UPPAbaby Vista Travelsafe Travelbag, Black

UPPAbaby Vista Travelsafe Travelbag, Black

0090 Features: -Bag.-Exposed easy-glide wheels.-Additional storage compartments for bumper bar and accessories.-Durable, luggage-grade nylon bag.-Rolls up for convenient storage-fits perfectly in VISTA basket.-Protect your investment with our super durable VISTA travel bag.-Exposed easy-glide wheels allow you to conveniently roll your VISTA directly to the gate. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required.

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Good ideas, but not totally sold.

We purchased this bag because on the first airline trip we took with our awesome vista, the stroller was dropped about 20 feet off the jet bridge (missed the luggage chute and went right over the side) and a wheel splintered off. The stroller “wasn’t packaged correctly” and wasn’t covered by the airline. (Luckily, UppaBaby was very responsive and sold us a single replacement wheel.) Any Vista in this bag is protected by the TravelSafe plan. Since using the bag, we haven’t had any problems, thank goodness! For that reason alone, I will continue using this product. However, there are a few downsides to the bag.(1) This bag doesn’t look enough like a stroller bag and the baggage handlers keep sending it to baggage claim instead of jet bridge. Ugh! It’s tough carrying the kid and all the stuff through the airport when you’re planning on having a stroller to tote all of it!(2) It isn’t the easiest to get the stroller in the bag – both wheels have to be removed, all attachments must be removed, and the stroller must be in the correct orientation. To accomplish this, I put the baby in a sling and do it all before going down the jet bridge (ideally about 5 minutes before boarding). There is a large diagram printed inside the bag which is certainly helpful, but every time I have to flip the stroller over.(3) The handle is sturdy, but it isn’t long enough for my 6-ft tall husband to pull. We’re going to tie a strap to ours before our next trip.(4) The bag rolls up small so it is easy to get through the airport. This is a good thing. I just wish I didn’t need a bag!

Darlene Haskell, NJ

worth the investment!

We bought this bag for our international trip back to the States for Christmas. I love my vista and wanted to take great care of it. I love how snugly and compact the stroller can be in the bag. To be honest. I had to practice getting in there a few times. Now I am a pro. We had enough extra room to throw the kids coats inside. Germany would not let us check it with our luggage but it was easy to pull around to our gates. In the States they let us check it no problem. When it was lost in JFK I had a sense of reassurance when I new that my stroller was insured. (the stroller was found YAY) So in the end I am glad I had this bag. No damage to my stroller and little extra room to hide a few things! Worth it!!!**update**We just recently used our travel bag again for our move from Germany to the USA. I had the stroller in our bag. When we got the stroller out of the bag at our destination I noticed that the seat frame would not attach to the stroller. I called their customer service and they immediately mailed us out a new seat frame. I am impressed with my uppababy Vista stroller and their customer service! Recommended!

Katina Guy, AR

Great way to protect your stroller

I used this bag several times now with Uppababy Vista. I practiced at home to remove the wheels and pack the stroller into the bag. And I’m very glad that I did! It wasn’t as smooth the first time 🙂 So I strongly advice to give it a test drive before you get to the gate. On our first trip I checked in the stroller at the check-in counter, so I was carrying my daughter in the car-seat all the way to the gate. On my latest trip I was traveling alone with my baby, so I took the stroller and the bag to the gate and packed it right before getting onto the plane. I wasn’t bringing the stroller seat this time, but only the base and the car-seat. So while I was packing the wheels and the base, my baby was sitting in her car-seat. If you are traveling alone packing the stroller on your own won’t be an option (unless someone holds your baby or he/she can sit in a car-seat or stand). So far the bag (after 4 trips) has some tears at the bottom and I’m glad it’s the bag and not the stroller. I’m planning to get a similar bag for our G-luxe stroller. It is a great way to protect the stroller and to make sure it’s not gonna get dirty. I saw some strollers and car seats that were brought to the gate for other passengers. I wouldn’t want to put my baby into one of those (one time the stroller was wet and the other time the stroller was really dirty). So having my stroller in this bag gives me some peace of mind.

Gloria Towanda, KS

Great job of protecting but huge pain to get stroller in

I have very mixed feelings about this travel bag. On the one hand, it did a great job of protecting our stroller when we gate checked it and you can’t beat the guarantee from UppaBaby. On the other hand, it is a HUGE pain to get the stroller in this bag when you’re at the gate getting ready to board a plane. We practiced a couple of times at home before our trip and still struggled with it at the airport. You definitely can’t do it by yourself while holding a baby, so the next time I flew by myself I just had to take an umbrella stroller and leave my Vista at home. Overall, I’d say its a good buy for the reasons I stated above, but just wish it was easier to use.

Pamela Girard, PA

Worked great!

We purchased this to transport our UppaBaby Vista when we traveled to Maui. Our stroller arrived in Maui (and back home) in perfect condition, so the product does what it says. Now, what I find to be even better is that the bag is of luggage quality and we will be able to use it long after we have the need to travel with a stroller. Great buy!

