Vital Baby Baby’s 1st Food Pots, Blue, 7 Ounce, 4 Pack

Vital Baby Baby’s 1st Food Pots, Blue, 7 Ounce, 4 Pack

Our Baby’s 1st Food Pots are the perfect size for feeding baby their first solid foods. Their secure snap on lids make them ideal for snacks and travel. They are safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, sterilizer, and freezer. BPA free, Latex free, PVC free.

Main features

  • Ideal for first solids and snacks, snap on lids, perfect for travel
  • Made of polypropylene (pp) and thermo plastic elastomer (tpe), bpa free, latex free, and pvc free
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, sterilizer, and freezer

Verified reviews


Great pacifier containers…

I purchased these to use as pacifier containers at my child care center. Each child gets their own container labeled with their name to help ease the spread of germs. They are the perfect size. They can be a bit of a struggle to open but nothing an adult couldn’t handle… the average toddler (12-23 months) has a rough time opening them. They are the perfect size for one pacifier and maybe two. It’s been the prefect solution to keep the pacifier in their cubby without them being able to put each others in their mouths (they have to bring the container to their teacher to open).

Tameka Dougherty, OK

Really like these!

I bought 2 sets of these little pots and they are great. They are great for freezing homemade baby food, as well as storing room temp foods. I take a few cubes of baby food out of the freezer and thaw them out in these. I also freeze these about half way full and then thaw when needed (my baby is only 4.5 months old). I haven’t had any problems removing the lids, or cracking, etc. I love that these are microwavable. These also have a nice no slip grip on the bottom which is great. Good little pots!

Cecile Clare, IL

great containers

I love these containers because the lid stays on so tight! The can be frozen and microwaved. When I was looking for baby food storage containers, I had trouble finding any that held more than 2 or 3 ounces… these are so much bigger! These are definitely the best.

Queen Montchanin, DE


I absolutely love this containers. I have them for over 10 months now. I put them in the freezer, in the bottle warmer, in the dishwasher and nothing ever happened to them. They are very practical and yet bpa free. I cannot recommend them enough.

Nona Grabill, IN

Smaller than 7oz

I just received this little bowls. They look fine, good quality, the lids stays on, but they can hold no more than 6oz filling them almost to the edge.

Rowena Dover, MO

Great size for my piggish 9 month old!

My son is (I think) a big eater for his age. He eats 3 solid meals in addition to about 27 oz of formula a day. He was using the OXO 4 oz containers for his food but week after week, he’s been upping his quantity by half oz and these were pretty much the only type I could find that holds more, but without being too large for the bottle warmer opening (crock pot brand one) that they have at his daycare. They’re real cute. Love them.

Rosella Sullivan City, TX

Good cups

I ordered these cups originally to put homemade baby food purees in on the go. Now that my son is a little older, they make good snack cups to throw in the diaper bag. My only complaint is that the lids are sometimes difficult to snap on all the way so you have to be careful to make sure they stay on.

Rachael Cee Vee, TX

Great little storage pots, don’t leak

Easy to clean, work well in freezer and microwave. Lids don’t really "stack" for storage but since we hardly ever store them as they are always in the freezer I’ve hardly noticed this issue. The price is just right compared to other options and the size if perfect for a meal for my baby who is now 11 months. Don’t leak at all.

Lauri Briar, MO

Great little cups!

Vital Baby’s 1st Food Pots grabbed my attention when I was looking for small snack cups for my 2-year-old. They are not designed for toddlers, however, I needed something just large enough to put appropriate amounts of certain snacks to take along on the go. First and foremost, these are BPA-, latex-, and PVC-free. This allows me to store warm foods or foods with its own natural oil (cheddar cheese, for example) comfortably.Second, the lids are very tight and secure, no spills! The lid also features a double “ear” so one can comfortably open the cup when it’s time to eat. It is very convenient with a tight lid like this.As an added bonus, the base has a non-slip ring, which would make it perfect for babies.I love the vibrant orange color, I love the size, I love the lids, overall, this is a highly recommended product on my end. I will be buying more of these cups and the brand for my second baby.

Muriel Lancaster, WI

Great size & no leaks!

