Waist Extensions Baby Carrier Accessories

Waist Extensions Baby Carrier Accessories

5511032 Features: -Product Type:Baby Carrier Accessories -Color:Black -Distressed:No. Dimensions: -Overall Height – Top to Bottom:9 -Overall Width – Side to Side:12.8 -Overall Depth – Front to Back:12.8 -Overall Product Weight:0.2

Main features

  • Adds space to the Ergo Baby Carrier
  • Extends waist from 45 to 54
  • Ensures comfort and customizes your Ergo Baby Carrier to fit your body

Verified reviews


Too bad it doesn’t fit the clip.

Ordered this waist extension to go with our new ergo galaxy grey carrier and the clips don’t match. Doesn’t fit, whatsoever. To say we are disappointed would be an understatement, since it’s made by Ergobaby as well.

Vickie Passadumkeag, ME


People who are looking at this product should probably go ahead and get it. We are a larger couple and need a little extra room, but the other reasons are in case you wear bulky clothes, like me and didn’t lose the baby weight during delivery, or become pregnant again. This was worth it for comfort and fit of the carrier which means my husband would carry the baby too. Even though i don’t need to use it at this time, I keep it attached to carrier at all times because I lose things and it is where I need it just in case. I tighten the extension to the smallest and adjust the carrier to my size. When I hand it over to my husband, he then just has to adjust the extension. This system Works. I wish we came up with it sooner after his birth 😉 *Also, when he baby becomes a toddler, the extension is nice to give him more slack and not keep him pinned against you.

Rae Powhatan, AR

Does not fit

I ordered this because I heard Ergos run small. Luckily my Ergo fits without this extender, because the buckle of the extender does not fit in the buckle of my brand new Camel-colored Ergo. No, my Ergo is not counterfeit, I bought it from Nordstrom.

Delores De Berry, TX

*Almost* not big enough

My husband is a pretty big guy and this barely fits. I imagine most people are smaller though and this would work great for them.

Lenore Cascade, MO

Must have accessory

Some of the newer sport Ergos have longer straps, but for the classic Ergos you’ll need this unless you are are a women’s size 8 or smaller. Definitely a must need for most men.Works great and you can’t even tell its there.

Mai Pepperell, MA

Great for post pardem

I was shocked when I could barely buckle my ergo after I gave birth to my 3rd baby. So I bought this to hold me over until I could loose the weight. It’s worth the $8 to have the ergo positioned correctly to avoid backache

Aurelia Liberal, MO

Worked with one of my ERGO’s – not the other.

I have two ergo baby carriers, which like everyone else, I love.One is genuine, and it fit this extension. It was the (now discontinued) "Chocolate" brown color.The other one, I’m not sure, but I THINK is genuine as well ( i bought it from a physical store here in Japan.) It was the galaxy grey color and like many of the other reveiws on here, my extension belt does NOT fit the Galaxy Grey Pattern. My guess is the ERGO changed their buckle shape and that these off-market products have not caught up with the new buckle shape.

Ivy Lancaster, MN


I’m plus size and got an Ergo carrier for Christmas. The thing is made so small…I could buckle it, but it wasn’t very comfortable. I ordered this extension and it’s perfect. Now I can use the carrier with east. Definitely recommend.

Rachelle Rexville, NY

Great product

Works wonderfully with our Ergo Sport. My husband is a bigger guy and we were hoping this would work. It did! He can now wear our Ergo Sport comfortably!

Jeannette Adamsville, OH

Does the job.

I purchased the Ergobaby carrier off of Amazon and it did not have strap lengths. I wanted to make sure this carrier fit both my husband and I so the extension was the next thing I purchased. The strap is strong and durable.

Polly Okabena, MN

Does the job

Im still losing the extra weight that was put on during pregnancy so I was disappointed when I tried to put on the Ergo Baby Carrier I could get it around my waist. I think it’s great that they make an extension belt for it! It works how it’s supposed to and now I can comfortably use my carrier with my baby.

Laverne Gilbert, SC

Great Accessory for the Carrier

We love our ergo carrier, but my husband had to suck in his stomach to get it clasped around him. This little thing is just as strong and sturdy as the carrier itself, and he’s much more comfortable wearing it now.

Madeline Kelliher, MN

Awesome! Ergo fits everyone in the family now!

