Vital Baby Toddler Straw Cup, Orange, 10 Ounce

Vital Baby Toddler Straw Cup, Orange, 10 Ounce

Develop your toddler’s drinking skills with our no spill Toddler Straw Cup. Its soft coated straw spout has been cleverly designed to teach your toddler to drink in the upright position. They are safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and sterilizer. BPA free, Latex free, and PVC free.

Main features

  • Teaches drinking in the upright position soft straw and flip up hygiene cover easy grip soft base
  • Made of polypropylene (pp) and thermo plastic elastomer (tpe), bpa free, latex free, and pvc free
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and sterilizer

Verified reviews


Love, love, love these straw cups.

Why? They actually work.1. They don’t leak. Turn them upside down: they don’t leak. Tip them over: they don’t leak. Take them out of the fridge and as the milk warms it travels up the straw, and still, unlike every other straw cup ever, THEY DON’T LEAK. You don’t turn your back for five minutes only to discover that your toddler has abandoned one on the coffee table and it’s surrounded by a puddle of milk like a particularly annoying daily science experiment.2. Easy to clean. They come apart completely. Even the clear flip-top assembly comes off the cap so dishwasher gunk doesn’t get stuck underneath.3. Take a beating and still work perfectly.4. Easy for our toddler to hold. Also to drink from. Our kid has no problem consuming huge volumes of liquid from these daily.5. They don’t leak.6. They don’t leak.It’s nice to use a piece of kid gear every day that does exactly what you want it to do.

Sandy Sierra Blanca, TX

Probably the best cup we have tried so far

We have been searching for the perfect straw sippy cup, and this one seems to be the best so far. Construction is fairly simple, making it easy to put together, take apart, and clean. The straw reaches all the way to the bottom of the cup, so no wasted formula or milk which I hate! I like that it comes with a cover, as some straw cups we have used do not. However the lid design is a little strange because the lid is an entirely separate piece that snaps on top, and sometimes milk can get stuck between the lid and the top of the cup. Leak protection seems very good… if you try hard enough it will leak a little but I dont think any cup is 100% leak proof. The main reason I took one star away is that it seems that they could have made the cup vented better in such a way that such a tight vacuum is not created in the cup, making it harder and harder to suck the milk out with each suck. Your child would have to let off of the straw for a second to let air back into the cup, then sucking becomes easier again (Yes I tested this myself to come up with this information). We started with one, and bought 2 more, so overall we do like it. Hope this helps!

Lilia Cottonwood Falls, KS

Straw Is Almost Impossible to Use

We were pretty disappointed in this one because we had higher hopes.The good notes is that it’s short, easy to hold, and cute.The bad note is that even an adult can hardly use this straw ! It is far worse than all of the other ones we have used. We took off stars because of this reason.When you are paying these kind of prices then the product should do exactly what it claims to do. I don’t want to pay $6 to have to take minutes of my time to cut this cup up. After it’s cut it is pretty leaky. You pay to have it already designed with all the flaws worked out before it hits the shelves, not sure how this made it past the testers.Sorry Vital Baby, you left your customers with a bad note on this particular item.

Rosalie Orick, CA

My son doesn’t like it.

We have tried 10 different straw cups and this is one he won’t use. He tried it a couple of times but it appears he has to suck to hard. He preferred theZoLi Bot Straw Sippy Cup Blue. That is the best one we have found.

Roxanne Memphis, TX

Good cup and my 16 mos

Good cup and my 16 mos. son can both open and shut this cup, which he loves. Straw siphons liquid a little, but noticeably less than in other sippie cups.

Valarie Wales, AK

Great sippy cup

After an extensive research for sippy cups, I found the Vital Baby Toddler Straw Cup. My son is 1 year old and has a habit of chewing on the silicone straws of other sippy cups. I wanted a cup that had a straw but one that wouldn’t get destroyed. This one fit the bill. He’s able to suck on the straw and get an adequate amount of liquid from it. I like how it has the removable cap/lid since he has a habit of accidentally closing the cap and can’t lift it back up when he wants to drink out of it on his own. The cup is sturdy and has survived being thrown around on numerous occasions. One negative comment I have is the measurements are small and hard to read on the side. Other than that, I’ve been very happy with this cup and have it in the blue and the orange.

Delores Florahome, FL

Too many parts

This is a perfectly fine straw cup. I like that it has ounce markings and that it’s easy to screw the lid on right. But when you take it all apart, it has six pieces to wash: cup, top, valve, straw and 2-piece cap. Also, the straw spout is rigid (it has softer plastic over the hard molded plastic, but still rigid), and my daughter (14 months) prefers the flexible ones. We use this as a backup when our preferred Playtex cups are all dirty.

