Valco Baby Universal Cup Holder, Black

Valco Baby Universal Cup Holder, Black

The Valco Baby Universal Cup holder not only fits on to most strollers, but walkers, wheelchairs and golf carts too. It accommodates just about any size drink container and is a great option for any lifestyle.

Main features

  • Set includes comforter, bumper, dust ruffle and fitted sheet
  • Bumper keeps childs head from banging against furniture
  • 100% cotton pique
  • Made in USA

Verified reviews


Excellent if installed right

This is one very serious cup holder that will never fail if installed right but that is hard to do. It seems like you install it one way, but you actually have to do something else. I’m pretty handy but this one was tricky to me. Instructions are atrocious.First, this cup holder will fit all thickness handles. I have a First Years Wave stroller which is very thick. It could’ve handled thicker and thinner just the same.Second, it does swivel to level your drink if installed on a diagonal bar. You have to press a button to make it swivel.Here is the trick–when you get it, the tab piece that goes around the bar comes bent in the middle and it feels like you put your bar in that part, tighten, and you are done. This is wrong.***HOW TO INSTALL***You should unbend the tab piece where you think the bar should go. Then, bend the piece again around your stroller to make a custom sized loop. This plastic is pretty thick that is probably why a lot of people don’t think to do this. When you put the tab into the fastener, look at the treads and line them up before it goes in all the way in to make a tight fit. Then when you get it in, you use the screw thingy to make it even tighter. I also think that this is how you are supposed to install it and the instructions just aren’t clear or people are not taking the time to read it.If you don’t do this, installation will be loose and the drink will fall and you will complain.Someone had a tip on here to use kitchen grip pads around your bar. This is a good idea. I installed mine over the foam part of the stroller handle so I didn’t need it but I would’ve liked some if I was installing over the metal part. Not necessary but would be a nice to have.

Marta Ohiopyle, PA

Not just for Valco strollers

I have a Baby Jogger City Double. Any one familiar with Baby Jogger will tell you they make awesome strollers, but rip you off on the accessories. Not that Valco’s are cheap; they’re pricey too.That being said, I saw this in Buy Buy Baby (Bed, Bath & Beyond’s answer to Babies R Us). It was a couple dollars cheaper, and with my 20% off coupon, it was even less.The best thing is this is a universal mount. It works well holding my travel coffee mug or my Kleen Kanteen. It was a little tricky to install, but take a few minutes to read the instructions and you’ll get it.

Olga New Liberty, IA

doe not fit UppaBaby vista

I’ve tried many different ways, but cannot find any position in which I would be able to fold the stroller with the cup holder attached.May be only on the soft part of the handle, but this would leave a permanent mark on the handle, which I am not willing to do without trying other cup holders.Otherwise a nice cupholder, the rotating feature is great, holds the cup very firm.

Elsa Mesena, GA

Removed the Cup Holder from the Stroller

I was really disappointed by the cup holder. It’s not what I thought it would be. The holder is quite big and we kept on running into it and getting our coats/sweaters caught in it. It’s quite stiff, and hard to insert and remove the cups from the holder, which I find quite dangerous when you have a little one sitting in the stroller.

Iris Union City, NJ

Not for me.

I didn’t like this cup holder. I found it very clunky and just a pain to install and use. I took it off almost immediately. I love having a drink with me but would prefer to go without than keep this bulky thing attached to my stroller. Haven’t found a replacement yet.. so maybe it’s just me being too picky!

Bridgett Puckett, MS

Not our first choice, and it doesn’t fit.

Just bought a Joovy Groove. needed a mom cup holder that could accommodate more than a thin water bottle. Tried the Liquid Holster in store, didn’t fit. Bought this, it doesn’t fit. We also thought it would be hard to fit a short lidded cup in it without the upper handles pushing off the lid. Going to return.

Geraldine Suffern, NY

Works great on my Bee

Fits perfectly, holds any size cup snugly. And stays put without a problem. You can use it on any stroller.

Christa Paoli, OK

Best bang for your buck

Easily installs, only downfall is if you are a ‘coffee cup with a handle’ drinker then you are SOL. Otherwise this is a great holder. Fits great on the Bug-a-boo Bee stroller

Lynn Bullville, NY


Much needed for our stroller since it did not come with a cup holder.Sturdy construction, adjustable clamp, and fits most size cups.

Francis Orleans, VT

Fixed position — does NOT rotate to stay level with the ground.

For some reason I thought this holder would hang loosely, so that if you tipped the stroller to go over a step or something, the cup would stay level with the ground. This was incorrect – it is adjustable, but wherever you set it, it stays put. So you’re coffee will still spill if you tilt too far. And I still have to have the lid closed, or the coffee bounces out the top. But it’s a lot better than the fabric cup holder/pocket thing I used before that velcroed onto the handles.

