Vulli Sophie la Girafe

Vulli Sophie la Girafe

Sophie the Giraffe, full of discoveries and activities to awaken baby’s senses. Sight: The dark and contrasting spots all over Sophie the Giraffe’s body provide visual stimulation and make her easily recognizable to baby. She soon becomes a familiar and reassuring object. Hearing: Her squeaker keeps baby amused and stimulates his hearings. Taste: Sophie the Giraffe is very flexible and has lots of parts for baby to chew like ears, horns, legs. She is perfect for soothing baby’s sore gum when teething and is completely safe. Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint. Touch: Sophie the Giraffe is perfect for baby’s small hands. She is very light and her long legs and neck are easy for baby to grip. She is very soft to touch, stimulating soothing physiological and emotional responses. Smell: The singular scent of natural rubber makes Sophie the Giraffe very special and easy for your child to identify. Sophie is Phthalates and BPA free. NOTE: All Sophie’s are tested for quality and the squeak prior to shipping out from Vulli & Calisson Inc, occasionally when a customer cleans it under water that will affect the squeak.

Main features

  • Rubber
  • Imported
  • Phthalates and BPA free
  • Facilitate baby development
  • Numerous parts to chew and play safely
  • Made of 100 Percent natural rubber and food paint which can fade
  • Individually hand painted, each unit is unique
  • Phthalates and BPA free
  • Facilitate baby development
  • Numerous parts to chew and play safely
  • Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint which can fade
  • Individually hand painted, each unit is unique

Verified reviews


I can see why the kids like this…

We just got this for our infant, and I couldn’t help but give it a bit of a test chew, myself. Now, I obviously don’t have a huge deal of experience (or, memory, rather) with teething toys, but this is good stuff. Very satisfying to bite on. I’m thinking of getting a second one for myself to use in the office to deal with stress. Much better than my kid’s silicone pacifier, which I’ve also tried.My only complaint is that the giraffe appears to have fluorescent lip stick, which is a bit disconcerting to see in a giraffe, even a French one.

Lindsay Eastport, ID

Legs are choking hazard

Initially, we fell in the camp of enthusiastic adorers of this toy. Baby learned to pass it from hand to hand, retrieve it when lost and gaze intently into the friendly face. Then he managed to stuff one of the long legs deep into his mouth and started to gag. The legs are exactly the size that can block airways. Since he was supervised, nothing bad happened, but babes at this age (4 months) don’t have enough control to pull back the toy from their mouths when already scared by the gagging. I don’t think I’ll try again at a later date — even older babes are still too young to be trusted to react correctly when a leg goes too far in.This toy has many thoughtful features — no-slip texture, right-size for hands, light weight, soft (no banging on heads), friendly face and an engaging presence. But the legs can choke, which is why we’ve replaced it with a friendly velvet rocketship…

Patrica Mc Cune, KS

Don’t let the price deter you!

My 5 month old daughter LOVES her Sophie the Giraffe toy! This toy is absolutely wonderful in every way. Sophie is made of soft rubber and makes a pleasant-sounding squeak whenever any part of her body is squeezed, so even a young baby can elicit a reaction from the toy with minimal effort.I don’t know what it is about Sophie, but whenever my daughter plays with her, she gets very vocal and talkative.I saw another review which referred to this toy as “a glorified dog toy”. That reviewer is mistaken, and simply doesn’t realize the value of this toy.- Sophie’s body, while soft, has several areas of thicker rubber (the nubs on her head, her ears, and her feet) which are perfect for teething babies to gnaw on for relief.- Sophie’s contrasting colors (spots) are visually stimulating to a baby.- She is easy to grip given her long, thin neck.- This toy is made of 100% natural rubber and uses food-grade paint (SAFE!).- This is a quality baby toy which will last for many years.I would much rather pay $20 for a safe, engaging toy for my baby, than pay $5 for some piece of junk with lead paint.

Saundra Tonasket, WA

Totally lives up to the hype–We love Sophie!

