UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, Jake/Black

UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, Jake/Black

Weighing in at just pounds the G Luxe is the lightest full size reclining umbrella stroller in the US It s infinite recline up to degrees makes it great for those unexpectedly long trips when your child needs a nap

Main features

  • Extended SPF 50 pop-out canopy for extra protection against UV rays
  • Hand-level folding triggers – no foot action required
  • High-performance, 5.5″ diameter wheels and lockable front wheels for added stability
  • Tall ergonomic handles for easier pushing
  • Stands when folded

Verified reviews


Got Trashed After One Flight

I purchased this stroller on a Thursday for travel on a Friday. After one 2 hour airline flight, the stroller came back with the cup holder broken off, exposing a sharp screw, a hole in the canopy, and multiple stains on the back of the canopy. I just got off the phone with UppaBaby’s customer service and since the damage happened on an airplane, it is not covered under UppaBaby’s warranty. They were willing to replace the cupholder for free, but if I wanted the canopy replaced, I would need to pay a ‘nominal fee’. Needless to say, I am unhappy with this stroller and my experience with UppaBaby.Since many families will be purchasing this stroller as a travel stroller, you should consider this a warning. Perhaps it would hold up better with a travel bag, though, having traveled with another stroller (the Valco Ion) and never having a problem, I did not think the stroller bag would be necessary.Otherwise, here are the pros and cons of the stroller. And I’ve compared it to the Maclaren Triumph and Quest models.Pros:- taller handle bars for taller parents (not avail in Maclarens Quest/Triumph)- cushy seat (I think it is cushier than the Maclarens)- taller backrest than the 2010 model (by 1.5 inches)(as tall as the Maclarens)- comes with a cupholder (Maclarens do not come with a cupholder)- adjustable footrest (avail in the Maclaren Quest, but not the Triumph)- extendable canopy (not avail in Maclarens)- some suspension in the wheels (not avail in Maclarens Quest/Triumph)- reclines farther back (reclines farther than the Maclaren Triumph, and about as far as the Quest)- price point is similar to the Maclaren Triumph with a few features of the Maclaren Quest, which retails for $229 +Cons:- every color has white on the side in the 2011 models- the stroller no longer can stand alone because the metal is bent slightly after one flight (stand alone feature not avail in Maclarens Quest/Triumph)- flimsy material (though soft to the touch)(Maclarens have a more canvas type material, that is more durable)- not a durable travel stroller (Maclarens have a reputation as good travel strollers, but I am not speaking from experience)- Umbrella fold is not as compact as the Maclaren strollers- the recline mechanism is a drawstring. This means you have infinite recline angles, however, if the baby/toddler is in the stroller and you are trying to put it back up, it is going to be difficult with the weight of the child. The recline in the Maclaren Triumph is a buckle and it does not go as far back. The recline in the Quest has settings, though the mechanism is much easier to work. I prefer the Quest recline setting the most, though some parents might be put off that there are pre-set recline positions.I think my son was very comfortable in the stroller and the price point is similar to the Maclaren Triumph. It has some features of the more pricey Quest (like the adjustable footrest.) Overall though, I purchased the stroller to travel with and it was not durable enough. I am considering purchasing a Maclaren now.

Paulette Mitchell, IN

UPPA is great

I have not used this vendor but have a G-Luxe from UPPA Baby. It’s a great umbrella stroller (I also have the VISTA). Let there be no doubt, it’s as strong as an ox and you can drive over it with your car. It will be fine through airport terminals and can handle being thrown around. I’ve had a VISTA for 3.5 years and the G-Luxe for 2.5yrs and have no complaints. The G-Luxe is very light and easy to clean. The basket is a decent size, I can fit my entire diaper bag in there (it’s large) if I undo the shoulder strap first. Both my children like it, my nearly 4yr old still asks to ride in it (she’s 40″ tall and still does fit) though we encourage her to walk at this age.UPPA customer service is pretty fantastic, if you have a problem. I recently broke the brake on one of my G-Luxe wheels and my warrantee recently expired. They offered to cover the broken wheel anyway. However, I thought it might be a good time to buy the rest of the wheels (just to keep the treads even) anyway. I asked to pay for the rest but instead they decided to throw them in for free! Can’t get any better than that. I’ve had two children beat up UPPA strollers, thrown them on planes, chucked them in cars and clocked hundreds on hours walking with them. I highly recommend them.

