Vital Baby Unbelievabowl Set, Orange

Vital Baby Unbelievabowl Set, Orange

Our unique, patent protected Unbelievabowl has been designed to stick to your baby’s highchair or your tabletop with ultimate, super suction power. Simple and easy to attach, once securely locked in position, your baby will not be able to remove the bowl or spill its contents, making mealtimes less stressful and less messy. They are safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave (except for the suction base due to its metal parts). BPA free, Latex free, PVC free. The Unbelievabowl has been designed to stick to completely smooth surfaces. The Unbelievabowl may not stick to surfaces or highchair trays made from wood or other non smooth surfaces.

Main features

  • Childproof locking mechanism; easy to fit; interchangeable bowls
  • Made of polypropylene (pp) and thermo plastic elastomer (tpe), bpa free, latex free, and pvc free
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave (except for the suction base due to its metal parts)

Verified reviews



Finally! Something my sweet baby boy can’t knock off his tray!! I can put things in the bowl and he can pick them up himself. Before this bowl, I’d set some food on his tray and he’d just sweep most of it right into the floor for our dogs! I love it!

Alba Brackenridge, PA

Serves its purpose

There’s not a ton to say here. It is handy if you need to reach for something and you don’t want your infant/toddler having free reign over the contents. My 6 month old daughter can pull off the base when it’s on by itself but she can’t get the bowl off of the base. Easy to clean, good size.

Debbie Geneva, FL

Suction not so great

6/11/2012 :I got this bowl for my 5.5 month old who just started on solids and keeps throwing every possible cup I give him. I wanted this suction cup would be the answer for saving the cups. But then this suction works well on my dining table – which is wood with a wood finish, but not on the high chair tray – the one we have is the space saver :;=1339435210&sr;=8-13&keywords;=fisher+price+space+saver+high+chairAgain, I wish they did not put the sticker inside the bowl, and had it outside!I am saving this, for when I can use it without the High chair tray – not sure if i would need this then 🙂 I removed the label, and threw away the packaging material, or else I would have returned it!

Roslyn Sunset Beach, CA


These bowls do work. I will say that sometimes, when you twist the bowl on to the base, the suction will come loose and you have to re attach it. Its super simple to do and I just make a habit of making sure the suction is strong before I give it to my son. This works so so much better than any other suction cup bowls out there. No more bowl throwing!!

Ma Brookwood, AL

this bowl really stays put

this bowl is awesome for the simple fact that the super strong suction means that the bowl stays where you put it. I wish the company also made a rimmed plate or some sort of shallow bowl, but, as is, this product is awesome.

Sophia Middletown Springs, VT


This works perfectly on our silestone counter. My husband is impressed too. My little one uses it and enjoys having a meal with us. Recommended!

Angie Brooklin, ME

The suction works most of the time

It’s a bowl and it suctions on to the tray, but when I try to turn the bowl to lock it into place on the suction base, the whole base turns with it. It’s very hard to fit hand under bowl to hold the base still while trying to turn the bowl with one hand. So the bowl never really locks into place and little one can easily turn it and take it off the base.

Renee Warner, OK

Worked well, stained easily.

Better suction cup than most but, hard to snap the bowl in place all the way because the suction cup would spin. The rubber bottom is white so, one spaghetti dinner and it is permanently stained. Best suction bowl on the market!

Joan Ciales, PR

Love it!

I bring this everywhere. We have used this for every meal for over a month and the seal has only been broken once.The way the bowl attatches to the seperate suction base makes it difficult to pry off. It sometimes takes a couple of tries,when first attatching the suction base and bowl, to get a good seal. Once it seals, though, it really stays put well.

Ingrid Glenolden, PA

Doesn’t Hold due to design flaw.

This bowl doesn’t latch on well once you screw the bowl back onto the base. Sure the base gets a strong hold, but to screw the bowl down is difficult and requires a lot of force. When forcing it (think trying to remove stripped screw but backwards instead of removing your trying to screw the bowl on the base) on it loosens the grip and my 6month old was able to move the bowl with no effort. I tried it on multiple surfaces (lacquered wood, Formica, plastic tray) with no difference. It gets one star for being a bowl, but lose the other for four for not working as advertised.

Glenna Andrew, IA

Really strong suction!

This is the only bowl that my son has not been able to pull of the table. It has a 2 part system and can be difficult to get on and off, but once you have it on correctly, it really stays put! Very handy if you have a strong little one that loves to throw everything on the floor from the highchair.

