UPPAbaby Vista 2014 earlier Graco Carseat Adapter

UPPAbaby Vista 2014 earlier Graco Carseat Adapter

0029 Car Seat Compatibility: Graco Snugride or SafeSeat Adaptor Only – Stroller and Car Seat Sold Separately Features: – Adapts to Vista Stroller frame for models 2014 and earlier

Main features

  • Installed in 30 seconds
  • Stroller folds along with the frame
  • Features easy snap in and snap out functionality
  • Red or green indicators
  • Ensures safety

Verified reviews


Damages easily

I dropped this adapter from about 3 feet and one of the latches broke off rendering it unusable. Amazon was quick to replace, so disaster was averted. Besides that, we are happy with it.

Heather Freedom, NH


The UPPAbaby Vista Graco Car Seat Adapter works just as we expected. I used the car seat in the stroller base for the first 4 months of my son’s life. Easy to snap in and snap out. The base is sturdy and solid.

Mavis Fraziers Bottom, WV

Perfect fit!

It has been the easiest addition to our stroller and is practically foolproof. It clicks right on and off. No issues at all. Love UPPAbaby!

Eunice Doyline, LA

Easy to use

Adapter is easy to use, I can install it in a snap, which is great if you have a fussy baby!

Celia Lake Minchumina, AK

recommend it

My Graco Snugfit 30 fits it very well. It makes life much easier, just take the car seat out of the car and click onto it. Very convenient.

Edna Wade, NC


Great for quick trips… my baby likes to have room to move around, but the car seat attachment is wonderful when he is asleep or we’re doing a quick errand. And it works well with the second seat for my toddler.

Johnnie Sheffield, AL

Almost perfect

I love this because it really helps me maximize my Vista- if you’ve ever tried to go grocery shopping with a baby in an infant seat, you know the dilemma. If you put the infant seat into the cart basket, it takes up the whole thing! You can use a snap n’ go, but the basket on that is pitiful. Or you can hold the baby in a carrier and push a cart, but that defeats the purpose of using an infant seat that clicks in and out of the base. Viola! This lets you use your Vista as a snap n’ go, but better because you get the easy push and amazing basket you don’t get with a snap n’ go. Could not be easier to install, and easy to pack into a suitcase for air travel if you bring your stroller. I also love the indicator that tells you if it is clicked in properly, as well as the audible click the seat makes when the seat is attached correctly.The only negative I have noticed, and none of the other reviewers mention this so I’m not sure if it’s just me or not, is that for some reason when I fold my stroller with the adapter attached, it must hit the front wheel brakes because when I unfold it, the front swivel wheels are locked. Its just annoying to have to bend down every time to have to unlock them. I wonder if anyone else has this issue?Other than that, a real must have in my book. So glad I bought this.

Ethel Mcdonough, GA

Worked wonderfully.

Worked wonderfully. But seemed silly to have to buy an adapter for a pricey stroller system. There should be a universal adapter to fit the popular brands of car seats.

Katy Gering, NE

Easy to use

This is a must-have for any Uppababy Vista stroller owners, in my opinion. Works seamlessly with the Graco car seat and is super easy to install and uninstall.

Candace Locust Grove, VA

Must have

I originally did not buy the adapter since I don’t like leaving the baby in the carseat so much but I have found this to be invaluable. I use the adapter for quick trips into stores, to pick up my other kid at school and so on. The carseat is really heavy for me so I like having the option of just popping her in the stroller when I need to do a quick trip.

Polly Kurten, TX

It just fits!

Not much else to say. It allowed us to put our Graco car seat onto our Uppababy stroller (which is an awesome stroller by the way). Very sturdy and it clicks right in. No worries of a car seat flying off of this.It was shipped quickly.

Marva Ubly, MI

Easy to use, fits both Graco car seats we’ve had

This is a great addition to our already wonderful Uppababy stroller. When our little one falls asleep in the car, it’s easy to snap into the stroller, click her car seat on and go. It clicks on tightly and holds the car seat firmly in place. It’s light weight and super easy to attach. Great purchase, highly recommend it as an addition to your Uppababy stroller.

Blanche Piedmont, OK

Grear adapter

It works great. Very easy to install/remove. It’s light and compact. When traveling by air, I packed it along with the stroller into Uppababy travel bag and it worked our pretty good.

Latanya Muir, PA