Vullie Sophie Giraffe and Pie Pink – Natural Rubber and Food Paint Details Set of 2

Vullie Sophie Giraffe and Pie Pink – Natural Rubber and Food Paint Details Set of 2


Main features

  • Sophie Born in 1961, her legendary success is huge in France. Made in the French Alps with natural rubber and non-toxic paint, Sophie has been safely cuddled and chewed for over 40 years!
  • She is soft, light, and easy to grasp and fits perfectly into little hands. Sophie is loveable and amusing. She even makes a happy sound when squeezed. Babies especially love her bumpy head to soothe their teething gums.
  • Most importantly her flexible, renewable, natural rubber materials and non-toxic paint mean Sophie the Giraffe is a safe and all-natural teething toy for your little one. Parents world-wide trust the joy this classic toy brings to their babies.
  • In todays fast paced world it is unusual to see a high production toy still made by hand: Sophie requires 14 manual manufacturing steps. Her retro style has ensured that she has remained fashionable for over 40 years. Slender, flexible and soft, baby can squeeze and chew her in complete safety. Lovable and amusing, Sophie laughs when her body is squeezed.
  • 616324-300198 Sophie Giraffe and Pink – Natural Teethers

Verified reviews


Great toys for teething baby

I actually wanted to purchase only the Sophie Giraffe for my four month old since I had heard many good things about it and my son is at the stage where he chews on everything, even without teeth. However, the Chan toy looked so cute that I decided to buy the set. Well, my instincts were correct and my son LOVES the Chan toy even better than the giraffe. It makes a funny squeaky noise and he laughs whenever I give it to him. It is extremely pliable and easy for him to hold, squeeze and chew on. He loves putting the nipple-shaped top in his mouth and chews on the face. While he enjoys the giraffe also, it is much stiffer than the Chan Blue and does not really have any soft, chewable surfaces. It’s also harder to squeeze. Regardless, my son is able to hold the giraffe by its legs or neck and suck on its ears and face! My only complaint about these toys is that the price is a bit high but I suppose that the fact they are made in France demands it. Overall, I have no regrets about this purchase. It was well worth it.

Darlene Garfield, KS

A little pricy but completely worth it!

My daughter loves both of these toys! The little mushroom is really cute and soft and the giraffe rocks too. Would definitely replace these if something happened to them and recommend them to a friend. The squeaking can be a little bit obnoxious but it keeps her busy and happy so that’s more important to me.Pay attention to the cleaning instructions when they to just wipe it clean. I got water in the squeaker part when sanitizing/washing it and it fixed itself but I was worried there for a bit. I recommend you don’t scare yourself like I did.

Cindy East Andover, NH

Great Little Duo!

I ordered this pair (pink pie and sophie) for our 4 month old daughter. Sophie was obviously an immediate hit with her…she can happily chew on that thing for hours. At first I thought that Pink pie was kind of a dud…there’s not much to it and we kept trying to figure out if it was an alien or what. But now, our daughter loooooves pink pie. The toy is very squishy and she can wrap her chubby little hand around it perfectly. She adores gnawing on the little horns that stick up on the top of it’s head. This toy (well both of them) bring her such joy! I’ve bought several of these sets to give as gifts!

Luz Saddlestring, WY

The best toys

I could hardly get these out of the boxes for my 11 mth old daughter. Once opened she immediately put them in her mouth to teeth on. She also loves to squeak them. Make sure to keep away from dogs because they feel and sound just like a dog toy.

Gladys Armagh, PA


I couldn’t tell because whenever I see these toys in the store they are packaged in a box… but they have squeakers, and they are loud. Imagine the loudest dog toy you’ve ever heard, times 10. But as long as baby loves it…

Inez Alberta, AL

Who doesn’t love Sophie?!?

Sophie is a must have for teething and pre-teething infants. Perfect size for them to grasp and shove into their mouth. Don’t love the squeaky feature, but that’s just my preference, I have friends who love that. Haven’t used pie pink as much, too chunky for baby’s little hands still. Cute though and will probably eventually introduce it. Recommend for sure.

Sarah Blacksville, WV

Nice Baby Gift!

