a generous sun shade. It also has a large under bucket, which is nice for shopping. We have traveled with it, and it was great for getting through the airport. I highly recommend this stroller.We started out with a Bugaboo Frog. The Frog is great for newborns and young babies. Now that our daughter is 10 months, we find ourselves favoring the G-Luxe over the Frog since it is so much lighter and more versatile than the Frog.

Queen Sunflower, MS

Great umbrella stroller – esp for tall people

I wavered for a long time between this stroller and a Maclaren. There are a few things that really sold me.(1) Price. G Luxe is cheaper.(2) Wheels can be popped off and replaced. I read this on another review before purchasing. Although I’ve had no problem with the wheels, I imagine after being used for multiple children, I’d rather replace the wheels that then entire stroller. It also makes the stroller easy to fit in the travel bag. The wheels literally pop on and off in seconds.(3) Canopy. Shade was particularly important to me. Our daughter is fair skinned and hates hats/sunglasses. This canopy is very good for an umbrella stroller.(4) Recline. This stroller has a very good recline. It’s definitely a two-hand evolution though. Maclaren’s recline mechanism is smoother and easier. That being said, whenever our daughter fell asleep in this, we managed to recline her fairly easily without waking her up. If you are debating between the G Lite and the G Luxe, I’m glad I paid a little more for the recline. Our daughter has fallen asleep enough in this that the recline has been worth it.(5) For tall people! Super tall handles. I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 6’3″ so the cheap umbrella strollers were out of the question for us. This is even taller than the MacLaren. I like that neither of us have to hunch over awkwardly to push this stroller.Other general characteristics of the stroller: Turns well, comfortable for child, pad (on the 2010) is nice and thick. The stroller collapses very easily and opens well. You have to really push on the foot pedal to lock the stroller into the open position. I don’t mind that. It makes it seem sturdier and shows me it’s definitely not going to collapse in on itself until I purposely shut it. The storage basket is also pretty decently sized for an umbrella stroller. Don’t expect to stow a giant diaper bag down there, but there’s definitely room for quite a bit.We use this primarily as our travel and around the city stroller for our infant/toddler and are pleased enough with it that I asked Uppababy customer service if they have any intention of making a double side-by-side umbrella. The answer, sadly, was no. They did respond within 24 hrs though!Biggest Con: Recline function, especially returning from the recline, is more difficult than the Maclaren. Still doable, but more difficult.Summary: Highly recommend, especially if you are tall. I don’t think you’ll find a better umbrella stroller for the price.

Margret Moodus, CT