This is definitely a must have to add to your Ergo so that it can fit everyone in the family! I’m a size 12 (well after the baby.. more like a 14 now :p) and the regular strap fit me okay, but it was almost at the end of its length. With the extension, it fits me more comfortably, as well as my husband, and mom and anyone else who wants to carry the baby around!

Genevieve Nucla, CO

Works great

This is just as described, works great for curvy Mamas and bigger Dads. I have two issues with this though. First if I’m paying $100 + for a baby carrier it should include this extension. And a personal one the packaging for this item could be improved. There is a rather large woman on the front and waist extender in big letters, talk about a shot to the self esteem! I can use the carrier without the extension, but I find it more comfy with it. Still reccomend to anyone who uses the ergo.

Estela Wyoming, IL

Works great!

After the birth of my last child my Ergo just barely fit and not comfortably. I was a size 18 at the time. The extender belt worked perfectly and had gave me room to adjust the fit better. I’ve lost weight but still use this because I can more easily buckle this in the center of my back than on the side where the original clip is. It’s also easier to grasp the extra strap to adjust when I switch from back to front carries.

Elisa Lincoln, MT

get this if you are not too skinny but want the awesome ergobaby carrier.

works great with classic ergobaby carrier. we definitely needed this to fit our bodies, we were just barely to fluffy for the normal belt to fit, this works great.

Aida Olanta, PA

Exactly what I needed

Does exactly what its supposed to do. Easy and works great. My Ergo was purchased in Feb. 2012 and it fits that fine. If there are issues with new ergo’s I can’t attest to that.

Alissa Peterboro, NY

Great for the Husband

I bought this so that my husband could also wear the baby. Honestly, the strap on the carrier is large…he doesn’t really need the extension, but it is good to have just in case!

Leonor Olancha, CA

must have for your Ergo Carrier!

This is a must have for your Ergo Carrier if you are a man or woman over the size of 10. We love our Ergo and I have used it for almost 2 years, but was shocked last week when I wanted my huband to carry my daughter on his back and it didn’t fit around his waist. I was sure that I had seen pictures of “man sized” men using the carrier in Mothering Magazine – they must have been using the extension.

Erika Owaneco, IL

Does what it needs to do

This extender belt does exactly what you need it to do. I wish it had a safety feature of having to push a second button to get it to release like some other carries have.

Hollie Mcchord Afb, WA

Does not work with Ergo Performance

This did not fit my Ergo Performance carrier. The clip was the wrong type and size to buckle back into the carrier.

Edwina Foley, AL

must have for the plus size parent!

I wear my ERGO multiple times a day in both back and front carries… and I wouldn’t be able to without the extender! The extender is well made and fit perfectly into the ERGO existing buckles. I would repurchase this in a heartbeat! It is very easy to remove and adjust for a smaller sized person as well.

Nita Lancaster, CA

Works like a charm!

I have the Sport carrier and the extender fits just fine. I was worried after reading some of the reviews that I might have issues, but nope! Works like it should!

Valeria Boyne City, MI

Perfect for a bit more room on the Ergo

I am a bigger mom and I have two attached together with no issues. Makes the ergo a very comfy option carrying my daughter around. If you are overweight, the Ergo is a great carrier for you. The moby is ok, too, but gets hot.

Marla Rupert, GA

Great quality

I had ordered it because I am not on the small side but when I received my Ergo, it fit me with room to spare so I returned this extender but it is really well made and it does what it is supposed to.

Jeannie Mildred, MT

Maybe I shouldn’t have measured my waist @ 8 mos pregnant!

This extension worked beautifully from the moment I tried it on. Unfortunately, when I first received my Ergo carrier, I tried it on and freaked out when it didn’t snap. I freaked out and ordered this product and when it arrived I sighed a deep breath of relief when I saw it fit perfectly and didn’t change anything about the Ergo carrier. Now that I am almost 7 weeks postpartum, I have realized that the extension is unnecessary to me now. OOPS! At least I could wear the carrier with my transitional waistline too! Great product still 🙂

Rebekah Blanchard, MI

Not bad, not as good as expected

This was purchased to extend the waist of the baby carrier I have. Works but barely fit. They should put in measurements up to how much of a waist or above waist size this will accommodate when attached to the baby accessory itself. Not bad, just wish it was better.

Deena Wilsey, KS