UPPAbaby Hamper Insert, Natural

UPPAbaby Hamper Insert, Natural

Extend the life of your bassinet by transforming it into a stylish dual compartment hamper.

Main features

  • Two easy to attach/detach laundry bags great for sorting
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Privacy lid to contain laundry

Verified reviews



The brackets for holding the liner are not very tight. They easily slip out. I believed uppababy would not make anything inferior. But this one really disappointed me.

Celina Heilwood, PA

Extends the life of your bassinet stand

I purchased the $130 bassinet stand and we didn’t even end up being able to use is as its intended purchase. I like that these laundry bags allow you to extend the life of this stand. The price is a bit steep for 2 flimsy canvas bags but they do the trick. I will have to agree with a love of other reviewers that say the tops don’t stay closed. It wouldn’t have been that difficult to throw in a piece of Velcro to help them stay shut.All in all a good purchase for me. I put this right next to the changing table, it looks nice and doesn’t look like baby furniture.

Susanne Grand Ronde, OR


Exactly what we needed. We used the bassinet stand while my daughter was an infant, and now that she’s older, it’s so nice to be able to use the stand still.

Therese Aniwa, WI

Hamper insert

Love this product, it keeps me organized when it’s time for laundry. The insert are prefect and easy for my kids to toss their cloths in the right slot.

Lillie Tilden, TX

Good [expensive] hamper

I love my uppa baby items, and I loved being able to use the bassinet when he was a newborn, but now the bassinet stand has become his hamper, its an expensive hamper, but it looks nice and its served two purposes so I am happy. Also, somebody mentioned that the flaps don’t cover the laundry basket. It is true, they are flimsy covers, but I knew that going in, and it doesn’t bother me, actually makes it easier to just toss dirty clothes in from the changing table so I don’t have to leave the baby to lift any flaps.

Hillary Allen, NE

good product

not much to say here, its a hamper for which you are paying a premium price for as its uppababy. it does the job of holding clothes before you are ready to wash them…

Anita Blooming Grove, NY

Really nice hamper inserts and a great way to transform the bassinet stand into a hamper

I actually really like these hamper inserts. I must say that I had low expectations after reading about them. I thought that the fact that the lids don’t stay closed would bother me, but it actually doesn’t; it has been nice just to be able to throw laundry straight into the correct basket. I may add on a piece of velcro once my child is older and he is the one dealing with his dirty clothes.My favorite part about the hamper inserts: they are quite sturdy around the top of the hamper. It is hard to see from the picture, but they gently clasp around the hamper, making a very snug and secure fit. However, it’s also very easy to quickly take off the insert when it’s time to do laundry (or if you want to switch the order of the inserts).I know a lot of people say “you should buy the hamper inserts because they’re just $32.99 and you already bought that expensive stroller and that expensive bassinet stand.” Well, at least in our case, we got the stroller and bassinet stand as gifts from people, and we already have plenty of other laundry hampers around our house. So for us, it was more than that: we wanted to spend more than we normally would on the hamper inserts (the $32.99) to be able to re-purpose the now-useless bassinet stand into something. If you are waiting to use the stand for another child, this gives you something to do with the stand instead of having it take up space in your home. And if you are not having any more children, this allows you to use the stand instead of getting rid of it. And for me, it’s definitely a much nicer laundry hamper than I’ve ever had in my entire life, and it’s also a nice reminder of how small my growing child used to be.

Mallory Poplar, WI