UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat

UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat

Perfect fit for both Vista and Cruz toddler seats. Plush, c ounce y material reverses to cool wicking mesh. Wedge insert and seat liner provide extra stability and support.

Main features

  • Softly cradles child while supporting their neck and back
  • Plush, c ounce y material reverses to cool wicking mesh
  • Wedge insert and seat liner provide extra stability and support
  • Suitable from birth to 21 pounds

Verified reviews


Great product, but too warm for a summer baby!

We love everything about our UppaBaby Vista, including the infant snugseat. The snugseat allowed us to use the regular seat with our Vista after our daughter tired of the bassinet, but wasn’t yet big enough to sit in the seat without the snugseat. However, by the time our daughter was 2 months old, it was mid-May and far too warm outside for her to be in the snugseat. The material is a soft, fleece-type material, which caused her to sweat considerably on our walks. We ended up removing the snugseat, and proping her up in the seat with aden & anais swaddle blankets until she had better neck and head control. Great product, with exception of material, making it un-useable in warm months of the year.

Stacie Climax, CO

Works great with our Cruz!

This SnugSeat insert is very useful when using the stroller with babies – there’s a small cushion that fills the sharp angle under the baby’s bottom. The fabric is very nice and comfy and the head cushion holds the head in place. Definitely worth getting it if your baby still can’t sit unassisted.Check out my detailed review + pictures at www[dot]BamboolaBaby[dot]wordpress[dot]com – Category: Reviews.

Carissa Marlboro, VT

Great for Newborn

I got this for my Uppababy Cruz so that I could lay it in the flat position to mimic a bassinet. Somehow I thought it would create a flat surface for her entire body, but it doesn’t! Her legs are still bent in the sitting position, though her back is flat.I still like it, even now that she is 9 months old! I’ve just taken off the head cushion/frame about a month ago and keep the rest in as a soft stroller liner. Eventually I will take the wedge out too, but for now she’s quite comfy as is (she’s below average in her weight).I’ll try to upload some pics so you can see what I mean about it not being a complete flat surface!

Stacy Star, NC

Should have gotten the carseat adapter

I chose this over the carseat adapter for use with my newborn, because I didn’t want my baby spending too long in the car seat. Now I know better! Taking a sleeping infant out of a carseat to place in a stroller is a bad idea! This product has been good for her when walking directly from the house, so hopefully I will be able to get more use out of it before she gets too big. The insert itself is great, just consider what you’ll be needing before purchasing.

Anastasia Lakewood, NJ

Infant insert perfect for small babies

This insert is great for our little one – born at 6.5 lbs. She snuggles right into it. It was easy to install with the Uppababy directions.

Megan Colorado City, TX

Absolute must!

I bought this insert because I couldn’t transport the carseat onto my uppababy cruz, because our carseat is super heavy. So I wanted an option where I can just take my baby out of the carseat and put him into the stroller. This was the solution to my problem. I ended up taking the headrest piece out after 3 months because he was able to control his neck pretty well, but I am still using the insert and my baby is 14 pounds and 25 inches.

Patrica Branson, CO

Perfect for infant

We got this insert for the Uppababy Cruz when our son was 3 months old. It’s nice because it lets him sit in the stroller a little earlier than he probably otherwise would be able to since otherwise the seat on the stroller is very deep. We tried to use the stroller instead of the car seat/snap and go because our son didn’t really like being in the car seat and I was concerned that the curved position it keeps in him would be uncomfortable for him.It has been cold out since we got it, so I can’t comment on the two sides and the varying temperatures, but I like the insert a lot, and would recommend it.

Audrey Putnamville, IN

good purchase

I like it! It served it’s purpose. Our baby was too small for the actual seat. The snugseat helps him stay up so that he is able to see everything when we go out for walks. He just turned four months.

Enid Cedarcreek, MO

A must-have!

The only reason why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the head rest has a limited range of room for sliding it into position, I wish it could go higher. But other than that, it’s absolutely great. Perfect during the summer and so far, nice and warm for the fall. It washes really well, too! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

Jeannette Vestal, NY


I used this for my son when he was 3-4 months with the headrest and now continue to use the seat at 5 months. Helps to make the seat safer and cozier for a small baby.

Nellie Bonduel, WI

love that its washable. keeps babys head straight and upright!

My baby was on the smaller side so this is still helpful. it helps keep their head straight while their neck strength isn’t great. its easily removable to be washed too. Recently we only use the head piece now

Leanne Ivesdale, IL

Good for hot or cold weather

I was hesitant to buy this because of the cost and because I worried that it would make my baby too hot for texas summers. I’m so glad I bought it though because he seems so much more comfortable (he’s 5 months) and this doesn’t make him sweat. Good purchase for tiny babies- really makes them fit better in the stroller.

Samantha Roann, IN

so comfortable!

i wasn’t going to buy this at first (where do you stop with all of the extras?!) but in the end, my son hated his car seat so i went for it. he loves how cozy and snuggly it is and now we can actually use our stroller and go on long walks together.

Veronica Manning, ND



Leona Teller, AK

Good accessory for UPPABABY VISTA

Not sure I really needed this but I put my 4-5 month old in here when we go for walks. Soon he will outgrow this but I’m glad I purchased this., For uppababy this was a ‘bargain’

Fanny Independence, WI

Must have Uppababy accessory

Since we exnayed on the infant car seat, I love that we can use the stroller seat from birth. Its soft, cozy and they baby has been in it since 2 weeks old. This is a must have for parents with the Vista stroller system.

Louella Fair Bluff, NC