UPPAbaby Vista Cup Holder

UPPAbaby Vista Cup Holder

VISTA Cup Holder The VISTA Cup Holder allows you to bring along your favorite beverage on all your outings. Our unique chain design reduces spillage and can fold out of the way when not in use. Dual-side attachment points allow the user to attach the cup holder on either side of the stroller handle. Let’s face it, you need a place to put that giant cup of coffee! *This accessory is compatible will all VISTA models with a born on date of September 2007 or later. See image of attachment piece above. Unique chain design moves with beverage, reducing spillage Lightweight, minimal appearance Designed to fold up and out of the way Stroller can fold with cup holder attached

Main features

  • Cup holder attaches to vista stroller on either side
  • No spill motion design
  • Unique chain design that moves with the beverage, reducing spillage
  • Lightweight, minimal appearance
  • Designed to fold up and out of the way

Verified reviews


The best automatic cup cleaner I’ve ever used

This thing is amazing. I put in a cup of coffee while taking my son for a walk. Thanks to the patented “spring bounce” action, the cup was clean of all coffee by the time we’d walked two blocks. I wouldn’t have to clean the cup myself. Thanks, Uppababy! And the best thing? It never needs batteries, as it operates using the power of your own motion. Brilliant.Being a parent doesn’t leave you with much time for cleaning cups. If you’ve got some cups that need to be emptied, buy this cup holder and let the engineers at Uppababy solve your cup cleaning problems for you while you take care of your kid.I understand that some of you purchased this product under the impression you would be able to keep a drink in it. I’m afraid you were mistaken. That’s the bad news. The good news is you’ll develop good arm muscle tone pushing the stroller with one hand.

Velma Jourdanton, TX

Wish I’d bought two…

Works great, comes off and back on easily or folds up when not in use. I wasn’t sure I would need this when we bought it but I use it all the time. The only thing I wish is that we’d bought two so when my husband is with me, we can both have our drinks in them. Definitely recommend.

Delia Hamberg, ND

horribly flawed

Like most everyone else who owns the UPPAbaby Vista, I HATE the cupholder. I am always bumping it on things and it falls off… a couple of times with a drink in it, once with a $4 latte that spilled everywhere. 🙁 It just simply sticks out too far and isn’t secure enough, though it is nice that it folds against the side when not in use (or you can just take it off completely). It would have been better if it attached to the inside of the handle, not the outside. But since I haven’t found any other attachable cup holders that work I’m still using this one. I’m just more mindful not to get too close to anything on the side with my drink, and try to use only bottles with caps. No more cups without lids.

Tabitha New Kent, VA

what’s all the fuss about?

If it breaks off your stoller you haven’t affixed it properly! although, yes, if you have the holder in the “hold a cup” position and bang into a wall or door frame, there is a good chance it will break. i haven’t had any issues with this cup holder. My only gripe is that it is noisy when you go over bumps as the chains rattle around.

Petra Higley, AZ


This $20 cup holder falls apart all the time. I’ve taken pliers several times to try to squeeze the links together to keep them from falling apart.

Enid Hamshire, TX

Not as bad as people are saying..

I bought my stroller this summer after having too many to admit. This is the best one yet and I actually like the cup holder. Mine has not fallen apart, is not lopsided and has not come off unless I took it off myself. I like that it folds upwards (toward the stroller) if you are going through a small area where other cupholders would get you stuck.I will admit I was hesitant at 1st but the only time Ive had a problem was when we were walking through a apple orchard and the ground was bumpy and my ice coffee was bouncing so much it leaked. I think it would have happened with any cupholder. I love that you can have one on each side so dad can put his drink in OR you can switch sides you want it on. I can easily fit a large Dunks Ice Coffee in it as well as a large soda. I have not seen the new design they made this year but Im thinking of purchasing another one of these so I can have two. Solid plastic ones Ive had in the past have broken during the in and out of the car deal..

Earline Elk Point, SD

The worst cup holder Award!

Who decided to create a cup holder made from a chain link? I know parents are wondering why Uppa Baby created such a great stroller but a Awful!! cup holder. My coffee spilled all over the stroller handle and floor. Even if you walk REAL SLOW the cup holder is not stable. Other patrents have told me stories about the cup holder just falling off. This cup holder is not worth the money.

