VTech VM321 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

VTech VM321 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

Safe & Sounds Full Color Video and Audio Monitor split screen viewing system supports up to four total cameras to be viewed from one parent unit. Viewing modes include single view and quad view split screen to view 4 rooms at the same time.

Main features

  • This configuration includes one parent unit (monitor) and one baby unit (camera)
  • High resolution 2.8″ color LCD screen – never miss your baby’s smile
  • Automatic IR night vision – view your baby at night without disturbing them
  • Comfort your infant with the 2-way talk-back intercom or choose to play one of five preset lullabies
  • Adjustable camera lens – the baby unit camera angle can be easily adjusted, ensuring the best view of your baby
  • Wall-mountable – the camera includes a wall-mount bracket to easily attach to a wall
  • This 2.4GHz system digitally transmits audio and video signals up to 1,000 feet
  • Parent unit can be set to beep if: (1) temperature drops below or rises above your customized zone, (2) link between the parent unit and the baby unit is lost, and/or (3) rechargeable battery is low
  • 6-level sound indicator on the parent unit allows you to visually monitor noise levels even when the unit is muted
  • Language is preset to English, but can be switched to French or Spanish for all screen displays
  • Expandable system – up four total cameras (additional cameras sold separately)
  • The baby unit also includes a cord management system for storing any excess power cord

Verified reviews


Great video monitor for it’s price

My husband and I chose this monitor after doing a ton of research on video monitors. It seems like each monitor has it’s perks and flaws so eventually we decided on this one based on it’s range of features and it’s price. For around $120 you are getting a very good monitor with a nice size viewing screen! It has excellent range with zero interference. It has alarms for when the battery is low, is signal with the camera is lost, or if the temperature in baby’s room gets too high or too low based on your specifications. The night vision is automatic and provides a clear enough pictures to see what our daughter is doing in the night. You can turn the screen on the parent unit off so that it will only turn on if sound is detected in baby’s room. For what we paid we are 100% satisfied with this monitor.

Socorro Las Vegas, NV

Buy stock in VTECH

1) Night vision is excellent, even better than day vision. It is a bit grainy and the zoom is worse but it’s still a nice feature.2) It’s very loud. The lowest setting will still startle me out of sleep and I wear earplugs to silence my storing husband3) The camera base position is easily perfected, the lens itself tilts!4) Excellent distance reception5) Battery lasts for friggin’ EVER. We can leave it on all day on battery power and it will last. The other monitors we had (Motorola) would be dead after 90 minutes. The battery life has to be the best feature, only second to…6) Is it waterproof? Because I washed it. And it still works. I put the baby down for a nap and then went into the master bath for an overflowing laundry basket. I grabbed the monitor on my way downstairs and wouldn’t you know it, I threw the monitor INTO THE WASHING MACHINE!!! When I realized that it had been about an hour since I had looked at the baby I was unable to find the monitor. I retraced my steps and found the monitor in the wash, still on. It survived the entire wash and rinse cycle and was taking a ride on the final spin cycle. I turned it off, took out the battery pack, covered the speaker holes with packaging tape and put it in a bag of instant oats (no rice in the house). I turned it back on that evening. There was moisture on the inside of the display glass/plastic (that eventually evaporated) but it works like the day we took it out of the box.I will never buy another monitor brand. VTech for life!

Julia Rockport, MA


I bought this monitor from Walmart.com and it broke after a week. Since I didn’t save the original packing they won’t take it back. So disappointed, I used to have good luck with v-tech products.

Jessica Winters, CA

Better than Nothing, but terrible sound quality!

I didn’t read any reviews before I bought this, and thought I was getting a good deal on price for a multi camera monitor. WRONG!It was working fine at first, but now the sound is constantly going out. How does that help when trying to hear my baby?! I can see her, but sometimes I can’t hear if she’s crying or just talking to herself. If I push the “talk” button, then I will get sound again. But it usually goes away again after a few seconds.Also, the screen never goes dark. It says that the screen will turn off after so many seconds/minutes of quiet, and then will turn back on when there is noise in the room. Our screen NEVER turns off. Which is annoying at night because it’s so bright!So between the screen and the fact that the sound continuously goes in and out, I’m taking this back and getting something else.I rated this a 2 instead of a 1 because it’s better than not having a monitor at all! But I’d actually prefer my non-video monitor over this one at this point.

