UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, Green Carlin

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, Green Carlin

This comes with DNA consisting of 50% sports car, 50% super utility vehicle and 100% performance, the VISTA stroller system is ready to take you to a new level of enjoyment. UPPAbaby is an company, dedicated to creating a better environment for our children. It comes with an eco inspired organic bassinet. This carrier is fully lined with a blend of organic soybean and cotton. The optional adapters are available for infant seats for Graco, Peg Perego and Chicco.

Main features

  • Ready to take you to a new level of enjoyment
  • Creating a better environment for our children
  • Eco inspired organic bassinet
  • A blend of organic soybean and cotton

Verified reviews


Tall guy liked it- but picked the bugaboo!

After a detailed search and some very helpful amazon reviews, I narrowed our choices down to the bugaboo cameleon and the vista. My hubby is 6’7 so the extending handle is EXTREMELY important to me. Secretly I had my heart set on the vista. Why? 1) not a bugaboo (sign of yuppie excess) 2) a little more rugged. 3) optional jumpseat is so cool if we have another. 4) great accessories and features like the HUGE basket! 5) one-piece fold, unlike bugaboo.Here are the key downsides: 1) Wider than most. We live in the city and the bugaboo is a leaner stroller. 2) The foot brake. Wow, it’s stiff, and you have to put your foot under it to pop it up. Not fun at all in flipflops, and I wear those every day! 3) other reviewers have noted that the upright position isn’t so upright. Not sure if this means a lot to me.At the end of the day, though, my husband chose the bugaboo. I have a feeling that in a few years, when Uppa irons out the commonly-seen complaints for their product like width, they will be the superior product, but alas, in the meantime, we chose the one with a few more years of fine-tuning! As a note, recent model bugaboos do not have inflatable tires, they use the foam wheels. Big huge plus that definitely contributed to my decision. No inflating for me!RE: price, recently close-out models of navy blue and orange bugaboos have been available for about the same price as the uppa, so that evens out the playing field for that issue (if you like those colors)!

Genevieve Monticello, KY

Excellent us – strong, sturdy, good in snow, and comes with everything you need

Before we had our son two years ago, we thought we would be one of those families with a $20 umbrella stroller. Spending more than $50 on a stroller seemed the height of absurdity for us. We lived in a one bedroom apartment in Boston without a car and couldn’t fathom storing a clunky stroller (a Strolls Royce) or subjecting other people to one on narrow streets or on public transportation.But, I have a 15-minute commute to work that involves lots of crossings, cobblestones, and a big hill, and my baby would be in a daycare in my office building. My coworkers who had babies in the same daycare warned me that a more substantial stroller would be a wise investment given the tough winter weather conditions and the need to push the baby and all his stuff up a steep incline in those tough weather conditions (wind, snow, ice, and lots of rain). Plus there are no baby stores accessible to us – if that $20 strioller broke, it would not be easy to just go get another one. It would involve renting a car or waiting over a week for internet delivery and paying shipping.So I spent an unholy amount of time on the internet researching my options and narrowed my choices to the Uppababy, the Britax B-Ready, and a few others. I decided on the UppaBaby Vista because of the huge basket, all the accessories (bassinet!) reports of great customer service, resale value, possibility that it could easily turn into a double, and the fact that the 2010 orange Alex one was on sale on amazon for $500. We had considered going to Hingham to buy a refurbuished one from the factory for $400 but ended up getting a new one the amazon one because it included a bassinet and we could return it.We have been using and abusing the thing nonstop since our son was born in March 2011, in all kinds of weather, and it has not given us one ounce of trouble (boy is now 22 months old). We took it out of the box when he was one month old and put it together in 5 minutes. When you are a sleep deprived new parent you need things to be easy. The bassinet doubled as a travel bed and we plan to use it as a newborn bed for our next child. Our baby slept so well in it. Some people complain that the ride isn’t as smooth as, say, a Bugaboo, but our baby loved the "clickety-clickety" sound of the Vista over cobblestones. Put him right to sleep. My tall husband appreciated the adjustable handle.Things got even better when he graduated from the bassinet to the seat at 6 months. The seat in the 2010 version does not have a full recline (I hear newer versions have this) but our baby never minded. If it was time to sleep, he slept in it. The seat faces both in and out – which is a nice option – but my baby preferred sitting facing out – which was great because the stroller folds easily that way (if the seat faces in, you have to turn it out before folding).Every aspect of this stroller has been well thought out. The large basket meant I never had to carry anything – and could easily go grocery shopping with him. We were prepared for all types of weather – sun (UV shield), rain, wind and snow (sturdy plastic cover) and mosquitos (We don’t have any but whatever). i am impressed with how well the UV shield and plastic cover have held up considering how we have constantly shoved them here and there with little thought for almost two years. The fabrics can be easily washed in a machine. Everything is easy easy easy.Except the fold. The fold is a little tricky. I tested it several times while pregnant and thought I would never be able to do it. For the first six months we had a situation where I could open it but only my husband could fold it. But when push came to shove and I had to start folding it, I learned how to do it. It is still a little tricky but not a deal breaker. I like that it folds in one piece.I waited almost two years to review this because I had not had the chance to test it in the snow. I bought it specifically because I was told that it handled ice and snow very well but we had practically no snow last winter (2011-2012) – which is unheard of in Boston. Well, last week we had a big snowstorm and I finally got to test it. The reviewers were right. It is not a 4-wheel drive or anything but it handles very well over ice and snow.I don’t recommend using it for public transportation It is really awkward on buses and a a pain in the neck on the subways here because some of the stations don’t have elevators. You need an elevator if you are going to take this on the subway. Until 18 months, we used a baby carrier for subways and buses – now we use a $20 umbrella stroller. It is also really big and awkward for stores and interiors.I also don’t recommend it for travelling in a car. It will probably occupy most of your trunk space. It is not an easily portable stroller.Bottm line: this stroller was really perfect for us – city people without a car. It is sturdy, solid, dependable, and comes with everything you need. Plus, we won’t have to ever buy a double stroller and we can resell it. It is five stars for me but I don’t know if it would be as perfect if you don’t use a stroller every day and your main form of transport is a car.