Winifred Matthews, IN

Bad – Rubber peeling off only 2 days of use!

My daughter is two days shy of 4 months old and just started chewing on Sophie’s ears/antlers/mouth yesterday. I noticed the rubber is ALREADY peeling back on the antlers area, and also on two of the legs. Very concerning, last thing I need is my daughter swallowing a chunk of rubber. It’s not just peeling a tiny bit either, it’s a good size chunk. I really wanted to like this toy, I heard great things about it, but to me I cannot see how this is even remotely safe…The seams of the toy are choppy so I understand how the rubber is peeling back so easily, it simply is not safe and poorly constructed. Would never recommend this to anyone with an infant. My daughter doesn’t even have a single tooth yet and wasn’t chewing on it very rough, so I can’t even understand why it happened this easily…

Mai Arcadia, OH

Chomp Chomp

This was an impulse buy, we have all been there, what got me was the reviews and the fact that my baby girl was teething and I just wanted something that she could really chomp on. Sophie is the winner. She has a cute face, she is french, and she squeaks, what more could you want. Oh and I read some reviews about the legs being choking hazards and think this is a bit ridiculous; first, use your own judgement as to whether your baby is old enough and strong enough to pull a toy out of their mouths if they gag; second, don’t confuse gagging and choking. The gag reflex is a good thing and my baby girl gags on her own fingers and hands much more than Sophie. I like Sophie’s spots and I like that she is made out of natural rubber that has a great familiar smell and is soft to touch. Great teether. Chomp, Chomp, Squeak, Squeak.

Joanna Bloomer, WI

Cancerous substances (new study)

I hate to this review. But Sophie betrayed us. My daughter loves her so much, she has been sucking and chewing at every parts of it for the last 8 months. It is one of her favorite toy. Vulli claims that it is safe with food paint and no plastic just rubber.I didn’t know Sophie was forbidden in Germany, and also in France she is only allowed because she is not considered a “sucker” toy like a pacifier. Because if she was, she would not be allowed because of the petroleum substances she contains. It has been shown by a study released yesterday in France, that the nitrosamines she contains is released in contact of saliva, substance known to cause cancer.I was so happy for my daughter to have a toy from my home country, now I feel guilty to have let her chew at it so much. I would avoid Sophie since when played with she is 90% of the time in contact with the mouth.[…]

Aimee Punta Gorda, FL

Just okay for what it is…but my baby likes it!

I wasn’t sure how to rate this item. When I got this giraffe I felt ripped off. It seemed much smaller than in the photo. Then when I took it out of the box and squeezed it, I felt like I spent a fortune on a dog toy. It squeaks like those annoying rubber hot dogs or shoes that you buy for a dog at PetSmart.The rubber is very thin and it smells like a rubber Halloween mask. I find it hard to believe that it’s “safe” for the baby to suck on.I gave this 4 stars because my baby likes it, which is the whole purpose in buying it. I didn’t give it 5 stars because the price makes it a rip off for what it is. Maybe it’s expensive because it was made in France. I don’t know…However, this is for my baby daughter. I’m not going to get her a dog toy to play with, even though if I did it would have been a higher quality than this giraffe for about 1/4 the price.But…would you get your baby a dog toy to play with? The idea of doing that is beyond ridiculous and I can’t see myself doing that.I’m not going to say this is the greatest baby toy ever but it’s slim pickings out there when trying to buy something for a 3-month old that she’ll play with, chew on, and actually like. So, I guess this is worth the price tag. Just don’t expect too much from it.

