Vital Baby Toddler Trainer Cup, Blue, 10 Ounce

Vital Baby Toddler Trainer Cup, Blue, 10 Ounce

Build confidence as your baby grows and needs larger amounts of liquid. Its soft spout, easy grip base, and large 10 ounce capacity make our Toddler Trainer Cup perfect for this. Each cup comes complete with our patented 2 in 1 non spill valve that gently regulates baby’s drinking action so the flow of liquid is always smooth and steady and without messy leaks and spills. Every valve can be removed easily to convert your cup to free flow The choice is yours. They are safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and sterilizer. BPA free, Latex free, and PVC free.

Main features

  • Soft spout protects baby’s gums, easy grip soft base, hygienic spout cover
  • Made of polypropylene (pp) and thermo plastic elastomer (tpe), bpa free, latex free, and pvc free
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, and sterilizer

Verified reviews


Great sippy cup

I’m not sure this is really training my daughter (one-year) to drink out of a cup, but she does like the color, and she’s able to get water out of it, without it spilling everywhere.

June Wheeling, WV

Hard to suck from

This cup looks like a great product at a glace, but is not… This cup has an anti-leak component, which make it hard to suck from. Essentially this cup has 3 pieces: the rubbery straw which is part of the cap, the anti-leak plastic component, and the removable straight straw. The anti-leak component make it hard to suck from. If you remove the anti-leak component, then the straight staw has no way to attach to the rubbery staw, and the cup at this point will only function as a sippy cup that leaks. The plastic covering on the cap is good for keeping the rubbery straw clean, but is not designed to prevent leaking.If you are strictly looking for a straw cup that is hard to suck from but won’t leak OR if you are looking for a sippy cup that will leak, this may be for you.On a positive note, the rubbery material on the straw is a nice try because it seems gentle to little one.

Lottie Marshallville, GA

Does not Leak!

I bought this to use for short outing but I find myself wanting to use these more and more because they are very light, truly leak proof and has oz markings. This sippy will not leak even if it’s turned upside down. My son likes to shake his sippy and watch the liquid splash around. With this sippy, I don’t have to worry and constantly watch him like a hawk! If you remove the white insert to get a faster flow, it will obviously leak but that’s to be expected with any sippy cup.Update: Unfortunately, I have to change it from 4 stars to 3 because as much and I love this sippy, my 13 month old son does not care for it. He refused to drink out of it and pushes it away. I thought it would just take some time for him to get use to it but it’s been a month and he still won’t use it. I have been trying to switch my son from a silicone sippy spout to a hard spout and thought this would do the trick because the spout is rubberized but he hates it. Maybe he will like it when he’s older.Now for the good news! – I ordered a different hard spout sippy from Amazon and my son took to it on his first try. I have no idea why he loves it so much but my search has ended! It’s thegreen sprouts 7 Ounce Sippy Tumbler, Green.

Clarice Villalba, PR


This version of this product is garbage. The broad "sippy cup" version leaks like a sieve. Dont waste you money, just get the one that looks like the "straw version" as those have never leaked. We bought this on accident because we werent paying attention to the sippy style.

June Ore City, TX

pleasing design, but too hard to suck even for adults

i loved the design and the feel of the cup. however, it was simply too difficult for my 15m old son to suck any fluid out of this and he quickly gave up. i gave it a try myself to see what the problem was, and sure enough… even i had to work really hard to get only a little liquid to come up. definitely not a good cup to use if you are training your child to use a i didn’t end up using the cup very much it didn’t go through vigorous road testing but it does appear to be pretty good about being leak proof if everything is aligned correctly.

Shelia Millersville, PA