Upspring Baby Walking Wings Learning To Walk, Blue

Upspring Baby Walking Wings Learning To Walk, Blue

Walking Wings helps baby learn to walk balancing more naturally, hands free, and experiencing fewer falls. This unique vest easily fastens around the chest of the baby, is padded for comfort and straps are adjustable to your height. It’s healthier for baby’s shoulders and kinder on parent’s back. No more bending over. Walking Wings is based on average chest sizes of children 6 months to 4 years old. Vest fits 19 to 26″ chest circumferences. Walking Wings is 100% cotton, machine washable, and dryer safe. Walking Wings is recommended for ages 6 months and up.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton Twill
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Baby balances more naturally with hands free
  • No tugging and twisting on little arms
  • Fewer falls
  • Reduces back pain from bending over for parents
  • Baby balances more naturally

Verified reviews


Wonderful Product For Children With Special Needs!!

I recently purchased this product for my 2 1/2 year old special needs son, whom refuses to walk. He is happy crawling everywhere but does occasionally like to walk (when it is his idea) with an adult holding his hands. I thought maybe this would be a waste of money, but so far it doesn’t seem to be the case. My son’s face lights up when I put him in this. He is so happy in this that he walks all over the house for 25 minutes before tiring of it!! He could never do that with me holding his hands for that long!! He has no balance at all, so I feel that this is definitely necessary for teaching him balance. I noticed that having the straps adjusted very low and close to his back, make him more stable and he has an easier time walking. Of course, I am hunched over, but who cares!! He is loving it and I am hoping and praying that some day he will be able to walk unassisted!!! I highly recommend this product for parents with special needs kids. This is a must have!

Beatrice Waterbury, VT

Great for your back!

This is so great for that in between time when all they want to do is walk holding on to your fingers, but your back hurts to bend over for so long. I would have given it 5 stars, but it would be nice if there was a bit more support for the chin/neck/shoulder area – my niece LOVED it and was so happy to have her hands free.

Gilda Ida, MI

Not as I had hoped.

The idea of this product is fantastic, the product itself needs help.I was looking forward to using this, since I am so much taller than my daughter and I have a bad back. I was hoping it would save me from bending over too much while assisting her to walk. The product seemed to raise up on her and would end up under her chin. It would help if there was a strap or something that would go between the legs rather than just go around the torso. The design is a bit flawed. She is starting to walk on her own now and we never did get any use out of this product. Wasted money, at least it wasn’t expensive.

Dionne Durkee, OR

Works for some… not for us!

This is one of those products that can be terrific for some people and bad for others. My daughter didn’t do well with it at all. It fit awkwardly, and she kept leaning and falling while using it, much more than without it. It got to the point where I felt that it was dangerous to keep trying, so I got rid of it. If you have any way of trying before buying, I’d suggest doing so– maybe borrow one from a friend to see if your child takes to it.

Phyllis Schuyler, NE

my baby hates it

it pulls baby’s underarms kind of weird and it seems extremely uncomfortable for the baby; I never used it and I don’t think I would ever do so I do not recommend this product to anybody.

Beatrice Jerome, AR

Excellent product, great for the baby, great for my back!

My baby is 9 months old. He can’t walk, but thinks he can and refuses to do anything else. My back was killing me to walk with him around the house while holding his little hands. This product is amazing. I just follow my baby around the house and allow him to explore it. The product holds him really well, even when he stumbles and falls, I can lift him up using the handles of the wings. My parents who are close to 70 are especially grateful and take the kid for a walk outside in the wings. I honestly don’t understand why would some reviewers say that it’s a waste of money. My whole family LOVES it!

Dolores Rhodell, WV

It worked for us!

I bought this for my baby, and it really was very helpfull for us during the learning to walk stage. We even used it to go to the mall, kids parties, etc., and it was a really nice buy. You have to be carefull when use it, but overall it was a good investment.

Deana Ledgewood, NJ

dont buy it

bad bad bad bad dont buy this product it hearts my kid shoulder and i stop using it from the first day

Susana Centuria, WI

It serves its purpose

This was given to me as a gift, and I really like it because since I have back problems, leaning over to help my baby walk was very painful, with this I walked upright, so that’s much better. It’s only useful for a month or two, but for people like me, a month or two of back pain is a real pain!!!