Leanna Pierce, CO


RidiculousI very rarely write reviews but this item being #1 in babies on Amazon is just ridiculous. I received 3 of these giraffes because they were #1 and everyone thought they were getting me the absolute best and most perfect baby toy. Opened one and returned the other 2.First off it could easily be mistaken for a dog toy as it seems to be made of the same materials, smells the same and squeaks the same sound as a dog toy.Second, if you look at it for a minute it’s easy to see how a baby could get one leg in the back of their throat and/or a foot in an eye trying to chew on one of the other three. But I was still willing to try the toy under supervision.So I washed it off as I do all new toys and when I started paying attention to the feet, realized that they were little cracks and paint from the spots was coming off. I don’t care how non-toxic it is if paint is coming off of it it’s not going in my daughter’s mouth.Anyways I don’t know what all the hype is about. My daughter loves the Raspberry teether it is durable, much cheaper, you can buy 4 for the same price and keep giving a new one when she drops it and wash them all up at night. Most of all, no paint comes off of it and I have peace of mind knowing she is safe while playing.

Lynette Cressona, PA

It’s a freakin’ dog squeak toy!

I’m not usually this gullible, but based on the reviews and the fact that literally everybody with a baby seems to have one of these, I took the plunge and coughed up the outrageous amount of money for this glorified dog toy. My son is mildly interested in it, as a squeak toy, but the only reason it goes into his mouth is purely by coincidence. Everything ends up in his mouth eventually anyway.To add insult to injury, ours has a funny smell too. Maybe it’s the smell of stupidity. I feel like a total fool for buying this. I will probably try to redeem my self respect by inventing the next stupid baby toy and using my newfound amazon wish list marketing tactics to become a gazillionaire. Take that Sophie!

Dena Pipestem, WV

I did not buy it and I won’t let my baby use it..

I have received this as a gift from a good friend of mine who has 2 children now and who is always on top of market trends for children’stuff. I was initially surprised about the vintage look of the toy and the old fashioned style of the material. It looked just a simple piece of rubber to me but I thought that my friend should know better about baby toys…Just out of curiosity I’ve researched into Amazon and once again I was amazed to find 3000…reviews on this toy. I have paid special attention to the reviews that commented on the dangerous side of Sophie. After that I would just say> I would not buy this toy if I had the chance since the comments on chocking situations are enough for me to avoid it and like another reviewer said, why take the chance?…On the other hand the excesive amount of reviews made me understand that the popularity of this toy is just a matter of fashion, "the thing of the moment" since sincerely there’s nothing outstanding about Sophie to make such a fuzz about it. Bottom line…I wont let my baby play with it.

Jeri Twain Harte, CA

NOT worth the high price tag

This teether is just like any other teether–but it’s 4 times the price. My daughter actually prefers many of the also safe (BPA-free, etc.) $5 teethers we own. I don’t feel comfortable leaving her alone with the giraffe, since the legs are long and pointy, and thus are a choking hazard. Therefore, I can’t use it in the car seat when I’m driving, since I’m not supervising her. Basically, this was a complete waste of money. Don’t be a fool like I was–save your money!

Jeanine Dublin, CA


I knew it was silly to spend so much on a teether, but I had tried so many other teethers and none of them worked. I read the amazon reviews and couldn’t wait to get Sophie. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for my baby. My baby just doesn’t seem to chew on things for teething relief. If your baby does chew when teething I can see how it would be a winner, but it’s not the magical teether it’s made out to be. The only thing that’s working for us is Orajel and Tylenol.

Reba Ark, VA

like a dog toy

this is made from typical dog toy material. it squeaks like a dog toy too. i moment i brought it out of the packaging my dog lunged for it. sent it back immediately.

Kristy Yates City, IL

took a while for baby to come around

I tried to offer this to my son several times when he was a few months old and he was very disinterested. Eventually when he was about 5 months old he suddenly became interested. He likes it but it’s not his favorite by any means. These teething rings from Vulli win hands down over sophie- and they are ADORABLE

Janie Cedarville, OH

Great for your baby….if you don’t have a dog too.

This little toy is cute and fun to chew on for babies, but my dog couldn’t help but notice the same thing! I have no issues with the toy at all for my infant – it’s just as good as everybody says, but my dog takes it from the baby all the time, and we don’t want to clean it up 5 times a day, so its become the dog’s toy.There really is no difference between Sophie the giraffe and a squeaky,rubber dog toy from the pet store, so if you have a dog and you are buying this for the baby — you may want to find a different toy.

