Vital Baby Play ‘n’ Splash Family, Ducks, 3 Count

Vital Baby Play ‘n’ Splash Family, Ducks, 3 Count

Vital Baby Play ‘n’ Splash Family are great fun in and out of the bath. Their bright colors and squeeze ‘n’ squeak features will help your baby develop their hand eye coordination.

Main features

  • Bath time toys 3 piece set
  • Made from pvc
  • Bpa free and latex free

Verified reviews


Used for party decorations

Worked great for a cake topper and to float punch at a baby shower. I would definitely order again for a party.

Brittany Candler, NC

baby loves them

I got these so my little one had something besides the facecloth to attack while in the bathtub, she loves chewing on them, and I even pack one in her bag when we go out she loves them that much.

Patricia Mansfield, TX

Very Nice Duckies

I placed these duckies on guest tables at a baby shower with the "rubber duckie" theme. Ducks everywhere!! They were very nice ducks.

Sofia Rushville, NE

Don’t buy these

These ducks do not float upright, which is very annoying. When squeezed they do make a good squeeking sound, but I don’t like them floating on their side.

Maxine Garrison, MN

Quality is not the best

Of all the bath toys we bought for our son, this set was the most susceptible to develop mold for some reason. It also feels not as well-made.

Valeria Andover, KS

not as pictured

I bought these ducks hoping for a simple bath toy, and instead received three ducks with sunglasses and green hats. Nowhere on this page does it allow me to choose what type of duck I would like, nor does it warn me that I may be sent a different kind than is pictured. Disappointing.

Nina Harrison, AR

Great for the price and very cute

I received these ducks as part of a baby shower gift and my daugher loves them at bath time … they are adorable, make a cute noise when squeezed that does kind of sound like quacking, can be used to squirt water (which our daugher really likes) and aren’t super expensive.The only down side for us is that since they get water in them they can also get dirt in them that is not easy to get to to clean out. We’ve replaced the original set twice in a year and a half (so still a good value to me to spend $3 every 6 months for something my daughter adores).They also do not float upright (they often float upside down or on their side once water gets in them), but that has never bothered us.

Lydia Winston, GA


Well they are duckies. my son loves ducks and they make great bath toys for him. Not a bad price either. SHipped in an efficient time.

Audrey Malo, WA

It looks cute

And it is cute. I purchased these ducks because they looked like the ducks from the movie "The good son", and it’s a classic design. Not the same duck, and I wish the eyes were better painted. But they’ re cute, and my baby enjoys them.

Lou Falls Of Rough, KY

It’s a little small!

The family ducks is very interested to my daughter! She loves the time for bath now! But, ducks are too easy to upset…

Minerva Divernon, IL

Soft and chewy, my daughter loves them.

Lovely soft rubber ducks that my daughter loves to chew on.But then I began researching plastics and realized that it’s not very good for her to chew on PVC, phthalate duckies. Plus it’s impossible to squeeze all of the water out so I’m looking forward to cutting them open to check out what’s growing inside.

Jolene Dayton, OH


Totally perfect for bath time. A bit smaller than expected, but they swim and squeak, exactly what you need in a rubber ducky.

Chandra Stillwater, PA

Ducks float face down

Got these for our 1 year old to play with in the bath tub. They float face down in bath, are very small in size, and fill with bath water that’s impossible to clean out.

Tamika Head Waters, VA


love them! almost didn’t see them as they were mixed with shipping paper. Shipped with baby tub.I always wanted them as a kid and never got any 🙁

Leeann Elgin, NE

What can I say?

They work as expected, my daughter loves them. Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack, and Quack

Imelda Albany, MN

Cute ducks

A simple bath time traditional toy. Cute, easy to clean, item as described for a good price in easy open net packaging.

Melisa Albany, OH

Super small Play ‘n’ Splash Family

They’re so small that it took me by surprise. I was really hoping for a 3.5" mom-duck with a couple of 2" to 1.5" duckies following her. Not really.

Samantha Attica, OH