Alba Wilson, LA

Decent cup

This cup was easy for my 2 yr. old to drink out of and hold. She gets all the liquids out because of the way the straw is positioned, but it still leaks. There’s no such thing as a perfect sippy cup, but this is pretty close. When it does leak, it’s very little and the straw is a perfect size for little mouths. The one thing I don’t like about it is the flip cover for the straw. It’s a little flimsy and looks like it will pop off every time it’s dropped. Other than that, it’s a great cup.

Lakisha Severance, NY

Hard to sip!

Well, after months of waiting I finally received this. trust me, the search for the ideal straw cups has been extensive! The contraption under the lid that the straw fits into must be put in ALL the way until it snaps tightly. Even then, boy it is a bit of a strong sucking action to get the liquid out. & the attached straw cover does not stay closed – the latch is pretty loose & it just doesnt stay secured. But it is still great to have there. It has measurements – great & is easy to hold with the rubber on both sides & it looks pretty

Louisa Corcoran, CA

Great cup but it was leaking

Pros:- BPA free- Semi-soft straw ( not hard for little one mouth but he can not chew on it)- cap attached to the bottle- color ( Love the orange/golden color)- design (easy for little one to gripCons:- Cup leaked all over the diaper bag 1st day of use ( no visible damage, have not been dropped)Summary: I am in the process of returning this cup to the seller. Will give this product another try and purchase it again.

Charity Eagle, MI

Great… except it broke during first use.

I’m not experienced in the world of toddler cups… this is the first straw cup we’ve used. I gave it to my daughter (12.5 months) yesterday and she loved it. She thought the flip cap was pretty awesome and once she got the hang of the straw she didn’t want to put it down.Until she dropped it… and it broke.The cup got a fracture line near the bottom… so it’s totally useless now. If a toddler cup can’t withstand a drop from a highchair, I don’t know what the point is. Just sent an email to customer service to see if this is typical of their product. Just disappointing.Update 1: Customer service replied within 24 hours and said that breaking like that is not typical and will be sending me a new cup. Hope the new one lasts a lot longer.

Maribel Traver, CA

No Thanks

This is barely a straw cup as the straw is super short. In addition the straw is difficult to get liquid from and is thick for a newbie to the cup world. I had him try this one once and just trashed it

Tameka Winnetoon, NE

Cracked After 3 Days

After reading all of the great reviews for this straw sippy cup I thought I had finally found “THE” sippy cup to beat out all other sippy cups. And the fact that it was only $5 was just too good to be true…and it turns out that it was. The sippy cup worked as advertised – it has a straw and you can get liquid out of it. As other reviewers mentioned, it’s a bit hard to get liquid out of the straw but not THAT hard. My 10 month old managed to drink out of it right away without any issues. The reason for giving it only 1 star was the fact that I had it for only 3 days before it cracked on the bottom from being dropped, which I didn’t notice until a few hours later when I found a huge puddle of water all over the table. I really wanted to like this sippy cup so I was disappointed that it broke so quickly. I’ve been through a lot of sippy cups and this one definitely took the record for shortest time between entering the house and exiting the house (in the trash). Too bad.

Celina Williamstown, VT

Too many small pieces

I like things that are easy to clean. This is a typical straw cup, nothing special about it. Pain to clean, even in the dishwasher it can still come back out dirty.

Brigitte Philpot, KY


My daughter has been very picky about what she drinks out of since she was born. We bought several different types of sippy cups and she just couldn’t get the hang of having to tip the cup back so we decided to try a straw cup. After a couple different types and lots of research, we tried one of these and SHE LOVES IT! I love that it has the volume measurements on the outside so we can monitor her fluid intake and that it doesn’t leak (unless she throws it). Other straw cups we have tried leave her coughing and choking because she gets too much water at once but these are perfect and she rarely coughs after drinking. It is not too difficult for her to suck through the straw. Its easy to clean, you just need a small brush. I bought one of each color and she will be able to use these for a long time. The protective cap comes off too, which we leave off unless we are going somewhere. 100% satisfied with this cup!

Nona Milesville, SD


Had to fight her for it when i took it out of the box so i could wash it. Now she won’t let it go, and she has been chugging away, which is huge as i’ve had a really hard time getting fluids in her lately (other than breastmilk from the mothership, anyway). She is almost two and we’ve tried almost all sippys out there. No leaks on this one even after i took it apart and put it back together, and she has the concept of opening it to drink and then closing it when she’s done, and she’s had it for about an hour. I think this is the best so far. I bought two different kinds of cups to try as her last one just bit it – and she won’t even look at the other new one right now. Considering she just drank a very tart cupful of apple juice with apple cider vinegar (constipation/alkalizing help) i’d say we scored. Hope the cup lasts for a while!