Lessie Blackville, SC

unnecessary toy, save your money

I bought this when our son was 7 months and were showing signs of teething. He didn’t show much interest. Now he’s 10 months and still teething but still shows no interest in this “teether” toy. I hand it to him and he looks at it for a little and goes after a more interesting toy. I even put it in his mouth to see if he chews on it, no luck. Our dog on the other hand, loves this toy because of the squeeker inside. Then I realized that our dog actually has a very similar toy that is a pig and we bought it for like 2 bucks at pet smart. This item is way over priced and totally unnecessary.

Kayla Creston, WV

Seriously a choking hazard. Dont risk it

I bought this having read some of the negative reviews saying it was a choking hazard. There were tons of great reviews compared to the negative reviews and plus I figured I would watch my baby while he was using it. I was in the kitchen and was watching him but not right in his face. I heard him gagging and when I rushed over he had one of the giraffe’s leg lodged in his throat and the whole thing was just hanging there. Of course babies don’t know to pull the thing out so I had to pull it out from his mouth. It was pretty scary and I felt terrible. Yes, you can use it but you HAVE to watch your baby every second but who is going to do that??? Plus, you forget. So why take the risk?? I’m not. I’m giving this to my mom’s maltese. Plus, my baby does not particularly like this anyways. Why do they even design this thing so that the legs are the perfect size and length to choke a baby??? Shame on the makers! Don’t believe the hype; It is NOT a MUST HAVE.

Erma Merigold, MS

over-priced dog toy

As I removed the teether from the package, it squeaked, and my dog instantly thought it was a new toy for him. He was very bothered when I gave it to the baby instead. My baby had no interest in it. When it was left behind in her swing, the dog got a hold of it and squeaked and chewed on it. I tried to correct the situation and let the dog know that the toy is not his, but he kept going back to it. This is the only time my dog has thought that one of the baby’s toys was his. I could tell that it would lead to problems down the road so I threw it away. Don’t buy this item if you have a dog. Even if the dog is well-trained, like mine, this toy gives mixed signals. I don’t think a teether needs to squeak. My daughter is more interested in her solid, non-squeaking teethers.

Helga Anderson, AK

Waste of $20 just a small squeaky toy

What a waste of $20. I don’t know what all the hype is about. It’s just a tiny squeaky giraffe, I could have gotten any tiny squeaky toy that my baby put in his mouth and called it a teether and sold it for $20.My baby is 4 months old and doesn’t care much for it…

Francine Fullerton, ND

Sophie is a winner

We received this as a gift and I was pretty shocked when I made out what was left of the price tag. I didn’t even realize it was a teether until our 4.5 month old cut her first tooth and started gnawing on its head and legs like crazy after a month of just playfully gripping it by the neck. It keeps her occupied, vocal, and drooling. Its size, thin features, and flexibility make it easy for her to pick up Sophie and get Sophie back into her mouth. Sure, she has gagged on it once or twice but she gags on her fingers too. Certainly your pet will most likely love it but this is consistent with how kids tend to go nuts when they see all the not-so-safe cat toys in my home. The price is still hard to swallow but it does seem to be a quality product and it doesn’t get kicked to the side (can anyone say more landfill garbage?) like a lot of other cheaper toys (whose small price tags do add up over time). I’d like to buy these for my friends’ babies but I may wait for a sale first!

Jaclyn Middleburg, OH

Just-right teether, but the French mystique is just that!