Suzanne Morris, NY

love my UPPAbaby!

We have the 2008 model in Alex (orange) color which I absolutely adore. I love the interchangable seats and am sad that my 5.5 month old has outgrown the bassinet! We used that A LOT for the first few months. When I was researching what stroller to buy I remember reading reviews that the bassinet can’t be used on the floor separately because it collapses. That, however, is not true. There are two support bars you have to snap in place underneath the cushion. Once you do that, it’s very supportive and can be set on the floor inside, which is great when baby falls asleep on a walk. Now UPPAbaby even has a bassinet holder, which is adorable.Now that my son’s outgrown the bassinet I love that the stroller seat can face towards me when I’m walking him (though you can’t fold it in this position with seat on). I also love that when he gets sleepy I can tilt the seat back and he’s very comfy for a nap.The storage basket is HUGE, especially since I hang my diaper bag on the handle bars with straps that came with my diaper bag. The stroller is quite wide, so maneuvering in small spaces (i.e. many stores) can be tricky, but you do get used to it.My only real gripe with this stroller is the cup holder which is horrible (falls off constantly, with drinks in it!). I haven’t come up with a solution for this yet, so when I have a drink in it I’m just extra careful not to get too close to anything on the side with my drink. But even with that one flaw I would recommend this stroller to everyone. In fact, I did just yesterday standing in line at the coffee shop!

Hannah Marysvale, UT

Worth every penny

This is definitely not the cheapest stroller, but it’s wonderful. After months of research, we settled on this one, and have not regretted it for a single moment.Advantages:- Easy fold- Great for tall and short people- HUGE basket- Works with carseat (we have the Chicco Snugride 30)- Separate bassinet and toddler seat (unlike the Bugaboos)- Solid wheels (no flats)- Smooth ride for baby- Very nice bassinet: our daughter liked it better than any other sleeping surface for the first few weeks.- Solid constructionDisadvantages:- It’s heavy. We live up a third floor walkup. Not fun.- It’s wide. It still fits through normal doorways, but it does require some maneuvering. On the other hand, this also means it’s very stable, and that you don’t have to worry when walking through crowds.- It’s pretty big.Overall, I think for air travel you might want an umbrella stroller, but for everyday use, this one is the BEST!