Doretha Nocona, TX

Great bag with Travelsafe guarantee

This bag really protects the stroller – fully padded. More importantly, it comes with a Travelsafe guarantee – provided you have registered both the bag and the stroller (the bag has its own serial number), UPPAbaby will fix anything that happens to the stroller while it is being transported in the bag. So you are essentially purchasing travel insurance for your stroller.

Anne Jim Falls, WI


We bought this for 2 plane trips. Just a couple hours by plane each trip, but we wanted to take our Vista with us anyway. THANK G*D we bought this bag. During the first plane trip, the bag took a bit of a beating, but the stroller was unscathed. The 2nd trip, however, was problematic. On our return trip (at least it made it to our destination okay), I think the baggage handlers placed an extraordinarily heavy item on top of the stroller bag, or it ended up falling out of the luggage cart at some point because the toddler seat frame was completely damaged at the seat-to-frame connection points. We were so upset, but thanks to this bag and UppaBaby’s fantastic customer service, we had NO problems getting a replacement toddler seat. The main stroller frame is dinged and nicked in a few places, but the stroller is great otherwise. We got our money back several times thanks to the bag and the insurance it comes with.

Aline Fay, OK

My stroller is still in one piece!

It’s a pretty tight squeeze to get your vista stroller in here, but after getting in and zippering it up (it took my husband holding the sides together and me zippering it), it worked perfectly on a 3.5 hour trip on Southwest Airlines. The bag wasn’t destroyed either. It’s great that Uppababy offers a full replacement on your stroller if something does happen. All you have to do is register it with Uppababy on their website. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a Vista and wants to check in their stroller. I mean who wouldn’t want to protect their $700 purchase.

Lawanda Barhamsville, VA

TOTALLY worth the money!

I was undecided on buying this, until two different friends who also have a Vista showed me how their strollers were broken by airlines. One had the footrest broken, the other had the handle broken. It folds neatly and relatively compactly, so you can toss it in the stroller basket (with extra room to spare) while walking through the airport. It has wheels, so it’s easy to pull along. And it protects the stroller from all stains and rips. The real value in this, though, is the guarantee it comes with. The closing latch on our stroller was affected during a flight, and Uppababy sent us a brand new stroller frame, with NO HASSLE. If you’ve already invested in an expensive stroller like the Vista, spending $80 to protect it is a no-brainer.

Lucille Powell Butte, OR

Best purchase!

Great!!! Practice before you travel though. I had some trouble and called their customer service and the lady was very helpful as usual. But she told me that many don’t try it until they are at the gate and it is tough. I pushed the stroller to the gate and then placed it in the bag. Fortunately I was traveling with a friend who could hold my son- otherwise you will have to find a friendly face to hold your child. Give yourself at least 10- 15 minutes to do it, otherwise it can be stressful to try and fit it in. Don’t forget to register it otherwise it is not covered if the contents are damaged. Finally if you are connecting you have to get it and carry it to the next plane – the flight attendant told me it would happen automatically but it did not. Highly recommended! Also I would put your initials on it brightly or place a ribbon or something. These strollers are something of an investment and people know the uppa baby brand. It is easy for someone to walk away with it while you are trying to deplane with the kids and stuff in tow.

Frankie Van Horn, TX

Worthwhile investment to protect your stroller

I bought this bag to protect my Vista on a cross-country flight. It is a little difficult to fit the stroller in — it’s definitely a tight fit, but I was able to get it in. If you are going to put the stroller in the bag at the airport, I highly recommend doing a test run at home (as other reviewers have recommended). You have to remove the back wheels (easy – just depress a button and slide the wheels right off), fold the stroller and maneuver it into the bag (a little tricky due to the tight fit), put the wheels on top of the frame, and the bumper bar in a special pocket. As others have mentioned, there’s room for other things. I wasn’t able to fit in my car seat adaptor, but I did get a brick of diapers and some blankets to fit.I was hoping that the bag would leave my stroller completely intact, especially since the bag is so pricey. But I guess nothing can completely protect your stroller if baggage handlers decide to be careless. The brake for the stroller ended up getting broken during transit. Uppababy was great and sent me another frame (because I had registered both the stroller and bag online before my trip). But note that the insurance that the bag provides only lasts from 2 years from date of purchase of the stroller.So, all in all, I think this is worth it to protect an expensive stroller — particularly if you are within 2 yrs of when your stroller was purchased. But it may not protect you from all damage.

Martha Lewis, CO

Thank god for this bag

I literally do not know how we would have managed to protect our UPPAbaby Vista stroller without this awesome bag. Was absolutely worth purchasing (we bought it here on Amazon for a lot less than other retailers) for the peace of mind and warranty had there been damage during baggage handling or flight. Although I’d read the reviews that you should practice at home beforehand (which I thoroughly recommend you do), somehow we completely ran out of time and had to figure it out on the jetway (which I don’t recommend, since flying with an infant/children is stressful enough!). Thankfully the ground team was very helpful and patient, but you do have to take off all of the wheels (somehow I thought it was only 2 wheels?) to make it fit. Surprisingly, there is room left to throw in loose clothing, etc., if needed. The outside wheels on the bag make it easy to roll if you have a quick walk to another gate during a layover or plane change. This is high quality bag, so if you are buying the stroller you won’t regret getting this in addition if you choose to travel – SO worth it!

