Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether Set of 2

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether Set of 2

Made in the French Alps with natural rubber and non toxic paint Sophie has been safely cuddled and chewed for over years She is soft light and easy to grasp and fits perfectly into little hands Sophie is loveable and amusing She even makes a happy sound when squeezed Babies especially love her bumpy head to soothe their teething gums

Main features

  • Made of Natural Rubber
  • Painted detail made of food paint
  • BPA & Phthalates Free
  • Squeeker keeps baby amused
  • Set of 2!

Verified reviews


BOO! Returning overpriced dog toy!

Wow I really, really wanted to like this toy for my 4 month old daughter. She has giraffes on the bedding in her room and she loves to look at them and babble so I though this toy would be the perfect extension of that, but after taking it out of the box, Sophie is going right back. First of all the quality is really dog- toy like. It smells!! And the paint was already rubbing off. I don’t care if it is food-safe paint, I still don’t want my child ingesting it.Also the squeaker is a dog- magnet. We have a big Siberian Husky that we are super diligent about supervising around our daughter. I certainly don’t want to give her a toy that is going to bring the dog running every single time she squeezes it. This is our preference- But a good advise to other dog- cautious families.

Renae Pigeon, MI

Perfect gift for twins

My twins weren’t crazy about these at first but when they really started teething they fell in love with them. I admit I thought they might choke on the leg at one point but they never did. My son went crazy over his and his sister is fond of them when her teeth are really bugging her. I will say having owned a dog in the past that it reminds me of a dog toy but I guess that doesnt matter much as long ass it keeps my lil teethers happy.

Roseann Mishicot, WI

Lovely teething toy

Firstly, in case anyone is wondering (as I did), I received two individually packed Sophies! I was quite happy, as I expected to receive one box and have to send the other on without. But no, two sophies, complete with boxes – one for my own daughter, and one for her cousin who is three months younger. My own baby already loves her Sophie – which had been AWOL, just as a tooth was coming in! She finds Sophie very satisfying to chew, but sadly it is not her favourite toy. She has never quite managed to make it squeek ok her own, so it doesn’t hold her interest very long – except when she wants to chew. When she wants to chew, nothing seems as good as rubber! She has always found Sophie easy to grab, though when she was much younger, she did find Sophie hard to get in to her mouth (4mo). It is one of her longest lasting toys, too, so that is a bonus. The paint does rub off with a lot of washing, so watch out for tha. Most safe-for-eating paints do, so don’t let that put you off. It takes some harsh chemicals to stick paint on to a well loved baby toy. All in all I’d say this is a good toy, and this two pack is a great option – one spare or one for a friend!

Pam Mc Daniels, KY

Quality Baby Teether

Quick Summary:- babies love this teether- great quality product with no rubber smell- single piece with no discernable molding seams- nice squeeking noise- head and feed are appropriately sized and fit in baby mouthsDetailed Review:When I saw the price for these baby teethers, I thought it was outrageous. You see the cheap teether toys available at dollar stores and convenience stores for so much less. Why would I want to try this toy?But after hearing friends rave about the toy, we decided to give them a shot. The 2 pack is slightly better priced and allows you to have a spare if you lose one.Right away, I was impressed, because I knew it was a rubber toy but it had no discernable odor at all. It’s all made with food paint grade that does not fade with teething.The overall look of the giraffe is cute, but thought must have been put into the head size/shape as well as the feet location/shape. Each part is enjoyable to put in a babies’ mouth and they don’t seem to get tired of it.Highly recommended.

Angelica Buckland, AK

Fantastic toy

Based on reviews, I bought two of these and gave one to my friend who was pregnant the same time as me. Both our children loved this teether from approximately 4 months to 8 months. Now that they are older, they have lost interest, but that is expected. What surprised me is that my daughter chewed on this more BEFORE she received her teeth.This toy has been around for ages. Now that I have it, it is like I see it everywhere. I was watching Three Men and a Baby the other day and the little girl has one.I am very happy with my purchase. For the cost, it provided hours of entertainment. Definitely a toy I will buy for other new moms in the future.

Libby Clifton, VA

Buy the 2-pack – this toy is made of GOLD!

