Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

Wabi Baby Electric Steam Sterilizer and Dryer

The wabi baby sterilizer is the first of its kind: a 3-in-1 sterilizer that combines steam sterilization, hot air drying, and negative ion deodorizing to give you and your baby the absolute best. Made for contemporary, on-the-go parents, our sterilizer is efficient and easy to use. Say goodbye to the time consumption and health risks that come with traditional open air drying. With one push of a button, you can have your products sterilized and dried within one hour-all with FDA food grade approved material to ensure a toxic-free environment. The wabi baby’s sleek and modern design fits into the smallest of spaces, while still holding up to eight bottles at a time. Its versatility allows you to sterilize everything your infant needs, from bottles to breast pump parts, pacifiers to kid’s dinnerware, and more. Let the wabi baby sterilizer help you find that stress free environment, with less time cleaning and more time for baby.

Main features

  • All-in-one sterilize, dry, deodorize, and storage
  • BPA, phthalate, and PVC free
  • Use it with baby bottles, breast pump accessories, teething toys, pacifiers and kids dinnerware
  • Fits up to 8 standard size bottles, works with any brands of bottles
  • One button, one unit, one hour that sterilize, dry and deodorize the contents

Verified reviews


Super baby invention!

After spending hours cleaning and drying bottles, I got tired of it! This product have saved me and gave me quality time to spend with the wife and baby!It takes about an hour to steam, sanitize, and dry! I just wash off the bottles and put the bottles and parts in the machine, add water and press “Auto” and I let it do its thing.Some features worth mentioning:1. You can run a dry only for 35, 45, and 60 minutes.2. Fit up to 8 bottles, tall Dr. Brown bottles fit as well.3. Very easy to clean.

Carole Windom, KS

Can’t live without it

Unfortunately I have to take medication so I can’t breastfeed my newborn. I bought this to help with the baby bottles, and it has been a lifesaver. I’ll clean all his bottles, air dry them on a rack, then stack them in this machine. I press the auto button, and voila, 45 minutes later the bottles are all set to be filled with water (I use powder formula so I fill all his bottles with water and add powder when he’s ready to eat). Typically I’ll leave it running when I go out or am doing something, and they are waiting for me when I’m done. The bottles are quite hot when the full cycle finishes, but they cool off fairly quickly. I’m using the 4oz Avent classic bottles and have put up to 10 bottles in this thing. I’ve also put in 9oz Avent classic bottles, just to have them ready for when my son is a few months older and using those. After reading other reviews I am very careful when placing the tub on the main unit; there is a small blue plastic button that works like the safety on a shredder so the machine won’t start unless it is depressed. I use this daily, and have been using it daily for over a month and it has worked beautifully. With a newborn there isn’t much time to do anything so this really helps. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth the money.

Lois Roopville, GA


I have to pump every 2-3 hours. It’s SUCH a pain to break down, wash, and dry all of the tiny pieces in the breast pump. Drying took especially long because of all the small spaces in some of the breast pump parts. This item is PERFECT. It significantly decreased the time it took me to clean all the pieces in between pumping sessions. The tub is really big – it can hold several bottles, along with two sets of pumping parts. I just rinse the parts in soapy water and then throw it into the WABI to sanitize and dry. Everything’s dry and ready to use when I come back for the next pumping session. It was totally worth the $$$!

Natasha Houtzdale, PA

Great purchase

We’ve had this for the past two weeks and it is the best purchase so far. It has made our lives so much easier because we don’t have to wait for bottles to dry, and wonder how to air dry them without getting them de-sanitized in the process. The machine is fast, efficient and quiet. Cleaning and descaling are also easy to do. So very glad we decided to buy this, even though at first I balked a little because it seemed expensive. Well worth it.

Krystal Bellefonte, PA

Works pretty good

I really like my Wabi Baby sterlizer, it does everything it says it will do.However, given how much it costs, I do have one key gripe about it…When designing this unit they obviously had not yet heard of Dr Brown’s bottles, which have six parts per bottle. Although the main compartment has room for eight bottles, you can never hope to get the spare parts for those eight bottles in the top rack.So, usually we have to run two cycles per eight bottles. Which would be fine, except, that top tray won’t even hold the components for eight Dr Brown bottles in TWO cycles. So, first run we get the bottles in, second run we’re more or less piling stuff in… trying to make it all fit in odd configurations.I ended up rigging one of my dishwasher baskets in there and it sorta makes it possible to wash eight bottles in two cycles.If these guys would just include an extra basket for a secondary components wash, it would get the five stars. If they add capacity, though, by say… adding another rack (or two) on top of the existing rack, then I’ll buy another one just to say thanks.With that said, the alternatives out there don’t even touch this unit… easily the best I’ve seen, and happy with my purchase. It’s one of those products the wife tried her best to prevent me from buying because of how much it costs ("You’re nuts", she would say)… but she’s singing a different tune now… very cool product.

Wilma Gilbert, LA

Amazing! Love the Dryer function that others DO not have!