I wasn’t sure about these when I first pulled them from the packaging, but these little pots are great. The lids snap on so tightly that they’re a little difficult to get off, but I can hardly complain about that! The lid even stays on tightly through freezing. These are supposed to be top-rack dishwasher safe, but I’ve had enough failures with other plastic products that claim the same thing that I’ve been hand-washing these things. Given that, I can’t say how well these go through the dishwasher, but I’m very happy with them. In fact, I didn’t come back to this page to write a review, I came here to buy more! :)—-1/15/2011 update:I just couldn’t be bothered to continue hand-washing these, so I’m back to report that these go through the washer quite nicely!Also, these have quickly become my favorite food and snack storage container. I just love these. Love them. LOVE THEM!!!The lids are easy to get on and off now that I’ve used them for a bit, but they are still very tight on the cup. I can give my 7 month old daughter the cup full of Cheerios to play with and there is no way that lid is coming off … no matter how many times she tosses the cup to the floor. This won’t make a great snack cup for her to use later on (I just don’t know how a little kid could get the lid off without making a major mess), but it’s perfect right now.Anyway, this has become our go-to cup for her mealtimes and for her snacks (…and mine!).The only bad thing I can say about the Vital Baby containers (this and the silicone-bottomed ones) is that they scar when microwaved with fatty foods. I don’t really count this against the product, though, since this is just an issue with any plasticware that I’ve come across.

Reba Alledonia, OH

These are my absolute favorite bowls!

Great bowls, easy to wash and holds items perfectly. The only problem is they hold no where near the indicated ounces. At best – these may hold about 4.5-5oz. Still great, would recommend to anyone.

Lena Keithsburg, IL

No freezer burn at all

I made some food for my baby and left them in the freezer for long term use. My baby is only 4 months old but eat about 6-7 ounces of veggie a day. The food I made has never had freezer burn. I love the fact that it has a handle for me to hold the pot. It is super sturdy in my opinion. The lid however is a little difficult to put on and take off because it is so tightly fitted to the pot.

Ellen Central, AZ


I love how the lid stays so tight that product can be frozen. I also have used in microwave and no change noted in shape. I also like the orange color because there are no food stains!

Angie Newell, NC


Great food ware. what i love about these containers are the concave sections at the bottom where you can hold onto the cup to pull off the top. these suckers are air tight and you won’t get any leaks. easy to hold onto when you have condensation on the outside… it can be slippery especially if you’re packing it in a cooler. awesome and well thought out product.

Diana Palo Cedro, CA

Where are the lids??

I ordered this product specifically because the photo and product statement says it comes with lids. Instead of what’s pictured, I received square bowls without any lids. So annoyed.**Updated**I sent the food bowls back so that Amazon would send me the correct product. They received the exchange on 8/1…I’m STILL waiting for the bowls. I’m starting to rethink my loyalty to Amazon.

Fran Blandford, MA

I use them all of the time

I use them to pack up lunch for my daughters day care. They are in constant use and I’m glad I found them.You might want to pick up two packs, as I find I’m always wishing there were a few more on hand.

Vonda Hughson, CA

Nice containers

These a nice little containers, good size for storing snacks or taking something on the go. My only issue is that they are not 100% leak proof, certain kinds of liquids eventually seep through. I always have to use an extra bag and every once in a while it gets a little bit wet. And since they are not leak-proof, they also are not fully air-proof which can also be somewhat annoying. Other than that i like them just fine.

Sandy Semmes, AL

Very convenient

This containers are perfect for freezing my one year old food. They close well, no lids, so they are as well good to use when you are on the go.

Patricia Millville, MA


It leaks, that’s about it. Great for dry snacks, but I was using it for my homemade baby food. So not good in the fridge if it ends up not being perfectly straight.Maybe I should not have washed them in the dishwasher…

Ilene Union City, OH


I bought these when my daughter was young and I made her food from home rather than buying a jar. They worked great. Now she is a toddler and uses them to play with in her kitchen.

Loraine Wailuku, HI

great little food containers

Love these food pots. They are a nice size for packing food for my baby girl while at daycare. The lids are tight fitting and I have not had any leaks since using them for several months.

Beverley Stopover, KY


These function great as storage for puree and foods, but please don’t advertise them as 7oz containers when they can barely hold more than 5oz. I specifically bought these because I needed a container to hold 6 to 8oz of solid food for our baby’s meals. I’m back to defrosting and cleaning two containers of food for the additional ounces of food. Annoying.

Karin Lingleville, TX

I have used these everyday for over a year, awesome!

I pack my sons lunch everyday he is now 17 months, I use them now for fruit or veggies. Before though I used them for baby food I made and froze into cubes, I would just put the cubes in the pots the day before and put in the fridge for the next day. I mostly hand wash but I have put in top rack of dishwasher just fine. I have the larger containers with lids as well and the 4 oz sippy I love those just as much!

Alexis East Calais, VT

Looks nice but not practical

These are nice snack cups, but the cups AND lids do not stack well and are not space saving. The lids continually slide off one another if you stack them on top of eachother due to their slight curved shape. And the cups do not fit nicely within one another. When you have so many baby items, the last thing you need is for something to make your cupboards less organized. I wouldn’t buy them again as I believe there are probably other products out there that can easily do the same thing but are also space efficient.

Myra Orcas, WA