My 6 month-old son, who just got his first two teeth last week, likes chewing on Sophie. As best I can tell, this is mainly due to the size, shape, and lightness of the toy, with lots of projecting parts (esp. legs, ears, horns) that work as ‘handles’ or for getting into his mouth. The rubbery texture may play a part, too. The Vulli website talks about a toy that engages ‘all the senses’, but I think the pattern, scent and even the squeakiness are pretty much lost on our baby. So, we’re satisfied with the toy, but, if I was doing it over again, I’d look for a less expensive alternative. Sophie’s success in the U.S., in spite of the hefty markup from her price in France (where she retails for under 7 Euros), pretty clearly rests on her successful marketing as a status object starting with endorsements from celebrity moms, and the snowball effect where highly-reviewed products on Amazon attract more viewers, then buyers, then reviewers (…which makes me ambivalent about contributing yet another Sophie review!) Do other reviewers have suggestions of alternatives?UPDATE: Now 8 months old, my son still likes Sophie okay, but not with any particular interest. And Sophie has revealed a tendency to attract grubby marks (from contact with newspaper or unknown sources of grime) that are difficult or impossible to wash off with dish soap, reducing the cuteness factor. Knocking her down to three stars.

Eula Mount Pleasant, MI


I was skeptical about buying what I had heard was like an expensive dog toy, but I went ahead and bought one to see what all the hype was. My son loves this thing. He would chew on it for hours, it helped so much during those tough teething days and is totally worth the price tag. We had to buy two.

Esperanza Grand Marais, MN

Believe the hype.

Like many others, when I dropped $[…] on a French rubber squeak toy I thought to myself, “what a sucker I am”. But Sophie was worth it. We take her everywhere, refer to her by name, and for some reason my daughter just loves Sophie. She chews on Sophie’s ears, squishes Sophie’s body against her face, and holds on to Sophie’s neck. The toy is really well designed for kids.I gave Sophie 4 stars though because when you wash her, water gets stuck inside and is difficult to get out. And when she’s waterlogged, Sophie doesn’t squeak very well. But other than that, this is a great, safe, well designed toy.

Sarah Taylorsville, IN

Waste of money.

I fell for the hype of Sophie, so many great reviews, a great name, and a high it must be great right? Wrong! It is an over-hyped dog toy. It is nothing like I expected. I thought the legs would be a bit more stiff to actually allow for teething. But they aren’t. It’s super soft and squishy and hollow. My son who puts everything in his mouth won’t play with this, and I don’t blame him. Even the texture is weird. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is because it does have a cute squeeker (again like a dog toy). But I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, even if it were a fraction of the price.

Bridgette Tyler, AL

Lots of hype – my son couldn’t care less.

Just being honest here, I was thrilled to get this for all my son’s teething needs. But no matter how much I introduced and re-introduced him to Sophie, he was completely uninterested. She was no magic giraffe for us, just an unused toy. I’d recommend the Babysafer feeder, thoughBaby Safe Feeder 2 Feeders & 2 Bags Starter KitWhile Sophie gathered dust, these feeders with some frozen fruit or ice worked like a charm. Be warned: Sophie does not work for EVERY baby.

Paulette Piney Fork, OH

All the cool babies have a Sophie

Sophie is super cute and great for teething babies. But let’s face it, she’s all the rage and all the cool babies have one 😉

Manuela Foster, KY

Everyone loves Sophie…except our kid

I heard such great things about the promise of Sophie to help with teething pain. Our kid hates it, and I think it’s because it squeaks so loudly no matter where you touch her. While I know she’s a lifesaver for many, for us she was an overpriced dog toy.

Kristen Peconic, NY

Don’t believe the hype

I bought this toy for my teething 4 month old after reading so many wonderful reviews. She loved the squeek and loved chewing on this flexible toy. I loved it for about two weeks. Then I noticed to my horror that it was peeling in many different places and pieces of it were coming off. Now my baby has no teeth as yet but this toy could not even hold up to her gumming.Unless you want your baby ingesting whatever that stuff is made from, don’t buy it.

Frieda Utica, OH

It’s like a dog chew toy

I read several reviews and finally decided to buy this chew toy. As soon as I received it was a total dissapointment. My twins didn’t like it, it smells strong and the worst part, it looks like a dog chew toy, even the sound it makes. My dogs became crazy for this toy, and even though they are wonderful around my babies, i was terrified thinking they could jump over the babies trying to grab it. I’m returning it now.

Leta Mount Airy, GA