Lorna Bloomery, WV

Love love love

Love everything about this. Love the color, love how light it is, we travel with it bring it everywhere. I love that it comes with a cupholder and that it reclines. My son is able to nap on the go if he needs to. Only wish is that the bask et at the bottom was la little bigger and more practical (the best feature of the vista). This has completely replaced our uppa baby vista.

Billie Green Lake, WI

baby and mommy both love the g-luxe

i did a lot of research looking for the right umbrella stroller. i was deciding between the peg perego pliko mini, maclaren quest and the g-luxe and ultimately decided to go with the g-luxe. this may be the best decision i’ve made as far as baby gear goes. the best part is that my son loves it. he seems way more comfortable in the g-luxe than our bugaboo (he refused to ride the bugaboo for a while when we first got the g-luxe). he sleeps really well in the g-luxe, something he never did in the bugaboo, which is a really good stroller to say the least. it’s also really great for moms and dads. it’s super lightweight so it’s easy to get in and out of the car, on or off the bus, etc. easy to fold and unfold. you can even do it one handed with a baby in your arm. the material is really nice–it feels really soft and silky and it resists stains and cleans up very well. we’ve been using this stroller for almost 6 months now. it’s had a lot of random stains and it’s cleaned up really well with a wipe or a wet bounty. the seat pad is also removable for easy cleaning, which you’ll definitely need with a toddler! the maneuverability is amazing for an umbrella stroller. the sunshade is also great. it has an extra uvUB visor that pops out the front to create a really big shade. the whole shade also moves forward so you can cover your baby where ever the sun is. the basket is decent and i hear the harness is a little short but i haven’t had any problems with my 1 year old in bulky winter wear. i love that the footrest is adjustable. in short, this super lightweight stroller has all the features of a full size stroller at just 11 lbs. i love this stroller and my son does too!

Mara Premont, TX

Awesome lightweight stroller!

