UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat, Black, 2014 and earlier

UPPAbaby Vista RumbleSeat, Black, 2014 and earlier

Convert your VISTA stroller to a double in-line stroller with ease and style. Designed exclusively for VISTA models 2014 and earlier, the Rumble Seat converts a single stroller to a double in-line stroller in seconds. Whether it’s a quick stroll to the supermarket or a long, leisurely walk through the park, this exclusive seat provides maximum comfort and style for parents’ precious cargo.

Main features

  • Fits VISTA models 2014 and earlier
  • Older child sits in Rumble Seat with infant closer to parent in infant car seat-10 second “no tools” attachment and removal to stroller (Rumble Seat must be removed in order to fold)
  • Wheels are out of hands’ reach – no fender kits required-3 possible stroller configurations (not to be used in conjunction with the Bassinet)
  • 5-point harness with 3-point height adjustment-No flip when primary child gets out-
  • Removable canopy extends fully to back of primary seat-Removable and washable fabric
  • Five point harness
  • Converts a single stroller to a double in line stroller in seconds, up to 35 pounds
  • Canopy with SPF 50+
  • Footpad and padded seat
  • Quick, easy snap on

Verified reviews


Rumble Seat- Still Pretty Awesome 18 Months In

I have 2 girls almost exactly 2 years apart, and got this to add to my 2009 Vista when the younger was born. I was skeptical about how much use I’d get out of it, and whether my older daughter would object to being in this seat, but I can say I am happy with the amount of use I’ve gotten out of the Rumble Seat in the last 18+ months. It was less useful with the carseat adapter, but got to be really handy when younger sis could go in the regular toddler seat. So many options- sometimes the little one would be in the ergo and I’d use the Vista as a single, or we’d roll with it as a double. Once I got the hang of it, I could snap the rumble seat on and off in 30 seconds.Now, I have 2 walkers, and we don’t use a stroller quite as much as we used to, but my 3 year old still likes to hop in the rumble seat and have a snack when she gets tired. The girls prefer riding facing each other– they don’t seem to be bothered by the one having her feet in the other’s face. Sometimes they trade places for fun. My older is super tall (38″) so took the sunshade off ages ago, and just use the seat without it. I don’t miss it.Even with the second seat the stroller handles better than most full sized singles. Be careful that the foot rest is properly attached to the bars(it stays there even if the seat isn’t on) – I got lazy and left the velcro undone and the basket ripped from the weight of the rumble seat occupant’s feet.Would I do it all again? There’s a bunch of cool doubles out there now (like the city select) and so maybe my decision would be harder now. Also, if you have 2 kiddos riding 100% of the time, a real double (like a side by side) might suit you better. But given that I already have a Vista and could use a double now and then, the rumble seat definitely works. Now I need to decide if I want to splurge for a piggyback too…

Dianne Withee, WI

not for a toddler and baby combo (24 months apart)

Maybe if you have two toddlers this would work for you. My children are 24 months apart. I worried the older one wouldn’t like sitting rear-facing, which is the only option for this rumble seat, but I tried it anyway. Rear facing wasn’t the problem exactly – it’s that to get sufficient head clearance for the bottom rider you have to have the main seat fully upright. My baby is not ready to sit fully upright. With any sort of recline in the top seat, the rumble seat is just too cramped. There’s no way my older child would ride in it. In fact, even with the main seat fully upright, he refused to get in the rumble seat! What a disappointment, because I love my Vista. Now we have to go buy a double stroller.

Roseann Freedom, OK

Not worth it!

After a few days of using it we realized when our two year old daughter fell asleep in it, her head was constantly falling forwarder or the side. It was extremely uncomfortable. We tried different neck pillows but the situation did not get better. A representative from uppa baby told me on the phone that this is not a double stroller, the second seat is there only as an additional convenience pretty much and there is nothing I can do to help my daughter sleep better except for the neck pillows. If I knew that, I who would have probably saved my money for a different double stroller. One more negative on the uppa baby is that the navigation is very bad with both seats. Uneven pavements are difficult to maneuver with the vista, and certainly not with one hand when I tr to take a sip out of my coffe or talk on the phone. Additionaly there is hardly any sun protection on the second seat. I need to add a cloth on top in addition for my daughter to always have to wear a hat. That beeing said, I am currently looking for a different double stroller. Very disappointed for the quality with such a high cost.