Carly Tiff, MO

Pretty good monitor for the price

This video monitor has worked in my home when others could not keep a good signal. For that, I have to say that I think this was a great purchase. The picture is clear and there are many functions available to customize the configuration of the monitor settings. However, there are two big flaws that I can see:1. There is no way, at least that I know of, to power-save the screen by pressing a button. In my other baby’s monitor, I have a little button to push that keeps the monitor on and sound on, but shows the black screen. This is helpful if you are trying to sleep and don’t want the extra light or want to save the battery life.2. When the sound kicks on- it startles me…every time. This monitor is able to mute most of the white background noise of most monitors. That part is nice, I suppose. Unfortunately, once baby starts moving or making noise, it kicks on the sound suddenly. Maybe this doesn’t bother everyone, but I’d rather hear little noises leading up to big noises, rather than just big noises.Overall, it is still a great value for the money.

Tessa Salton City, CA

Great monitor!

I love this monitor!Pros:Color monitorYou can turn down the sensitivity so you only hear when your child is crying and not just making sleeping noisesScreen turns off until your baby cries (so you don’t have a bright light in your face all night)The monitor beeps if the battery is dying.You can zoom in on the babyYou can buy another camera separately and hook both up to the same parent unit.Adjustable volumeCons:Directions it comes with doesn’t explain everything. You need to go online for more directions.

Thelma Pultneyville, NY

Every parent must have!

My husband and I are both VERY impressed with the Safe & Sound monitor. From the first feel of it you can tell it was made using high quality materials and built to last. I grew up around Vtech toys as does my daughter now so I already trust the Vtech brand.The Safe & Sound monitor features five relaxing lullabies, volume control and a talk-back intercom bring you the quality and convenience you expect from your monitoring system. Best of all, when you buy VTech–the same manufacturer that has been pioneering cordless communication for more than 35 years–you can rest assured your little one is safe and sound.Needless to say this monitor has TONS of cool features to it that you won’t find on many others. When trying out the monitor I love how simple it was to set up. I didn’t even have to refer to the directions! The monitor and camera are both light weight while continuing to have high quality. The video monitor shows clear images of what’s going on and the sound can be adjusted. It can either be on vibrate or loud and clear to hear. One thing I also love other than the sound and clear image is how it shows the temperature. I know sometimes we as women feel hot and cold at random points and no one else is experiencing this. With the temperature display I can be more cautious to the temperature and take into account how it could be affecting the baby. When you’re not using it, it’s simple to store and/or turn off. If you want to try & sooth the baby to sleep choose one of the 5 lullaby songs to play and you’re all set!Of course this monitor isn’t just for babies though. You can use it for any type of indoor monitoring – young children playing, pets, elderly, etc. The adjustable camera angle and wall mount make it easy to position the camera and monitor to your needs.Would I recommend this product? Definitely! I was so unsure about which cameras and monitors would be best before, but after just a short period of playing around with this one I’m positive on the one I’m recommending to all my pregnant friends and family: The Vtech Safe & Sound!READ FULL REVIEW: http://www.closetsamples.com/review-vtech-safe-sound-baby-monitor/

Christian Manitou, KY

Better than my Motorolla for big bucks

Very impressive, everything works as described. Distance and thru wall reception is great, we monitor the baby in the bedroom from the outside spa, at the opposite end of the home.

Noemi Swansboro, NC

so glad i got this!

I really love this monitor. I didn’t think I was going to be able to afford a video monitor until I found this. I am so happy I have it, now I can SEE whether my son is just fussing as he changes position to go back to sleep versus when he is actually waking up! Also the features on this thing are great!. The temperature monitor and the music soother are two very big bonuses. I also love that it has the instant on feature, so that it comes on when he makes noises! It is quiet when he is not making noises which means I don’t have to listen to static from a typical audio monitor when he is quiet. I am very happy with this!