I bought the Uppababy G-Luxe stroller (in black) a couple of weeks ago, and so far, I love it! I was looking for a lightweight, umbrella-type stroller but with some of the qualities of a full-featured stroller, such as a fully-reclining seat, cup-holder and an under-seat basket. The G-Luxe satisfied all of the requirements on my wish-list … and then some! It’s super-lightweight … so much easier to lift and maneuver than my BOB Revolution jogging stroller and Chicco Cortina. (Like many first-time parents, we made the “newbie” mistake of thinking we needed to buy a [Chicco] travel system instead of a separate stroller and car seat). Despite its 11-pound featherweight, the G-Luxe is still very sturdy — it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap at all. It’s a breeze to get in and out of the trunk of my car and a snap to unfold and fold-up. Unlike most umbrella strollers on the market, the G-Luxe also has a padded seat so my toddler stays comfy, and the seat pad is removable and machine-washable. It has a generous sun-canopy with an extra UV-protective fold-out to protect your little-one’s face and upper body on those extra-sunny days. The under-seat basket isn’t gigantic, but it’s pretty large for a lightweight stroller, and will hold 1-3 full grocery bags or a couple of large shopping bags.Plus, the G-Luxe is the only 1 of our 3 strollers that my daughter will actually tolerate for more than 5 minutes without fussing or sulking. She’s at the stage now where she likes to sit up and lean forward to look around her when she’s in the stroller. She’s not a fan of my BOB because it has a non-adjustable 5-point harness that pulls her shoulders back to the seat, limiting her outside view. (It’s only when I’m actually jogging or hiking that she appreciates the extra stability from the 5-point harness). And although the shoulder straps on our Chicco Cortina can be removed to convert the 5-point harness to a 3-point harness, the seat is so “deep” that my daughter has to strain to lean forward far enough to see past the side flaps of the stroller. No such problems with the G-Luxe. The shoulder straps can be removed and tucked behind the seat-pad to convert the 5-point harness to a 3-point lap harness, which gives my little-one the freedom to move her upper body while keeping her firmly and securely seated in the stroller. And there are no heavy side-flaps on the stroller, so she can easily see out on either side of her.In addition, as a mom who tries to avoid exposing my child to “mystery” chemicals as much as possible, I’m very pleased with the Uppababy G-Luxe’s safety & toxicity profile. I received a very prompt and straightforward email response to my customer inquiry from Uppababy, stating that Uppababy doesn’t add any chemicals (e.g., flame retardants or stain repellents) to its stroller fabrics, and that all of its products are BPA-free and phthalate-free. This led me to choose the G-Lite over the Maclaren Quest and Triumph strollers, since Maclaren didn’t directly answer all of my questions regarding the materials & chemicals in its products. For me, the proof was in the pudding, as the G-Luxe had absolutely no chemical smell when I unpacked it from the box. (Unlike the Chicco travel system, which emitted such strong fumes that it made me nauseous).The only minor quibble that I have with the G-Luxe is that the adjustable leg-rest automatically resets to the fully-extended position whenever the stroller is unfolded. So you always have to take an extra 1-2 seconds to fold it back down (to the position it’s in in the Amazon photo), if you want your child’s lower legs to relax in a more natural position while they’re sitting up in the stroller. (The fully extended leg-rest position appears to be for babies who are completely reclined for sleeping and need to put their feet up). But this is just a tiny issue with an otherwise perfect stroller.I would highly recommend the Uppababy G-Luxe stroller for anyone looking for a top-quality lightweight stroller. Yes, it’s more expensive than the $30 umbrella strollers that you find at the discount superstores, but I think it’s well worth the extra money.Grade: A+RECALL NOTE: In mid-2011, Uppababy issued a recall for some of its G-Series strollers because some of them would unexpectedly collapse while in the open position. According to the company’s website, the recall only applied to a limited run of the G-Luxe and G-Lite strollers sold between March-July 2011. Therefore, a brand-new G-Luxe purchased now (in 2012) from Amazon or another reputable retailer shouldn’t be subject to the recall and you shouldn’t have to worry about it collapsing. I’ve certainly seen no signs of any risk of collapse in my G-Luxe, which was purchased in September 2012.

Christa Foster, OR

Decent, with some drawbacks

I received this as a gift to use as a travel stroller or for riding the subway. Our main stroller will be aBaby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller, Sand/Stone, which we anticipate we’ll love once our baby is here, but we thought that might be too much for me to carry on the subway or to take through an airport, especially once the baby is bigger and can do a more minimalist stroller comfortably. My main complaint is that a piece of this stroller broke off right after we received it when I was practicing opening and shutting it. The piece that came off was the plastic bit on the end of the string that’s used to recline the seat. Amazon was great about accepting the return, but it’s made me think twice about replacing it with the same model. I’m thinking seriously about getting theUPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller, Denny/Redinstead, even though it doesn’t offer a recline, because it’s even lighter, I’m not sure at 6 months+ we’ll still need the recline for what we’ll use this stroller for, and since the City Mini is already on the smaller side at 16 pounds, I might as well go ultra-light at 8 with the g-lite for our lightweight travel needs.I will also say that compared to the Maclaren Volo (or all other Maclarens), I find the fold on these two models much simpler, and even for the short period we had the stroller around, I appreciated that it could stand up on its own rather than having to find a place to lean it like you do with the Maclarens. I can imagine that’s really nice, especially for subway and travel when there might not be a great place to lean it and you really need two hands for baby and other stuff.

