Waldorf Maple Teether Natural Teething Ring

Waldorf Maple Teether Natural Teething Ring

Camden Rose Maple Teether Camden Rose Maple Teether is hand crafted from real maple wood.Each piece is crafted one at a time. The silky smooth finish can be attributed to the fact that it’s hand-sanded. Why You’ll Love It: The silky smooth finish is soothing for tender baby gums. Age: Newborn and up Features Easy to grasp Specially crafted from real maple wood Handmade product Made of natural material Silky smooth finish

Main features

  • Non-Toxic Maple Wood Teether
  • Easy to grasp for little fingers
  • Soothing for tender gums
  • Handmade in the USA from Natural Materials

Verified reviews


Buy beeswax

This little teether is the perfect size. My daughter isnt teething yet but Im sure she will love to chew on this. I only wish it was pre-finished with the beeswax your supposed to rub on it. Buy beeswax if your getting this item, or youll have to wait longer to use it.

Elva Danielson, CT

Nice teether

Our almost 5 mo old has never liked the plastic teethers. We decided to try this one and she will put in her mouth for a little longer than the plastic ones. Time will tell.

Eunice Banks, ID

my baby did not like

My baby would not chew on this at all. I had high hopes, but this one wasn’t for us. (Though we didn’t have luck with much else either).

Karina Oakfield, GA

I love this!!!

My son really likes this teether. He’s only 5 months old and he has figured out how to pick it up and teeth on it all by himself. It’s so simple and way nicer than the plastic teething rings that I used with my other son. Besides that, it is healthier.I highly recommend this teether!

Cortney Lisbon, ME

Great Teether!!!

This is a GREAT product. My son plays with it all the time, and chews on it when he gets the urge. I was a little surprised at it’s size (a bit smaller than expected) but when I realized my little one could hold it with one hand (or two) and hold onto furniture to walk with the other, I couldn’t have been more pleased! It’s definitely NOT too small, it’s the perfect size for a toddlers small hands.

Nell Se Ree, KY

Wonderful Teether for our baby

Our 4.5 month old LOVES this teething ring. The wood is smooth and has a little bit of “grab” to it which I think he likes on his gums. We coated it in the recommended beeswax. This doesn’t look like much but our baby LOVES it. We would buy again and we definitely recommend it to our friends who are about to have a baby. Plus – it is wood, not plastic and not chemical filled. Perfect!

Miriam Genesee, PA

Wood is good

I bought this teether hoping to avoid the ubiquitous “made in China” plasticware that most teethers are… I think I had higher hopes for it. My daughter likes it ok, but it is definitely not her favorite chew toy- she likes her Sophie Giraffe much more. It is easy for her to grip and it’s very smooth- no splinters, after 4 months- but maybe it’s just not her thing. But it’s well made and once in a while she will gnaw on it for a bit. Some babies will love it, but she tends to want something slightly softer- cold wash cloths do the trick often, as does the aforementioned rubber giraffe. It’s hit or miss but I don’t regret trying.

Lorie Kaw City, OK

great natural teether

If you worry about those liquid filled teethers made in China that can possible harbor Salmonella, this is a great alternative.It is shaped perfectly for an infant’s hand, and my boy really seems to enjoy it over all other teethers.It also makes for a great keepsake of your child’s infant years, unlike something plastic.

Deidra Louisville, NE

Best teether!

My son is 6 months old and this is his favorite teether! He is not a fan of the cold ones, so I bought this one after reading the reviews. He really enjoys chewing on it!

Dale Big Bend National Park, TX