Valco Baby Hitch Hiker Ride On Board, Black

Valco Baby Hitch Hiker Ride On Board, Black

ACC7152 Features: -Standing platform. -Fits Valco baby runabout single and twin strollers. Number of Items Included: -1. Hardware Material: -Aluminum. Material: -Plastic/Metal. Color: -Black. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -7 Pounds.

Main features

  • Standing Board to fit many strollers
  • Can hold up to 65lbs. The board is 17″ wide, 8″ long, and approximately 8″ off the ground.
  • Universal Fitting clamps can adapt and flip to suit many strollers on the market
  • To find out if this Board is known to fit your stroller contact 800 610 7850
  • Compatible with Valco Baby Strollers: Twin Tri Mode, Tri Mode, Matrix, Quad, Snap & Snap Duo Strollers (for detailed installation instructions for any of these models email

Verified reviews


fits on 2011 bob revo perfect!

I have this on my 2011 bob revo single for my almost 4 year old- fits like a gem! Very sturdy, no wobbling. Nice and high/wide wheels so i can walk under the board w/o interfearing much with my walking (had this problem when i tried the mutsy board so i had to return it). you can even fold the bob with it on, it’s just a big bigger of course. Very smooth ride- can go up/down curbs too, no problems. My kids love this thing and i was ready to be done with a double bob as it was really big indoors. I would not get a board for your kid until they are 3 as it takes some maturity. My 2 year old does love to hope on too though for quick rides too! Great buy even if it’s pricey : Saves my sanity as my almost 4 year old gets very whiny and tired when we are out!!!

Teri Allenton, WI

Fits a B-Ready

It fits a Britax B-Ready easily as long as the second seat is not attached. I have used it without the second seat and when my son gets tired I unclamp it, easy, and add the second seat. You can also clamp it to the second seat and have it work well but you will need to stretch your arms further so that you will not hit the hitch with your foot, which can get tiring after a day of pushing around. Also, when my son is walking around the strap it comes with to lift it is easy to use and works great.

Ava Mount Hermon, CA

Works great with the Combi Twin Sport Stroller.

I purchased this Ride On Board after reading two other reviews that this works with the Combi Twin Sport Stroller. I can verify that those two reviewers were correct. It works great! I have a 3.5 year old, 18 month old, and will have a new baby arriving in about a month. I was not interested in triple strollers. They are so big and bulky. Also, my 3.5 year old is perfectly capable of walking at his age. But I understand that he won’t always want to. That’s what interested me in this Ride On Board.Installation:It took me (at 8 months pregnant) about 15 minutes to put together and install. The instructions aren’t the greatest, but it’s not hard to figure out from the pictures provided. I installed it on the left side of the Combi. The reason for this is the infant carseat can only go on the right. When the infant carseat is attached, the seat must be reclined, which will be right in the child’s face who is riding on the Ride On Board. I don’t think attaching it to the right side would be a good idea unless you do not plan to recline that seat. My 18 month old will be in the left seat, so I’m fine with not reclining it. There is plenty of room for the diaper bag to hang on my side (I have posted a photo of this in the user photos.)Storage & Removal:It’s not difficult to remove. You can still fold the Combi without removing the Ride On Board attachments that are now installed on the stroller. You cannot fold the Combi with the board completely attached. There is a strap included to fold the Ride On Board upward and store it that way. This won’t work if you want to fold the Combi, but if your child decides they want to walk and you don’t want this in your way when you’re walking in the middle of the stroller, the strap is nice for that.Overall I am very glad I purchased this item. I think it’s going to be a great addition to our double stroller so that we do not need a triple stroller.

Celina Silverado, CA

Great with Combi double stroller

I went with this brand because of the other review of the mom with a Combi Twin Sport Stroller, and I’m so glad I did. I just wish I’d bought it last year instead of waiting.This works great fitted to the on one side of the double stroller, and my husband and I had no problems pushing or steering from the other side. Occasionally in tight corners I had to reach around the child to grab the outsides of the handlebars, but those were tight areas to steer anyway. Then I went back to walking on my side with my diaper bag hanging in front of me.I have twin 3 1/2 year olds, and a 1 1/2 year old… so the big kids take turns standing. Worked so great for a full afternoon of shopping at a large mall. And I didn’t have to go as slow as 3 year olds walk, or have all the whining about who got to ride.Pros:
• assembly in 15 minutes (directions are confusing, but it’s easy enough to figure out),
• easy clip on and off the stroller once the pieces are in place on the bars,
• very well balanced for my 3 year olds
• swivel wheels are even great in reverse and reverse turns to back out of somewhere.Cons: I wasn’t strong enough to clip the wheels into place for the board assembly, but my husband did it.Be sure no really big kids or adults step on the board with full weight though, it feels like it might bend in the middle at the over 100 pound mark. That’s not a bad thing in my opinion, the little flexibility is what absorbs shocks for the kids standing on it.(I also love my Combi double stroller by the way… had it for 3 years now, and it’s great.)Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller, Sunset Scribble

Hillary Sandhill, MS

Not for Uppa Baby G-lite, save your time!

Because of the folding mechanism on the G series Uppa Baby stroller, it’s very difficult to attach most ride-on boards to the vertical portion of the frame. Glad I purchased through Amazon and had free returns because it did not work AT ALL. I just purchased the Lascal Maxi Buggy Board, which is perfect for the UPPA, because the attachement straps are narrow enough to place below the folding mechanism and lower cross bars, and above the brakes. Just don’t buy the Lascal MINI, because the attachement straps are completely different. The Hitch Hiker seemed like a good, sturdy board for many other strollers, just not mine.

Brooke Halltown, MO

Hitch Hiker

The only issue is that I wish it could be pulled up when not in use. I love that you can adjust the length.

Bettie Alstead, NH

Works well with Double BOB

the only awkward part is that my daughter has to stand between handle bar and stroller. The parent cup holder has to be removed, which is a pain, but better than having to buy another expensive double stroller with 3rd seat option.this will NOT fit on single BOB

Maryanne Jay, OK

Sturdy, fun, awesome!

I just got back from a zoo trip with my four year-old (35 pounds) and my 8 month old, and the Hitch Hiker made our trip awesome! The Hitch Hiker fit so nicely in front of my Valco stroller, my stride was virtually unencumbered (just a slight change in my step, probably more mental than functional). Whenever we were hanging out in a zoo building, I had the lovely option of flipping the Hitch Hiker up so that it was completely out of my path. It was so nice having my four year old standing right in front of me so that I could whisper things into her ears and hear her commentary. And when it started to rain at the end of our trip, I had my four year old hop on the Hitch Hiker and I raced a half mile back to the car in the rain. This thing is so stable and safe; the stability is the same as our stroller without any attachments.Note regarding other Valco accessories: This Hitch Hiker is the first winner as far as stability and functionality go. The car seat adapter and the toddler seat both made the stroller really tippy. So go with the Hitch Hiker if you’re trying to decide between products.

Adele Monument, OR