This toy is critical for times such as:- Brunch with the girls. Give the baby Sophie le Giraffe to chew on and you’ll get at least another 45 minutes of mimosa time to enjoy.- Ever had a screaming baby in the back of a car for a long drive to the Grandparents house? I bet you have. Just toss Sophie Le Giraffe over your shoulder, aim for the car seat, and have blissful peace for another 30 minutes, until she drops it.- Your United flight delayed on the tarmac AGAIN, just when you’ve perfectly timed her bottle and nap time around take-off. Passengers are cringing and shooting you filthy looks as they hear her screeching at you. Well….give her Sophie to gnaw on and you’ll be the hero of the plane.This is the best toy we have ever been given for our first born!Further tips:- Buy the two-pack. Our baby is 6 mths old, we’ve lost two already, and now I’m onto the 3rd.- Keep in mind: My baby started teething at 2.5 months and Sophie was way too heavy and big for her little hands and mouth to hold. She really got stuck into it at around the 4 mth mark and we’ve never looked back.- It’s easy to wash.- I ordered the two-pack from this seller and I received two separate toys in two separate boxes. Also, they were IDENTICAL to the toy I had bought at the store.

Nanette Randall, IA


I’ve heard great things about this product, and found the Vulli Sophie is also very affordable! The set of two is an excellent deal! The quality is great–long lasting, perfect for the sweet little babies to grip and bite or just snuggle. I like it so much, I’m getting this product for all of my friends, too!

Dixie Somerset Center, MI

One for me, one for you!

Loved getting the two pack – one for my little one and one for a friend 🙂 Sophie is a favorite of every kiddo I know!

Chasity Fort Washington, PA

Cult Classic

I love this damn toy, and so did my twins. I’d say we went through about 5 ourselves and have given about 3 as gifts. There is just something about Sophie…

Maritza Silverton, CO

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether Set of 2

Made in the French Alps with natural rubber and non toxic paint Sophie has been safely cuddled and chewed for over years She is soft light and easy to grasp and fits perfectly into little hands Sophie is loveable and amusing She even makes a happy sound when squeezed Babies especially love her bumpy head to soothe their teething gums

Latanya Lilburn, GA

I am so glad I bought Sophie for my 5 month old! Can’t believe

I never heard of them sooner. Our baby now has 3! One for upstairs, one downstairs and one for the carseat, lol!!He absolutely adores Sophie. She squeaks, she’s soft and easy for his little hands to hold and he loves to chew on her. Happy baby = happy mom!

Adeline Stoughton, MA

My child loves this.

My 10 months old has been teething since he was 5 months old. In these few months he definite chew on this tooth for many many hours. It stands up to the chewing pretty nicely, and the squeeker distracts him long enough for him to stop crying and start smiling and enjoy the toy again. Definition recommend this for any parents with a teething child.

Tanisha Devils Tower, WY

Must Chew Toy

My daughter LOVES to gnaw on this. I purchased this pack so I could give one to my nephew. Great purchase.

Morgan Macon, IL


My baby liked these but not as well as his other teethers. I like that it can be both a teether and a toy.

Willie Luquillo, PR

Adorable.. but squeaky

So I fought getting these as it seems they are everywhere! But… my little guys are orally fixated as babies get and I thought these would be a good toy for them. MY only complaint is the squeaky dog toy sound. Its loud and drives me nuts, and scares the babies a bit when they first grab it. All in all its durable and probably feels great on their little gums.

Flossie Hoyt Lakes, MN

Worth every penny, great for little hands and mouths

Sophie is one of the best purchases made for our son. This was purchased when he was about 15 months and was having a lot of teething pain. We had seen positive reviews, but thought it was just a trendy fad. The price also seemed high for a teether, but Sophie has been worth every penny. Our son carried Sophie around for weeks and will still chew on her every once in a while months later. She is perfect for his little hands and mouth. She does squeak, but isn’t annoying. A friend has one for her child and agreed that Sophie is worth owning and is more than a fad. We got a two pack knowing we were expecting another child and are planning on breaking out the second Sophie as soon as our younger son starts teething.

