UPPAbaby G-Series Stroller Travel Bag, Black

UPPAbaby G-Series Stroller Travel Bag, Black

Durable, luggage grade 600 denier bag can be rolled up for easy storage and travel. Multiple handles allow for Travel Bag to be carried by hip or over shoulder. G Series stroller folds with wheels attached for added convenience.

Main features

  • Durable, luggage grade 600 denier bag can be rolled up for easy storage and travel
  • Multiple handles allow for travel bag to be carried by hip or over shoulder
  • G Series stroller folds with wheels attached for added convenience

Verified reviews


Great idea

The bag is fine, but what is great is that Uppababy insures your stroller if use use the bag, not a bad deal if you ask me.

Pearl Grayson, LA

Great purchase

If you are going to travel with your Uppa Baby G-luxe, I think it makes sense to protect it. This travel bag comes with a guarantee that your stroller won’t be damaged so I think that alone makes it worth the investment. We flew round trip from DFW to Philly, we gate checked it one way and checked it at the curb on the way back. Both the bag and stroller at still in great condition. My only complaint was that it is a little hard to get the stroller in the bag. I was trying to put it in there on the jetway as we were boarding, and I was alone with my 2 yr old, and another passenger ended up helping me. The bag was also not terribly easy to roll up for storage, but it was manageable.

Inez Cotton Plant, AR

Perfect for travel

We purchased this bag to carry our UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller when we travel. The bag has held up to many airplane flights without any sign of wear. The bright yellow coloration makes it easily identifiable. The bag rolls up and can be stored in the stroller storage compartment until check-in/boarding. This bag is really well made and worth the money if you have a G-Luxe.

Lynnette Little Suamico, WI

I’ve gone through two of these bags but better than a broken stroller

This is my second of the exact stroller bag. We’ve taken our G-luxe on 9 roundtrip flights and my first bag died on the 9th flight. I use this mostly for checked baggage (not gate check) as I usually bring the carseat on the plane. On the 9th flight, I discovered a large hole in the bag and the zipper broke. I had to borrow saran wrap from TSA and wrap the bag up. I’m not extremely happy about buying another bag but it’s cheaper than a stroller! The bag also has a little extra room so you can pack some extra toys or stuffed animals.

Joann Eldon, IA

Nice padded bag, definite improvement over previous version

We own the previous version of the bag, the one where you have to take the wheels off, and we basically got tired of doing that (we fly a lot…). So when we saw this one came out, even though we weren’t thrilled about spending money for yet another bag (not cheap!!!), we went for it anyway. This bag is padded (lightly, but padded), is nicer looking than the plain black of the previous version, there’s a place for a name tag, and most importantly, you don’t need to take the wheels off. I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars because the front wheels DO have back to fit in the bag, and fiddling with it can take as long as removing the wheels (10-20 seconds, but that’s a lot when you have a toddler on the loose…). The other minor disadvantage is that because this bag is bulkier than the previous version, the stroller won’t fold if the bag is folded in the basket. With the previous bag, we could just leave it in the basket and fold the stroller with the bag still there. I have to say, the previous unpadded version did a fine job protecting our stroller through many plane rides, and this one offers even more protection, so I am not expecting any issues protection wise. So far, we did one short trip with it, and the stroller was fine. The nicest thing about it is that when we take the stroller out, the wheels are on and the stroller is ready to do – that’s definitely faster and easier than the previous version.

Bonita Ferndale, WA

You need this bag

Easy to use…. Perfect fit, so takes a little patience to get it in the bag… Practice at home before the first airport use.Rolled up bag fits in the basket under the stroller.The handle on the zipper broke immediately… However I just pulled the fabric through the zipper and tied it in knots… Works perfectly. ( can’t expect too much for the price).Bag was perfect and stroller was perfect after being checked multiple times.Uppababy guarantees their stroller when in an uppababy bag.If you have a g stroller. You need this bag to fly.

Kelley Indianola, WA

Great travel bag

Great travel bag for Uppababy GLuxe stroller. FIrstly, it folds up into a little small bag that you can store in some small space in your house when not in use. Secondly, it comes with a great warranty for your stroller (plus uppababy customer service is just awesome in general). It’s nicely cushioned as well.

Colleen River Grove, IL

Great travel bag!