Irene Bells, TN

Great for large drinks!

I have an older Peg perego Pliko P3. I lost the cup holder that came with the stroller ages ago. I was looking for a cup holder that can hang off the side since the P3 doesn’t have a horizontal handle bar. This cup holder is excellent.It was a little difficult to figure out how to attach it on to the stroller, but once I figured it out it was no problem. It is very sturdy and will not slip even if I have a full drink inside. I like that it can hold a larger cup. I get iced venti coffees all the time and they fit beautifully in this cup holder.

Heather Dwight, NE

Perfect for Britax B Ready

Absolutely Love it! This works perfect for my Britax B-Ready. My stroller does come with a parent cup holder, but it wasn’t wide enough to hold my big water bottle. This is plenty wide. It also has these interior plastic tabs with tension to mold to fit any bottle size.I recommend following the review here by “Mark Twain”‘s advice on installing. I did and it fits perfectly and doesn’t budge at all. Its so secure, its not going any where.My stroller does have padded handles, and they are more on the wide side. I think that does help make a snug fit. But, if you follow the directions closely (especially read Mark Twain’s review here), and really tighten the screw, you’ll get a nice snug fit on most size handles.

Robin Paden City, WV

I wanted to like it more than I did

I own the Uppababy Vista stroller and saw that the reviews for the Uppababy cup holder were mediocre. I decided to order the Valco Universal Cup Holder as it was cheaper and had better reviews. This cup holder is durable and has an adjustable enclosure loop that allows it to attach to a variety of strollers. While it did fit on the Uppababy fine, it was a hassle to put it on and take it off (not difficult or too incredibly time consuming, just one more step when trying to get out the door with baby). If I had a drink with an open lip (like a take out coffee cup) it ended up spilling out the top and dripping down the sides if we went over any bumps at all (sidewalk, door jams, etc). I ended up ordering a universal stroller organizer with cup holder(s) that fits my needs better.

Kellie Beeson, WV

Awesome cup holder!

Fits my Baby Jogger City Select perfectly. My stroller has a very thick, square handle bar and it fits with plenty of room to spare.

Amalia Dalton, MN

Works great and can be mounted anywhere

This works really well. We can fit anything from a bottle of water to a 32 oz fountain drink if we so choose. The inserts in the bottom help hold smaller items in place and the top arms help hold anything light from tipping over.With how our stroller folds up, we needed this to be mounted in a very specific location. The mounting works great and we were able to position it exactly how we needed it.

Yvonne Sargents, CO

Fits Valco Ion Stroller

It was a little tricky to get it on, but once I figured it out, it’s easy to adjust.Holds drinks very tightly – cup holder almost makes it difficult to get a larger water bottle into it – and sometimes getting it out can be difficult too.

Lacey Fort Ogden, FL

PERFECT for the Baby Jogger City Versa

I tried 6 different cup holders for my Baby Jogger City Versa (LOVE the stroller, by the way) and none of them worked until I tried this one. It was relatively easy to install and it fits great. The cup holder is big and feels sturdy. I was also able to easily remove the stickers so the cup holder looks like it belongs with my stroller. The stroller folds easily with the cup holder attached so there is no need to ever remove it.

Jerri Aguirre, PR

great if you have THICK handles

I have 2 Peg Perego Strollers and the OEM cup holders are AWFUL – their either too small or so cheaply made that they break, so I opted for an addon cup holder. (It seemed like an easy task at first until I kept making trips back and forth trying/returning other brands).I eventually found this one. It’s GREAT only b/c it’s the only cup holder I’ve found that will attach to our stroller handles in a convenient location that doesn’t hinder the stroller from collapsing. However it’s a PAIN to put on – so once it’s on, I will never take it off. Meeting the flap into the tiny hole and then trying to screw on the nut is time consuming. If only the flap was just 1/2 inch longer and same with the nut/screw it would be easy to install/take off.Why 4 stars? It works. It fits. And it’s a giant size that I can put a water bottle or my son’s sippy, or a big gulp w/o fear of it teetering out or spilling. It’s also super durable. When we’ve flown with the stroller – it didn’t break during gate check (unlike our other cup holders that either were smashed or cracked).I WOULD NOT recommend this for a thin handle stroller – you have to meet a min diameter in order for it to be stable – this seemed like it was made more for a jogging stroller instead of an umbrella type.

Gloria Ridgeway, SC

Barely functional even on a valco stroller

I didn’t like this cup holder at all. I have a valco stroller (and like it) and I couldn’t get the cup holder tight on the stroller. It’s not easy to get a coffee cup in and out either. I know there has to be a better cup holder out there. Additionally, I hardly think since it doesn’t fit on a Valco stroller that it could even remotely be considered universal. Poorly played, valco.

Cassandra Scammon, KS