Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Band

Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Band


Main features

  • 92% Bamboo from viscose 8% spandexcore – 75% Polyester 25% Spandex
  • Made with luxuriously soft bamboo from viscose
  • Adds back, hip & abdominal support and Eases sciatic, back & leg pain
  • Helps increase circulation & blood flow
  • Includes hot/cold pack

Verified reviews


Easy to Put On/Take Off – And it Works!

This was the most expensive belly band I saw on Amazon, but I bought recently after reading the rave reviews. I agree with other reviewers that it is very easy to put on/take off, which is important as you will need to do so when going to the bathroom. (You may not take fully off, but have to loosen/re-adjust.I started using as early as my first trimester and I am really small – barely showing now as I begin my third trimester. But despite my small appearance, I was stretching/growing and having ligament pain and back pains. When I wear this band, I get relief from both (and don’t have to urinate as often, which doesn’t seem to make sense).I found I need this more in winter, when my pains were greater. I went to Costa Rica, where it was warm/humid (like a sauna) and my growing pains were less. I live in Texas and it is warming up now and getting more humid, so I actually seem to be feeling less pain here as well.That being said, I am starting my 3rd trimester. I imagine I will wear a lot more as I start to get really big, as I am sure growing pains will begin again. Yes, it does add some heat, so it may be too hot for some. I’ll have to report back in June/July when Texas is super hot to let everyone know if I can wear it then.

Jesse East Petersburg, PA

Was more uncomfortable than without it

I tried this belt it the last few months of the pregnancy. Thinking back, I probably did not even need a belt, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. It’s very uncomfortable, caused more pain than comfort. Returned it.

Leola Hudson, IA

This thing is a Godsend!!

I tried this maternity support on in person a couple weeks ago but did not purchase because I thought it was too pricey. After trying on others that didn’t feel the same, and even purchasing one from Babies R Us then returning it {too hot, too many pieces, too complicated}, I returned to the store and found out the Mediums were backordered *tear*. I came to Amazon and grabbed a medium, and received my package in less than 1 week. The packaging was not good. It arrived squashed and the band was outside the box but inside the shipping envelope. I’m desperate so I kept it and LOVE THIS THING!!CONS:~ Price, but ultimately I’m finding that it’s worth it.~ I’ve heard from shorter women that it’s hard to sit in. I am 6’1″ and have no issue wearing it to stand or sit. I just make sure it’s adjusted at the base of my stomach and not on my bladder.PROS:~ soft, no pain points~ breathable, not hot~ adjustable, no noticable Velcro part, entire band is part of Velcro fastener~ immediate relief. My ankles haven’t swollen since I put this thing on! a-fricken-mazing. my back is not hurting, my stomach doesn’t feel like it’s pulling down at the top. I’m 32 weeks 1 day and baby is 3lbs 9oz if you’re curious.~ reversible. I haven’t needed to reverse it just yet, but I do have a c-section planned and will happily use it to ease the discomfort and hold my belly parts in when necessaryI haven’t used the hot/cold pack yet either but it’s a great idea. I did stick my cell phone in there last night with great success though so I’m thinking that’ll be an awesome kangaroo pounch for “stuff” when baby gets here LOL!Update 5/30/12:I’ve washed it since and it washes well. The weather has heated up into the 90s and it’s comfortable but does add a bit of warmth around the mid section {as I suspect they all do}. It’s definitely breathable and absorbent though. Lastly I had another shorter friend {5 foot 1 inch} say this didn’t work for her. I always wear mine high on my back and like a sling under my navel so it’s not on my bladder and I can sit down, but remember I’m 6 foot 1 inch tall. Hope that helps!

Brandi Colver, PA

I could not live without this belt

I could not live without this belt. This belt allows me to take longer walks and truly supports my growing belly. I was having a fair bit of abdominal discomfort that we think is muscles and ligament related and this has helped a ton. I’ve also had less lower back/gluteus discomfort since wearing it. It’s a soft, smooth, natural material that is comfortable even against bare skin. I started wearing it at about week 28 and it’s one of the top pregnancy items I cannot do without (this and my small wedge pillow for sleeping). I have noticed the velcro seems slightly less sticky lately but so far it hasn’t affected its performance. For reference, I am 5’5" with a pre-pregnancy weight of 130lbs, now weigh 150lbs at 32 weeks and the medium fits perfectly. Highly recommend.

Elinor Prairie Home, MO

highly recommend

I was a full-time working first time mother to be. I had backaches throughout my pregancy, but I felt so much better after wearing this everyday under my clothes.

Octavia Afton, OK

Worth every penny!!!

This support belt is expensive, but it’s worth every penny! I tried two other belts first and there is a day and night difference in them. The support I get from this is worlds better. I was so miserable before this belt. I had such bad pressure and was so uncomfortable walking, but now I feel like I did a month ago when I wasn’t so large. I am 40 inches around the biggest part of my belly and 5’4″ and a medium was perfect. The only thing that is a con for the belt is that I have to take it off every time i have to pee, but that’s not as much since I started to use this belt.

Susan Mumford, TX

Good support, with one annoying issue

I purchased this belt during my second trimester when I started having intense back pain. I did feel like it helped.The material is very soft against your skin. It’s not very bulky, but you could definitely see it under a semi-fitted top. I didn’t have issues with it riding up, but it did come up to a weird spot on my back that sometimes caused a little muffin top in the back (and I don’t have a fatty back).The big issue that I had later in my pregnancy was that the scratchy Velcro part was too tall from top to bottom. When I would wrap it across to secure it, the rough Velcro would extend beyond the part it was fastening to, thus digging into my skin. I don’t know if the belt became stretched out or something, but I was bigger at that point in my pregnancy, so it shouldn’t have mattered.All in all, I was happy with this product because I was desperate to relieve my back pain. It enabled me to continue to work comfortably even later in my pregnancy. If they could taper the Velcro part some, it’d be nearly perfect.

Mia Maricopa, CA

would buy again

Really like this band. It helps a lot with the pain when I walk and stand for too long. Only complaint is that they don’t have an extra large. I’m very short and I carry way out so at 8 months the large no longer fit. It also sometimes needs readjusting when you sit down — maybe a little elastic somewhere might help.

Celina Jordanville, NY

Totally worth it!

After trying on various cheaper options in stores, I decided to go ahead and spend the money on this one. It is worth every penny! Great support without bunching, can’t see it under clothes, super easy to fasten, and the material is wonderfully soft. I highly recommend this for any pregnant woman…especially if this is baby #2+.

Adriana Spruce Pine, NC

I wish I’d have bought this sooner!

I bought this in the third trimester of my third pregnancy and soooo wish I’d have bought it during my first pregnancy. I’m average size and build and a medium worked for me. I used Upsie Belly’s size guidelines to select the right size.Pros: It really reduces muscle tightness in the lower abdomen and soreness in the back when I’m on my feet. It’s easy to put on and take off. The Velcro is good quality Velcro, so it will likely not wear out.Cons: It isn’t super comfortable to sit in, but sitting isn’t really the type of activity you’d buy something like this for.

Bettie Sedalia, KY

Super Comfy

Definitely helps make me more comfortable at 37 weeks and helps me feel a bit more balanced since some of the weight is supported by my hips and back more evenly.

Faye Paynes Creek, CA

Not impressed

I have two stars because it really doesn’t stay well when wearing. I definitely can’t sit down while wearing it. Just didn’t work for me.

Virginia Berrien Center, MI