I own Uppababy Vista Travel bag and when it was time to travel with our G-Luxe, I got this bag. It is super easy to use. No need to remove the wheels or anything, I even kept the cup holder on the stroller before packing it into the bag.After our trip (2 flights) the bag is rather dirty..and I’m glad it’s the bag and not the stroller 🙂

Aisha Tatums, OK

great bag

Bought this bag to protect our g-luxe stroller which we had to gate check. The bag is really nice and easy to get the stroller in. It seems to offer good protection and is easy to carry. There was also extra room for us to put our coats in so we didn’t have to worry about finding room on the plane for them.

Lee Palomar Mountain, CA

Good Product

It is a good product in general but I wish it comes with wheels for easier transport around the airport.

Henrietta Caret, VA

Great but

This is a great bag and when purchased and registered with the uppababy stroller there is an extra warranty against travel accidents which makes it totally worth it, however the strap on the zipper broke after the first use. Amazon as always is amazing and got me a replacement right away!

Jaime Brooke, VA

Durable and fits!

Let me prefix this review by saying that we don’t own the UppaBaby G-Luxe stroller, but we do have a similar umbrella stroller made by Mamas and Papas (Cruise). This bag was able to fit our stroller to a tee and it wore well during 3 months of travelling we did through Asia. I have to admit that the straps were a bit difficult to wear backpack style for my husband (though I’m not sure UppaBaby originally intended them to be worn as such). We loved its durability and it’s washability when it got worn. Even after 12 flights this bag looks brand new! We look forward to using it again!

Lenora Mule Creek, NM

Good bag

Good bag to hold our stroller and keep it protected. We have a cup attachment on ours, and it does fit with it, but it’s a little tricky.

Elda Riverside, RI

Worth the extra $

I was reluctant to purchase this at first, because it’s a fair amount more expensive than some of the generic alternatives and I’m frugal. I have to say, I’ve been very pleased with the purchase. We’ve used it for air travel 3 times, all on major holidays. One of the benefits to getting the Uppababy bag if you have an Uppababy G-Luxe or Lite is once you register both products, they provide an additional warranty on the stroller if you travel with it in this bag. That was a major selling point for me. The bag zips all the way down it’s length, making it pretty easy to put the stroller in the bag and zip it back up. It also rolls up relatively easily, and has a velcro strap to secure it. The rolled up bag does take up most of the G-Luxe basket. The straps left enough room that you could put it on your shoulder, and the bag wouldn’t slide off. The bag is certainly sturdy and I feel like the stroller is well protected. If you’re going to invest in a moderate to expensive umbrella stroller, and you travel fairly frequently, this is a good way to protect your investment.

Sallie Melrose, LA

Excelente produto!

Se voc quer levar ser carrinho nas viagens, é uma boa opo para mant-lo limpo e conservá-lo por mais tempo.

Ester Fairfax, MN

Five Stars

great quality so far will be trying it soon on my next flight.

Jerry Edinboro, PA

High quality with stroller protection guarantee!

This bag appears to be high quality with a good amount of padding. Our G-Lite stroller fits like a glove (one would expect it to). I really like that if your UPPAbaby stroller is less than 2 years old, then they will replace it if this stroller bag does not adequately protect it. It’s kind of hard to see in the picture, but the yellow stripes are very distinctive, and serve as shoulder straps. The zippers are connected, and it’s easy to zip up/down the bag. There’s a flap with velcro that covers the zipper strap, which means less chance of it accidentally getting unzipped from the baggage handlers. There’s a large address label window as well. It folds up nice and neat, and is small enough to store in the stroller basket while not in use. I have high hopes for this bag during our travels!**Update**We have used the stroller bag a total of 4 times now, and I am still very pleased with it. Each time we gate checked our stroller, it has never been damaged in any regard. The yellow color makes this bag very distinctive, which has definitely been helpful in tracking it down. It’s functional, and made lugging a stroller around easier than I anticipated. Good buy!

Johnnie Gays, IL

LOVE UPPAbaby… period!

I have both the Vista and the G-Luxe in my stroller fleet. When we traveled to NYC this past Spring, we took the G-luxe because of it’s weight and size. Besides making quality products, UB also has impeccable customer service.

Teresa Fort Montgomery, NY