Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Soft Natural Rubber Teether – Comes In Gift Boxes

Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Soft Natural Rubber Teether – Comes In Gift Boxes

Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Vulli imagines a new enchanted world “Chan Pie Gnon” and launches a collection of teethers with Chan Pie Gnon’s picture on it. Chan Pie Gnon comes from the French word champignon, which means mushroom. Just like the famous Sophie the giraffe, this toy is made in natural rubber (phtalate-free) and baby can chew it in complete safety.   Easy to grasp and to grip. This toy includes a squeaker sound.  3 models to collect : Chan, Pie and Gnon. Each product has been designed to facilitate baby development and offer numerous parts to chew, manipulate and play in total safety.

Main features

  • 100% Natural rubber is soft, safe & non-toxic for baby to bite & chew paints
  • Completely non-toxic, BPA-Free, and phthalate-free with no PVC
  • Decorated with non-toxic, food-grade paints
  • Nubs on the head help soothe sore, teething gums
  • Makes a soft squeak when squeezed

Verified reviews


baby’s drool dissolves the paint!!!

I loved this cute squeaky toy, and so did my son, once he reached about 3.5 months old. Still, I had to take it away and throw it away after he used it twice: he drools all over it, of course–and the black paint on this toy’s eyes dissolves in spit! I washed the toy to try to figure out what the black mess all over the toy’s little face was. Soap and water caused no problems with the paint. Then I spat on it and rubbed the spit around–and voila, the black paint from the eyes spread all over its face! I don’t know whether there’s something special about my son’s and my spit that doesn’t mix with this paint, or whether others will have this problem. I guess if you have this problem, you can’t miss it.

Olga Farmingdale, NY


i had got this product excitedly ordering from here but when we started using the color shade started peeling off and my son..use to chew on that .it was unacceptable n we somehow cudnt return the product.neways i wiidnt suggest anybody to buy this product which claims ORGANIC but cannot deal with basic problems.

Ivy East Poland, ME

OK – but Sophie is better!

I bought this after buying Sophie the Giraffe from the same company. My daughter chews on Sophie like crazy. Sophie is such a great teething toy. But when my daughter puts Sophie’s leg in her mouth, sometimes she pokes her eye with another leg, so I thought this toy would be eliminate the poking. My daughter will chew on it, but it just doesn’t fit in her mouth like Sophie’s legs and head, and she tosses it aside quickly. If you are going to buy a rubber teething toy, Sophie is a better buy.**EDIT**Updating! My 9 month old now prefers this teether over Sophie! About a month ago she made the switch and now really prefers this over the giraffe.Bottom line: These rubber toys are great teethers.

Cecilia Sobieski, WI

Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Yellow toy

I got this thinking that my son would love it and have easy time holding on since it has that loop on the top. My son doesn’t like it maybe played with it couple times since I’ve had it. I don’t know how to clean it to get the rubbery smell off. I tried wiping it and running it under the water (covering the hole where it squeaks) but it still smells pretty rubbery. I say try a friends out first before investing in this toy. Your baby will either love it or not care about it.

Silvia Seligman, AZ

Not worth it

We bought this for our 6 month old teething daughter. It arrived with black dirty stuff in the crevices that are all around the “horns”. I wouldn’t give that to my daughter to chew on. Furthermore, the pink paint around the “feet” is all chipping off. The squeak sound is EXACTLY like a dog toy, and believe me, our dog thought it was totally for HER. We put it back in the box and returned it, and won’t be buying another.

Joyce Ladera Ranch, CA

Great Teether! Softer than Sophie

This is a great little teether.We have this and Sophie the giraffe, and our son loves both.This one is made of thinner/softer rubber than Sophie, and is a simpler shape, so it’s easier for him to get a nice big hunk in his mouth and bear down when his gums are hurting.I also like the handle on the head of the yellow one. It is very easy for my 5.5 month old to grasp and play with. The small loop handle also makes it simple to attach the toy to the stroller or carrier we’re using with a pacifier clip, so that it’s not dropped/lost.He honestly plays with both Sophie and this about the same amount, so I’m happy that we bought both.*Tip: The prices for Vulli products fluctuate wildly on Amazon, so put them in your shopping cart and track them for a week or two to nab it at a low price. Once it’s in your shopping cart Amazon will automatically alert you of new pricing on the product.

Irene Allenton, MO

Squeaky sound very annoying

My baby (just turned one year old) dislike the toy immediately when i present it to her. The squeaky sound is way too loud and annoying. She is actually scared of it and refuse to handle it. I wouldn’t mind spending more money on good product but unfortunately this product is not what i expected (mainly due to the squeaky noise i think the rubber is fine).

Lily Briggsville, AR

Great teether!