I love my WABI baby! It is super easy to use it. I just got it the day before yesterday and I am so impressed! I read the previous reviews and they helped me a lot to decide on this one. I was going to get the Phillips one, but I did not realize that that one does not dry, you have to use their rack to dry afterwards…defeats the purpose of the steam sterilize function. I order this and all my bottles and pumping accessories come out sterilized and completely dry. LOVE it! Super handy for a first time mommy, like myself!

Alice Diana, TX

if you can afford it, this is a MUST get IMHO

If I could give this 6 stars I would. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It’s super useful even only as a dryer for wet bottles, pump parts, and nipples. Dryer setting (only) is 45 minutes long – basically like a heated fan. The steamer adds an additional 15 minutes, but is great for sterilizing parts (maybe more for peace of mind?). We like to use the sterilizer function for new bottles and such prior to using them the first time. Seriously, this is an AWESOME item and SOoooo worth it!

Melanie Ogden, IL

Work good & Easy to clean

It works perfect for sterilizing and drying the bottles quickly. For being made from plastic seem to be good build quality.

Rita Republic, MO

Works like a charm!

Has lots of room for all the stuff we need to sterilize. Add a dash of water and press a button. Come back in ~45 minutes and everything is sterile and dry.We are doing 100% breast milk through bottles, which means bottles, nipples, pacifiers, pump parts, etc. You do have to pre-wash the stuff you are sterilizing… and take steel wool and clean the stainless steel plate on the bottom every week or two… else the room and parts smell like burnt sugar and you have to spend some effort cleaning burnt milk off the stainless steel plate.It is pretty big so make sure you have some counter space in your kitchen/bathroom/nursery.

Jacklyn Wylie, TX


This machine is completely worth every penny!!! We would have to wait hours for bottles to drip dry on the counter (because it never seemed as if the dishwasher would get all the little pieces of Dr. Brown’s bottles clean enough) and this handy machine gets them sterilized and dried in an hour. With Dr. Browns bottles having SIX pieces each I’ve found that putting four bottles on the bottom and the four caps with the rest of the pieces on the top works very well. I was very hesitant to spend so much on this product, but for something I use up to four times a day, it is completely worth it. Don’t hesitate- just do it!

Loraine Bainbridge, PA

Saves time!

This is a definitely time saver! As though having a newborn at home wasn’t stressful enough, there was the added stress of always washing and hand during bottles, nipples and breast pump accessories every 3 hours! This does a great job of sterilizing and drying them all in an hour. You just need to rinse things before you put them in. I wasn’t sure if it would be spacious enough at first, but it fits up to 8 bottles along with an additional tray for smaller items.The only down side is that the fan underneath gets dirty quickly and needs to be cleaned each time. I wish there was some sort of odor eliminator as well, but we rinse with soap water to avoid odors.

Celeste Northport, AL

Best sterilizer out there

This sterilizer trumps all other sterilizers in that it has a drying unit. Others sterilize but leaves water droplets that sometimes stay on the bottles / parts for more than a day. What’s the point in sterilizing if you have to wipe down the parts again with a cloth? We’ve tried the Tommee Tippee and this one is far better. It sterilizes and dries very well, and even takes up less room.

Ruth Montvale, NJ

Love, love, love!

I received this as a gift. As a mom of 2 preemies and a dentist who’s a germaphobe, this is the perfect gift for me!1. The size: yes, it is bigger than other brand specific sterilizers, but it also means that it can sterilize all brands and sizes of bottles! I have Born Free, Dr. Brown, and Evenflo glass bottles and Comotomo. They all fit in it! I also use it to sterilize the pumping accessories and pacifiers.2. Ease of use: You pour the water and push the button. An hour later, they are sterilized and dried!3. Quite: it is VERY quiet.4. Low maintenance: all I need to do is clean and descale the metal part on the base once a while with vinegar. I pour a little vinegar and place a paper towel over it to cover the whole metal part. Then remove the paper towel and wipe it down after awhile. Voila! It’s like new!5. Durability: I used it for my 1st baby. I just had my second one and it still works!I use it every day and I don’t think I can live without it;)

Carey Misenheimer, NC


Hands down one of my favourite and most useful ‘new Mom’ products! The drying feature is fantastic – no more bottle or breast pump parts to manually dry after sterilizing – that can be SO time consuming. In my opinion, the best feature is the automatic drying cycle and the fact that you can put everything in and forget about it for an hour.Just note that you will need to find adequate space for this sterilizer as it is not necessarily the sleekest or smallest product. That being said, it is probably the best bottle/breast milk sterilizer on the market and worth the slightly higher price point.

Betsy Livermore, CO

One of our favorite baby products

Having a baby leads to a seemingly endless stream of gadgets and things you "must have" to keep your baby safe and sound. This is one that stands out as a great purchase and something I would recommend to any new parents. It is easy to get lazy properly cleaning bottles and nipples, especially when you need one quickly. The Wabi Baby makes it easy to properly clean and sterilize bottles in batches. Not sure if this process is overkill once the bottles are washed but it provides a piece of mind and my wife and I find this product indispensable.

Bernadette Gillett, AR

Love it, I sterilize everything!

I sterilize everything! I really like the wabi because it is nice and big. I have been using it non stop multiple times a day for 6 months now and it still works great! Highly recommend!

Bertie Woodland, CA