Vonda Aragon, NM

This is the best cup!!!

I love this cup. Ok, I seriously have been through a lot of sippy cups and straw cups. I means cupboards full. I have reviews of the many I’ve tried linked below. This cup is great! It is easy to use but does not leak. After a few days and a huge milk spill in my car, I didn’t think so, until I took a closer look and realized I had pushed aside the strap on the valve. Many reviewers said they removed this piece to enable easier sucking but the cup will not only leak, but pour out liquid! And I don’t think my son or I are weird super suckers, but he has no problem sucking from it and I’ve also tried it and find no problems whatsoever. The criteria that I look for in sippy/straw cups is 1. no leaking; 2. easy to use; 3. easy to/able to be cleaned. This is the only cup that has achieved all of those things. I have thrown out our cupboards full of random sippy cups (see link below and picture it) and now only use the Vital Baby cups (we have 3) and the Take N Toss cups for convenience.My reviews of the many sippy/straw cups we’ve tried: […]

Eileen Beckville, TX

I’ll pass

This cup broke within 2 weeks of ownership. Thats all I needed to know to not buy another. I did like the attached cap it has to cover the straw , but its simply wasnt spil proff and it broke so I’ll pass.

Stacey Nebo, IL

Didn’t work for us, mouth piece is stiff

On our quest to find the right sippy for the baby for when he transitions out of his bottle, I thought this looked nice. However, the mouthpiece is stiff and my baby just didn’t take to it.Didn’t work for us. My baby prefers a rubber straw or actual straw straw.

Wendy Dixon, MT

The Best Straw Cup

I agree with the reviews that so far this seems to be the best straw cup out there. I purchased a ton for my son to try and this one is by far the least prone to leaks and spills and I haven’t had the issue of milk coming up through the straw while it is just sitting there. It is nice that it has ounce markings so I can have a better idea of how much he is drinking. Also I love the price and the simplicity of the design and that it isn’t complicated to assemble. My son gets distracted by the lid so I like that I can take it off and pop it back on when I need to put his milk back in the refrigerator. The cute colors are really fun too.Other cups that we have tried that have been really messy so far are: 1. The innobaby sippin smart, even with the pressure release feature I find it to be a messy cup and the dimensions are cumbersome – not to mention I paid 3 times the amount of the vital baby cup. 2. The playtex straw cup is one of the worst for leaks and milk coming up through the straw, although this cup did help him learn to drink from a straw. 3. The born free twist and pop – this one is the messiest by far, to the point that I can’t even really use it unless it has a napkin wrapped around it and I don’t allow my son to hold it. Terrible.I am buying more vital baby cups right now!

Adrienne South Beloit, IL

Best cup (and I tried a bunch)

I bought a bunch of straw sippy cups to try them all out. All of them (except for this one) leaked. Or broke open when my daughter threw it (and she likes to throw her cup). Or the straw would become clogged. This one didn’t. It’s great! She likes it. The colors are cute.I left it at a restaurant (1 hour away from where I live) yesterday. The only one we have (because, like I said, I bought a bunch). So I just went online and bought 4 more. They’re not super expensive, either, which is nice.The other thing I like about it is that it feels kind of small and it’s light, but that’s deceiving as it holds quite a lot. I hadn’t realized that it held 10 ounces until I just came back here to re-order. Her other bottles are much heavier and bigger and therefore I always assumed they held more. But they don’t!As I mentioned, we’ve never had an issue with leaking UNLESS we don’t put the lit on correctly. What I do is I put the lid on and turn it COUNTER clockwise until I hear a click (sometimes I have to turn it a bunch of times). Then I turn it the other way until it’s tight. No leaking.I honestly think the best thing to do is buy a bunch of cups, like I did, and try them all out until you find one that works well for you. But I highly HIGHLY recommend this one.

Bette Magnolia, NJ

I love the idea of this cup…too bad you have to suck like crazy to get any liquid out

My 1.5 yr old son loves this cup. For whatever reason, he sees it an always wants to drink from it. But it takes him about 3x as much time and effort to get anything out of it so he eventually just gets sick of it and quits. It’s too leakproof for its own good

Jenna Clearmont, MO

Great cup after some adjustments.