I researched high and low for teethers and found this and Sophie the Giraffe (same company) to be the best choices. They’re made of super-soft natural rubber with safe ink, which is just what I was looking for in a teether. My daughter loves to chew on them and the squeaky noise is a fun treat for her, as well. The little handle on top makes this character easy to grab and provides an additional gnawing surface. Highly recommended.

Leila Norcatur, KS

Better than Sophie.

We bought this item first because Sophie was too expensive and we weren’t sure we were going to love it. First off, our daughter LOVED Chan. He’s easy for young babies to grip and has that ever-so-familiar head for all the nursing babies. Our daughter used it all the time while teething; it was so effective that we didn’t know she was teething until her teeth popped out! Well, needless to say, we loved it so much that we splurged on Sophie too! Sophie was welcomed, but not as much as Chan. Sophie doesn’t squeak as easily and has more nooks and crannies that aren’t so familiar. Although Sophie is good, Chan is GREAT!She started using it at 4 months and is now 9 months and chomps on it just like she did 5 months ago! We can’t say that for many of her other toys!

Evangelina Ossining, NY

Adorable? Yes! Durable? Not so much

My daughter adored this toy so much during its one month lifespan, that we’ll more then likely purchase another one. One sad day, the squeaker squeaked no more, which caused its body to no longer inflate (which pretty much left it limp and unusable er…That’s What She Said). Joking aside, considering we’re willing to put up with rounds of squeaky toy madness (in which we dub our 5 month year old, the littlest clown), makes it worth the 15 bucks, just on sheer entertainment value alone.

Tracy Sea Girt, NJ

my lo didnt care for it

my lo didnt care for it and it has an annoying sound. not realy a teether in my opinion. if you want a squeeky toy, that is what it is.

Tabitha Fayetteville, NC

Daughter loves it!

My 6-month old daughter loves to gnaw on this mushroom’s head. This toy is very cute and the squeaky sound it makes isn’t too loud or obnoxious.

Penelope Turlock, CA

Great teether

I got this for my 5 month old before she got any teeth, but she still liked to chew on it. The adults probably get more entertainment value from it tho – if you shake it back and forth it does a crazy squeek!

Dale Thompsonville, MI

Not poisonous (yay), but not very affordable either.

I keep kid toys as natural and non-toxic as I can so this was great for that. I just don’t think a little squeaky toy that won’t be used for long should cost so much.

Edith Freeport, IL

Cute but…

Its cute, it makes me want to chew it. but it squeaks with every bite. Like a dogs chew toy. Very annoying

Ethel Vernon, IL

Baby loves how Pie squeaks and squishes

Baby loves this toy – not so much as a teether (yet) but something to squeeze and bang against other things. It has a squeaker in it (think dog toy) and she loves the noises it makes. As far as the other customer’s comment about dirty – it’s natural rubber so it picks up dust very easily. Just give it a quick soapy rinse (plug the air hole with your finger) and it’s squeaky clean. Baby loves this and other Vulli – especially Sophie the Giraffe and the Frog teether. We love this toy. As I type this baby is in my lap and she’s smiling and cooing at Pie’s photo.

Velma Lutherville Timonium, MD

Someone snuck in the Christmas presents early (yeah it was mom)

Wow my baby is in love. He wouldn’t let go of this little guy all night. Great for teething baby!!

Laurel Glasston, ND

Oh pink vulli chan, what would we do without you?

I can hear you in the middle of the night, the semi annoying yet somehow comforting dog-toy sound that is oh so much better than the tired wail. I can hear the two new bottom teeth squeakily pulling on the rubbery goodness as they try to rip you apart, rubbery nubbins against fresh inscisor jaggedness.No fear, they cannot do it. Not quite sharp enough. But mein gott, does she try.Dearest little pink vulli, you treat my baby right. Just the right size for a 4-6 month old intently trying to cut the first couple of teeth, small enough to fit in a pocket, easy to find with a flashlight under a sofa, soft enough to comfort, comforting enough to be safe in bed.That is why we now own two.

Chrystal Hopeton, OK

Organic goodness

we bought this plus 2 other teethers in this series for our 6 month old because we were looking for something organic and safe for him to chew on. The way the top of the head is shaped is supposed to mimic the breast, but I don’t think our baby knows that. He hasn’t taken it to it as much as I would like him to, basically he will chew it for about 5 minutes and then toss it, but I still love it!