Dollie Mesa, AZ

Love it!!

This us a must have for any mom. We started with a regular monitor but when it came time for baby girl to go into her own room I felt I needed to be able to see her. This monitor works perfectly. It takes a little getting used to but then it works perfectly. The picture is clear and the zoom feature is great.

Erika Powers, MI

Great image quality!

Video is great in light and non light conditions. Sound is great too…but takes a little extra time to pick up the first few squawks from the babe. Overall would recommend!

Patsy Burlison, TN

Lasted 2-3 weeks

Estela Tanana, AK

Frees Me Up

I keep my grandson five days a week while both of his parents work. I also have a lot of things I like to do–flower garden, play keyboard, etc.–that I can do only while my grandson is asleep or after he leaves. This little device keeps me aware of his every move while I am pursuing my other tasks around the house. In fact, as I type this review, one eye is on the monitor siting to the right of my keyboard. The picture quality isn’t great, but it is pretty good, and I can zoom in to see up close. It’s worth the money and the peace of mind.

Rosanna Houlton, ME

A great way to watch your baby

This set up allows great views in total darkness and also views from four cameras. I know how much I appreciate this with a new granddaughter to watch over and it affords so much security with the great video in low light. This was so easy to set up and use. I am now officially the greatest babysitter ever.I can see what is making those sounds and have been relieved!

Benita Jerome, MO

OK MONITOR but Parent unit and video is bad

This monitor is good for the price but I am now trashing it because the parent unit stop charging after 8 months and now it not working again 14 months later.

Whitney Smithfield, PA

Works great!

This monitor does exactly what we need it to do. We’ve had it for over a month now I have really nothing bad to say about it. It does have some minor flaws though. At full volume you get some white noise but it’s not loud. It also gets some interference if a cell phone is right next to it and the signal drops momentarily but it’s nothing major. The resolution is pretty low and sometimes you have to stare pretty hard at it to see breathing, but the zoom feature usually handles that very well.So far it hasn’t had any feedback problems which is very very nice. I would recommend this monitor to anyone and I don’t think you could beat it for the price.

Olive Prairie Creek, IN

Buzzes when charger is plugged in

Unless we can return this for a replacement (doubtful), we will be throwing this away. It works ok when not plugged in, but the buzzing noise when plugged in is too noisy to sleep next to. A big POS. By the way, for our other child, we have the Motorola monitor and it is fabulous. We decided to risk this cheaper version as we are on a budget, but that was a big mistake. The other thing to note is that the tilt is manual and with limited range – not a wireless digital tilt. Also when you press the talk button, there is a very loud click, which means if accidentally pressed, the baby is woken up.

Lacey Garland, PA

Best for the price. Doesn’t mess up your wireless

This has everything expensive monitors have for a lot less money. This is my third baby monitor. Even if you don’t buy this model make sure you get a baby monitor with voice activation. That white noise is very annoying.Another thing a lot of the monitors cause is mess up your wireless connection. If they work on 2.4GHz for example. This one is the only one I had that was secure and didn’t drop my wireless network.The image is very clear. It has temperature alarm (great if baby’s room is on the second floor). talk back, zoom.Some reviews complained about the second camera not coming up with noise activation, but the unit vibrates. I leave it on my night stand and the vibration is really intense, enough to wake me up.Don’t think more, get this one.

Jessica Alexandria, TN

is good but no great

its very good the image its nice and very clear at night but the sounds need to be improvet because it has a echo sound but in general its a great product

Stella Max Meadows, VA

Good monitor for its price

We previously had a Summer video monitor and as a monitor it worked well. That said the Summer monitor broke after only one year, which I think is ridiculous given the cost. The fault was in the Several of my cons about this model are things the Summer monitor did. That said if I was choosing now I would still choose the VTech since I think the pros are better.Pros
• Great range, I had a hard time with the Summer device in a small home and couldn’t use it in a bigger house however this device has great range.
• Batteries can be used for the camera which is nice when power is not easily available.
• Large screen, makes everything easy to see.
• Cost, the low cost is great, I bought mine on sale for $99.Cons
• Video is not awesome, that said its more than adequate for watching a baby.
• Audio on/off is a bit annoying but that said you can get used to it.