Elnora Big Lake, AK

Good as occasional seat, not great for twins

The rumble seat is pretty cool, and definitely is a nice option. It attaches easily after you get the hang of it, has a nice harness, and the stroller overall still maneuvers easily compared to a cheaper double stroller.But there are 2 main flaws.With equal weight children (20ish lbs) it is not super stable. There have been times it felt like it would topple over when I take a turn quickly (like trying to get off the sidewalk and into the crosswalk). Perhaps if a lighter child were in the top seat then the heavier lower center of gravity would fix that.Problem #2 – no recline. If the baby falls asleep, her head lolls forward. I’m not worried about obstructed airways at this point, with a big strong babe. But it doesn’t promote rest! And I have had ppl see it and call out to me from their cars in concern.

Yvonne Homer, MN

It works…

my toddler is about 31 lbs and doesn’t mind the seat for a short period of time. It is more difficult to steer and push. I tried my baby in the rumble seat 8 months old now, but he can’t recline… and if facing each other the toddler will kick the baby. They like to face each other and it works with the toddler in the rumble seat. Great for short periods of time, since the toddler can’t watch where we are going and doesen’t have a lot of room. I just purchased the piggy back and hopefully this will help with the slightly longer rides or help with the difficulty of pushing or steering.

Joan Moody, AL

Not so great

I really wanted this to work. I LOVE my Uppababy and used it all the time for my first. He is now 19mths and we have a newborn. We decided to try this even though reviews aren’t great. The seat goes on easy enough and looks good with the stroller. After using it two times around the block with my son in it and newborn I was sad to see it just didn’t work. Very poor visibility to the one sitting in the rumble seat. My son kicked at the seat in front of him the entire time. Just didn’t work for us so we returned it. I may get the piggyback bar when my first gets a bit older. I have since purchased the Bumbleride Indie Twin. Will review that one after I use it a few more times but so far so good!

Pamala San German, PR

Amazing Versatility

We got the Vista when we were expecting our second child. Our oldest was going to be 2.5 when his younger brother was born and already liked walking so I didn’t want a dedicated double stroller but knew I would need a double stroller some of the time. For my needs, the Rumble Seat is perfect. Most of the time I use the stroller as a single or with theUPPAbaby PiggyBack Ride Along Boardbut if we’re going to a busy part of town or will be walking a longer distance than I use the Rumble Seat.I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how maneuverable and easy to push the stroller is with the Rumble Seat on it. My son is around 32 lbs and in the lower seat so I was worried the stroller would be off balance but it’s really not bad. It’s less maneuverable than a single stroller for sure but that’s not a fair comparison. Compared to a true double stroller or even some other tandem strollers on the market it’s great. I have no problems pushing up ramps or up over curbs even with my close to the weight limit son in the lower seat and my infant in the main seat. I also don’t have problems over brick or cobblestone. If you’re using the rumble seat it will take two hands most of the time to push it but I think this is pretty typical of any stroller with two children in it.Finally, I was worried my son wouldn’t like sitting in it because his view is obstructed but that hasn’t been a problem at all. At times I thought it would be nice for the seat to recline because usually my son is in the rumble seat when he’s too tired to walk anymore but the lack of recline hasn’t stopped him from falling asleep in the seat. And then having a seat that reclined would just make the stroller heavier and more cumbersome and take away from the flexibility of this option that I like so much.Having lived with this for several months I’m so happy we made the decision to go with the vista + rumble seat instead of buying a new double stroller. I don’t think this would work well for twins or for babies much closer in age, but for us with a toddler who likes to walk and an infant this has been the perfect choice.

Evangelina Buena Park, CA

son loves it

My son is 20 months old, he is 34 inches tall and 30 pounds, that’s 90th percentile. He can get into the seat himself but not out (good!) The view for the little guy in the rumble seat when the other seat is in forward position is extremely limited but he didn’t see to mind at all. Planning to use it with the baby carrier when baby #2 arrive in a few weeks, but haven’t experimented with that yet.VERY EASY to put the seat on and off the stroller. didn’t add weight to it except it is harder to steer due to the added weight on the front wheels. Cheaper than buying a whole new 2-seater stroller.you will lose the room in the undercarriage basket so no more trips to the grocery store with the stroller and 2 babies without the car, but this is the only con.very pleased with this, if you LOVE your Uppababy like I do, you will be very very happy to add this extra seat on for your growing family.