Great cup, like that it’s see-through and has a nice “cap.” Also I love that the straw stays put. On cups where the straw can be pulled out, my son pulls them out and then complains that he can’t get them back in.As it arrives, the cup is VERY difficult to drink from. I tried it. I, like a previous reviewer, had to mess with the valves/seals to correct this. I completely removed the air intake seal, and sliced through the straw seal from where liquid exits. This results in a cup that will slightly leak, but at least it is usable and my son loves this cup. The leaking is only if you turn it completely upside down and shake it, which isn’t a problem with us because my son usually sets his cup upright on something (but not always).The colors are nice too and I agree with another reviewer who said that it’s not obnoxious looking like a lot of other baby cups and products.

Celia Clayton, OK

best cup we’ve found, especially for the price

we’ve tried so many straw cups and my son has liked all of them but this is on the one I like the best! almost all of the other cups we’ve used make giant messes when the liquid bubbles up into the straw from pressure build-up (forget about using them on a hot day, it’s just a constant stream of liquid out the top) but these ones don’t do that. they have the pressure release valve built in that keeps that from happening and that combined with the closeable lid make these the ONLY cup i will take out with us on a sunny day, and i’ll even keep it in my purse the whole time and not have a single issue.LOVE these cups! and you can’t beat this price!the only way they could be better would be to add the valve/weight at the bottom of the straw that follows the liquid no matter how you tilt the cup.

Jillian Lyon Mountain, NY

Loved at first – now not so much.

I loved these at first – they didn’t leak! but the soft rubber around the straw breaks down and becomes hard to clean. One of the cups split in the middle and I had to throw it out. Also after a while the top becomes really hard to unscrew. I really wanted to keep loving them, but now I wouldn’t recommend.

Shirley Parnell, MO

Love this Sippy/Straw cup!

My son loves straws but can only seem to drink out of hard straw cups. He will chew on the silicone ones. This straw is hard plastic and has a great removable lid that closes over the straw when not in use. The color of the cup is vibrant and has nice silicone grippy sides for slippery hands.

Willie Barryville, NY

First baby cup I threw away

I’ve tried MANY sippy/straw cups for my 1yo, and while I have my favorites and my less than favorites, this was the first one I actually put right into the trash. The main reason is that it is near impossible to drink out of. I read the reviews and saw that others had mentioned that, but I own several other cups that people said the same thing about and my daughter has no problem with them, so I figured this would be the same. Boy was I wrong! I almost didn’t even give it to her because I could barely pull liquid from it, but I decided to let her be the judge. When I gave it to her, she kept trying it then handing it back saying "water" because she thought it was closed or empty. Here was the real shocker – despite the effort it takes to suck liquid out, it still leaks!! That’s when it found its way straight to the garbage can. The only redeeming factor of this cup was the lid. I like that it’s attached and easy for little ones to open and close. Unfortunately, without being able to drink from it when it is open, it still wasn’t worth keeping. For what it’s worth, my (and my daughter’s) absolute favorite cups have been the Zoli Bot and the Tommee Tippee ones (both their sippy and straw cups).

Ophelia Hubert, NC

Hard to drink from for 11 month old– favorite of 21 month old

My 11 month old drinks well from regular straws and another brand learner straw sippy cup, but she can’t drink from this one at all. I think the packaging said 18 mos and I’d believe that if you’re debating ordering this for a younger child. It’s too hard to drink from for younger babies.UPDATE: This is now my daughter’s favorite straw cup. She was able to drink out of it pretty easily from about 19 or so months. Now it’s the only cup she wants water in. It doesn’t leak for us at all.

Katrina Gueydan, LA

Sad sippy cup.

When I first got this cup I washed it very well and put water in it for my son to drink. Making sure that the straw was working (it was my sons first time with a ‘straw’ so I didn’t want him to be discouraged) I took a sip and it WREAKED OF CHEMICALS. I had to have it soak overnight in Dawn. My natural Method soap usually works with everything but not this smell. Then I has him try it the next day and as he learned to use the straw (he got the hang of it right away) it also leaked all over his shirt. When you tighten the lid tighter it’s a pain to get off. When you hold the cup I can see watch it spill as if it’s over flowing. I’m so disappointed but you get what you pay for, right?

Glenda Proctor, AR

Vital Baby Toddler Straw Cup

Overall I like this cup. It’s pretty good about not leaking, although it does occasionally. The flip lid works well and my 21 month old was able to figure out how to open and close it quickly. My main complaint is that it’s not at all insulated, so it gets a lot of condensation on it if you put a cold liquid in it and it makes about as much of a mess as if it were leaking. Also, due to the lack of insulation, cold drinks don’t stay cold very long. Also, as other reviewers mentioned, the straw is pretty hard to drink out of, but I think that’s the trade off for it not spilling.

Yvonne Wilsey, KS