Ruth Whittier, CA

Great so far

Baby hasn’t arrived yet but I’ve taken this stroller for a spin, or two, with my 43 pound almost 5 year old and it pushes so nicely (he is too tall for it but otherwise fits great in the seat). He doesn’t seem to mine that the seat doesn’t fully come up but I’m not so sure a toddler would feel the same way. The seat and bassinet sit up nice and high so you don’t have to bend all the way over and the baby is higher when pushed up to a table.I love how easy it is to change from seat to bassinet and from front facing to back facing. The fold on my stoller was also much easier than the one on the stroller in the store. It is big when folded but still very light.The only drawback is that it is a bigger stroller than I had wanted but with the features I think its worth it.Also the green is so pretty, good for both sexes.UPDATE: Baby is 7 months old and we’ve moved to a big city where I take this out walking every single day (been here 3 1/2 months). With all the construction they are doing in this city I have noticed that the stroller is lacking in suspension. It is a bit of a bumpy ride but so far my daughter doesn’t seem to mind. The stroller is holding up great.As expected she is starting to get upset about is the recline. She likes to sit up and I just let her by not putting the shoulder straps on her (they are still too big anyway).All in all I’m really happy with this stroller.I should add that we used the bassinet for the first 3 months as a bed. I just kept it on the floor next to my bed. I didn’t care for the fact the baby could not be held in while riding in the bassinet.We did buy the carseat adapter so she could ride in her carseat- that was well worth the […].Second Update: We’ve now had the stroller for 3 years and 3 different countries! We used it daily in Peru for 18 months on rough sidewalks and loved it. My daughter will be 3 soon and we still use the stroller around town here in Japan. The recline, which bothered her when she was younger, is not an issue anymore. She still sits comfortably in it and enjoys going out in the stroller. She is walking more now so we don’t haul it out as often as we used to. Of course we just found out that #3 is on the way, so I’ll be cleaning up the stroller for the new one. With the piggyback I’m sure this stroller will work out great for us again.

Bethany Melville, MT

Good stroller

This stroller has many good features and just a few annoyances.Pros:-love the turquoise color, very stylish looking stroller-love the bassinet and the seat with reversible option-the basket is huge and holds lots of things (large diaper bags, groceries, older kid’s backpack, etc.)-very easy to maneuver the stroller, even with one hand.-tires hold up very well and roll easily over most terrain-good sun shade, covers completely-easy to pop on bassinet, seat and attachment for infant car seat (sold separately)Cons:-not easy to fold; this is a big inconvenience. I am currently still using the seat in the rear-facing position and have to remove the entire seat, with baby in it, in order to fold the stroller. Removing the seat is very difficult: you have to push a button down on each side of the seat (hard to push, takes a lot of strength), and then when the seat pops out, it tips backwards so you have to be quick to move hands and catch it or baby will fall backwards on head! Big design flaw here! If you don’t need to remove the seat and can just take baby out and leave it, then it is fine. Where I live, this is not an option, so it is maybe not the best stroller for my living situation (an apartment building in the city with a small elevator).-large stroller, wide wheels in the back don’t always fit through doorways!-heavy to liftOverall, it’s a good, solid stroller, and I like it. Great stroller for living in a house in the suburbs. Definitely not city friendly. I wish just a few minor things were changed to make this easier.

Wanda La Habra, CA

good stroller

Good stroller, but not a great double stroller. I purchased this stroller when I was about 8 months pregnant with my second. It is a great stroller for one child, but when you put the larger child in the rumble seat it is difficult to control. I am only 5’2″ and about 130 lbs. I found it slightly difficult to steer and push up or down hills. My toddler is about 30 lbs and my little one is about 12 lbs. I love the look of the stroller and it steers and handles very well with only one child. It is very easy to fold and light weight. The cup holder is terrible, don’t waste your money. It falls apart all the time.

Lily Granger, WY

Easy and convenient

This stroller is amazing – easy to use, easy to maneuver, folds easily, etc. Our baby loves the bassinet (we haven’t used the seat yet). The car seat adapter is easy and convenient to snap in/out, and really quick to interchange with the other seat options. I love the HUGE cargo space – some of the other strollers we considered would not even hold our diaper bag! What I love most is that we have ONE stroller, not an umbrella stroller + travel system + car seat buggy + jogging stroller + …. The UPPAbaby does it all! I wish it came with a cup holder, but actually I haven’t seen any higher-end strollers that included a cup holder. There are some pockets in the cargo space that easily hold drinks with lids, so that’s what I’ve been using.