Annmarie Green Cove Springs, FL

Grainy screen

Good quality monitor good range but wish video quality was improved. Would be more useful if video was more sharp. Does have nice zoom in feature though.

Veronica Waretown, NJ

Good monitor at a reasonable price

We bought this monitor to use while traveling, and it works perfectly. It is small and compact, and easy to setup and use. I like that it displays the temperature in the room. It doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, but it does what it is supposed to do and was reasonably priced.

Myra Chase, MD

Excellent monitor at a great price!

I’m very happy with this baby monitor. I was on the fence about purchasing a video monitor for my newborn. I was going to go with audio only because of the price difference, but I am so glad I went with a video monitor. My son can nap and sleep in his crib and I can relax knowing that he is safe and sound. The picture quality may not be the sharpest, but I can see my baby’s face just fine. I’m buying a second camera to keep in our living room in case my son falls asleep in his swing, I’d like to be able to keep an eye out for him while doing chores and would prefer to not have to keep moving the primary camera from his nursery. I would purchase this monitor again and would suggest it to any new parents who are seeking out a quality video monitor for a good price.

Violet Bejou, MN

Awesome Monitor

Who doesn’t want to watch their baby sleep all day? I could watch mine, day and night. And now, I don’t have to sit beside her or hold her if I need to get things done around the house. With VTech’s new Safe&Sound; monitor, I can watch her and hear her anytime I need too.So many features to this that are incredible! I am in love with the talk back feature! If baby gets fussy, sometimes all it takes to settle back down is a reassuring "shh" from mommy. You can do that without having to go in and completely wake baby up. Just simply talk to baby via the intercom and you can watch to see if that does the trick.You can mount the receiver on the wall and can zoom in up to 2x’s. You can rotate from side to side up to 270 degrees and up and down 124 degrees. You surely won’t miss anything with this monitor. Completely set up with full color and high resolution during the day and infrared LED for night time watching. Multiple viewing options lets you cycle through more than one camera, you can view up to 8 rooms (Love this feature! I can keep an eye on her no matter where she’s at. And if you have a baby sitter, keep an eye on the goings on while you’re out); transitions through each room at 7 second intervals. No matter day or night, your baby is in your sight the entire time they’re out of your arms.Volume level indicator allows you to monitor how loud baby is even if you have the parent unit on mute. Is baby a loud sleeper? On an important phone call? It’s OK, you can mute the receiver and watch for the sound indicator. Miss the sound indicator going off? There’s also a vibrate option that will alert you too. These are especially great when you run an in home business and don’t want to be loud, or are on the phone, etc.Wonder if baby is too warm? Too cool? Built in temperature sensor lets you know the temp of the room baby is in. Never wonder again if baby needs a blanket, or less. This is such a life saver, especially when you have a baby that kicks and squirms while sleeping.I love this monitor and am so glad that VTech sent me one to review! I have always been a fan of VTech, my phones are by them too! Quality product at reasonable prices. When it comes to your babies, this monitor is a must have!

Octavia Temple, ME

As good as our AngelCare video monitor

Nice size screen, great control customizability, decent volume. Bought this for my mom’s house so she could monitor him from another room while she watched him several days a week. No regrets. As good as our AngelCare video monitor, which was more expensive, and the screen is bigger.

Antionette Pilot, VA

Bang for the Buck!

This monitor works beautifully and I am shocked at the quality of it for the great price. My mom has the Infant Optics one at her house, which is the same price, and it does not work anywhere near as good as this one.Lots of great options and settings, we LOVE it!