Debra Wallace, CA

it would outgrow

This is great if your kids are a year apart. My kids are two years apart and it was just too small after 6 months of using it. Maybe my eldest child has a big head lol.

Kim Pursglove, WV


This is a great addition to our stroller. It is difficult to put on the stroller and I broke a peice off but it still works very well. Wish it was a little easier to attached but not a huge deal.

Callie Armstrong, IL

Good opinion

It is good to have the opinion for my stroller. However, the weight limit is only to 36 lbs. it is not good to put the top seat face me because as some viewer stated before the kid on top is sitting too close to lower one head can kick his face. I ended up also buy a double stroller. And use this to travel to places that better with a single stroller. I also had the light weight upper baby stroller which I love to travel with.

Velma Saint Louisville, OH

Awesome for transporting 2nd kid

We bought this last year and have been using it every since by second baby was born. My kids are now 36 months and 10 months old. The 3 year old enjoys sitting in the seat and it’s nice to have as an option strolling through the mall, zoo or other places we go. Usually the 3 year old prefers to walk but this is a nice option. I totally love my uppa vista stroller, purchased way back in 2010. Yes, these are not small strollers. I can put the stroller folded up in my SUV trunk with the rumble seat attached but there is pretty much no room elsewhere (and it’s a big trunk). However, it takes about 3 seconds at the most to take the rumble seat off so it’s easy to take on and off in the mall parking lot, etc…For people wondering about the piggy back board too-my 3 year old barely uses it. I have a hard time walking with her standing there at my feet and the whole thing will tip if you are going up a ramp/curb/etc.If you already have the vista and need to transport 1 more child this is the way to go.

Olive Laurinburg, NC

Not so comfy but usable

I like this product because it expands the use of my single stroller and makes it double which is a huge help and convenience when pushing around two babies.Likes: Can push two babies in one stroller, that is loads front and back and not side to side which makes it easier to maneuver in store aisles, easy to put on and take offDislikes: The babies end up being very close together, I am not sure how this would work with bigger kids as of right now I am putting to infants in the stroller, only fits on one way so the baby in the rumble seat has to face backwards which means they either look at the other baby or the back of the other seat.I have seen and used other friend’s double strollers and think that this is still the better option. It is very similar to the City Select stroller that can also be converted into a double stroller I just liked the feel of the whole stroller better when I made my original selection on strollers.

Juliana Fertile, MN

great seat but not practical

It served its purpose for sure. I didn’t like the idea of my daughter being so close to the floor, but it’s actually still pretty high up. My second is only 5weeks now so he’s still attached t the carseat in the stroller but when he does use the seat that came with the stroller, i do worry that he might kick my daughter in the face. But my husband assured me by the time our second is old enough to face out and away from us, our daughter will be old enough to use the piggy ride attachment. My other concern is the weight limit on the rumble is not very high. My daughter is always so slender and doesn’t gain weight easily..so hopefully we can utilize the seat as long as we can. We really like that we can attach the seat and not have to worry about pushing around another stroller. My biggest drawback is the seat has to be taken out before the stroller can be folded and strored in the trunk. Not the best option for practicality especially us living in vancouver, one of the wettest areas in canada.

Adela Chillicothe, IL

Sort of meh but it works.

This adds function and versatility to the UBV. It sort of sucks that there is no recline, no option for the seat to face out, where all the action is. My son (2) is laid back and doesn’t seem to mind too much, but he’s stuck staring at the back of sister’s car seat. I’d recommend a side by side compact stroller in addition – I’m a stroller-a-holic, but I love the city mini double for neighborhood walks, zoo trips, arboretum visits etc so both kids have a good view. It does the job of offering my two year old a seat but its not the best option for two, 2 yrs and under.

Cecile Oakville, TX

Can be a little cramped for the child using the Rumble Seat.