Frankie Barker, TX

Best Stroller I’ve Found

We’re expecting our second baby and we needed a new stroller. We have two strollers that we used with our first son — the BOB revolution and a Maclaren Triumph. We were looking for a stroller that would at least have a rumble board and preferably also a second seat.We briefly considered the B-Ready but I didn’t like that there wasn’t a roller board attachment. Our first child will be 2.5 when the new baby is born and I imagine we’ll be using a roller board even more than a second seat, especially when he’s over 3.The decision really came down to the Uppababy Vista, the Bugaboo Chameleon, or the City Select. The City Select was the first to get dismissed from contention. I liked the expansion possibilities but that stroller is much longer than the Uppababy. The BOB is also a long stroller (although not as long as the City Select) and I really wanted something that would be more maneuverable in the city. I thought the City Select was a good double but not a great single stroller. I was really hoping for something that could do both.The next to go was the Bugaboo. My son didn’t like the seat of the Bugaboo and refused to sit in it, which could be just him but he didn’t like the way the fabric cover attached to the seat. I didn’t like how hard it was to fold the Bugaboo, which was also a problem I had with the BOB. But it was really in comparison to the Uppababy that the Bugaboo lost out. The chair of the Uppababy is noticeably higher than the Bugaboo. Both my son and I liked having him higher off the ground. I would say the Uppababy is probably the tallest stroller of all the ones we looked at with the exception of the Stokke. The flexibility for the seating on the uppababy was far superior with both the rumbleseat and the piggyback board. My son tried out the rumbleseat in the store and liked sitting in it. And I have to mention again the ease of folding the uppababy. This is really a big deal because I fold and unfold the stroller more than I would have thought – getting it in and out of the car, storing it at daycare, storing it at a restaurant, etc.Now that I’ve had the stroller for a while I like it even more. There are wonderful aspects of the stroller that I didn’t really appreciate until I was using it for a while.The basket under the stroller is massive. I wouldn’t have thought this would be as big a positive to me as it is. It is so easy to run errands with this stroller. I can fit bags of dry cleaning or bags of groceries easily under the stroller with no problem. It’s just fun to take this on a trip around the neighborhood to run errands.Two of the improvements to the 2010 model are really fantastic – the new wheels and the 0 degree recline. I had worried buying the Vista because of previous reviews about the wheels not handling well over uneven sidewalks. All of the sidewalks I use the stroller over are brick and some are very, very uneven. For the last 6 months we’ve had no problems with the redesigned wheels. And for an older baby the 0 degree recline is great. My son loves being able to sit fully upright. I also like how many configurations there are for the seat and how easy it is to make changes to the seat quickly on the go.So now that I’ve gone on and on about how much I love the stroller, I’ll talk about why I gave the stroller 4 instead of 5 stars.The major problem I have with the stroller is the brake. This was also redesigned for 2010 but I don’t recall from looking at the stroller earlier what it was like in previous versions. In the 2010 version the brake is a small pedal above the right wheel. When I step on the brake it doesn’t engage automatically so some or all of the wheels can turn a quarter turn after I’ve engaged the brake. What also makes it confusing is there isn’t any indicator to let you know if you’ve engaged the brake or not. So I can step on the brake, the stroller will keep rolling even though the brake is engaged, then I’ll step on it again and thus disengage it, etc. I think the inability to know quickly and reliably if the stroller is secured is a real problem. It’s also very irritating if I take the stroller on the subway and want it to stay that it can roll a foot or so from where I engage the brake before the brake engages. In small spaces I want the stroller to stop where I put on the brake. I’ve also had similar problems in parking garages.The problems aside, I think this is the best, most flexible, and most adaptable stroller on the market.

Dale Almont, ND

Best Customer Service

Besides being an excellent product, I have never been disappointed when I have called in for any questions, parts, etc.. This is an amazing company : Thanks uppa for a great stroller !!!

Bridget Pellville, KY

Love it!

I’ve had this stroller for almost 2 years now. I got it for my first grandchild. I’m tall and remembered how I hated bending over to push my kids around in their strollers. The long handle and no-kick bar were what sold me on the stroller and I was not disappointed.I’m 60 years old and can fold it up with no problems. Of course I practiced with it inside before actually hitting the road with it. The latch catches automatically and I just take a deep breath and lift it into the trunk. I like that it’s not wimpy, because my granddaughter is big like the rest of us.I didn’t get it in time to use the bassinet, but I’m practicing putting that on and off because we’re expecting our second grandchild. So I’ll be ordering the rumble seat and the car seat adapter.The only negative I’ve had with the stroller is the head room. My granddaughter is only 2 and her head sometimes brushes the hood.I have used the rain shield for cool, windy days in the park. While I’m all bundled up dodging flying leaves and other bits, my granddaughter is comfy and happy, out of the weather, and with the large viewing window I can adjust the ventilation. It has great sun protection, the net and the silver extension that folds out from the hood.I’m not a cross country walking grandma, but I can cross the park off the trail through the grass with no problems. My DIL walks miles with the baby in her stroller…except when she has a flat! Never had one with my stroller!

