Valco Baby Glo Bugz Flashing Safety Lights

Valco Baby Glo Bugz Flashing Safety Lights

Valcobaby Glo Bugz safety lights provide a simple solution to keeping visible at night. Attaches to virtually anything including strollers, bikes, backpacks and key chains. Each light has two settings; continuous light beam and strobe light. 2 lights in a set. 1 red light 1 white light.

Main features

  • Multiposition mechanism allows to stop the glider at the desired position
  • Great reclining mechanism allows backrest to be fully adjustable
  • Easy care sage green microfiber fabric
  • Hardwood frame construction in espresso finish
  • Removable foam cushions and padded arms

Verified reviews


White light has very short battery life

I really like how this light attaches securely but I had the same problem as others with the white light stopping to function very quickly. I even replaced the battery and it died again. Red lights still functioning months later.Something the manufacturer needs to fix.

Paulette Larned, KS

lights for stroller

These are great. Bright lights and go into two settings one just straight light and one blinking. Then they allow u to shut them off. Awesome had them for months use them every few days still have not had to change batteries with the product also allows u to do.

Augusta Ophir, OR

Great for the stroller!

I like that these are bright, clear and can be put on blinky or steady mode. The elastic strap that attaches them is nice too so you can move them without much ado. I did find it odd that they are distributed by a company in New Jersey, but mine were sent from Israel?(which made the shipping charge almost as much as I paid for the lights themselves!)

Sonja Tionesta, PA

every stroller should have these!

I ordered two of these and I’m pretty happy with them. Now ican take my daughter andmy dog out for night walks. Imonly giving them 4 stars because one of my packages had a light that kept fading. Other than that these are really bright! Now I won’t get hit by cars and can see what’s in front of me. Love these!

Latisha Tomato, AR

Perfect for late afternoon/evening run with a jogging stroller

I purchased 2 sets of these to use with our Baby Jogger FIT for late afternoon or in the evening runs. They are easy to put on and remove.A must have for runners with a jogging stroller and for your safety!

Ramona Huxford, AL

Work Great!

As a new working mom, the only way I can get exercise is to put my little one in the stroller and walk. Now that it gets dark before I get home from work, I need someway to make sure cars can see my stroller as we are crossing intersections. These lights are perfect! They have two modes – flashing and steady light. I bought two packs and wrapped 4 of them on my stroller. THey are durable and stay attached easily. I’m thinking of getting some extras for my dog’s collar and to attach to me. I highly recommend.

Nikki Sulphur Rock, AR