UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz Snack Tray, Pre-2015 Model

UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz Snack Tray, Pre-2015 Model

Keep Your little ones satisfied while strolling with the perfect snacking surface and drink holder for your toddler. Compatible with Vista models 2008 and later, and all CRUZ/ALTA models. Formed cup holder fits Sippy cup and juice boxes of various sizes.

Main features

  • Compatible with Vista models 2008 and later, and all CRUZ/ALTA models
  • Formed cup holder fits Sippy cup and juice boxes of various sizes
  • recessed bowl allows for easy scooping/machine washable

Verified reviews


A must-have for UPPABaby Vista owners

I was irked that I had to purchase the snack tray separately for my UPPABaby Vista. It kind of makes sense to me that my $700 stroller should come with the snack tray, and the big-box baby super store that I purchased the stroller at didn’t have the snack tray in stock, but of course trusty ol’ Amazon had just what I needed! And I received it in two days ;)I use the snack tray every time I go to the grocery store. My 1-year-old uses the Nuk sippy cups with handles, they do not fit in the cupholder part, and the cup just kind of rolls around in the larger section. The larger section is great for snacks while shopping, and she holds her iPad in her lap and leans it against the tray to play games, so I feel that it keeps the iPad a little more secure.The tray is very easy to clean, and it really must be thoroughly cleaned every time it is used because everything is so noticeable on it. The clear tray comes apart from the black frame VERY easily. My daughter pulls her knees up, hits the tray, and it pops right out. She’s only 22 pounds, so she’s not a huge toddler to be knocking the pieces apart. Although the tray coming apart can get annoying if it keeps happening over and over (and over!) while shopping, it’s the only option for my daughter to have snackage while shopping without getting it everywhere, so I guess it serves it’s purpose, although, not as well as it could!

Alba Davenport, OK

AWESOME! perfect for puffs and toddler snacks

AWESOME! perfect for puffs and toddler snacks.detaches for washing as well.

Lora Nebo, NC

Worked out well. My son likes it.

We have the Uppababy cruz stroller. My son likes to eat from it and will place his toys on it as well. He gets upset if we remove it from the stroller. I give it four stars because I think this should be included with the stroller, since uppababy cruz does not include a safety bar with stroller. It is overpriced and should not have to be purchased separately.

Amie Oilton, TX

Great accessory for the uppababy vista

I really like this tray! It allows my baby to eat snacks while we walk and even when we are at a restaurant. The tray part easily pops out so that you can wash it. Too bad it doesn’t come standard with the stroller.

Luisa Oark, AR

awkward too far for my baby

I rated this 3 stars since it snaps on to the stroller itself, leaving no option but to use it. I wrote uppababy about my dislikes hopefully they will redesign if enough people complain. Basically the tray replaces your bar, its sits very far out and when you recline the stroller the snack tray goes with it I wish it pivoted so i could recline the seat so that when baby is done napping she could resume her snack . so basically she has to really stretch to get the cheerios (11 months old 50 percentile height) also, instead of cruz connectors i wish they would have connectors that could make the tray closer or further, .Maybe when baby is older it will work better

Nikki Doyline, LA

Love this tray!!

Now that I bought this tray I could not live without it. As my child got older I needed a place for drinks and snacks while out shopping. Fantastic tray! Just wish for the price of the Uppa Vista it should come with the stroller.

Marylou Aquilla, TX

Very functional, sits a little high

I have a 1.5 year old and he’s in the 90th percentile for height. While the tray serves its purpose for being a repository for food, toys, and a beverage, the tray sits higher than expected. The beverage holder works ok. Skinnier bottles or cups sit loosely. Again, it serves its purpose but there are few tweaks I think Uppababy should consider for the next generation.

Teresa Knapp, WI

Works on Britax

I actually purchased this for my britax b-ready and it fits perfectly. Britax does not offer a snack tray for their stroller and I read that this one fits and it does!

Debra Hill City, KS