Vulli 2 Pack Vanilla Flavored Ring Teethe, Colors May Vary

Vulli 2 Pack Vanilla Flavored Ring Teethe, Colors May Vary

These teething rings are made of a soft and chewy deliciously vanilla scented material that baby will love biting. It is made in France. BPA, Phthalates free. They are vanilla flavored. For babies from 0 month and up.

Main features

  • Phthalates and BPA free
  • Facilitate baby development
  • Texture and gentle scent
  • Made of a soft and chewy deliciously vanilla scented
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors: pink, green or orange

Verified reviews



I don’t know exactly what the issue is here, but we just got these and I immediately noticed that my baby got a red rash where ever these touched his skin. I’m not sure if it’s the material or if it’s a rubbing issue. All I can say is that I haven’t had this problem with other teethers. We have a Sophie and haven’t had this problem either… maybe it’s a different material or the vanilla scent, but I’m not giving them back to him. My baby is almost 8 months and does have somewhat sensitive skin, but I was completely surprised to see the rashes developing from these teethers.

Rochelle Whitman, WV

CHOKING HAZARD – Great until she had 2 teeth!

This product was great until my little one had teeth. You can only use up until the first teeth breakthrough. The teething ring then becomes a choking hazard as the child is able to bite off little chunks. Attached picture. Please avoid the scary situation which occurred in our household and stop use once the first teeth breakthrough.

Abby Toledo, IL


The green poodle that comes with this set has been my 9mo olds favorite teether since she started teething a few months ago. Today she smiled at me & I noticed something stuck in her teeth. I dug it out & it was bright green rubber. After examining the poodle I found that the rubber is breaking up into little pieces on the head of the poodle. Please be careful with this teether & check it frequently. As sad as it’ll make her I’m going to have to take this & throw it away after only a few months of use.

Virgie Little Hocking, OH

BPA and Phthalate Free + Fantastic!

My little guy has had these since he was 4 months old, and 4 months later they are still a favorite! This was the first toy he actually held onto and would carry when we would move him, or pick him up. I love that they are BPA and Phthalate Free, SAFE. I can’t say enough about this, with so many recalls and dangerous products it’s nice to find a safe product, and they are not made in china. The vanilla scent is great! After he has a really good chew he always has “hint of vanilla” breath. The rubber is firm but soft if that makes sense. They are easy to wash, the perfect size for him to hold, and really encourage coordination. Each one has different textures, and I’m very happy they come in a two pack in case he drops one, I then have the back up ready. Any time I offer one of these he immediately scoops it up, which is not always the case with other toys of his that are more take it or leave it. I paid $12 with shipping which seemed a little high, but after owning them I would have paid more if I had to. Other than that, I honestly have not found any cons… We love these.

Sylvia Perry, MO

Vanilla smells good! Baby approved!

I can attest that these teethers smell like vanilla. I did not chew on one to see if it was "vanilla flavored" but I can tell you that my 6 month old loves these. I like that they are easy to attach to rings, and we clip the rings to various larger items (car seat, stroller, exersaucer) so when he drops the teether, it doesn’t go far and doesn’t get lost or dirty.A very good deal – I was intrigued by the giraffe teether but the price put me off. For less than half the price of one giraffe, we were able to get 2 of these smaller ones!

Twila Jay, NY

Very satisfied with these!

Baby loves the texture and vanilla flavoring of these teethers. They are easy for him to hold and have no risk of him choking or swallowing any pieces. Way cheaper than other teethers too.

Marianne Ruby, NY

Watch for small nicks at seams… otherwise excellent!