Cynthia Kettle River, MN

Very nice stroller but very big!!

I live in NYC on a first floor walk up.Pros:- well made- sturdy- eco-friendly- very smooth ride on bumpy streets- baby is high up off the ground which is good in high traffic areas- love the yellow/graphite combination- lots of room in the basket below- bassinet is great for newborns if you don’t like having a baby carrier strapped to your body- canopy is nice as it shades baby from the sunCons:- NOT practical for the subway as it’s way too large- NOT practical for stairs (we leave the base by the building entry door locked up with a bike lock; and the bassinet and seat up in our apartment)- it does NOT fold easily and usually takes several attempts and use of two hands

Amber Westport, CT

Amazing and beautiful stroller!

This is a fantastic stroller, definitely worth every penny, as it is a bang for your buck. For the full price you not only get the frame and a stroller seat, but the bassinet with its own mosquito and wind cover, along with those for the stroller seat. It is a great buy and one of the top ranked strollers for its versatility, quality and durability. I have used it about 5 times a week for the past 3 months after tossing my old Chicco Cortina stroller. It was fine,but so bulky, and not very good on maneuvering as this one is… plus it looks much nicer then the ChiccoOverall the design, weight, and price is what is so attractive about this stroller. I love it! One note of caution however, DO NOT buy the cup holder accessory, you can check out my review on amazon for that. Trust me! Other then that this is the best luxury brand stroller you can get for the money. Other strollers you have to buy each part separately this one comes with everything! Also the best basket on a stroller hands down, when you’re shopping you’ll appreciate how large it is. It folds up like a dream and the car adapter is a life saver in the winter when you don’t want to take out your kid in the cold into the stroller seat or bassinet.Definitely highly recommended, especially when I see the pitfalls of the other strollers from other mom’s.

Jewel Cowdrey, CO

We narrowed it down to two:

We decided we’d go with a stroller that offered the bassinet option and the regular sit-up seat. We knew could could order the infant carseat attachment to make the frame and “snap-n-go” too. We liked the European design of the Uppa and the Bugaboo and a few others.So we went to test drive them at the baby store…The Orbit looks cool, but $1000 seemed a bit crazy. And the Stoke looked like a barber’s chair to me, not to mention is way too expensive ($1200+?). We liked the Bugaboo, but the deciding factor was that the Bugaboo was almost impossible to break down into the folded position to get into the car. Even the salesman, who demonstrates the “ease” of folding all day long had lots of trouble trying to get it to fold.The Uppa was much easier to collapse and has:great qualitygreat designeffortlessly rolls so smoothly!ease of usecomfortable to handle and pushadjustable everythingthe bassinet can also be used independently as a “moses basket” bed for when travelingforward and rear facing seat optionscomes with a rain guard and mosquito nettinghas great additional sun shields attached within the canopies- perfect designhas a much larger under-basket than the other strollersThe bedding in the bassinet is easily removed and washable*haven’t used the big seat yet, so not sure about those featureshave no doubts this stroller will last through as many children as we have in the futureBut it is LARGE. Do not purchase this thinking that you can store it in a closet with your umbrellas. It takes up a good bit of space in the house, and folded in the car.Absolutely worth it. We are very pleased with our decision!****edited 1/27/13:After having this stroller for 2 years, and putting an estimated 600 miles on it, I can still say I’m so happy with my purchase! It has held up so well!

Maria Hamill, SD

A wonderful stroller

All the moms who did not have one were in love with our stroller. It is really easy to maneuver ( even with one hand) had ample storage. We used the bassinet for about 3,5 months and then switched to the seat, could have waited longer, but our baby is very long and could not fit into the bassinet anymore.Easy wash and dry.Easy to switch the seat. I have been doing it even with the baby in the seat.We got an adapter and used it with our Chicco KeyFit 30 – worked like a charm.The ride is excellent.I ti s easy to collapse, but it is bulky, but then so are most of the full size strollers. I have a sedan and it fit into the trunk easily, but you cant put too much after you have it in the trunk. If you have an SUV – hen you should not have any issues.The only negative for me was the the back wheels are wide and it took me some time to get used to them and not bump into stuff, but otherwise it is a wonderful stroller. My daughter is 1 and we are still using it – and it is like new! We go for lots of long walks and are very happy with this purchase.