I bought the UPPAbaby stroller with the intension of buying this seat and using it as a double when we had our second child. Well when our son was 2 we had our daughter. It definitely was hard the first few times to get my 2 year old to be happy in the rumble seat. He will use it now but not for to long as he can’t see as much and he is a little squished in the seat. You can’t recline the originally seat at all when using the rumble seat or he would have no space at all and the basket is also a lot less usable because their feet have to be in the basket. That being said it works well just isn’t as comfortable as the original seat. Also the bigger child has to be in the rumble seat which makes sense, but I just didn’t realize that before purchasing it. Also the second seat makes this stroller EXTREMELY bulky to put in the car. Sure you can remove it but reinstalling it takes a few minutes.I found that also having the Piggy Back as well was great, because he can take a break from the rumble seat to stand and ride.

Emily Tangerine, FL

Easy to install, double-stroller solution.

It is easy to install and remove. We use it as a double stroller for our two boys. Our 27 month old loves to sit and look at his younger brother, we can see him easily while we navigate around the city. The toddler is on the smaller side and fits well with good leg room. Its a great way to add a second seat without having to buy a double stroller. Weight distribution does make it a little harder to steer and sometimes it can be hard to see bumps ahead, but then again this is an add-on and not a true double-stroller.

Sherri Cortlandt Manor, NY

Not happy with the set up when 2 kids are in stroller

The stroller is not designed properly for 2 kids. When my toddler sits in the rumble seat, his face is inches from the bottom of the infant bucket seat. He’ll have a bit more space when I’m able to put my baby girl in an actual seat, but still – not ideal. Would be better if he faced out. also- its hard to turn corners in it because there’s so much weight at the very front.

Rena Round Rock, TX

It’s great

We got the rumble seat when my oldest child was 21 months old and my youngest was a newborn. My oldest is now 3.5yrs old and she can still use this (though she’s fast approaching the 35lb limit). We’ve gotten a ton of use out of it. I kept it in the trunk of my car all the time. Whenever we went on long strolls, to the zoo, etc… we brought it along in case our oldest got tired. If we were walking over snack time or lunch, it was nice to put her in the rumble and let her eat without having to stop. If she was being cranky, I could put her in there with a book or a toy and she felt like it was her own little private space away from everyone.Now, she almost always walks so it doesn’t get a ton of use but we still throw stuff in it (it is useful for more storage). She’s a “big girl” now and strollers are for babies, lol.I think this is a great addition to the Vista.

Jayne Melvin Village, NH


We bought this as insert for our UB VIsta since we’re doing a nanny share and thought it would be easier than purchasing a whole separate double stroller. We’ve given it about two months, but unfortunately looks like we’re giving up and getting a side-by-side stroller after all. The way the Rumble Seat attaches is just completely uncomfortable for the kid sitting in back — there’s no recline whatsoever, and their head just falls directly forward as thye start to fall asleep. It’s fine for a short errand, but you can’t go for a long walk and expect the child in the back to be able to sleep. And actually it’s harder on the child in the top level as well, because that seat, if it’s facing you, can’t recline without basically hitting the bottom kid in the face.

Mary Hillman, MI

Doesn’t work so well with two heavier

We have not had the best experience with this. It’s well made and fits the stroller nicely, but the concept is better than the execution. When the smaller baby is I true infant, the older child makes the stroller to heavy to maneuver. When the infant gets a little older and can sit in either seat, one child will have their view constantly at the level of the other child’s feet. I also had to have my stroller frame replaced twice by Uppababy b/c I think the weight of my larger child sitting in the Rumble Seat caused the folding joint to malfunction. Uppababy’s customer service is great, but we really don’t use this stroller with both kids, b/c it’s not a comfortable ride for anyone. And we LOVED our Vista when we had just one child. Too bad. We now spend most of our walks in a Babyjogger City Select tandem.

Claudine Jackson, MT

Works Great for Its Intended Purpose

If you are looking for a full-size double stroller seat, this is not the stroller/seat for you. However, the Rumble Seat is a great seat for your toddler who doesn’t plan on being in the stroller for extended periods of time. The seat attaches in a matter of seconds and does not take up a lot of extra space in the trunk. I have found that if you face the main seat away from you (facing out) and then attach this seat, the toddler has a better view and the ride is a little more enjoyable. It would be great if the seat could recline a little bit, in case your toddler doses off while you walk, but all in all I would recommend this seat, especially because it really does not effect the way the stroller maneuvers.

Janine Wardell, MO