Virginia Rosalia, WA


Don’t buy this! Total waste of money. Chains always break. Drinks spill. Cups break. Such a mess. Sticks out so far you can’t fit through standard doorways. Go with a Jolly Jumper or Joovy Organizer instead. Save yourself the headache.

Traci Drumright, OK

For as good as the stroller is, this is terrible!

This is the WORST cup holder. First off, it makes the stroller even wider than it already is and bangs against my doorframe every time. 2nd, when I flip it up to stow it away, it falls back down. And 3rd, Baby bottles fall right out of it b/c the chains are too far apart! overall, it sucks! I recommend the sunshine kids or baby jogger console instead. that goes between the handle so it doesn’t stick out the side and it holds any kind of beverage and your cell phone.

Nancy Jellico, TN

Surprised I Like It

I read so much about how hated the uppababy cup holder is that I tried others before I got this one. After trying some options that were beyond useless, the last of which was theBaby Jogger Liquid Holster, I saw someone using the uppababy vista cup holder and decided to try it. To my surprise it works pretty well. I’ve used it with bottles of water to large iced coffees and found it actually works really well. I tried it with a hot coffee and wouldn’t recommend that because it’s bouncy enough for liquid to bounce out the top. The only other criticism would be that it will sometimes pop off in the trunk of the car when I’ve folded the stroller. Otherwise it works pretty much like it’s supposed to. The things I like about this better than other options are that it doesn’t get in the way of the stroller recline the way cup holders that attach across the handle bars do. Also, the vista is a pretty wide stroller so I really like that the cup holder can fold out of the way when it’s not in use. In the end, it’s the favorite cup holder for the vista that I’ve tried so to my great surprise I like this and use it all the time.

Lina Heartwell, NE

Spills drinks everywhere

As the other reviews have noted, this cup holder does not hold drinks well. I tend to use it for hot drinks, especially this time of year, and I can’t put the drinks in the holder until they’re more than half empty — otherwise they’ll spill everywhere. If you intend to use this cup holder on any sort of sidewalk with any drink that doesn’t have a tightly closed lid, it won’t work: Any bounce from the sidewalk, and your drink will spray down the side of the stroller.I haven’t had any trouble with the chains breaking yet in the six weeks I’ve been using it, but the construction does seem flimsy, so I can see where that might happen in future. The flip-up design enabled by the chains is a nice idea in theory, but doesn’t work in practice.Interestingly, my cup holder came with a warning sticker on the bottom that you’re not supposed to use it with hot drinks — I guess this is UPPAbaby’s acknowledgement that the design doesn’t work because it spills and thus could be dangerous with hot drinks. But why waste money on a cup holder that will only hold some of the drinks you take along? It makes more sense to buy something that securely holds any drink you might want, instead. I’m going to be replacing it with the Jolly Jumper caddy.

Casandra Canyondam, CA

Awful accessory DO NOT BUY THIS ONE!

I LOVE MY UPPA BABY VISTA! I HATE this cup holder, it was so expensive for what it is, the chain links are flimsy at best, and as per other reviewers it does, in fact, fall off all the time. Shopping with this thing is embarrassing, having such a nice stroller it is embarrassing when you are walking into things and it comes off spilling your hot coffee all over the stroller, your clothes and at times, merchandise that I DO NOT want to pay for! What an awful design surprising from a company that creates the most useful stroller I have found (after much research I might add!)This flimsy accessory is a huge rip off, do NOT fall for it, I think I might sell mine and get another brand that fits on any stroller, a friend of mine has one and her’s works perfectly. By the way the whole issue with the chains allowing the drinks to move along bumpy roads is a lie. It does no such thing. Even walking of a smooth side walk, the coffee will spill as you walk across the side walk seam lines that attach each block together. It is the most poorly designed cup holder.

Beatriz New Lisbon, NY

Really cheaply made

Paid 20 dollars for this cheap piece of plastic that most likely cost 50 cents to manufacture. It works, but is very flimsy and feels like it will break soon. Uppababy really could have done better.After a year if use I am changing my review from 1 star to 4 stars. Whle it is cheaply made and overpriced, it has worked well and stood the test of time. For lack of other choices, I highly recommend this item.

Becky Highland Park, NJ