Jill Meridian, TX

Terrific walking / city stroller – cheaper than the bugaboo

An alternate to the Bugaboo. Benefits of this stroller includes:
• One handed fold
• Lots of under-seat storage
• Turns into a double easily.
• Bassinet can used in place of a moses basket or other bassinet until they are ready for a crib.

Diane Bishop, VA

Probably my favorite purchase for baby!

We splurged on this stroller. We wanted a safe, soft ride for the baby and one that could grow with our family. The 2010 vista was the answer for us. The stroller itself is a single stroller but a second “rumble seat” is available as well as a board that hooks on the back so that the older kid can ride while the infant rides in the main seat.What I like about the stroller:1) the ride- very smooth ride, padded seat for baby. The toddler seat is deep and wide. The baby has lots of room.2) the push- so easy to push, I don’t feel like I am fighting the stroller. The wheels can really take almost any sharp turn no problem3) the flexibility- we used the bassinet and the car seat adaptor for the first 3 months. We also brought the bassinet into the house and used it, well, as a bassinet! while we were in the living room etc. We also brought this into friends houses too and used it for the same purpose. Very, very handy. The bassinet also comes with a cover so when the weather got colder, I could still take my son for walks with a blanket and the cover and I knew he was warm. The seats (bassinet, toddler seat, car seat adaptor) all pop in and out of the frame so easily. the toddler seat can also face front or back. A very nice feature that we have used a lot.4) the sunshade- this might be what made us decide to buy. There is a pop out sunshade that gives an additional amount of protection. It’s truly amazing how big the sunshade is and the design is genius. It’s on both the bassinet and the toddler seat. Unfortunately, the sun always finds ways to peek through any little hole so I did have a little blanket with me a lot but I know that this stroller gives the best sun protection out there.5) the basket – ok this may be the feature that made us buy this stroller…the basket is HUGE. and very easy to access. The way it is designed you can get a ton of stuff in there. It’s even easier to access when using the car seat adaptor instead of the stroller seats. I actually put my baby in his car seat in the stroller and use it to do my grocery shopping, the basket fits most of my groceries (granted I’m not doing “stocking up shopping” but it definitely does hold a lot of stuff.)6) the rear axle – this is another genius design feature. The rear bar is shaped like an upside down “U” so you don’t kick it while walking7) Easy fold and open. It’s not a one-hand fold but it’s easy. I think the open could possibly be done with one hand but I haven’t mastered that yet. Still, it’s very very easy8) The toddler seat- has lots of different recline positions, awesome sun protection, and adjustable leg rest. We actually got caught in chilly weather one night and put the leg rest all the way up and reclined the seat all the way back, and pulled out all the sun protection. Our little guy was so warm inside his little cave!What could be better-1) cup holders- the uppa baby ones are pretty bad. I had read similar reviews on these but I bought them anyway. Should have listened. I don’t like them because they are on the outside of the stroller which makes it wider. I often run into things (doors, shelves/displays in stores, walls, etc) because I forget that the stroller is now wider where the cup holders are. They are also pretty flimsy (made with chains) which is supposed to help prevent spills but the jury is still out on that one. They are also not very deep and don’t accommodate cups with handles (like those insulated travel mugs). Even my 27oz Klean Kanteen is a bit top heavy in it. Yet a starbucks coffee cup seems too short. I don’t get it.2) There is nowhere to put mommy stuff. One thing I do like is the streamlined look of the stroller but it would be nice to have a place to stash my cell phone, putting it right at my fingertips. The storage basket has little pockets that I think are meant for this but if the phone rings, assuming you hear it down there, you have to stop strolling and dig through the basket to get it. It would be much more convenient if there was a little place for it up top on the push handle. I’ve even tried juggling a snack too, and it would be nice to have a place for that as well. I think you can get something “after market” but it would be good for uppa baby to design something here. Everything else they’ve designed has been so smart that I’m sure they can come up with a cool feature for this.The true test- DISNEY WORLD. We took my 4 month old to disney. Let me say, if i had a dollar for every time I said how much I love my stroller, well, I might have been able to pay for the stroller! This thing rocked! We used the disney bus system and had no problem getting on and off the buses. yes, our stroller is much bigger than those little umbrella ones and it does take a few more seconds to fold than those, but all the other positives totally outweigh that for me. The only issue I had was that you have to fold strollers which meant taking out everything from the basket. I’m sure everyone has to do this but since our stroller basket is so big, it was a lot of stuff we were taking out! So between the 2 of us we had to carry on the bus the stroller, diaper bag, bag with my breast pump and cooler, shopping bags, sweatshirts, blankets, cups from the cupholders and oh yeah, the baby! Disney really needs to come up with a better system. Back to the stroller, I bought the maya, which is a yellow color. I specifically chose it so that i could easily pick it out in a crowd. And I’d argue that there aren’t many places more crowded with strollers than Disney world during Thanksgiving week. And I had NO problem finding my husband and the stroller. The height of the seat also makes it convenient to roll the stroller right up to a table so that baby was essentially sitting with us and not on the ground. All the moving parts of the seat allowed us to create a little cave for him which was great for when he fell asleep, we could keep some noise and lights out (and cool night temperatures). This was nice too.Optional items we have that go with the stroller:Car seat adaptor- we have chicco. this is super easy pop in and out. Highly recommend the car seat adaptor for this stroller as it gives you another option. Especially if you are running a quick errand and the baby has fallen asleep in the car seat, you don’t have to wake him just to put him in the stroller seat, just use the car seat and he stays sleeping!Cupholders- reviewed aboveVista Travel bag – we have the new one, with the wheels built in. It’s AWESOME.