Aileen China Grove, NC

Can’t believe the other bad reviews

I bought two of these for my first child and now a third for child #2. The suction is stronger than anything else out there. It works like a dream for me. Babies can’t get it off, ever. Grownups can easily for cleaning. I think there must be 3 possibilities for the bad reviews– 1. Defective batch 2. User error 3. Porous surface.Do other people understand you have to pull the tab up on the base, suction it, push the tab down, then rotate the bowl part onto the base?No suction cups work if you have a porous surface, like a textured plastic baby tray. This is universal of any suction cup. It works like a dream on my granite countertop.The suction power is similar toSafe-er- Grip Bath & shower Handle, 17-Inches. I keep the base attached to my countertop and it has not come off unless I want it to. I just rotate the bowl on when I need to use it. It takes about 1 second to rotate the bowl on to ensure you have a bowl that will never get knocked to the ground.

Guadalupe Piney Point, MD

Stays put!

Fantastic bowl, the baby doesn’t throw it off the high chair!! It really does it’s job. I couldn’t be happier with any other stay-put bowl.

Beatriz Marengo, WI

Stays Put!

I love Vital Baby products and this one is no exception. The bowl stays put on my son’s tray. No throwing the bowl on the floor! I love that this bowl sits up a little higher which makes it easier for my son who is learning to feed himself (less distance to go from bowl to mouth). If the suction cup does release with the bowl still attached, press with both hands and twist to get the bowl to release.Also, the customer service at Vital Baby is amazing! I emailed them to inquire about where to buy a product and they responded quickly and were willing to ship it directly to me since I could not find it in the US (they are a British company.)

Rosemarie Herman, MN

Very handy

I love the idea and i think it’s very handy bowl when you start feeding your baby in a highchair. Some people have commented that it’s a pointless gadget, you still have to teach the child not to throw food around some time later. I agree, but there’s such a thing as right time. I think teaching children impulse control is important but you have to choose a correct age for it. Teaching a one year old that plate is for eating and food is not for throwing around is a bit pointless task, wait for half a year more and you will get some results. And until then, use suction bowl :). I use my Unbelievabowl with the BabyBjörn highchar and it attaches very well. So far no problems of baby pulling it off, and i have a strong baby. I’m giving it 4 points for two reasons: first, it really should come with a lid and second, which is in many ways even more pressing for me: you should be able to buy extra suction base separately. So far i’ve only found a set where you get two bowls with one suction base, which is the opposite of what i need. So, if you need a second suction base or something happens to the first one, you have to buy the whole set again. Luckily it’s not overly expensive, but still, it’s fairly uncomfortable.

Lisa Coupland, TX

Didn’t stick to granite or highchair trays

Bought two of these but they just didn’t work. Can’t get them to stick to either the highchair trays or to granite counter tops reliably. Tried slightly wet, completely dry, tried cleaning the surface and the suction before use…. Nothing worked. Sometimes they wouldn’t stick at all… Other times they’d stick to the countertop but not hold in place well enough to twist the bowl on… Or I’d get the bowl halfway on then it would detach and then I couldn’t get the bowl separated from the suction. So now we just use the bowls as bowls and pick them up off the floor when they’re thrown… Just like we do with the 2 dollar bowls.

Viola Indianola, NE

Works until your kid decides to pull on it

We bought this when our baby was 6 months old and we loved it. It actually stayed put. We actually bought two more. Then, she learned how to tug on it and it pops off in one second. So, after about 8-9 months, it was useless to us. That’s a lot of money for 3 months use.The bottom line I think is that functional suction cup bowls and plates are a parents’ dream. Literally. They don’t exist in the real world. If this one didn’t hold up, nothing will. Just get a shatterproof set and be done with it.

Octavia Doran, VA

Bowl actually works

This bowl actually works. We use it on our PlayTray for Stokke Tripp Trapp (PlayTray for Stokke Tripp Trapp) and it suctions nicely to the playtray. Holds a good amount of food. I strongly recommend it.

Lucy Richwood, MN

Love materials, so/so on suction

I have a graco high chair and sometimes the suction works and sometimes it doesn’t. I gave this product four stars because when it does work, it works well and I love that they use safe materials. Also, sometimes it can be hard to get the bowl on and off of the base. But all in all, I like it.

Lee Burghill, OH