Janna Okabena, MN

Great investment, easy to put in.

This bag really is awesome. I hadn’t intended on purchasing it but with the insurance guarantee (for a stroller <2 years old), it is totally worth it. I flew cross-country and didn’t have help putting the stroller in. At first I put the seat in the wrong way, but once I got it right, it fit snugly but easily. It is sturdy and has its own skate wheels to roll with. The only thing I wish it did were stand up, leaning it against a wall made it slide a little on the wheels. However, it protected my beloved Vista well with really no damage to the bag at all. It has a smaller bag inside for the rear Vista wheels and I fit a few more items inside the stroller seat as well. I have several more trips planned and will update the durability later, but even for one round trip it was totally worth the money.

Brittney Broomall, PA

Overall good product

We travel a lot, so figured the travel bag would be worth purchasing. We have used it about 10 times thus far, and it has worked out pretty well. Pros- keeps the stroller safe & compact when traveling. Smart looking bag. Cons- Though it makes it compact, it really takes practice to fit it all in. It has to be in perfectly in order to zip. Definitely recommend trying it out at home before going to airport and doing it at gate… we practiced at home, and still struggled getting it in. Some small holes from flights already. Once you know what your doing, it is pretty easy. There is no adjustable handle on the bag, so if you are tall like my husband and myself it is not a smooth drag through the airport. Best to take an umbrella stroller to gate, and check this w/ bags before security… this is what works for us anyway.

Jody Shunk, PA


So far this bag seems well made with smart design features. Has a handle for pulling it along and 2 wheels which means u don’t have to carry it. Entire pushchair and seat can fit inside with wheels popped off. Be sure to practise getting your pushchair in there before your first trip. Can not fault it so far. It survived over 12000 miles of travel and protected what was inside.

Evelyn Rushville, IN

Great, versatile stroller bag!

At first I thought that this stroller bag would be a waste, but I was so wrong! It was well thought and perfectly constructed with compartments for each part of the stroller to be stored. It is a little annoying that you have to take the wheels off and store them separately cause it takes time, etc, but if you have someone there to help you do that, especially with a kid, it’s not so bad. If you wanted to travel light with just one suit case, you could also use this as a suit case! Just add all your stuff in, with the stroller and you are good to go and you’ll have less to carry.It also comes with a separate bassinet case, which is a great addition and fits in the main case as well. It protects the stroller really well, which is what you want, especially with such a nice stroller. I really love it, easy to roll around like a suitcase and does what it’s supposed to do. I highly recommend this item.

Kitty Staplehurst, NE

Sturdy, tight and not so protective

We bought this bag for our UPPAbaby Vista stroller when we had a few plane trips coming up. The bag itself is sturdy and I have been surprised at how well the zipper and stitching have held up. We gate checked our stroller for the first trip and baggage checked it for the other two. Getting the stroller into the bag is a tight squeeze and we found this a real pain to do at the gate – we used the time waiting at the gate to do this; it would have been awful to do on the bridge. If you plan on gate checking the stroller in this bag then I highly recommend practicing it at home a lot. It also needs a lot of space, potentially making the waiting area or bridge awkward places to bag the stroller. The stroller frame broke on the first (gate-checked) trip and the second (baggage-checked) trip. Both times the break was at the hinge for the footrest. Customer service was great about replacing the frame. From reading another review, it seems that UPPAbaby will ship the replacement to your destination but I did not know this at the time and it was never offered. Even though the TravelSafe program is great to have, I would prefer not to have a broken stroller during the trip. So by the third trip we decided to try packing things around the stroller to give it some extra protection. Of course, this meant having to baggage-check it. The fit of the stroller in the bag around the footrest is tight so packing things around it made it even tighter (hence my amazement at the zipper and stitching quality). We wrapped a blanket around the footrest part of the frame and stuffed bags of diapers, clothes, whatever else behind the footrest and between the footrest frame and body frame to keep the footrest from being pushed back to breaking point. It was a pain but worth it since the stroller arrived in one piece for every leg of the multi-destination third trip. We are now moving to the lighter, easier to pack up, UPPAbaby g-lite stroller and hoping the new stroller will fare better with the g-series travel bag at gate-check.

Joan Glade Hill, VA

Worth the money to save the investment

We like to travel and the cost of this bag is worth the insurance for protection of the cost of the stroller. Rolls up nice for storage when not in use and easy to maneuver when the stroller is in the bag. Glad we found it

Christina Elkhart Lake, WI


Remember to register stroller and travelbagFits the stroller only, does not fit the rumbleseatUsed once during air travel, checked in baggage with no chargeThere is a small space to add one or two baby blankets along with the stroller

Pansy Perley, MN