Kristen Milton, NY

I bought one in 2008, and it’s a great stroller

We got this stroller because it’s built well for tall parents (hubby is 6’7″ and can comfortably push it). I have put many a mile on it. Two babies in two years and baby boot camp. Lots of miles. Love the bassinet feature, used it as a mobile bassinet when they were newborns. Love the bug covers, the rear facing, ease of changing the recline,the never flat tires & folding. The only drawbacks are these: expensive, the rear wheels stick out pretty wide and you will be running into things. Occasionally the brake would catch on me, not fun during a brisk walk. Rare event tho. Super cute & always get lots of inquiries about it. I live in a rural area now so I probably won’t get much on resale for it, but in a larger metro area I’m sure you could sell it for a decent price. It still looks very new even after all the miles and I am very happy with it. Eco-concious company.

Valeria Matteson, IL

Still happy with my 2009 after almost 2 years, great customer svc

So, I don’t have the 2010, but thought I’d review the ’09 to provide a multi yr persepective. This stroller is an investment, but we feel like we are getting our money’s worth. We dragged a 9 month old around Disney in this thing, toted it to the beach, and walked all over our neighborhood.Things we still love:1. It’s super maeuverable. Having weight centered over the rear axle makes all the difference.2. The cargo area is HUGE (I’ve toted a 40 lb bag of dog food in it) and I’ve used every square inch of it.3. DH and I are both tall, and love that we’ve never kicked the axle on our vista. Also, the handle height changes easily, so if you switch off it’s easy to adjust.4. The fold up is a snap once you get used to it.5. The sunshade is great and keeps the little one covered. Likewise, the included rain shield is super handy.6. Customer service is great, I asked about the new cover for the grab bar (see below) and they sent me one free. I also like that it’s made in the US. (hope this is still true for the ’10)7. Now that #2 is on the way, being to expand with a rumble seat will give us the flexibility! I’m reluctant to get a full-on giant double stroller, because I’m not sure if my older one will prefer to walk, or if the little one will prefer a bjorn or other carrier, or what. With this stroller I have options.The only complaints I have about the ’09 is1. Wish the seat could go more upright2. The grab bar neoprene is too tempting a chew toy, and was shredded by my teething baby.3. The cupholder options are not the greatest, but we got one by sunshine kids that velcros in between and it’s servicable.3. It’s BIG.As anyone who’s researched knows that the ’10 model solved my complaints #1 & #2, so I’m jealous of all you that can get the newer version of my stroller. It is big, it’s true. But we have a dog so we’re out walking around a fair bit. We only put this in the car when we know we’re going to be walking a fair bit, and use a small umbrella (a g-lite) for shorter outings.

