Vital Baby Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes, 30 Pack

Vital Baby Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes, 30 Pack

Our Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes are ideal for sticky hands and faces. Their mild, alcohol free, hypoallergenic formulation gently cleanses and moisturizes your baby’s delicate skin leaving it clean, soft, and fresh. They are perfect for everyday use at home or when you are on the move to help keep baby clean. It is important that you start to teach your baby the importance of hygiene from an early age. Always clean your baby’s hands and face before and after mealtimes, especially on outings and after playing outside or with pets.

Main features

  • Formulated for sticky hands and faces, fresh fruity fragrance
  • Water, propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, parfum, disodium edta, sodium citrate, citric acid, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid
  • Hypoallergenic dermatolocically tested alcohol free paraben free

Verified reviews


My son did NOT like these.

We LOVE the unscented Vital Wipes, so we thought we’d give the scented ones a try. However, my 8 month old son did NOT like them and would cry every time we’d use them. We ended up giving away all the rest that we had.

Delia Birchdale, MN


i have been using the JOhnson and Johnson hand a face wipes for my kids but these smell so much better, i love them, now i wish they sold them in bulk or with subscribe and save so i could stock up 🙂

Nellie Mc Sherrystown, PA

Love these!

They smell great and get the job done! I’m so glad I discovered them on Amazon. They are 100 times better than the J&J’s Face wipes and a lot more affordable! I always keep some in my diaper bag and some at home too! Really great and I often give them as shower gifts for other momma’s-to-be! 🙂 5/5

Isabel Warwick, MD

Get The Job Done

I purchased these to store in my purse for outings with my two-year-old daughter. While these did work in getting the job done I feel that regular wipes clean slightly easier. These are a safer alternative though so I can understand that. I just thought I’d be getting more bang for my buck!

Ora Caddo, OK

Love these!

They work great and smell even better! They are soft and have just the right amount of moisture. Definitely a diaper bag staple! I will be ordering more!

Abbie Wayan, ID

Smells Good!

These wipes smell really good. I keep a set in my diaper bag for when I need a quick wipe down on my toddler. I think they may be slightly cheaper and at the very lease price compatible with the Johnson wipes. I prefer these to the Johnson wipes. Though both probably work the same, these smell better!

Donna Chunchula, AL

great wipes

Perfect for a messy face on the go. I use occasionally on my 3 month old. They smell so good and fruity!

Helga Memphis, TN

Pretty much all I use for my daughter

I love the smell of these and that they are natural. I used to use Johnson and Johnson’s which I liked too but theirs had a lot of chemicals added. I haven’t noticed stickiness like others have mentioned. I love these and use them daily.

Roberta Crosby, MN

Good wipes

I don’t know scent was necessary, but the scent is nice. Sheets come out better than Boogie wipes. Better meaning one at a time. If this product was unscented, I would have give 5 stars. I prefer using uncented products for kids no mater how nice the scent is.

April Beresford, SD


Smells fabulous, wipes fabulously, and keeps my babies skin fabulously soft. Great size to carry around in a purse or diaper bag.

Ina Mounds, IL

Soft, better than Boogie Wipes!

Great scent, softer on an abused nose compared to Boogie Wipes brand. I like soft packs because they are easy to have everywhere and easy to pull the wipe out!

Rosanne Ramseur, NC

Not for Sensitive Skin

Thoughts would be good for baby but baby has sensitive skin. Caused minor rash but after use, the baby smells great!

Gwendolyn Chancellor, SD

Good but expensive

I like these wipes. They smell lovely and get the job done. The only problem is that they are way too expensive.

Adriana South Milford, IN

Love these!

They smell so great and don’t make my son’s sensitive face break out. That tends to happen with other brands. I like to use them myself too with the nice smell.

Kristin Sherborn, MA