My daughter gnaws on Sophie’s legs!! I got both b/c I read reviews about babies getting sophie lodged in their throats and choking. So I figured she could play with Pie first then advance. Waste of money! I think she has played with Pie 3times in 6mnths. I also had no problems with choking. Felt comfortable leaving my baby in the living room with Sophie while I cooked dinner! Beware that these do look/feel/sound like a dog toy. So if you have dogs it may take some training about who’s toys are who’s!! Also real easy to clean. Just gave 4 stars b/c it is kind of expensive. Its a nice gift, then the mom does not feel quite so guilty about spending 20$ on a chew toy!!

Queen Ozone, AR

if your baby wont teeth with it, hang on, he might later.

i thought this was a waste in the beginning. too expensive, i thought. i take it back! my son didnt want anything to do with these at six months when he was on his 3rd and 4th tooth. however, now he is almost 9 months and LOVES his sophie and weird french squeeky. chew, chew, chew, then squeek, squeek, squeek. Although my husband calls it the worlds most expensive chew toy – i (and more importantly, my baby boy) LOVE it.

Dolores Wewoka, OK

Love Love Love

I was skeptical with the reviews with people stating how Sophie is a choking hazard. My 5 month old loves his Sophie. He smiles every time I make her squeak. She is easy for him to hold and I am comforted knowing she is made from safe materials. The Blue Chan he hasn’t gotten yet (its a Christmas present) but he squeaks VERY easily. Almost too easily actually. But they are still nice toys. For something that is intended for teething babies, I’d say they are well worth the money. I also got the mini Sophie for my son as well.

Doreen Mountain View, HI

Very Pleased

Very pleased with this purchase. My 11week old daughter loves to chew on anything that can fit into her mouth, so this was perfect for her. Much easier for her to handle and chew on than a standard teething ring. She is also very amused by the squeaky noise that it makes. Considering that it is made of natural rubber and is painted with food grade paint I would much rather give her this than a chemically based teething ring or dog toy as other reviewers have equated it too.

Lindsay Santiago, MN

Babies love these!

I had heard a lot about Sophie the giraffe for infants teething and so when Christmas came around this year I bought these 2 for my twin nieces. They love them and slobber all over them everyday. I am now pregnant and registered for these for my baby. Recommend buying for your baby or giving as a baby gift!

Laurel Clatskanie, OR


My son loves Sophie, but Gnon, not so much. He barely plays with him. Sophie is the go to girl! He crawls and rolls around with her all the time. She has helped him bring in 4 teeth so far, and has held up amazingly! No color has worn off or pieces being bit off. Still in wonderful condition!

Adelaide Somerset, PA

Must Haves!

My 3 month old daughter LOVES both her Sophie and her Pie toys. Both are a soft rubber that smells good – somewhat vanilla – and both are squeaky, which delights her. The Pie toy was an early favorite and Sophie has more recently become a favorite as she learns how to stick the feet in her mouth. The one concern in our house is that the dog thinks these are his toys because they are squeeky, so we do have to be vigilant about keeping them off the floor. We recently received a second Sophie as a gift and now keep one at home and one in the diaper bag so she is never without it.

Emilie Madison, MD

same Sophie?

I thought at first I had accidentally ordered the Sophie bath toy–if there is such a thing. The Sophie I had seen around was firm and did not make a sound. This one is soft and squeaks (same for the Pie Pink, but I had not seen other babies with him before). But my baby seems to like them, though they seem too soft to be a teething toy. Most other teething toys are harder material for chewing on.

Yvonne Roosevelt, WA

A great deal for two great products!

My 9 months old son loves Sophie Giraffe and the Gnon, particularly for rubbing his teeth! He also sleeps with Sophie and it became his favorite toy. I would advice these items to any mom!

Candace Clifford, ND

They always make our baby smile

These duo are our baby’s best friends. Their cute sound always makes our baby smile, and they keep him occupied when he has his teething. They are durable and easy to clean with the pacifier wipes.

Karla Ulm, AR


My daughter still won’t let me get rid of these sqeakies, even now at the age of four. Sophie is fabulous, of course, but we love the way the little mushroom guy bounces around. Lots of fun.

Alison Willard, WI