Versatile Play Pen – Large

Versatile Play Pen – Large

Create interest and encourage mobility with this all weather area divider. Panels easily attach together. Set includes 8 side panels, 4 curved panels, and 4 small center panels (16 total pieces). Can be wiped clean. Measures: 84 1/2″L x 84 1/2″W x 23″H.

Main features

  • Versatile Play Pen – Large (16 pieces)
  • Create your own shape and space with these panels

Verified reviews



Best Play Pen EVER!! I wish I had this 4 children back! Great for outside activities while mom is trying to get things done in the yard. I ordered this Play Pen with the Extention Kit, theStep 2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table, and theLittle Tikes Swing Along Castle. Great investment. Durable enough to pass down to siblings, cousins, friends or sell at a garage sale when finished (which I will never do – It is too useful!!) I would like to get an additional one with another Extention Kit so there is a HUGE play area (we have 20 acres) space is not an issue. AWESOME ITEM!!

Shana Carthage, TN

Our “Fun Corral” is Worth every last penny – and then some

This is a bit expensive compared to some of the other options, but it is absolutely fabulous. It created a nice sized space for our infant daughter to learn to crawl and move around, giving her enough room to play and move, while being contained. Both Daddy and Mommy can be in here with her without it being crowded, and it’s insanely easy to assemble and reconfigure. You can do the large square as illustrated, or a rectangular shaped half space, or a quarter space square, which made it convenient to take to my parents’ house for the weekend. We call it our “Fun Corral” – it’s awesome and like I say in the title, worth every penny.

Ruby Cassville, WV

Great little barricade

There are a lot of pieces to this gate, meaning you can get a fairly large space to enclose. It is a little large in our house for a square configuration so we have it set up as a rectangle. Our son is happy to stand up along the wall and travel around while holding himself up. It is easy enough to put together. Is it worth the expense? I can’t say, as I have nothing to compare with it. I do not regret for a second buying it though.

Phoebe Cordova, TN

Worth the Money for Long Term Use

Definitely worth the extra money if you have a long-term need for this item (multiples, daycare, etc.) We purchased this for our twins once they started to get mobile to keep them contained and to keep our dogs out of their faces. The pieces are very sturdy and snap together easily. It’s low enough for the kids to learn to pull themselves up on and for adults to step over (doesn’t need a gate), but high enough that the kids won’t be able to climb over for quite a while. This large size gives them lots of room to roam around in while they’re just in the crawling stage. Two adults and two kids fit in it easily. However, once one of our twins started walking he didn’t want to be stuck in here anymore. For a few weeks we used it to separate the twins when the “walker” kept trying to pull himself up on the “non-walker”. Now that both are walking, we’ve split up the pieces and we’re using one long section to protect the fireplace and TV and another long section to block a wide doorway (the corner pieces help it stay upright). It won’t keep them out forever, but it’s a good transition item. I forsee further use down the road for fort building, etc. However, our use as one big corral actually only lasted for a couple of months. It was a godsend when it arrived, gave me lots of peace of mind with two mobile babies, but it was a lot of money to spend on a short-term item.

Jeanine Bentley, KS

I love this play pen.

This play pen is somewhat stable and easy to disassemble and reassemble. It stacks well when it’s taken apart, travels decently well, and cleans pretty easily.It is worth the price for the peace of mind knowing that your child has a safe play environment. It’s also worth it for your stress levels as you won’t constantly have to run after your child trying to figure out what mischief they are getting into now.This is not the most stable thing in the world and will not suffer repeatedly being pressed against, as children are wont to do. Where I have this set up it is supported on three sides so that the sides cannot be pushed out. On the fourth side I did not originally have this supported. After three months of my 9 month to one year old daughter pressing herself against this one side one of the prongs connecting a longer piece to the smaller middle piece broke. I was a little upset as I didn’t want to have to use this in the smaller configuration and setting the pieces at any angle that they are not made for puts undue stress on the prongs which would result in more breaking.I emailed the vendor (Kaplan Early Learning Company) and received a prompt response from them. They quickly mailed me another piece which I received within a week. The vendor truly is fantastic.After I received the replacement piece, I purchased an ottoman to place in between my couch and the play pen. Hopefully this will eliminate the problem. I’ve also taken to rotating the sides so that no one side is on the less supported side for too long, effectively spreading the stress among the other sides. Hopefully this will work as this is my favorite play pen that I have found so far. It sure beats the other much cheaper play yards on the market, such as the North States play yard.

Nell Woodstock, GA