Susanna Alva, FL

Mama loves it and baby too.

We love this stroller. We bought this for a trip and were very happy about how easy it was to fold and unfold as well as steer with one hand. The back is very flat and raises to a very upright position. My son loves this and prefers this to the more cradled seat of our Quinny. The recline is what sold us on the stroller, although I wish it would flatten out even more. The wheels look cheap, but handled gravel, sand and grass like a dream (again better than the Quinny even with its large inflatable tires). I am super pleased.

Angelina East Arlington, VT

A decent in-between stroller

We purchased this stroller for travel. We wanted something a bit more durable than an umbrella stroller but still light and easy to travel with. There are several things about this stroller that I love: 1. The seat cushion is very soft and padded 2. The seat back can recline for naps 3. The sun shade can extend for almost 75% coverage of my child while she is in the seat. 4. It sits upright on its own while folded for easy storage 5. Cute color- perfect for a boy or girl.There are also things I don’t like:1. It is very difficult for me to open. I spent about 5 minutes struggling in the nordstrom parking lot before I could open it. Needless to say I was exhausted, my child was crying and I had made quite a scene. My husband who is 6’1 has no trouble at all opening it. To open this stroller and lock it you push down on a small pedal until the stroller clicks. Perhaps I am either too short (5’3) or too weak to easily lock it. I’d say I struggle 1 out of 4 times I try to open it for whatever reason.2. This is definitely not the stroller for you if you plan on having to open/close it while carrying a child. The opening and closing takes two hands.3. When you open the stroller the edge of the seat is folded up. You have to manually push it back down by pushing in these little buttons everytime. While this is not a show stopper, it is annoying.Overall I am slightly disappointed because I had high hopes, especially for the price. I’d say try it out in a store before you buy just to know what you are working with. If you plan on having someone with you while you travel then this may be the stroller for you.

Bernadine Beavercreek, OR

Love the Vista. G-Luxe is a big disappointment.

I had a bunch of frustrations with the Uppababy G-Luxe umbrella strollerCONS of the Uppababy G-Luxe include:- awkward shape when folded- doesn’t REALLY stand up well when folded (as in, yes, it stands up unless a strong breeze blows and then it immediately tips over)- too easy for toddler to yank the end of the seat cushion off- tips over without fail if ANYTHING is hanging on the back- smallish/awkward basket- umbrella/awning too easily pulled down (or off) by toddler)- rain cover was too tight against toddler’s legs- harness and straps were absurdly tight if toddler was wearing anything more than a thin shirt- even the “black” colored version has a LOT of white on it — few things make less sense to me than a white stroller…PROS:- The only legitimate “pro” of this stroller I can think of is that UppaBaby’s customer service is pretty awesome. So if the issue arose where something actually broke on the stroller, I am sure they would be great about fixing it. However, our issue with the stroller wasn’t anything breaking, just a bunch of design flaws.NOTE: I am a very happy/proud owner of an UppaBaby Vista, which I love. After a year of frustration with the G-Luxe, we ended up replacing it with the Aprica Presto Flat StrollerAprica Presto Flat Stroller, Premiere Red, which we love.

Delia Zaleski, OH

Sad to write this

This is our second Uppababy stroller, we loved the Vista so much. We have recommended Uppababy to many of our friends too. However, the Gluxe, while it has a great sunshade and stands up when folded, also has a big problem. Our daughter who is now 14 months, has been able to pull her seat up and expose the two metal rods which should be covered by the seat pad. I called customer service, they said there was no fix for this and that the newer model is the same. Unfortunately, this is unacceptable for us, our daughter shouldn’t be able to crank up her seat and expose metal rods, so we will be searching for a new umbrella stroller after only having this one a few months.