Grace Westfield, MA

Best Teether for babies

If you have a baby that wants to gnaw on everything and is teething like mad, give him or her a Sophie. Sure, she is french and expensive but she is worth it. I find the toy much better for his gums and teeth than traditional plastic teethers.Sophie comes in a pack of two which I bought at the time for a deal. And believe me, you prolly may need 2- we have one at his day care and one at home. AND we were even gifted a third- Go figure. hehe.She is soft, easy, makes a squeeky noise when you squeeze her. It is a brilliant design- soft and durable. Don’t worry if the squeeker stops working when you wash her- it will come back once dry.Careful when you wash her- be gentle or those spots could rub off and you end up with Albert, the albino giraffe like the one my niece has. LOL

Carrie Maynard, MN

One for the house, one for the car!

I bought the two sophies with my completion discount. YES, they are pricey, but totally worth it! My daughter loves them – she just got her first tooth, and she’s been nomming on her legs like crazy.

Glenda East Point, LA

2 Individual Sophies and separate boxes

Like title it came as 2 sophies in 2 boxes. So this is a great price for 2 and especially if you are gifting one or both. Only complaint is one box came a lil beat up ,but that was to blame on the shipping process.

Serena Rochelle, TX

Great toy. We love Sophie

My daughter loves Sophie. We’d buy these again in no time. Great toy for babies that stimulates all her senses. She loved to chew on it.5/5. Great toy.

Alma Carr, CO

Baby loves It

This is our 2nd set of Sophie. We had one and my baby loves it. So we decided to get a 2nd set to keep at home. One at the babysitter house and one for home. It’s a better price for getting two in a pack.

Genevieve Fisher, WV

baby loves it- HOWEVER these SPOTS do come- rub off quite soon!

baby loves the different angles and parts she- he can chew on! adorable face too!one problem is that these spots do rub off– although it says they are made from food coloring dyes— I dont think thats the safest thing either!! or healthiest!! but baby isnt chewing only on this– so an occasional visit from the giraffe is just fine!

Gladys Lebanon, KY

Don’t leave for a baby shower without it!

Decades of proven enjoyment for babies and toddlers alike! My son (and everyone else who has children that I know) LOVES his Sophie. We have three of them – one for the toy room, one for the diaper bag and one for the car. The neck and legs are PERFECT for little hands to grasp (especially when they are first learning to grab at items) and the little horns seem to help find their first teeth. I don’t know if it’s true, but supposedly the eyes are still hand-painted in France. How quaint! Great product. I’ll be purchasing these for friends children for MANY years into the future.

Lacy Rio Grande City, TX

Favorite new baby gift

I buy these for all new babies and they always get great reviews. They are easy for the child to grasp and hold on to and the faces are very cheerful. Also, they are easy to keep clean.

Kathi Sanger, CA

Purchased 3

Our family is expecting 3 new babies this spring. So we wanted to give each expected newborn a common gift. From past experience, this teether is top notch – some babies going through several before they give it up altogether. So of course when we found it on Amazon, we jumped at the chance to purchase the set of 2. The gifts arrived in time for a group shower that was given for the girls over the Holidays. They were delighted. Now we await the births of three little nuggets. Thanks for making shopping so convenient and easy.

Gilda Roduco, NC

Best Teether By Far

Sophie has to be hands down the best teether on the market. My sister-in-law lovingly refers to her as part of our family since she goes with us everywhere. My son loves Sophie and so do I! She is the perfect size for teething babies and the neck and legs make holding her easy for those chubby baby hands. Highly, highly recommend. Sophie is definitely worth the price (which I think is ridiculously high).

Angelia San Francisco, CA

great chew toy

I really don’t know what it is about this toy but the kids just love to chew on it. At one year old they still chew on it here and there.

Autumn Wildwood, GA

Great Deal

My kids liked Sophie well enough. The only way we could justify purchasing such a teether was getting the two pack. Sophie reaches all those hard to reach molar places and the kids love to hear her squeak.

Jacklyn Pursglove, WV

Nice but pricey

I bought one for my baby, and another as a baby shower gift.Teether is well made, love that it’s a giraffe and her squeaker isn’t too loud and annoying.However, my son prefers Lamaze’s Freddie Firefly over Sophie as a toy and his own hands for a teether. He likes Sophie, just not as much as I would’ve liked.Meanwhile, my friend’s baby seems to adore his Sophie, it gets him laughing.

Penny Bolton, MA


As soon as I took these out of the package my boys starting chewing on them. They love the texture and can easily hold them to chew on. I would recommend this for any teething baby.

Sherry Mills, PA