Vital Baby Fragrance Free Hand and Face Wipes, 30 Pack

Vital Baby Fragrance Free Hand and Face Wipes, 30 Pack

Our super soft Fragrance Free Hand and Face Wipes are ideal for sticky hands and faces. Their mild, alcohol free, hypoallergenic formulation gently cleanses and moisturizes baby’s delicate skin leaving it clean, soft, and fresh. They are perfect for everyday use at home or when you are on the move to help keep your baby clean. It is important that you start to teach your baby the importance of hygiene from an early age. Always clean your baby’s hands and face before and after mealtimes, especially on outings and after playing outside or with pets.

Main features

  • Formulated for sticky hands and faces, fragrance free
  • Water, propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, disodium edta, sodium citrate, citric acid, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid
  • Hypoallergenic dermatolocically tested alcohol free paraben free

Verified reviews


These work great!!!

I just got these yesterday, and the packaging is pretty small, which made me think the wipes would be small. I felt disappointed before even opening the package. Today when my daughter had her daily Mum Mums treat, I went to use these when she was done. If you know anything about Mum Mums, you know they turn into glue on a baby’s hands and face when they are covered in spit. I opened these up and pulled one out, completely thinking I had pulled out two wipes and not just one because it looked too large to be just one wipe. To my surprise it WAS only one wipe! They are really big, which is great because dirty babies need big wipes! They worked like a dream getting the Mum Mum paste off of her face and hands. They are soft but have enough texture to do the job, wet but not too wet, they have no fragrance and my baby wasn’t annoyed by the wipe at all. The packaging is small, has a plastic lid over the wipe slot, and only one wipe came out at a time, which is a rarity in wipes with this kind of packaging. I will definitely be buying these again for home and the diaper bag!

Rocio Dixonville, PA

can’t ask for more

i love these wipes. my son doesn’t fuss around when i wipe his runny nose or his face. he even used one to wipe his own face (which he doesn’t do), it’s nice to have a fragrance free product to use on my baby. i just wished they came in a package of 4 or something just like boogie wipes. i can’t complain about the price, love the product and love the price

Latisha Benton, MS

LOVE these wipes!

We bought a TON of these packs, they are life savers, especially when we’re in a restaurant and our little man gets food everywhere! I don’t know what we would do without them!

Willie Moline, IL

Only would buy in case of emergency

I’d stick with the J&J hand and face wipes. These wipes aren’t that great and aren’t as large as I thought they’d be. Even though they aren’t scented, I’d prefer the scent of the J&J wipes than to have these wipes that wipe stuff around rather than wipe stuff away. .

Cathryn Tularosa, NM


I love everything about these wipes EXCEPT that they only come in packets of 30. My daughter easily goes through 4 of these at every feeding (she’s 7 months old and not quite clear on the concept of food staying in the mouth), so it would be great if they came in a larger package. However, these small packages are indispensible for when I have to feed her on the go, since they fit easily into the pocket of the diaper bag. The amount of moisture is perfect, they never irritate her skin, and they have great absorbency. Highly recommend!

Kasey Oskaloosa, IA

great face wipes on the go

I ordered and use these for on the go after feedings when water/washcloths are not available. They work great and I love how they have no smell like others on the market.

Elva Bloomfield Hills, MI

A must-have for diaper bags!

I love that these wipes are so compact and dispense easily. We keep a pack in our diaper bag for our 8-month old. And they don’t have that “sanitizing smell”, either! The top snaps shut, so you don’t have to worry about them drying out. We just bought another big supply of these!

Caryn Wolf Creek, MT

Good wipe

I think these are good and they don’t have any harsh chemicals. I like them and will order them again. The only reason I gave them 4 stars is because they dried out slightly by the time I got to the bottom of the package. It is possible I didn’t close them properly though.

Betty Bricelyn, MN

Buy several

I purchased these wipes since they were fragrance free. I needed easy to use wipes for my baby’s face since he tends to get milk all over and for the neck folds when he spits up. Wiping hands with these wipes are another plus since my little one seems to get his hands on everything! I bought several of these wipes to tote around in the diaper bag.

Abigail Karbers Ridge, IL

Best fragrance free baby facial wipes ! Safe for newborns !

I was looking for non fragrance/paraben free moist wipes for my newborn. They work great, they are thick enough and a good size for even messy food stains 🙂 This has been our go to product for 18 months now since our baby was one month old.

Candace Avery, CA

Best for Baby!

We had originally tried the Johnson’s brand hand and face wipes, but they were too harsh on my baby’s skin. These wipes are perfect – fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Perfect for my little one’s sensitive skin. We keep a pack in our diaper bag and a pack on his changing table.

Kimberley Sharon, GA