Lydia Kaukauna, WI

Strong odor; shape difficult for a baby to chew on

I bought this teether for my 5-month-old daughter. Now she is half a year. Below are my observations during the past month:Pros:
• It makes squeaky sound, which draws her attention whenever I want it.
• It is soft and won’t hurt my daughter.Cons:
• It has an extremely strong odor. I’m not sure whether the natural rubber is supposed to smell that way. Maybe it would please someone, but not me and I doubt for my baby.
• The shape of this teether is chewing-proof. It’s round and smooth everywhere, except for the two tiny foot parts. I can’t imagine how a baby can bite it unless s/he has an extremely big mouth.
• It looks cute to grow-ups, but probably not to babies. The color is too light and color contract is very low. My daughter would never pay attention to it, if it is placed together with other colorful teethers.
• It tastes strange too. I tested with my own tongue. Very unpleasant flavor. I would never want my daughter to chew on it.We keep it only for two reasons: 1) its squeaky sounds help me to grab my daughter’s attention; and 2) it looks cute to me as a decorative toy.

Cortney Mikana, WI

Very cute!

I don’t know yet how useful this toy is as a chewing toy, it seems very soft – but it looks cute and squeaks! I bet our little son will love playing with it 🙂 Our dog already has her eyes on it, haha!

Cheryl Holton, IN

Comfortable and cute natural teether!

One of the favorite teethers of my baby boy, he eagerly nibbles into Pie’s ears and cheeks. Also it is a squeaky toy like a rattle Anytime I remind my baby about this toy he is smiling and getting excited to chew on it! Durable, made of 100% natural resin (kauchuk) and paint is harmless as well. Well worth the price!

Flossie Willis, MI

The baby (and the dogs) love this!

We have the Giraffe from this series, which is a huge hit with the baby, and since one toy is not enough, I bought this, which has also been a huge hit. She chews on the "nipple", bites down on it, pulls the toy away from her mouth and lets it go with a satisfying popping noise, shakes it vigorously to make a series of little squeaks, and chews on the head. It is small enough for her little hand to grasp but not so small that it fits in her mouth, which is a good thing. The only problem I have is in keeping the dogs away from it – it squeaks, and to them sounds like a small animal.

Sallie North Granby, CT

Great concept, but not so great in reality. Sophie’s far better!

Purchased two in case one got lost. One squeaker was defective. The paint job on each was poorly executed–especially around the ears. Rubber “threads” trailed from the top of one. Very cute face, though. Also softer head and body than Sophie. Ears are a nice size for smaller mouths to nibble on. Easier to squeeze than Sophie. Too bad it isn’t made as well as Sophie. We’re sticking with Sophie.

Rosalia Maricao, PR

cute teether

I got this teether because it was cute and less expensive than the “sophie giraffe”It would have been a good investment if my child had liked to chew on things… Its cute and soft and kept her attention. She just never used it for its intended purposeDislike:My dog thought it was his chew toy after a while. I guess its a good thing my daughter never used it 🙂

Deidra Kouts, IN

Mr Mushroom dude

We call this toy mr mushroom dude, and our baby loves it. She will happily chew on it for 10 minutes, then stare, and repeat chewing. Only downside is the squeaking, which can sound like a creaky bed, so to speak. Not a toy for planes, but a baby favorite.

Mariana Alberton, MT

My daughter loves this!

My 6 month old daughter loves the Vulli Chan Pie Gnon (we call it her mushroom) along with Sophie the Giraffe to chew on. She has 2 teeth coming in and these chew toys seem to help her a lot. She also loves to just play with them and make them squeak. I recommend both of these if your baby is teething.

Ila Weldon, NC

Adorable, Safe, but a Bit Loud

This little Vulli is so darn cute, but it’s extremely loud. It’s a good size and texture for babies to hold and shake around. I like that it’s safe for them to chew on, but the paint on the ears was off on one side. The product states the paint is safe, though, so that didn’t bother me as much. If it wasn’t for the noise level, I’d give it 5 stars…

Leslie Woodsboro, MD

I got sucked in!

So was really resistant to these toys because Sophie’s high price tag totally turned me off, and when I read about the chokiness of her long legs, I knew for sure that I didn’t want one, but I have to admit that was a little bit jealous of the fabulously cute little French toys that everyone had. Then a friend told me about Chan Pie Gnon. The price was a little lower and he is way cuter, so I I bit the bullet and bought it, totally expecting the baby to hate it. Lo and behold, he loves the thing. He was very afraid of the squeak at first, but a day or two in and he was chewing and squeaking happily, and now he drags the thing all over the house and gets mad when I put it away. Plus, the top is totally shaped like a nipple, so he gets it in his mouth and just goes to town, pacifier style.

Ofelia Newhebron, MS

my 9 month old and 2 year old love this

i originally bought this for my 2 year old when he was a baby and then we gave it to our second son…they both enjoy it and the little one likes to chew on it. the dog also loves it so just be aware that it squeaks like a dog toy.

Wendy Grannis, AR