Kathleen Englewood, CO

Toddler/Newborn & uppababy vs bugaboo

Background for review:I have an almost 3 yr old and went with cheap (read <$200) strollers for him which was a BIG mistake. We had a hand-me-down snap-n-go type stroller and a cheap reversible stroller that I bought. Ultimately cheap strollers cost more money because they get damaged and you can’t replace parts, the steering is not comprable to high-end strollers and you need several different strollers to meet your needs: a snap-n-go, a good high-use stroller, and an umbrella. This stroller will eliminate that need and grow with your family. I have sent all of our strollers to consignment now that we have this one (a hand-me-down double which was >45 lbs and incredibly awkward, snap-n-go, umbrella and our old $200 all-purpose stroller)So as context, I have a LOT of experience with strollers. This is a very very good stroller that I would highly recommend, but is not (alas) perfect.Pros:Reversible seat (supported by the literature, and our older child loved the reversible seat until he was 18 mos old, also quite frankly, it makes walks more fun (and longer) when you can make faces at and talk to your child and see how they are doing the entire time (keep the sun out of their eyes, etc))Easy 1-handed steeringBassinet included (our 1 month old loves sleeping in it, it is WONDERFUL to have a safe clean place for her to sleep anywhere we go (including the beach this summer))Extending handle (great for my husband 6 feet, and me, 5’4″)Piggyback skateboard (our almost 3 yr old who will no longer under any circumstances sit in a stroller LOVES riding along and making faces at his sleeping baby sister) It really increases the distance we can walk because he can take a break)Included sun shades and bug nets (also included rain covers, but I try not to stroll in the rain!)Car seat adapters (eliminating the need for a snap-n-go)Fold (if you order this online go to a store and learn how to fold it, there is a “trick” to it, but it is very easy, go and learn in person, play with it before you buy, otherwise you might get quite frustrated, the fold is easy but not intuitive)CONS:This stroller would be PERFECT if I could swap out the tires for AIR TIRES! I don’t care what Uppababy says, air tires are much better than filled tires. These may never go flat, but you will feel every bump. There is a reason why so many people buy jogging strollers and it’s not to “jog” with their babies, it’s because air tires are MUCH smoother of a ride on bumpy surfaces. While our baby does sleep great in this stroller, even over rocks and bumpy sidewalks, the ride would be SO MUCH BETTER with air tires. (please read this review Uppababy! I would pay another $60 to swap out these tires for air tires)The stroller is a bit heavy and must be stored in pieces (base and bassinet seperate) and doesn’t fold with piggy-back skateboard attached (inconvenient for us because we use the piggyback with every ride)Summary:We LOVE this stroller, even my husband loves it and he was apalled at how much I wanted to spend on a stroller.I went (and highly recommend this) to a high-end store and tested all the “luxury” strollers with both kids. This stroller fit our needs (toddler who doesn’t like to sit and newborn) perfectly. The fabrics are wonderful, high-quality, washable and the stroller overall feels very well-made. I love that the wheels can be replaced if damaged (our last stroller was damaged in flight and we had no way to repair it). If this stroller had a swappable air-tire option it would be PERFECT. Filled tires do not handle as well as air tires, period. Even nice tires like these aren’t quite the same.Recommendations:Try out several strollers before you buy, or register for one.Think about a stroller that will “grow” with the family (this one will).Practice folding all the strollers and lifting them up and down before you pick one.*** Addendum ****Uppababy vs BugabooI’ve read a bunch of reviews about why people chose bugaboo over uppababy and thought I would weigh in on why I made the opposite choice. Cost excluded (bugaboos are generally more expensive)We played around with both in the store with my older child. Bugaboos are much lighter, and for one child might make more sense. The other thing I liked about the Bugaboo was the air tires and overall “gliding” feel. However the choice became very very easy when we added the ride-on board to the back. Bugaboo only has 1 wheel as opposed to the uppababy’s 2 wheeler. My toddler quickly tipped the bugaboo in a minute after stepping on. Thank god there wasn’t an infant in the stroller! Also as soon as he stepped on, even with me holding the handle, the whole thing became very unwieldy to push. It is lighter, but very unstable. Additionally the seats are not very padded for the child. When I read reviews online about bugaboo they felt the same, for the parent, bugaboos are easier to lift, sleeker in appearance and easy to maneuver. However, for the CHILD the uppababy is much more comfortable, and with 2 children (one toddler and one infant) there is really no comparison, the bugaboo simply doesn’t have the stability to make it a safe option.Additionally, just to make you feel better about buying uppababy, the bugaboo is build in China and I have heard from multiple sources, including friends, that their customer service is terrible. Uppababy is built right here in the USA, Hingham, MA and customer service reviews are universally excellent.

Corine Curran, MI