Once upon a timeVulli Sophie the Giraffe Teetherwas my baby’s favorite toy. She went everywhere with us. Then one day the baby just began rejecting her and still won’t touch her. After teething for months but getting no teeth all I can figure is she got sick of Sophie. I was left scrambling to find another suitable teether ’cause just a couple days before the baby turned one she cut her first three teeth in two days!After reading the reviews here I figured these had to be worth a try in spite of how pricey I think they are for such a small item. I am so happy I did though because this two pack is perfect. One for the house and one for the diaper bag. We got an orange lamb and a red elephant, each having a slightly different shape and thus textures. The baby prefers the lamb’s butt and the elephant’s ear/head. After a couple of weeks I noticed that the seams of the mold in those areas does wear a bit easier and tiny bits of the rubber were coming off so I do recommend being really careful with these softer rubber teether since they do have the potential for that.The vanilla scent is pleasant but not strong and my baby seems not to notice it. Or perhaps she’s just gotten used to it. Either way these are a great teether in my opinion/experience as the rubber is soft, the scent isn’t nasty, the texture and colors seem to be pleasing and while small the handles are just right for a baby’s hand to hold. These are a little pricier than some teethers but make up for it in durability and versatility.

Deann Cramerton, NC

Great Baby Shower Gift. Great For Your Kid. LOVE.

I love these teethers so much, and so does my son. I have bought backups for my son because I am terrified I might lose them and that he will freak out. The vanilla scent is really neat, and even after 7 months of wear and tear, it still smells like vanilla! As soon as my son could grab, this became his go to.I buy this for all of my friends with infants, or anyone expecting. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Lindsey Ocean City, NJ

Eh, not a big hit

I purchased these for my son when he was 8 months old and teething- he kept chewing on his Bright Starts Lots of Links (–Solid-Colors) and I thought these would be a better alternative. These Vulli Vanilla Rings smell great, heck I wanted to chew one, however my son just doesn’t care for them. They’re still around among the toys, but he’s never shown any interest in chewing on them or even carrying them around (he’s 11 months old now). Maybe he will later? If so I’ll update my review.

Earline Pescadero, CA

Favorite teethers

These are great. They smell good, possibly taste decent, are the right size for baby hands. And, I wash them in the upper rack of the dishwasher without hesitation. Thank god for Vulli items. Cute and functional.

Marjorie Arco, MN


My son loves this, and he’s still too young to teethe! He’ll just gum at it for hours. It’s also great to develop hand-eye coordination, if he holds it, he really wants to put it in his mouth!

Michelle Geneva, OH

Baby was able to bite chunks off

When I first bought this product for my almost one year old I really liked it. I loved the vanilla scent and they were the perfect size for my daughters little hands. She used them for a couple of weeks without any problems. However, I then started noticing that the material was pulling away from the toy. I just saw it in one spot so I cut the material off and figured maybe it was just a fluke. Chunks continued to peel and fall off of both of these toys so I had to take them away from my daughter. I was really disappointed because she really liked chewing them. These would be fine I imagine for a baby with no teeth but watch out once your child gets teeth. It is scary to see chunks of a toy that is supposed to be chewed on fall off.

Roxie Sandy Hook, CT

Perfect size and weight

My 5-month old has 2 little pearly whites and is drooling like a faucet. He was chewing on his fingers or sleeves or socks, which soaked the clothing. Since he’s not quite coordinated yet, these teething rings are the perfect size and light-weight for him to bring to his mouth. The Razberry teether is too large for his mouth right now, and some of the other teething rings are too heavy for him to lift. We loop the Booginhead strap through and clip it to his bib so he doesn’t lose it. Essential for every day use!

Celeste Strasburg, CO

The best teething ring we’ve bought

These are the best teething rings we’ve bought, I actually bought them twice because the first set went missing (as baby things can sometimes do between the house, the car, the stroller, etc). They are made with really high-quality, smooth plastic and they have a surprisingly pleasant vanilla scent. I am usually pretty sensitive to artificial scents or scents in general but I like to purposely smell these, they smell like a cake! They are easy for my baby (7 months) to hold, she has been using them since around 3 months old. The animals are textured so she likes to gnaw on them as I imagine they help with the pain she is having with her new emerging teeth. Vulli makes great quality products, and although we didn’t love our big Sophie the Giraffe, I really think that these and the smaller Sophie teething ring are must-haves.

Jacquelyn Ceredo, WV

love it!

oh my god. we have bought so many teethers and these are the best. someone got us the giraffe by the same company and our baby loves that, but he wouldn’t play with another of the other teethers we got him that were smaller. i ordered these and he just loves them.