Imelda Ace, TX

Simple making but good use

The design is simple but quite good enough to protect the kid studying walking, will lend it to my brother’s girl.

Katrina Lowmansville, KY

Great concept but not quite as good as I thought it would be

This looked like the perfect thing to help my boy learn how to walk. I was really excited to start using it, and it does work for the most part. The problem is that it rides up under his armpits, no matter how snug we fasten it. It sometimes rides up under his chin as well. This would work better if it had a stap around the legs as well. It does take some time to get the hang of it. I have found, for me, it is easier to just use the arm straps instead of the extention straps. This may be because I am short (although the straps do adjust quite well). On the bright side, my son does like it when I put him in this contraption and let him walk around. He doesn’t mind it riding up under his arm pits as much as I do, I suppose.

Nan Salem, SC

Okay but not too great

This will not put too much stress on your back but I feel like it is not that comfortable on baby, I used it a few times and then went back to using a towel.

Kaitlyn Laddonia, MO

Great for outdoors

Just received our Walking Wings and it is a really good idea. I prefer to use it outdoors with my 8 month old. Will work great this summer on outdoor trips!

Felicia Saint Joe, IN

Not Enough Support. Possibly Uncomfortable.

I thought this product would be a perfect way to assist my son in walking without me straining my back to bend forward while holding his hands. However, my son being that he is in the 98% of weight and height, didn’t look well supported as his arms lifted up and slowly started to slip out. Even though he didn’t actually slip out completely, it was awkard and seemingly uncomfortable for him. The idea of this product is great, but I suggest that this product could use a few improvements.

Celina Eaton, IN


It is awesome, because my back says thank you… It is so convenient, I recommend so much… Really I do…

Francine Bechtelsville, PA

saves your back, supports the babe, everyone happy!

if you adjust the straps to your height well, you shouldn’t have any issues. supports the baby, and if you’re on your toes (figuratively), if the baby slips, you’ll catch him by holding him up. he’ll spin a little, but par for the course. i love that he feels secure and can plow ahead comfortably without fear of really falling. hold on loosely to continue to teach him balance, and tighten up if he falls (don’t hold him up while he walks or he won’t learn how to balance himself). great buy.

Consuelo Tallapoosa, GA

Great product!

This is a a must have to save your low back from bending over and you babies arms from being pulled on.

Nell Albrightsville, PA

DOn’t waste your money

I have a daughter with CP. I thought this would be good since it has taken us longer for her to learn how to walk and bending down to help her is not fun to do for longer distances. Plus I thought it may help her confidence with walking without having to hold a hand. This thing is really not needed for the typical kid, given the length of time it takes to go from walking with help to walking solo… but for a special needs kid who may be stuck in that phase for a long time like our daughter I thought I’d give it a try. It really was just not helpful. The support it gave her on the mid section was just not enough and once it became enough it wasn’t needed at all. Save your money on this one.

Sheri Genoa, NV

Great for helping a late walker build confidence

I wish I had bought this much sooner, but once I finally caved, I definitely think it helped my son gain the confidence to walk independently. It was barely used, though, so we’re returning it. One thing to note: it’s pretty small. We used it when my son was 16 months and it didn’t quite fit around the chest (the buckles helped), and he’s pretty average in size. I think this is a great product for a baby or toddler who is almost walking (cruising and using push toys) but not quite ready to be on their own. The only thing is that it helps so much you won’t get much use out of it!

Marcia Howells, NY

Makes baby and parent comfortable

When our baby started standing up, I held him under the armpits and helped him walk while supported. It’s not the most comfortable position to hold over the long run – for me or for the baby. This harness distributes the support over his whole torso using a durable foam-padded soft wrap-around chest piece connected to nylon web belt and soft loop handles for the adult to hold. The loops can be adjusted in the length to adapt to your height. There are no pressure spots so this makes wearing the unit comfortable. Baby can take supported steps while you hold him from above. Our baby enjoyed this activity so we spent a long time each day walking around the house. I credit this item for making this activity a comfortable and fun way to spend time with our baby and for helping him develop good leg strength. We stopped using it once he was able to stand and support himself using a push-cart with wheels and used that to walk while supporting his body until his balancing skills developed.

Kimberley Shipman, VA