UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet Organic Mattress Cover, Cream

UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet Organic Mattress Cover, Cream

Eco inspired blend of organic soybean and cotton is wholesome, and hygienic for your baby’s skin.

Main features

  • 50% cotton/ 50% soybean
  • Imported
  • 50% soy fibers
  • 50% cotton
  • Extra bassinet mattress zippered sheet

Verified reviews


A lot smaller than I thought

Had to return this item because it ended up being a lot smaller than I thought. However, I really did like the zip all the way around the liner. Bummer it didn’t fit.

Elizabeth Ancramdale, NY

Nice quality, no issues with shrinking

I am very happy with the quality of this product. No issues with shrinking, even though I once dried it on hot. Maybe the company responded to previous reviews complaining about issues with shrinkage, but I did not experience any problems.

Britney Thetford Center, VT

These are horrible

I love everything about the Uppababy stroller, but the bassinet covers. They just don’t fit! I washed it in cold water stretched it out and let it air dry and it’s still too tight. I found a company on line that makes covers in a bunch of colors and different fabrics that’s fits 100 % better. Don’t bother getting this

Maggie Romeoville, IL

Everything it needs to be

This cover is made well, durable, and very comfy. Has worked very well in our bassinet. I have No complaints.

Tiffany Bunnell, FL

Safety Hazard? Shrinks and Causes Gap Between Mattress and Bassinet

This is a safety hazard. I bought this because it was the only mattress cover that I could find to fit the UppaBaby Vista bassinet mattress. As others have mentioned, this cover shrinks, even when dried on super low heat. I think it must be made with fabric that is not pre-shrunk, because the shrinking is so significant that after laundering, it fits so snugly over the mattress that there is a gap between the mattress and the top/bottom of the bassinet. You’d be better off having a custom mattress cover made from pre-washed, pre-shrunk fabric than using this cover.

Debra Arroyo Grande, CA

Good cover, terrible washing instructions

I like this cover because it’s definitely nice to have a spare. However the washing instructions for this thing are kind of ridiculous for a baby. You are supposed to hand wash it and then hang to dry. In my mind, if it’s for my baby, it should be able to go in the washer and dryer. Mine shrunk and I called Uppababy and they replaced them for free which was really great. Excellent customer service but still annoying that they can’t be dried.

Letha Brevig Mission, AK

Tried to use it on another mattress (Britax B-Ready). Didn’t fit. My fault!

I can’t fairly give it less than 5 starts since I was trying to use it for not its intended purpose.I really liked the fact that it’s organic so I ordered it to try and fit my britax b-ready bassinet mattress. Didn’t fit. Otherwise, I would have been a happy camper!Don’t get this unless you have a Uppababy Vista Bassinet. Kudos for Uppababy on providing a mattress cover you can buy as a spare. Babies make messes? Who knew?!? UppaBaby did!

Madelyn West Brooklyn, IL

Great fit

I have had no problems mentioned in the other reviews. My husband even put this in the dryer and I only noticed minimal shrinkage (and not enough that it really mattered). I do let it air dry to be safe but I haven’t had any problems yet.

Estella Cairo, IL

smaller than original cover

delivered promptlyproduct is smaller than original coveri had to air dry the cover fear of shrinkagein search of a better fitted cover.

Jeanne Leota, MN

Yes, it shrinks.

But I could easily stretch it out and put it back on. NBD, no superhuman strength required. It’s nice to have an extra because Sir Baby only sleeps in the bassinet.

Cindy Luxor, PA

Fits perfectly

No complaints with this. Fits the bassinet mattress perfectly. I have one spare for using while I clean the first. That seems to be all I need. Washes well.

Brandie Pulaski, PA

Too Small For Oval Bassinet Mattress

We washed this one time on warm and dried it on normal with the baby’s crib sheets and all of our new baby blankets. We didn’t try it on the mattress for fit before we washed it. I’ve never had sheets shrink, so I’m not sure if this shrank or was too small before washing, but it wouldn’t go on the oval mattress at all. Together my husband and I used a lot of force and were able to bend our mattress and get it into the sheet and zipped up… resulting in a majorly buckled mattress which now falls about four inches short of the ends of the bassinett! And there is no way I’d put baby on something so uneven and uncomfortable, it’s crazy. We have no choice but to look elsewhere.

Joann Readyville, TN

Shrinks and twists with washing, but usable

While following the washing instructions these matress covers shrink and twist. The shrinkage wasn’t as bad as many of the other reviewers mentioned…we can still use them, we just have to stretch and pull them a bit first. It would be good if the manufacturer would take the time to wash the fabric before sewing the matress covers to prevent this issue.

Katelyn Woodruff, UT

Love uppababy!

This cover is soft and fits well. I like that it’s organic. I especially appreciated it when my son was a newborn and we first-time parents were struggling to master diapering!

Alicia Hermitage, TN

Nice fabric, very tight fit

I like the terrycloth feel of the fabric on this mattress cover, but I wonder if they could have made it have a snug fit without requiring you to SQUEEZE the mattress into place? It’s a very tight fit, even following the washing directions exactly (warm water wash, air dry). The fabric also is quite thick, which means that it takes a good day in Massachusetts to dry out. I would like to see a little more give in the fit, and am really wondering why they couldn’t pre-shrink the fabric so that it could go in the dryer!

Elizabeth Jackson Heights, NY

does the job

i bought this as a second cover for our bassinet as our baby sleeps in it a lot but the cover was too small, was hard to do up and squished the mattress. the quality is fine but i was disappointed at the fit.

Imelda Lynchburg, MO