Jannie Star Lake, WI

Does the job

I finally purchased this monitor after looking at several more expensive models. I have been using the monitor for six months and am happy overall. It was very easy to set up and mount. I guess it’s dark in our nursery; the parent unit display is always black and white… It never switches over to color. The battery doesn’t last very long off the charger, but its usually enough to get through naps during the day and I plug it up when we go to bed. Sometimes there is a black streak through the display screen, but it usually doesn’t last long. It does what it was intended to do. I would give it 3.5 stars if I could.

Emilie Caraway, AR

Best monitor for large properties/homes

We have purchased 4 other monitors and this is by far the best range wise. Our home isn’t huge, its 2000 sq ft but we have 1/3 of an acre and needed a monitor that could be used in and outside and go through a large number of walls. All the other monitors fell short but this one has fantastic range … we set it up in our detached garage and are able to run it to the far side of our property through 3 bedrooms walls, a living room and kitchen and it doesn’t affect the picture/sound quality.

Teresa Junction City, GA

Great Monitor for the price

This video monitor is great. Now I don’t have to get up to check on my daughter as often thanks to this. It has a few flaws but is worth the price for it.

Carole Oslo, MN

I can’t live without this

There is a lot of good and bad that come with this monitor.Let’s start with the good:-You get a lot for what you pay. if you are on a budget and want a video monitor, this is the best one out there.-It’s reliable. I can see everything perfectly in the dark, thanks to the infrared lighting on the baby unit. I can also hear everything perfectly clear, and there is no sound interference.-Battery comes with the parent unit making it portable. Baby unit also can take AAA batteries but I just leave it plugged in.-You can control the sound sensitivity. I keep it on the highest sensitivity, I have to hear the white noise and everything else otherwise I will be paranoid and constantly check on baby. Although you can turn it down and the white noise will disappear all together, and sound will only be activated once there really is a sound in the room.-It alerts you when the battery is going to die and gives you enough time to plug it in before it shuts off.-You can choose whether you want your alerts (for battery and temperature) to beep, vibrate, or stay silent (in this case a notification would flash on the top of the screen).Now for the not so good:-Even fully charged, the battery life on the parent unit is not long enough to last through the night. That bugs me sometimes to hear the beep in the middle of the night, or when I am just too exhausted I don’t hear it at all and wake up to my baby crying for god knows how long. Now I just keep it plugged in the entire night, although I hate doing that, I feel like it will just burn out the battery.-No time on the monitor! Just wish it had one, that’s all it’s missing.-I cannot get the vibrating alert to work on the monitor, even though it’s turned on from the settings.-Biggest con: the temperature check. The baby unit has a thermometer on the back of it and the temperature is displayed on the parent unit. You can set a too high or too low setting and it can alert you when the temperature in the room needs to be adjusted. At first, I thought this was amazing. Now, I just don’t think it is accurate at all. I keep the air conditioning on and it still tells me it is 82 degrees (F) in the room!!! It won’t budge. I am thinking that maybe because I have the baby unit mounted high, the warm air accumulates to the top of the room, maybe that’s what it’s reading. Because I am sure my baby isn’t sleeping in 82 degrees. I do plan on getting a thermometer to check the difference. I would rather not have this feature at all than have the wrong reading.At the end of the day, it does exactly what it needs to do. My baby still sleeps a lot and I am always running around the house with this thing. I don’t know how people survive with just a sound monitor. I can ignore the minor things that irritate me and overall, I love this monitor.Edit: April 24, 2014Well guess what… the parent unit charger died out on me. It stopped charging for a few days and I had no idea what the problem was. I have a relative who has the same monitor so I tried to charge the parent unit using her charger and it worked fine. So I called customer service and they were so kind and helpful! I received this as a gift and don’t have the proof of purchase or receipt for warranty purposes, but they helped me and are sending me another charger. At first they wanted to charge me 5 bucks but they worked around to sending it for free. I haven’t received it yet so we’ll see!Also, regarding my con about the thermometer, I guess as inaccurate as it may be, I can’t live without it. I’ve adjusted to where I just subtract a couple degrees and it seems to consistently match my thermostat.

Claudia Grawn, MI