Deanna Desoto, TX

love this stroller

So lightweight, love that it reclines and has a cup holder, huge canopy, easy to manuever. The only thing That I’m not crazy about is that the basket is kind of hard to access and somewhat small, but I don’t think it would be possible to change that and keep the stroller so lightweight/small, so it’s not that big of a deal. I have a Vista stroller as well and now that my daughter is old enough to use the g-luxe, I think I actually prefer it. Much easier to use in stores anyway where aisles can be too narrow for the Vista and so much easier to travel with/load in the car, etc.

Aurora Blue Point, NY

Easy to Assemble & Use

This stroller reallly fits the bill in terms of being lightweight and easy to open and close. My 9 month old son seems to enjoy sitting in this stroller and has been able to fall asleep and nap easily in it when we’re out and about. My only negative would be that the pully system on the back to change the incline position on the seat is not super easy to access. Also, it’s difficult to take from the incline to upright position when the baby is in the stroller. Other than that, I’m very pleased with the strollers appearance and comfort level. The sun canopy is also very generous given the compact size and the solar panel to extend the canopy is also very nice. My son is very fair skinned with light eyes and I’m constantly worried about having to much sun exposure. This stroller offers ample protection. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an umbrella stroller.

Hope Gowanda, NY

Hands down my favorite stroller.

This stroller is the workhorse in my family. Although I have two toddlers, I find myself using this more often than my dual stroller. The weight, size, maneuverability, ergonomics, and features makes this a very well balanced product. Easy to open and collapse, easy to push around, and easy to carry. A very practical stroller that doesn’t take up a lot of trunk space but features most of the bells and whistles of a bigger stroller. In no means is the stroller perfect, but it satisfies most needs in a lightweight package. The only thing lacking in this stroller is storage and maybe the seat belt (could be longer). Other than that, no complaints!

Angelita Lynnville, KY

I love this stroller!!

I have had this stroller for about one month (my baby outgrew her snap in go with the infant car seat). I love this stroller! It is light, well made, comfortable for my 10 month old, great for tall people (the handles are high and comfortable),can be folded and unfolded with one hand, and can be pushed with one hand. I have this stroller and a jogger and that is all I need. I shopped around for a long time and am happy that I got this stroller. I even got the Uppa Baby rain cover, which works great! I would highly recommend this stroller. My only complaint is that the basket under the stroller is rather small. I can only fit my purse in it. So if you need a big basket, then this stroller is not for you.

Kimberlee Donora, PA

Great for big city living

This stroller has exceeded our expectations as apartment dwellers in NYC. We take it everywhere–stores, subways, museums, sidewalks, parks, airplanes–and it’s great to maneuver. Pops over curbs and steps with no problem. Baby loves it and seems very comfortable. The sun shade is excellent. My husband loves that the handles are taller than average.The drawbacks of this stroller are the same for all umbrella strollers–tips easily if off balance, small storage basket, limited recline and comfort features.Many of my friends with large full feature strollers as me about the G-Luxe because it really is more practical for apartment living. They have these giant strollers taking up half their living rooms and we have the G-Luxe tucked away neatly in a corner behind a door.

Camilla Lancaster, NY

Nice Stroler

We bought this stroller for our Chicago trip.We have a Bugaboo and it is to big. This is perfect, it folds easily, color is nice…Very nice overall.Similar to other strollers at a much lower price.Really nice!

Deena Alta Vista, IA


Great stroller for tall parents, you don’t have to hunch over to reach the handles even at 6′ 1″ !It folds easily and the strap is handy for carrying. It handles great and seems comfy for our 3 year old. We took it to Disney and it stood up to many opening and closings required for boarding planes and Disney transport. I love this stroller!

Tameka Orma, WV

Chose this and am extremely happy after testing out many!