Dayna Bridgewater, SD

Inexpensive & AWESOME

My baby loves these! They are easy to hold & chew. Thin & comfortable on his gums. So worth it!

Marva Spearsville, LA

Daughter loves the taste

These flavored teethers have become a favorite of my 1yr old daughter. She constantly bites on them to help relieve pressure from her teething gums. Good buy, good price.

Letitia Liscomb, IA

Another Great Vulli Product.

We have Sophie the Giraffe and the Sophie vanilla teething ring and my 4 month old loves them both. So I got her these to give her some variety in her teething toys and to no surprise she loves them! I don’t know what it is about the Vulli toys, but babies seem to love them. These teething rings are very easy for her to hold and offer some great textures for her to chew on. The poodle and elephant are also very cute to look at. Love these and would recommend them to anyone with a teething baby.Sophie The Giraffe Vanilla Teething Ring – Gift Boxed!Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Luella Green Cove Springs, FL

Smells good and soft on babys gums

My son likes the rings but tends to move on to bigger things. The rings are slightly small for my 8 month old. Would be much better suited for a 3 month old.

Deborah Liberal, KS

GREAT teether!

This was my son’s favorite teether, before we lost it in a parking lot somewhere. 🙁 Will definitely be spending the money on buying a couple new ones!

Helen Chelan Falls, WA

baby likes, good scent

great smell. baby likes. soft and textured. easy to hold for little ones. scent does fade with numerous washes. good price and alternative to the expensive giraffe

Melva Hanover, MI

Great teethers

These are very nice teethers. They are easy for my 3 month old to grip. They are nice and small and light which makes them easy for young teethers to handle. The vanilla scent is nice too.

Karina Ermine, KY

Best ever

I have 2 sets, that’s how much my LO loves this (especially the lamb). It’s been a few months of use now, with constant washing and cleaning on daily basis and it still smells lovely.

Clara Rockport, WV

Baby’s Favorite

Purchased when my baby was getting his second tooth, he was 6 months and could actually hold onto them so I think that helped with this teether being so successful. He loves it and they are very easy to clean! They are a great price, mother approved!

Ladonna Kirkwood, NY

Smell so good I want to chew on them!

We received these teethers as a gift and were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the teethers and how much the babies liked them. Their shape makes it really easy for little hands to hold onto them, and the different surface textures of the teethers definitely appeals to the babies. On top of that, these teethers smell so delicious that it almost makes you want to chew on them! I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for teethers for their babies.

Lucille Denniston, KY

No complaints, but other preferences

The babies do seem to enjoy these, briefly, and prefer them to our Dr. Brown teether, but they only really use them for a minute. They much prefer things they can destroy, like cardboard boxes (ew), or things with more rough texture like back pack straps. They favor the Lamb and its bumpy surface but use the elephant too. The heads are fun because they can maneuver it closer to their molars. Overall, I would skip next time and just give my next baby dried fruit in a mesh feeder… which my now 9 month old twins will gnaw and yank on for a good hour to massage their gums.

Diana Jolo, WV

The only teethers my son will use

We have tried every teether in the world (it seems), even the expensive Sophie Giraffe one, and our son prefers these. I like them because they are slim and fit in the baby bag–though they often get lost because they are so small. I ordered extra and it seems I have at least 1 whenever I need it. I love the bright colors and different animals too. My son likes to carry this around in his teeth while crawling; it’s too cute!

Selena Speculator, NY

Great teethers!

My 8mo at the time loved these and still loves these 4 months later. Great vanilla scent even after washing them. Nice quality and easy to attach to our stroller and diaper bag for easy entertainment.

Therese Warsaw, IN

Too Cute

Love these teethers. We still have them around even though they haven’t been used as teethers for over a year because they are so cute. Also non-toxic and well made.

Marlene Waterloo, IN

Great value, baby loves it

These are great and such a good value compared to Sophie! Perfect texture and the vanilla scent is very appealing.

Gina Dundalk, MD