UPDATE: 2.5 years in and we still love it. We have a new baby we are getting ready to use it on too. Our eldest still loves riding it too. It’s just so comfortable, has such a great canopy, and has held up really well. So happy we spent the money to get such a good stroller. One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of umbrella strollers are really short and parents hunch over when walking. This is not the case with this one. So much more comfortable since handles are at a good height for my 5’6″ frame and my husband’s 6’1″ frame.UPDATE: 4 Months in and we still could not be happier with this stroller. It works great and we have had zero problems. Our daughter loves it too!We are absolutely in love with this stroller. We looked at MANY strollers before deciding on this one. I browsed on line for weeks, read reviews, and almost ordered a different one online before deciding I needed to see them in person. We checked them all out. I originally thought I’d get a cheap one (like $50 or less) but decided you really do get what you pay for. Others, in the $100-$130 range just felt cheaper. We finally narrowed it down between this one and the McLaren Triumph. I had heard great things about the McLarens, but I wasn’t as impressed in person. They are pretty pricey and seemed to bulky, imo. So we chose this one.Pros:- Steers/drives great. Even though it’s a two handle stroller, it pushes pretty well one handed–unlike most two handle strollers.- Reclines: this was important to us as our daughter is only 7 months old. It’s great when we are out shopping, she can easily lay back for a nap, or sit up if she wants to see what’s going on.- Sunshade: It has an extendable UV blocker. I love it for blocking the sun, but if it’s windy, it also works as a great wind blocker since it can come down so far. I have even used to to keep her a little more covered if she is sleeping while shopping. Helps keep prying eyes (and hands) at a distance.- Harness: Again, we needed a harness, not just a buckle.- Super light: It’s only 11 pounds. I can pick up with one-handed ease.- Stands up while folded: Not only does it fold easily (takes two-hands, but has a easy lift safety lock, and doesn’t require your foot to help), but it stands while folded.- Unfolds easily: One simple handle opens on the left side to open, then you press down on the provided foot pedal to lock it in place.- Can stay with us for a long time: It’s good quality and can hold up to 50 pounds (I think). I have a feeling we will be using this well into toddler hood.- Nice material: very soft, doesn’t feel cheapCons:- Price: On the pricier side of umbrella strollers, but like I said before, you get what you pay for. It really is worth it in my opinion.- Basket is kind of small and a little hard to get to if the seat is reclined. However, I found this to be true for just about every umbrella stroller I looked at. Therefore, I didn’t deduct for this.Lastly: We bought this one in early 2012. I believe whatever problem people were having before has been fixed. This one was not a part of that recall and we have not had a problem with it collapsing.

Dixie Rabun Gap, GA

For the price, it should be flawless… but it’s not!

I wanted SO bad to love this stroller. In fact, it took me MANY weeks of research to finally settle on this. The foot pedal that clicks the stroller into an open position is VERY hard to push down. Over time, it’s almost gotten impossible. I’m afraid to take my stroller out. Also, my wheels have become extremely creaky and it’s not a pleasure whatsoever to take to a store or mall because it just feels cheap and falling apart. With every turn, it has this loud squeak. For an almost $200 "Umbrella" stroller, I think this should be way better built than it is. I called customer service, and they informed me that I need to spray WD40 on the pedal and lube up the hub caps on the wheels. Really? I need to do all that every month or so?I do like the standing feature, but that’s almost about it. I wish I had gotten the G-lite, because my child won’t sleep in her stroller. If I had to do it over, I would probably go for a cheaper umbrella and invest into a nice jogger stroller for outings and walks.

Rosalie March Air Force Base, CA

great umbrella stroller

Baby likes to be in the stroller, very lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, nice that it reclines. Would recommend.

Lacey Benson, VT

Best stroller ever!

Used right when my babe turned 3 months in the lowest recline. Well built and sturdy. Easy to manoeuvre, even with one hand. Super comfy and cozy. Also purchased uppababy footmuff. Was debating on the vista, but the g luxe has been perfect for our urban city needs.

Allyson Oak Hill, WV